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Month: August 2020

Whitney Wright Nerdy Blowjob and Anal Too

Nerdy Whitney Wright wants to get fucked in the ass, she’s watching porn tube videos and fantasizing about getting it in the ass. Her brothers friend walks in on her and offers to help, and she is more than willing! She gives him nerdy girl blowjob action so good, it’s surprising he didn’t nut out right there. But I guess when a hot girl like Whitney Wright is offering you anal, you try to keep yourself under control even as she sucks the life out of your cock! This girl is one hell of a talented nerdy blowjob girl!

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How To Fuck Your Sexy Step Sisters

Oliver Flynn has two hot stepsisters, but hes figured out a formula for how to get into both of their pants. He even made a video on how to do it so his viewers could learn from his method. Oliver claims that there are three easy steps. First, win their trust. Second, start a rumor. Third, strike. Oliver executed the trust step by putting suntan lotion on both girls as they sunbathed, offering them snacks, and more. The rumor he started was that his dick is big, which encouraged his stepsisters to want to see what all the fuss was about and had the added benefit of other girls at school being interested in Oliver. Step three is waiting for the girls to come to him. Oliver exhibits patience despite Giannas and Himes increasingly aggressive come ons. He walks in on Gianna in the shower and walks away despite her efforts. Then he walks in on the girls changing clothes. They ask him to stay and give his opinion about their new outfits, seducing him with casual nudity. They take that opportunity to ask to see Olivers dick since he did just see both of them naked. He puts up a token resistance, but the girls want what they want. Once they lay eyes on Oliver, they tell him to get on the bed so they can play with it. Next thing he knows, Gianna and Hime are stroking him off and sucking his cock and balls as they help themselves to his goods.A combo handie and BJ isnt enough for these two cock crazed girls. Gianna gets the first crack at a stiffie ride, with Hime patiently waiting her turn. When Hime does finally get a doggy style pussy pounding, Gianna is there to muffle her stepsisters moans with her twat. On her back, Hime continues to take what Oliver is happy to give while letting Gianna ride her face. Then Hime and Gianna swap spots, with Gianna enjoying one more go with her stepbrothers hardon until he nuts inside her in a creampie. Content, Hime and Gianna enjoy the flavor of Olivers cum.

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Candy Alexa Ass to Titty Fuck Facial Cumshot

The stunt cock in this scene from Private gets full marks for hard work, he literally does it all with busty Candy Alexa. He fucks her everywhere except in her ears in this hard set, fucking her face, her tits, her pussy, and finally her super sexy tight ass for a whole long time. He really fucks every hole and every place he can get, and builds up a good load of cum, and then he comes back to finish off with Candy Alexa on her back, running his cock between her big tits to pump cum on her tits and face. Damn, excellent work dude! Candy Alexa looks like she’s loving that cock in every hole!

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Asian Hotty Vina Sky Small Boobs

Do you love Asian girls with small boobs? Sexy Vina Sky will certainly light your day up. This Vietnamese American girl is a smoking hotty with a killer body, a unique sexy smile, and she is so tiny you can just about fit her in your pocket and take her home. She’s under 5 feet tall, about 90 pounds, and her small boobs are listed as 32AA – but like many Asian girls, her small breasts are sneaky, because while they are not sticking out far, they actually cover a big surface. Her small Asian boobs are firm and tasty looking too, more than enough for you to find them and enjoy, that is for sure. The best part is that sexy Vina Sky loves to fuck too, and this scene from Deep Lush includes some amazing hardcore action! She’s tiny sexy, small boobs, and horny… perfect!

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