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Month: November 2013

Sabrina Sins Lingerie Upskirt

By rawalex

lingerie upskirt

Hot amateur girl Sabrina Sins sent me this hot set from her new personal site that shows off her sexy legs and gives us some nice upskirt shots of her panties too. This girl loves to get your attention, and flashing your panties and being all sexy about it gets my attention every time. She looks super sexy in ligerie showing off her tiny panties, and don’t worry – she will take it all off for you too!


College Fuck

By admin

Being in College can be a great thing, but it can also really drive you nuts. Take me for example. I’m 19, never been fucked and seeing all the lovely twenty-somethings walking around here makes my dick jump so much that my pants are almost bursting sometimes. No other women can make me feel like that except for Julie.

Julie’s a smoking girl. She’s little over 5 feet, maybe 100 lbs, gorgeous face, shoulder length auburn hair, size BB-C breasts and one dynamite ass. I’ve dreamed about making love to her, and one day it finally happens. About an Hour before our class starts, she walks up to me outside while I’m smoking one of my Camels. She’s wearing a tight black pants with the zipper on her backside, tight white shirt with a V neckline and a red half jacket. Needless to say, she was a vision of beauty to me.

She asks me, “Will, why are all men so messed up?”

“I don’t know, I know I’m not messed up, as least not that much. Why do you ask anyways?”

“My boyfriend broke up with me for some tall blond bimbo. He said that I’m not beautiful for him anymore.”

I was shocked. “How dare he!!! You’re very beautiful Julie. He doesn’t know anything about women, so just forget him. Trust me on this.”

“Thanks for the pep talk Will, but now what do I do?”

“Well…. If this does not offend you, I can say that personally, I think of you as very beautiful and attractive.”

“Really?” She then starts to take off her jacket and show me more of her lovely cleavage. “You really think of me as gorgeous?”

With all the concentration I could muster, I took my eyes off her chest and looked at her sapphire eyes. “I do. I would show you how a man would pleasure a woman and make you forget that idiot of a boyfriend” I’m not believing what’s coming out of my mouth! My cock was really going into the stratosphere and my higher brain functions with it. Here was the loveliest woman I’ve ever met and I’m proposing that I fuck her brains out. What was more shocking was her reply…

She said, “Ok stud, let’s see how good you are.” She smiled as she led me into the building and my mind was racing as to find a place to have some privacy. I saw the teacher’s lounge and pulled her in. I locked the door and pulled her towards me. Now with me being a good foot taller than Julie I decided to sit on the couch in the lounge and pulled her to straddle my legs and rock hard member. She sat down and we proceeded to kiss very passionately. Her ruby lips were divine as our tongues intertwined. I caressed her hair and then started to feel the rest of her body. Her back was very shapely and as I proceeded towards her ass, I could feel the electricity from her. I could tell that she hadn’t had a man touch her like this in a LONG while and she was definitely enjoying this. As was I.

I started to feel her ass through her pants and from what I could feel, she didn’t have any panties or thongs on. This revelation made my cock twitch some more. She felt it and chuckled saying, “Hold on Will. How about I get naked first huh?”

There was no argument from me. I helped her stand up and she proceeded to undress before my eyes. First the jacket was taken completely off and I saw that her shirt was see-through. Not only that, she didn’t seem to have any bra on either. My observations were rewarded and confirmed when she undid her shirt and pulled it off her shoulders exposing her gorgeous Mounds of Heaven. Her nipples were rock hard and sticking out, just begging to be sucked. I pulled her close to me again and stopped her from going farther as I started to suck and play with her nipples and rubbing her breasts.

Her moaning started to get throatier while I was enjoying her bountiful harvest. While this was going on, I reached around her with one hand and started to unzip her pants from the zipper over her tight round ass. Her breasts being taken care of, I started my way down with my tongue, licking and tasting her flat stomach meanwhile I started to pull her pants down, exposing her hot wet juicy sex.

“Lay down” I said and she complied on the couch. I took her pants off her feet and saw her for the first time completely nude and ready to be fucked, but I knew that this had to last for a bit. I still had to prove to her that men could take care of a woman so I started rubbing her left foot and moved up her leg. Touching her shin, her knee, then her thigh as my mouth and eyes closed in on the Big Prize between her legs and framed with nicely trimmed auburn pubic hair.

My fingers made their way to her pussy lips and started rubbing them lightly, with moans of pleasure emanating from Julie in appreciation. After this for a few seconds I started licking the lips and slowly opened them up, exposing one pink pussy. I licked a finger and made her shudder as I penetrated her with my finger while licking her. She started thrashing about on the couch and pushing my face closer to her, as if I wasn’t close enough. Whispers of, “Please Will, do it more” and “Lick my pussy baby, make me feel good” just pushed me farther. I slid two then three fingers inside as she started bucking and fucking my fingers. While all this was happening I decided to go farther than I originally thought and shoved a thumb up her tight puckered asshole. She started to scream out for more, but I reminded her to keep quiet so as not to get caught. She took a pillow and smothered her face and screams as I continued playing with her and driving her nuts. Once I was done with this, I pulled my fingers out and started to undo my clothes so I would be nude with her and show off my eight and a half inch cock that was pretty thick too. She marveled at my cock size and got off the bed.

She said, “Now it’s time for me to work you, Will baby. Sit down for me.” I complied and she crouched down on her knees. Her hand gripped my Purple Headed Beast and started to stroke it. Since I was VERY aroused from fingering her, I was afraid that I would blow my load very quick, but she knew how to blow a cock and during the entire time of her slurping her mouth all over it, playing and sucking my balls, and playing with the veins protruding from it, I didn’t shoot.

After she sucked me hard and made my organ all lubed with her saliva, she sat up and straddled my Unit with her pussy dangling just barely out of the reach of it’s head. She looked at me in the eyes and said, ” This is going to be great Will, just sit back and enjoy the ride, my stud.”

My mind was put into neutral as, like a wraith, she glided down and slipped the head of my cock into her soft velvety confines. She threw her head back and groaned as she continued to slide down my pole. She finally hit bottom and I hit the end of her too. She then really started to ride me up and down. The sounds of the pre-lubed pussy and cock sliding along slurping and slipping were very hot. Her hair bounced along as well as her breasts, which I gladly grabbed and fondled and sucked as she rode my prick. She moaned, groaned and gasped for breath after every thrust inside her and I was starting to moan and groan with her. After a seemed like an eternity, I grabbed hold of her hips and started to take control of the fucking, moving her hips in concert with the upward thrusts of my cock inside her hole.

The couch creaked as I really started giving it to Julie. Breathy phrases of, “Don’t stop, fill my pussy with your cock Will!” and “Fuck me baby, Yeah that’s it, Do me, you raging Stallion!” filled my ears and I would reply with, “God your pussy is so good. Milk me baby, make me cum inside you” and “Never stop taking it in Julie, I’ll never stop slipping it to you.”

My balls started to burn and boil. I knew that I was going to cum pretty quick here and Julie’s moans were getting more louder. I felt a shudder inside her and her pussy muscles contracted around my dick, like a snake, milking me as she climaxed. With no more time to waste, I slammed her hips into me and in one fell swoop, held her to me as I drove my cock to the back of her pussy walls while shooting my hot seed inside her womb. Spurt after spurt was sent into her, filling her up and it started to leak out a bit down her legs.

She collapsed onto me and tried to regain her breath after what she told me later was the best orgasm she ever had. My cock returned to normal and with a plop fell out of her pussy. We held each other and I smelled her hair, which had the smell of strawberries, the smell of sweat and the smell of sex rising from between her legs and mine. I looked at the clock next to us and saw that we had 10 minutes for class to start. I helped her up and looked once again into those gorgeous sapphire eyes of hers.

I said, “That was wonderful Julie, but we’ve got to get cleaned up and get ready for class. Plus I’m not sure how much longer we can be in here undiscovered.”

She said, “Ok Will, I think I’ve got the energy to do that…” She laughed a bit and said, “Thank you for proving that you can make a girl feel good and wanted. I’ll always be there for you Will and we must do this again.”

“You bet we will, I can’t think of anything else better to do than be with you.”

We kissed and proceeded to clean up and get dressed again. After we got ready, I opened the door and didn’t see anybody, so we left quickly and went to class. I can’t really remember what the teacher said, all I can remember is seeing Julie in her seat and she was sneaking glances at me during the time. I can’t wait to feel her with me again.


Sara Luvv Gives A Sexy Steamy Blowjob

By admin

sara luvv blowjob

Sara Luvv is quite the hotty, a sexy little babe who love the cock in all ways. You can tell from the smile on her face as she strokes his cock that this horny girl loves to play with hard cocks, and she loves to suck them too. This scene from Nubilefilms has a nice amount of great cock sucking closeups as this sexy coed gives the guy head that would make most of us blow our loads directly into her mouth! He lasts long enough to try the other two holes and gives her a nice anal creampie too! A hot coed who loves it all!


Curvy Coed Kristen Self Shot Masturbation Video

By admin

self shot masturbation video

Masturbation videos are fun, and Kristen is really into it! She’s quite the sexy piece, an amateur webcam girl with a sexy body, a bit too many curves perhaps but that means nice big tits and a sexy round ass. She also has a very wet pussy, and this hotty gets all naked on her bed and masturbates like crazy on this wild self shot webcam video. This girl is certainly horny and more than willing to go all the way, she wants to cum and she loves showing off for the camera!

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