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Firemans Carnival

By admin

“Mark! I’m over here!” I waved my hands wildly, trying to get my husband’s attention. It was useless though; he couldn’t hear me over the noise of the crowd and he hadn’t noticed our booth when he walked past.

“Hey, lady. Can we get some pies here or not?” A sweaty, overweight man stood beside three sweaty, underweight kids. Each child clutched a dollar bill in their dirty little fists.

I took a last look at Mark’s back, disappearing behind the Ferris Wheel. Oh, well, he’d keep looking until he found me. I’d get his attention the next time I saw him. I turned back to my customers.

“Certainly, sir,” I smiled. “How can I help you?”

“What do we have to do, anyway?” the man asked as the children started playing in the dirt.

“It’s very simple,” I replied. See that man’s head in the middle of the bullseye?” Brian Wallace’s balding pate was the only part of his body you could see. The rest was completely hidden inside the tent behind him. A drawstring kept him from pulling his head back in- side. “You can buy whipped cream ‘pies’ for a dollar apiece. You have to throw from behind the counter. If you hit him directly, you win one of the big teddy prizes. If your pie lands in one of the other rings, you win that prize. All the money goes to benefit the local animal shelter. Have some fun for a worthy cause!”

“Ok, gimmee three pies. Hey! You guys were crying to do somethin’. Do you want to do this or not?” he cuffed one of the children in the back of the head.

I bent over to pull three pies from under the counter and heard him chuckle. “Maybe I should wait until it’s your turn,” he hooted. “I’d get two bulls- eyes instead of one. Damn big ones, too.” He laughed loudly at his own joke.


The Admission

By admin

We had been seeing each other for a while now, and each time the sex was getting better. Little discoveries of pleasure spots each time had led to some very hot sessions.

This particular day I heard her car pull up and waited for her to come inside. In the background the TV was playing a porn movie the sound track betraying the moans and squeals of pleasure from the various actresses. As she walked through the door in a glance I took her in noticing her hard nipples under her clothing and the slight flush on her cheeks and throat. I moved towards her and took her in my arms passionately kissing her lips sliding my tongue into her mouth, my hand dropping to clutch one of her ass cheeks in my hand.

I felt her thrust her hips into mine causing my cock to thicken and lengthen. She continued to grind against me while sucking my tongue in her mouth; I cup one of her tits in my hand gently stroking the nipple making it harden even further.

Her breathing was starting to get a little ragged and I could feel her body trembling all over.

I broke off the embrace and led her to the couch and told her to sit down. Once seated, she reached out and cupped my bulge in her hand, and looked up at me with pure lust in her eyes.


Showing Off My Wife

By admin

It was one of those days that most husbands don’t look forward to; going shopping with your wife. But it was a Saturday in early spring and I wasn’t too thrilled with the idea of doing yard work either. While we were on the way to the mall Sam told me that she wanted to look for a new swimsuit at a certain department store that was having a sale.

As usual the mall was quite crowded but eventually she found some things to try on. The dressing rooms were in the back of the store and had just curtains that stopped about 2 feet above the floor over the doorways. It was interesting to watch the women change clothes, since you could see their legs and feet it was easy to tell how undressed each of them were.

I was patiently waiting outside Sam’s dressing room, just like the other husband/boyfriends that were there. I could tell Sam has taken her clothes off and then I could see her step into the first suit to try on.

You could tell she had it on and was looking in the mirror by the way her feet turned and twisted. Eventually she peeked out to get my opinion – always tell them they look great – before trying on another one.

When she pulled the curtain shut she somehow managed to leave it open couple of inches. Now I had a front row seat as I watched my wife bend over and take off the swimsuit. Through the opening I could easily see her firm white ass through her sheer green panties. I guessed that if I could have been looking in at more of an angle I could have seen even more. I quickly glanced around to see if there were any lurkers watching. Sure enough a couple people were standing behind me and one of the other husbands had also noticed my wife.

Soon Sam reached out and grabbed another suit to try on. She was still oblivious to the show she was giving us because she had her back to us all. I could tell as she bent over to step into the suit that a couple of the other men had caught a view of her bare breasts because they had the best angle from the side.

When Sam pulled the suit up and was struggling to get the straps right, I thought that I’d better save the day and I quickly got up and went to see how she was doing. Sam pulled the curtain wide open and showed me the suit. I complimented her on how well it showed off her body, but she thought the fit was wrong.


Flirty Wife Pays The Price

By admin

The Christmas season was fast approaching and that meant another Christmas work party. I had been looking forward to this for weeks as I wanted to show off my new husband, Tom. Tom and I had been married eight months ago, and while it was my second marriage, it was his first. My name is Jenny and I’m 39 years old, 5′ 7″ tall and I weigh 125 lbs give or take a few. I’ve never had children and have worked real hard to keep my body in shape. The five days a week at the gym had kept my 36-25-33 body very firm and I took great pride in the stares I received from men wherever I went.

I get along really well with the guys at work. I work as the Marketing Manager for a small firm and report to the VP of Marketing named Jeff. Jeff was a pretty nice guy who left me pretty much to my own devices when it came to getting my job done, and I really appreciated that. For the past few months, I had gotten quite friendly with a number of guys who like to flirt around. I’m getting quite good at the flirting game and didn’t see anything wrong with it since they all knew that it would never go anywhere. This week, however, the guys were getting a little bolder with their comments, asking me what color underwear I was wearing, or how much they wanted to see my tits and how they couldn’t wait to get me alone at the party. Of course, I just played along and told them there was only one way to find out about my panties and how much fun that would be, but unfortunately my husband would be coming to the party too. We all laughed and went on about our business.

Anyway, Tom had been in Europe on business for the last two weeks and was arriving home today, Saturday, the day of the big party. It was around 4 pm and I was lying in the tub surrounded by bubbles. I began thinking about being with my husband again and quite innocently let my hand trail down my body, over my full breasts, along my flat stomach and eventually between my legs. I wasn’t thinking about anything when my fingers found their way to my clit. I let out a little yelp as my fingers touched it and was more than a little embarrassed when I realized what I was doing. I quickly got out of the tub and toweled off. I wrapped my towel around my body and set to work with my make up. I knew I looked good and wanted to look my best for Tom.


Cum Shot Party

By admin

Hi, I’m Jason and I would prefer to use this outlet to describe what has happened in my life, especially with my sex life with regards to my wife Beth. I wrote one previous story about what happened last year at my wife’s college reunion (see “Her Bad College Days”).

Since that weekend, I have done my best to forget what I saw. It had been on a video tape that guys from a nearby fraternity had made of my wife not long after she appeared in a college girls edition of Playboy magazine. The photo of my wife published in Playboy was innocent enough. It was a shot of her turning back, smiling at the camera, and showing her gorgeous ass. Most of my friends don’t know she was in the magazine, and luckily, they haven’t come across the picture of her on the web.

About a month ago I was invited to a party on a Friday night by a guy I work with named Anthony. I had worked with Anthony on several projects recently, and had gotten quite friendly with him.


Super Bowl Party

By admin

Since this is Super Bowl week, my wife and I are getting ready for a big party this Sunday. We are very much looking forward to it – especially my wife Jill – because of the experience we had at last year’s party.

Let me tell you a little bit about Jill. At 36 years old she is five years younger than me. We have been married for six years now. But most importantly, she is what the guys at the beach call a “hardbody.” Which means her legs and ass are tight, her belly flat, and her full, luscious breasts soft, round, and inviting. She has a great, sexy smile that, combined with her other assets, gave me an immediate hard-on the first time I met her. Oh, and I almost forgot, a smooth, bare pussy that stays sticky and wet because of her perpetual horniness.

For last year’s Super Bowl, we had a house full of guests who came several hours before the game. You’ll remember that the game was very exciting and wasn’t decided until the last play, so everyone was glued to the TV for several hours. Jill was the perfect hostess, flitting around the party in her skimpy, short sundress, keeping everyone’s drinks fresh and plates full. I had convinced her to wear the thin-material dress and nothing else, thinking that by the time the football guests left, her build-up of sexual tension would lead to a great “after-the-Super Bowl touchdown” for me. (She dresses like this often. We call it “bare and breezy” for obvious reasons and it never fails to result in great love-making for us afterward.)

Because the game was so long, by the end most of our guests were ready to leave. Soon it was just me, Jill and three of my best buddies from high school – Tad, Johnny and Larry. We all have known each other for years. And these guys are at our place all the time because we play basketball together on my driveway.

Anyway, we still had plenty of beer left and we were all just sitting around drinking and enjoying the warm afterglow of a great day together. Jill was sitting on my lap and I was kind of stroking her legs as we talked. After a pleasant, contemplative pause in the conversation, Tad said, “Wow, Tom, just look at you and Jill. You sure are lucky to have her. Not only is she also the perfect hostess — who happens to likes football as much as the guys — but she’s also a total babe!”

I was feeling pretty good and without thinking I answered, “Yea, and she’s great in bed, too!” Jill turned and looked at me with surprise that I would say such a thing, but she smiled and said nothing. That made me even bolder, so I added, “In fact, she’s not like most other gorgeous women. She likes sex at least as much as I do – probably even more.” And then as I stroked higher and higher on her thighs, pulling the dress so high that I’m sure my friends could almost see her bare pussy, I added, “In fact, this little dress is the only thing she’s wearing and if I asked her, she’d probably even take it off for me right here and now.” With that, Jill did the one thing that I never really expected. Without a word, she stood up facing me, with her back to the guys, and slowly peeled the dress over her head, revealing herself to them in all of her naked glory. Then she dropped to her knees and started unzipping my pants. I don’t know if it was the alcohol, or the surprise, or both, but I was more than happy to lean back and enjoy myself as she started working on me, in full view of my friends.

Jill gives a great blowjob, and it wasn’t long before my dick was huge and throbbing. The other guys were enjoying themselves too, with a perfect view of her lovely ass and sweet, wet cunt lips getting them all worked up as she continued to tongue my dick. Soon that unmistakable aroma of sex began to permeate the room. I had closed my eyes and was relishing the blow job when I heard Jill moan unexpectedly. I looked up to see Tad right behind her, rubbing his dick up and down her ass and in between her legs. She released my dick and reached back to guide him into her waiting pussy. It was then I noticed that the other two guys – Johnny and Larry – had their pants at half mast and were stroking their raging hard-ons at the show Jill was putting on for them. So, just before Tad plunged his thick 8-incher into Jill, she crawled over and positioned herself so that she could treat both Johnny and Larry – or rather, Johnny’s and Larry’s dicks – to the kind of tongue service I had been enjoying. So now, I’m left to jack off slowly while I watch my wife fucking my best friend and giving my two other friends expert, simultaneous blowjobs.

Jill gets very talkative the more she gets turned on during sex, so before I know it, as Tad slowly rams his dick in and out of her pussy, she is moaning and sucking, and pausing occasionally to enjoy all of the sensations and she loudly proclaims, “Oh FUCK yes! Fuck me fuck me FUCK me!” Before long, Tad is grunting and I know he is cumming and that seems to get Johnny and Larry going too, because just after Tad filled Jill’s pussy full of hot cum I watch as first Larry and then Johnny pump loads of cum into her mouth, on her face and all over her chest and tits. And I know Jill has cum several times (which is normal for her with only ONE dick, so I can imagine how much she is enjoying this!).

When she is finished with them, and all three of the guys are looking exhausted and limp dicked, she smiles back at me and walks over to where I am still slowly but surely playing with myself. With a nasty, sexy, satisfied grin, she straddles my lap and lowers her sopping, cum-filled pussy onto my dick and covers me with yummy cummy kisses as she slowly but insistently fucks my brains out too.

Although we had talked about it often before that day, this was the first time for us to actually bring others into our love-making. But Jill loved it so much, we’ve experimented some more during the past year (the best was some college guys she befriended on a trip to Cancun, but that’s another story). I’ve come to enjoy more than I ever imagined watching Jill with various lovers. But nothing has been as good as that first time because it was so unexpected, so intense, and with such good friends.

So, now you know why we have been looking forward to this year’s Super Bowl party so much. Tad, Johnny and Larry and cumming again (so to speak), and this time their expectations (for Jill, not the game) are sky-high. She already picked out what she will be wearing when our guests arrive (a cut-off tee shirt and painted-on short tights). Oh, and Jill limited the this year’s guest list to just guys, so there’s no telling how many men will score at this year’s Super Bowl party. I’ll let you know later.


Virgin Strip Poker

By admin

Yes, every guy in college wants sex, and yes, not every guy in college gets it. This is life, take it or leave it. This fact doesn’t prevent guys from trying, and yes sometimes they do get a prize.

It was a Friday night at 10 o’clock. Peter, John and Barry stayed in a flat close to the college. They were drinking, not excessively, just a few ciders. Peter is 18, well build, brown eyes, brown hair and have most probably lost his virginity a while back. John is 18 as well, has black hair and green eyes and is slightly overweight. He has a touch with women and date regularly. Barry is skinny, 18 and normal. Barry is conservative and a virgin. He masturbates quite often to relief his lack of sex. These 3 friends are just having a quite night, as they will be going out later to a pub or maybe a club.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door and it was John’s girl friend, Alice with 3 of her friends. Alice was like the typical Barbie doll, with long blond hair. She introduce her friends; Amanda, Belinda and Samantha. Belinda was a long legged redhead, dressed in a sexy mini. Amanda was a blonde-haired person with small breasts in a black classy outfit. Samantha was shy, full figured, short blonde hair and wearing loose fitted clothes.

They were visiting them as to pass time before they all went to a club close by. The guys offer them drinks and they start chatting. It was all just good fun and every one felt relaxed.

They started to play cards, poker to be specific. Peter had many pennies and we played for about an hour. It was clear that Barry and Samantha were either lucky or good players. Once it was just Barry and Samantha left the group, decide to stop.

“Lets make it more interesting,” said John

“Lets play with clothes instead of pennies,” John continued.


College Fuck

By admin

Being in College can be a great thing, but it can also really drive you nuts. Take me for example. I’m 19, never been fucked and seeing all the lovely twenty-somethings walking around here makes my dick jump so much that my pants are almost bursting sometimes. No other women can make me feel like that except for Julie.

Julie’s a smoking girl. She’s little over 5 feet, maybe 100 lbs, gorgeous face, shoulder length auburn hair, size BB-C breasts and one dynamite ass. I’ve dreamed about making love to her, and one day it finally happens. About an Hour before our class starts, she walks up to me outside while I’m smoking one of my Camels. She’s wearing a tight black pants with the zipper on her backside, tight white shirt with a V neckline and a red half jacket. Needless to say, she was a vision of beauty to me.

She asks me, “Will, why are all men so messed up?”

“I don’t know, I know I’m not messed up, as least not that much. Why do you ask anyways?”

“My boyfriend broke up with me for some tall blond bimbo. He said that I’m not beautiful for him anymore.”

I was shocked. “How dare he!!! You’re very beautiful Julie. He doesn’t know anything about women, so just forget him. Trust me on this.”

“Thanks for the pep talk Will, but now what do I do?”

“Well…. If this does not offend you, I can say that personally, I think of you as very beautiful and attractive.”

“Really?” She then starts to take off her jacket and show me more of her lovely cleavage. “You really think of me as gorgeous?”

With all the concentration I could muster, I took my eyes off her chest and looked at her sapphire eyes. “I do. I would show you how a man would pleasure a woman and make you forget that idiot of a boyfriend” I’m not believing what’s coming out of my mouth! My cock was really going into the stratosphere and my higher brain functions with it. Here was the loveliest woman I’ve ever met and I’m proposing that I fuck her brains out. What was more shocking was her reply…

She said, “Ok stud, let’s see how good you are.” She smiled as she led me into the building and my mind was racing as to find a place to have some privacy. I saw the teacher’s lounge and pulled her in. I locked the door and pulled her towards me. Now with me being a good foot taller than Julie I decided to sit on the couch in the lounge and pulled her to straddle my legs and rock hard member. She sat down and we proceeded to kiss very passionately. Her ruby lips were divine as our tongues intertwined. I caressed her hair and then started to feel the rest of her body. Her back was very shapely and as I proceeded towards her ass, I could feel the electricity from her. I could tell that she hadn’t had a man touch her like this in a LONG while and she was definitely enjoying this. As was I.

I started to feel her ass through her pants and from what I could feel, she didn’t have any panties or thongs on. This revelation made my cock twitch some more. She felt it and chuckled saying, “Hold on Will. How about I get naked first huh?”

There was no argument from me. I helped her stand up and she proceeded to undress before my eyes. First the jacket was taken completely off and I saw that her shirt was see-through. Not only that, she didn’t seem to have any bra on either. My observations were rewarded and confirmed when she undid her shirt and pulled it off her shoulders exposing her gorgeous Mounds of Heaven. Her nipples were rock hard and sticking out, just begging to be sucked. I pulled her close to me again and stopped her from going farther as I started to suck and play with her nipples and rubbing her breasts.

Her moaning started to get throatier while I was enjoying her bountiful harvest. While this was going on, I reached around her with one hand and started to unzip her pants from the zipper over her tight round ass. Her breasts being taken care of, I started my way down with my tongue, licking and tasting her flat stomach meanwhile I started to pull her pants down, exposing her hot wet juicy sex.

“Lay down” I said and she complied on the couch. I took her pants off her feet and saw her for the first time completely nude and ready to be fucked, but I knew that this had to last for a bit. I still had to prove to her that men could take care of a woman so I started rubbing her left foot and moved up her leg. Touching her shin, her knee, then her thigh as my mouth and eyes closed in on the Big Prize between her legs and framed with nicely trimmed auburn pubic hair.

My fingers made their way to her pussy lips and started rubbing them lightly, with moans of pleasure emanating from Julie in appreciation. After this for a few seconds I started licking the lips and slowly opened them up, exposing one pink pussy. I licked a finger and made her shudder as I penetrated her with my finger while licking her. She started thrashing about on the couch and pushing my face closer to her, as if I wasn’t close enough. Whispers of, “Please Will, do it more” and “Lick my pussy baby, make me feel good” just pushed me farther. I slid two then three fingers inside as she started bucking and fucking my fingers. While all this was happening I decided to go farther than I originally thought and shoved a thumb up her tight puckered asshole. She started to scream out for more, but I reminded her to keep quiet so as not to get caught. She took a pillow and smothered her face and screams as I continued playing with her and driving her nuts. Once I was done with this, I pulled my fingers out and started to undo my clothes so I would be nude with her and show off my eight and a half inch cock that was pretty thick too. She marveled at my cock size and got off the bed.

She said, “Now it’s time for me to work you, Will baby. Sit down for me.” I complied and she crouched down on her knees. Her hand gripped my Purple Headed Beast and started to stroke it. Since I was VERY aroused from fingering her, I was afraid that I would blow my load very quick, but she knew how to blow a cock and during the entire time of her slurping her mouth all over it, playing and sucking my balls, and playing with the veins protruding from it, I didn’t shoot.

After she sucked me hard and made my organ all lubed with her saliva, she sat up and straddled my Unit with her pussy dangling just barely out of the reach of it’s head. She looked at me in the eyes and said, ” This is going to be great Will, just sit back and enjoy the ride, my stud.”

My mind was put into neutral as, like a wraith, she glided down and slipped the head of my cock into her soft velvety confines. She threw her head back and groaned as she continued to slide down my pole. She finally hit bottom and I hit the end of her too. She then really started to ride me up and down. The sounds of the pre-lubed pussy and cock sliding along slurping and slipping were very hot. Her hair bounced along as well as her breasts, which I gladly grabbed and fondled and sucked as she rode my prick. She moaned, groaned and gasped for breath after every thrust inside her and I was starting to moan and groan with her. After a seemed like an eternity, I grabbed hold of her hips and started to take control of the fucking, moving her hips in concert with the upward thrusts of my cock inside her hole.

The couch creaked as I really started giving it to Julie. Breathy phrases of, “Don’t stop, fill my pussy with your cock Will!” and “Fuck me baby, Yeah that’s it, Do me, you raging Stallion!” filled my ears and I would reply with, “God your pussy is so good. Milk me baby, make me cum inside you” and “Never stop taking it in Julie, I’ll never stop slipping it to you.”

My balls started to burn and boil. I knew that I was going to cum pretty quick here and Julie’s moans were getting more louder. I felt a shudder inside her and her pussy muscles contracted around my dick, like a snake, milking me as she climaxed. With no more time to waste, I slammed her hips into me and in one fell swoop, held her to me as I drove my cock to the back of her pussy walls while shooting my hot seed inside her womb. Spurt after spurt was sent into her, filling her up and it started to leak out a bit down her legs.

She collapsed onto me and tried to regain her breath after what she told me later was the best orgasm she ever had. My cock returned to normal and with a plop fell out of her pussy. We held each other and I smelled her hair, which had the smell of strawberries, the smell of sweat and the smell of sex rising from between her legs and mine. I looked at the clock next to us and saw that we had 10 minutes for class to start. I helped her up and looked once again into those gorgeous sapphire eyes of hers.

I said, “That was wonderful Julie, but we’ve got to get cleaned up and get ready for class. Plus I’m not sure how much longer we can be in here undiscovered.”

She said, “Ok Will, I think I’ve got the energy to do that…” She laughed a bit and said, “Thank you for proving that you can make a girl feel good and wanted. I’ll always be there for you Will and we must do this again.”

“You bet we will, I can’t think of anything else better to do than be with you.”

We kissed and proceeded to clean up and get dressed again. After we got ready, I opened the door and didn’t see anybody, so we left quickly and went to class. I can’t really remember what the teacher said, all I can remember is seeing Julie in her seat and she was sneaking glances at me during the time. I can’t wait to feel her with me again.


Coed Virgin and the Glory Hole

By admin

The girl looked through the large hole in the wall just in time to see the man pull down his pants and yank on his large erection. He immediately paused at her intake of breath. He turned toward the hole and smiled. Slowly, he guided his large member to the opening of the hole.

Panic struck the 19 year old coed as she realized what the man was about to do. She’d only come into the place on a lark, and this, well… what was it that she wanted anyway.

She thought of fleeing, but couldn’t seem to move. She heard sounds of passion coming from the stall on the other side of her where another man could be heard jacking off to a porno movie. She could hear the man moaning above the sounds of the video.

Why did I even come here? She wondered again. What in the hell was a virgin doing in a porno parlor anyway? Oh God, she was so turned on by the sights, smells and sounds around her. And, now a REAL man was about to shove his erect cock through a hole in the wall for her to see.

Then the head of the enormous cock poked through the hole. She could hear the man whispering to her. “Hey, baby. See my dick? Go ahead, touch it, kiss it, sweetie! C’mon baby make it feel good, you know you want to.”

In disbelief, she found her hand reaching toward it and in moments, her fingers made contact with the soft flesh of the man’s cock. He moaned.

As if in a dream, she found herself moving her lips closer and closer to the man’s fleshy shaft. She could not stop what was about to happen. This was the first time she had ever touched a cock, let alone kissed one. But, she knew that before the night was out, she’d be doing more than kissing one man’s cock through a hole in the wall.

This is what she had come here for. She knew what was going to happen all along. No man could refuse a blowjob from an innocent girl through a hole in the wall. She knew she would not be turned down tonight. She would feel no fear of rejection, nor of obligation afterwards.

This was where girls came for one thing and this was why she came. To experience this, if only one time and the thought of the nasty perverseness of it all made her gasp.

The man’s stiff cock tasted salty to her lips. He moaned again as she kissed the head of his cock. It twitched on her parted lips, which made her jump. “Yes, baby, take it in your mouth. Make it feel good, honey!” He urged her on from the next booth.

She probed the man’s cock with her tongue lightly, making him shiver and moan. So, this was what it was like to blow a guy? If he kept reacting like that, she knew she’d be hooked in no time.

She placed the head in her mouth momentarily, then inch by inch, took the rest of the large cock into her mouth until her lips were at the base. This wasn’t hard, she thought. Although, she was mildly surprised to hear the man moaning loudly now.

She eased her lips off his cock, thinking she needed to give him a break. Did all men react this way? She wondered. Then she lightly flicked her tongue on the big vein underneath his cock, again making him tremble and moan.

“Oh, baby, you feel so good! You’re such a good cock- sucker!”

I am? Oh-my-gosh, and this is my first cock! She smiled to herself as she gulped down his cock once again, making him buck and lunge toward the wall and her face. This time, the head went down her throat, which made her gag at first and was a little uncomfortable to her, so she pulled her face away.

“Bob up and down on it, honey, c’mon sweetie, you’re so hot!” He urged between gurgles of passion.

She obeyed. As her mouth moved up and down on his member, she delighted in the smells of this man. She smelled his cologne, Pierre Cardin. She smelled the musky smell of a man’s cock and balls. That turned her on even more than the cologne. She couldn’t help but finger her pussy as she sucked his cock. It seemed… natural.

Suddenly, his moan turned into a roar and a river of thick, bitter semen erupted into her mouth. While she didn’t really enjoy the taste, she found herself getting more turned on as she swallowed the his sperm. She heard herself moan as she gulped his cum and fiercely fingering her clit. Finally, as the last drop spurted on her tongue, she climaxed too…


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