Coed Virgin and the Glory Hole

By admin

The girl looked through the large hole in the wall just in time to see the man pull down his pants and yank on his large erection. He immediately paused at her intake of breath. He turned toward the hole and smiled. Slowly, he guided his large member to the opening of the hole.

Panic struck the 19 year old coed as she realized what the man was about to do. She’d only come into the place on a lark, and this, well… what was it that she wanted anyway.

She thought of fleeing, but couldn’t seem to move. She heard sounds of passion coming from the stall on the other side of her where another man could be heard jacking off to a porno movie. She could hear the man moaning above the sounds of the video.

Why did I even come here? She wondered again. What in the hell was a virgin doing in a porno parlor anyway? Oh God, she was so turned on by the sights, smells and sounds around her. And, now a REAL man was about to shove his erect cock through a hole in the wall for her to see.

Then the head of the enormous cock poked through the hole. She could hear the man whispering to her. “Hey, baby. See my dick? Go ahead, touch it, kiss it, sweetie! C’mon baby make it feel good, you know you want to.”

In disbelief, she found her hand reaching toward it and in moments, her fingers made contact with the soft flesh of the man’s cock. He moaned.

As if in a dream, she found herself moving her lips closer and closer to the man’s fleshy shaft. She could not stop what was about to happen. This was the first time she had ever touched a cock, let alone kissed one. But, she knew that before the night was out, she’d be doing more than kissing one man’s cock through a hole in the wall.

This is what she had come here for. She knew what was going to happen all along. No man could refuse a blowjob from an innocent girl through a hole in the wall. She knew she would not be turned down tonight. She would feel no fear of rejection, nor of obligation afterwards.

This was where girls came for one thing and this was why she came. To experience this, if only one time and the thought of the nasty perverseness of it all made her gasp.

The man’s stiff cock tasted salty to her lips. He moaned again as she kissed the head of his cock. It twitched on her parted lips, which made her jump. “Yes, baby, take it in your mouth. Make it feel good, honey!” He urged her on from the next booth.

She probed the man’s cock with her tongue lightly, making him shiver and moan. So, this was what it was like to blow a guy? If he kept reacting like that, she knew she’d be hooked in no time.

She placed the head in her mouth momentarily, then inch by inch, took the rest of the large cock into her mouth until her lips were at the base. This wasn’t hard, she thought. Although, she was mildly surprised to hear the man moaning loudly now.

She eased her lips off his cock, thinking she needed to give him a break. Did all men react this way? She wondered. Then she lightly flicked her tongue on the big vein underneath his cock, again making him tremble and moan.

“Oh, baby, you feel so good! You’re such a good cock- sucker!”

I am? Oh-my-gosh, and this is my first cock! She smiled to herself as she gulped down his cock once again, making him buck and lunge toward the wall and her face. This time, the head went down her throat, which made her gag at first and was a little uncomfortable to her, so she pulled her face away.

“Bob up and down on it, honey, c’mon sweetie, you’re so hot!” He urged between gurgles of passion.

She obeyed. As her mouth moved up and down on his member, she delighted in the smells of this man. She smelled his cologne, Pierre Cardin. She smelled the musky smell of a man’s cock and balls. That turned her on even more than the cologne. She couldn’t help but finger her pussy as she sucked his cock. It seemed… natural.

Suddenly, his moan turned into a roar and a river of thick, bitter semen erupted into her mouth. While she didn’t really enjoy the taste, she found herself getting more turned on as she swallowed the his sperm. She heard herself moan as she gulped his cum and fiercely fingering her clit. Finally, as the last drop spurted on her tongue, she climaxed too…