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Diamond Jackson and India Summer Share a Young Cock

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Here’s a hot set from My Friends Hot Mom that ticks so many boxes in the hot column, that you may need to call the fire department. Diamond Jackson and India Summer are the salt and pepper MILF duo that is pretty hard to resist, and when a lucky guy comes over to his friends house to find these two ladies hot for some young cock, it’s game on! These horny Moms want his big hard cock and they are more than willing to share, and share eating each others wet pussy at the same time too! Everything from cock sucking to titty fucking and much more, these horny MILFs want his young cock in the worst way and they fuck up a total storm!

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Dancing Girls

I moved out of my parents’ house when I was nineteen. My best friend Carl and I got a two-bedroom apartment together and agreed to share expenses. Up until, and right after we moved we talked endlessly, fantasizing about all of the adventures we would have at our new pad. We talked about swapping women, sharing women, orgies and everything else that can be imagined by horny, nineteen year-old guys.

About two months after getting settled in, we both became anxious to experience at least one of the escapades we had foreseen. We paced back and forth in the apartment plotting and complaining. We finally decided that purchasing new fuck flicks would at least settle us down for a little while. We found a good movie store and carefully picked out one movie each. When we got home we immediately put in one of the movies, Carl’s choice, I think. After a few minutes Carl asked me to leave the room so he could masturbate. I definitely understood his need to stroke after watching some of the movie he had picked out, so I exited the living room and went to my room. I picked up a book and began reading when the phone rang. Carl talked for at least thirty minutes. I finally came out of my bedroom when Carl hung up the phone. He had a devious look on his face. I knew he was going to tell me something good. All I could think of was group sex. Carl smiled at me and said, “Melina wants to practice her new dance routine at our apartment and get our opinion.”

Carl had known Melina since high school when they used to date off and on. She was kind of sleazy, she had a low self-esteem, she was a titty dancer. I told Carl I was most definitely game as my cock partially hardened. The rest of the day expired, night fell, and late finally came. I was tired of waiting for Melina to show up and I knew it was too good to be true anyway so I went to bed. Before I knew it Carl was waking me up saying “she’s here…and she brought a friend”. I sprung out of bed and immediately looked in the mirror to make sure I didn’t look too asleep. I combed my fingers through my hair, threw on that day’s clothes, from the floor, and went into the living room. Carl had one of our new movies playing with the sound muted and Melina’s dance routine music playing.

Melina’s friend, who’s name, I don’t think I was ever told (we’ll call her “Naughty”), was hot. She was not beautiful, she was kind of dirty, sexy. She had a great body and a sexy face, but she was kind of stinky looking, which really made me want to fuck her dirty. She said “hi, you’re Darren right, I came to watch too”. Melina instructed us to all sit on the couch. When she got her tape to the right song she began her routine. She did the typical titty dance routine, pushing her ass out, rubbing her breasts, and looking at us with permissive eyes. After she gave her routine one go around and she received our approval she began giving us lap dances one by one. I was first. Melina stood over me, her nipples erect, and let her hair drape over my face and chest. I felt her soft tendrils against my skin and stared at her breasts and navel. My cock was bulging and she didn’t hesitate to make sure I knew she saw the tent that was forming on my pants. She moved to Carl then, giving him the same treatment. When everyone was paying attention to Melina’s lap dance for Carl, I began rubbing my cock through my pants. Melina lingered at Carl for a while really giving him the deluxe version.

Finally it was “Naughty’s” turn. Melina’s friend’s eyes lit up as she anxiously received Melina on her lap. “Naughty” leaned back against the couch and welcomed Melina’s seductive parade. Melina straddled “Naughty’s” lap and teased her mouth with her tongue and lips. Melina’s nipples were swollen red and she looked anxious to please and a little frustrated. I could tell Melina wanted to take “Naughty” without further hesitation and the only reason they weren’t girl fucking already was because Carl and I were there. Melina slid her hands across “Naughty’s” inner thighs, up just past the hem of her shorts. “Naughty’s” back arched and her breasts heaved forward revealing her supple profile. Carl and I made eye contact and exchanged nods of approval. I couldn’t believe these girls were petting in my living room. My heart pulsed quickly as I enjoyed “Naughty” and Melina and the fantasy they were fulfilling. By the time I got over the shock of the very idea of two sexy, titty dancing girls making out in front of me, I realized Melina and “Naughty” were not stopping. Melina was standing, facing away from the couch as “Naughty” encircled her within her arms from behind with her left hand massaging Melina’s pussy and her right hand kneading a breast, as she bit, sucked, and kissed her back, shoulders and neck. Melina’s head fell back, her brown locks covering “Naughty’s” face, as she purred deeply while welcoming “Naughty’s” flesh. Melina turned to face her. She dropped to her knees, nearly knocking over the coffee table. She struggled to free Naughty from her shorts while biting her stomach and panting. “Naughty” clawed Melina’s shoulders and pulled her hair as Melina finally managed to get “Naughty’s” shorts down to her ankles. Melina did not wait to remove “Naughty’s” panties, she pulled the front of them aside exposing her clean shaven, agitated mound. “Naughty” struggled to force Melina’s face between her thighs but Melina grabbed her wrists and teased her with her tongue. “Naughty” let out a muffled scream as she gritted her teeth and pushed her soaked baldness against Melina’s face. Melina, though enjoying the torture she was administering, became bothered herself and couldn’t refuse herself the pleasure of tasting “Naughty”. She buried her face between “Naughty’s” welcoming thighs and frantically sucked her pussy. Shortly after “Naughty’s” shorts fell I removed my cock from my pants and established a steady rhythm, taking in the sounds and sights Melina and “Naughty” were blessing us with.

Carl also flogged his cock as he looked on with disbelief. Before I knew it “Naughty” and Melina were fully bare and laying on the floor writhing with pleasure. They laid on their sides, facing each other, their legs tangled and their bloated clits pressed together, all four of their legs quivering as a result of the slightest movements. Carl had positioned himself about a foot away from them. He stood on his knees pulling his rod, not wanting to miss anything. I stayed on the couch, happy with my view, tickling my balls with my left hand while rubbing my tip with my right. As the girls repositioned themselves into a sixty niner “Naughty” lifted her head, made eye contact with Carl, and started giving her fingers a simulated blow job. After little hesitation Carl knee walked up to “Naughty” and put his prick right in front of her face. She took hold of Carl’s cock and stroked it as she lowered her head and ate Melina. As the girl’s sixty nined and Carl received the best hand job of his short sex life, I continued to tug myself, struggling to control myself to prevent an early end to this unbelievable experience. “Naughty” lifted her head again and took Carl in her mouth, all the way down to his balls. Carl’s stomach tensed, his head slammed back, and his mouth fell wide open as he immediately filled “Naughty’s” mouth with his seed. “Naughty” gulped a few times and shortly after, began French kissing Melina’s hole again.

I couldn’t take anymore. After seeing Carl fill “Naughty’s” mouth I had to get in on the action. I got off the couch and wiggled myself between “Naughty” and Melina. They welcomed me by stopping their activities and immediately concentrating on me. They were still in a sixty nine position, “Naughty’s” pussy was at my face and Melina was spooning me. “Naughty” promptly sucked my cock into her mouth and swallowed me, practically taking my balls in too. I felt her teeth graze the sides of my dick as Melina bit and sucked the back of my neck, sat up and took my nipple into her mouth, gently nibbling and tonguing it. When the shock wore off I smelled “Naughty’s” moistness and immediately filled my mouth with her stinky pinkness. I was oblivious to everything other than the sensation of Melina’s prodding tongue all over my upper body, “Naughty’s” dripping pussy in my mouth, and her skilled mouth and trained throat all over my veiny piston. “Naughty” and I matched rhythm, pumping each other’s faces simultaneously as Melina stood on her knees, alternately licking us both all over. “Naughty’s” legs were like a vice on my head as hot orgasmic drool ran from her twat. I removed my mouth from “Naughty” concentrating on the pleasure she was conducting on my cock only to notice that Carl had gotten it up again and was poling Melina from behind, squeezing both breasts, his face contorted and his neck bulging. “Naughty” continued sucking me relentlessly, chewing and licking my cock as she fucked me with her throat. I watched Melina take Carl, I felt “Naughty” on my dick and I finally came. “Naughty” had seconds now as she swallowed my cum just as she had swallowed Carl’s earlier. I felt a muscle cramp in my lower back and in my right leg as I strained to experience my orgasm. Carl continued stabbing Melina from behind until he pulled out, slapped his thickness against her ass cheek and spilled his second load of the night.

Tattooed Hotty Helly Hellfire Red Hot Blowjob

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With a name like Helly Hellfire, you gotta figure that the girl can give some red hot sucking! I found this scene from I Have a Wife with this wild tattoed and busty babe taking someone’s husband and giving him the sucking and fucking of a lifetime. This girl is insanely hot, really sucking him like crazy, and then pulling his head down into her pussy for some return licking! Helly Hellfire gives him the type of blowjob that leaves you feeling all dried out, she sucks him like crazy and then lets him fuck her needy pussy too! Hotness from a smoking hot alt rocking babe!

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