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Horny French Maid Gets Face Fucked

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Nothing subtle here, just a sexy french maid getting face full of cock, following by a pussy full of cock, followed by a very nice face full of cum! Yeah, I would do it too!

Beautiful Teen Diana Dali Gets Cum On Her Face

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Diana Dali is a sexy teen girl that pretty much has it all, a sexy and unique look, a smooth soft and sexy body, and damn – she loves to suck cock and get fucked! So this scene from Teen Sex Mania has everything we love, including this sweet teen getting a face full of cum!

White lace lingerie makes teen Diana Dali look irresistible and when her man finds her in front of the window, the morning light giving her an angelic glow, he needs his beautiful girl. Foreplay of tender licking and passionate sucking leaves them both aroused and he pushes his cock into her wet pussy, penetrating his lover and pulling out to cum on her face.

I would most certainly love to have this little sex bomb working the cock out of my knob, what about you?

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Taylor Reed Sexy Small Tits Newbie

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i love checking out first time and user submitted sites like She’s New, because you can almost always find sexy girls with small natural tits on those sites. Taylor Reed is just that sort of a girl, she’s a real cutie with a big smile and sexy A to B cup tits that are firm, natural and just right. This girl little titties look like they would be fun to play with and her nipples are more than big enough to get your attention too! She’s not shy about stuff either, this sexy small tits amateur ends up sucking and fucking on camera too, and her sexy boobies are there the whole way for us to enjoy! She looks likes a good natural hot little number in bed!

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Naughty Elektra Rose Spreads Her Legs Wide

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Here’s another amazing piece of teen pussy so nice, I keep hitting my head on my screen trying to get in there to get a lick! Sexy Elektra Rose is a naughty student I found over at innocent high, and this horny schoolgirl is super hot in her full uniform – and even hotter as she pulls off her panties to reveal her shaved teen pussy. Elektra Rose spreads her teen pussy so nicely too, her lets open and you can see her tiny little fuck hole is already open in expectation of a truly hard fuck that is about to happen, as the teacher wants to stuff his fat cock into her sweet teen pussy. With a spread pussy shot like this, you know that no man could resist this horny student’s hot little body!

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Holly Halston Nasty Hardcore Cock Sucking

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Holly Halston is pretty much everything you could want in a horny MILF cock sucker, she’s got big tits and amazing talent when it comes to sucking cock. She’s also not shy when the cum starts to fly, this scene from My First Sex Teacher has her sucking cock and ending up with cum all over her face and big tits, courtesy of a horny student!

Professor Halston is in a sticky situation. The students in her night-class keep transferring out because they’re distracted by her huge tits. If she has one more student leave, she won’t be teaching anymore. Her only way out is to let her student in between her legs…

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Curvy Diamond Kitty Hot Fucking Babe

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Curvy Diamond Kitty is one of the hottest pornstars around today, and part of the reason for that is that she is an insanely hot fucking babe who loves it all ways, any ways, and in deep! This scene from Dirty Wives Club has her fucking with a dude who is seriously packing some cock, and Diamond Kitty loves it in deep! Plenty of great fucking and sucking here, including a really hot titty fuck cumshot that her her using those big titties to get him off and spew his goo all over her face and jugs! Hot fucking for sure!

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Another Weird Day

I had already spent most of the day at my girlfriend Ally’s house. I was “helping her pack” for a six week summer program overseas. I was sitting in a chair across from the bed in her room. We had spent only about an hour or so actually packing. The whole place was a mess. To be honest, it always was, but it was exceptionally messed up because she was packing. I was flipping through an old “Bloom County” comic book while she was going through a check list. Then the phone rang. Ally answered it, and it turned out to be James, a friend of ours who was working at a bakery and was bored.

“Hey James! What’s up?” Ally started some small talk about packing and such. I wasn’t paying much attention, but I was pretending to.

After a while I decided to talk to him. “Hey Ally, can I talk to him?” “Sure hold on. James? Yeah. Sam is over here, you want to talk to him?” Ally motioned for me to come over. I slowly got up, and made my way over to the bed. I took the phone and stood in front of Ally and put the phone to my ear.

“Hey, don’t hang up.” Ally said to me, which seemed kind of odd at the moment.

“Hey James, What’s new with you?” I said into the receiver, looking out the window.

“I was about to ask you the same thing. I’m bored, so I’ll take it out on you. Gee, I wonder what you two have been getting up to over there.” “Very funny,” I said sarcastically, “you know us James, we are just a couple of rabbits over here.” I smiles at Ally. We actually had been fooling around for hours. “How’s the bakery treating you? Getting a lot of cops?” “We don’t make Doughnuts, dumbass.”

He started rambling on about how the other guys who worked there were worthless. I wasn’t paying attention because I suddenly noticed Ally’s hands rubbing up and down my legs.

“Yeah whatever, James.” She reached up and grabbed my hand, pulled down her tube top, and placed my hand on her breast. I started caressing it, trying to keep the conversation going with James. Not sure what to do, I just started agreeing with James to keep him talking as I played with my girlfriends nipple. Ally slid one of her hands up my shorts and was stroking my hardening cock. She started to undo my belt and slide down my pants. (what is she doing?) I thought, (James can her what we are doing.) I had now completely lost interest in James as she started to lick up and down my semi-hard member. She ran her tongue across the entire length of it until my 7′ was hard as a rock. She looked up at me and smiled, holding my erection in both hands.

My conversation with James had now been reduced to me making a random agreement after five or six seconds to his incessant rambling. Ally slowly wrapped her lips around the tip of my shaft, and then started to slowly swallow it down. She got about five inches in her hot, wet mouth, when she started d to slide it back out. One of her hands hand found it’s way behind me, and the other was still around my cock, sliding up and down with her mouth.

My hand had already been dancing all over her tits, and as she sucked down my cock once more, I gave one of them a squeeze as I suppressed moaning into the phone.

I leaned over pulling up the back of her skirt. She wasn’t wearing any panties since before when I was helping her choose what underwear to pack. I slid my finger up and down the crack of her beautiful ass. Her sucking pace had started to quicken as her hand jerked me off.

“…I don’t even know why I stay here, man. This place sucks! I should…” James buzzed into my ear on the phone. I had almost completely forgot that he was there.

“Uh, yeah. That’s right James, damn the man.” She slid her hand from behind me as she started to rub my balls in motion with her sucking. It was incredible. Her tongue started darted around the head of my member. She started sliding her mouth up and down my shaft faster and faster. my hand slid underneath her and slid into her already wet cunt.

“Hey James,” I said, once again suppressing a moan. “Hold on we’re gonna change phones.” I threw the phone under some pillows as I felt my orgasm starting to build. Her sucking was already at an incredible pace as I slid my finger in and out of her. I suddenly felt the breaking point and found myself bucking against her head. She put one of her hands behind me and started pushing my cock further down her throat I put both hands on her head and moaned. As she seemed to completely swallow my cock, I let loose my load into her mouth. She held it until I had emptied every last drop of my jism. Now dizzy and drowsy, I reached over and picked the phone up.

“…I don’t think I’ll ever understand her. Thanks a lot Sam. I really appreciate someone being there ti listen to me bitch about my problems.” “Sure thing, James.” I looks down at Ally, who smiled up at me cutely, as she licked the end of my softening dick. “What are friends for?”

Ariella Ferrera and Julia Ann Wives On Vacation

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Gotta love when a nice new hardcore site comes out that features busty pornstars getting it on. This new site is called Wives on Vacation, and it features hot and busty MILF pornstars getting naughty away from home. This scene is a great example, Ariella Ferrera and Julia Ann are taking a break from their husbands and taking a girls only vacation. They decide to have some fun away from hubby and pick up a random dude to fulfill their naughty needs. What follows is a great hot fuck session, plenty of big tits are both of these girls are packing major melons, and some really wild play – including ball licking and sucking as they guy is fucking the other girl! Pussy eating, tit sucking, tit fucking, and a huge cumshot are all on here, these busty pornstars know how to play!

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Sexy Brunette Takes A Fuck Study Break

This sexy little brunette is just studying for class when her boyfriend rolls around with a camera and inconspicuously gets crotch shots of her! When he finally announces himself, he gets her to shake her tits and ass for the camera, and then fuck his horny ass! Great action with this horny girl, she really loves to fuck and she plays for the camera like a real hotty!

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Mommys Best Kept Secrets

Ariella Ferrera is a horny widow that missed the feel of a stiff cock between her huge tits and her silky thighs, but she doesn’t want to upset her family by getting into a new relationship. But when she hears that her daughter’s boyfriend Tyler is aching to get laid, it’s an opportunity she just can’t pass up! As Tyler’s girlfriend is chilling in the next room, Ariella gets to work seducing him, whipping out her titties, sucking his cock, and titty fucking him until he’s hard as a rock. Take a look as Ariella takes that dick deep, and then jerks a huge cumshot all over her big fake tits!

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