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Month: October 2015

Kimberly Kendall Oiled Up And Creamed

kimberly kendal

Kimberly Kendall is a hotty, no question about it, she’s got that sort of hot and slutty look that tells you she is going to be a whole lot of fun. The big tits and pierced nipples sort of help that out too! This scene from Baby Got Boobs has her using them big funbags for all their are worth, getting her big tits oiled up and tit fucked, very sexy! She gets her pussy licked out and she returns the favor with great oral, then Kimberly Kendall gets a good hard fucking before the guy pulls out and unloads into her mouth, on her face, and drooling down onto her big tits and pierced nipples. She looks really hot taking a big load of cum, that is for sure!

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Cece Capella Fresh Sexy Naturally Busty Pornstar

cece capella

It’s not very often that I would add a newcomer to porn here, but busty Cece Capella is such a find, I figured you guys would want to know more. Cece Capella has an amazing long and lean body, and her 32D big natural tits look even bigger compared to her small frame – plus this scene from Big Naturals includes some really nice tanlines on her tits that make them look even bigger. Fucking awesome! The scene is pure Big Naturals fun, and we get to see Cece Capella as the smiling, fun loving girl who also loves to fuck, and gets a really good pounding in this scene. She takes that big cock deep in her pussy and lets the guy unload massively on her huge fucking tits, she looks totally satisfied with the messy results!

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Petite Aubrey Gold Gets a Big Cum Facial

aubrey gold

Petite girls taking big cumshots is always fun, and doubly so when the girl is fresh and new. Aubrey Gold is a petite little hotty with a really nice pair of tits and a sort of cute but slutty overall look. This scene from Casting Couch X has her taking on a fat cock for her first ever on video fuck scene, and she’s totally into it – until he starts cumming on her face. When the cum starts to fly, her reaction is totally perfect for a girl getting her first real cum facial, and you can tell she has never had a guy dump a load like that on her face before. Safe to say she may never forget her first on camera cum facial!

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Wifes First Big Black Cock

I can’t remember why we decided to go to the Peppermint Club that night. When Lois and I travel we like to try something different. Anyway, Lois wanted to have a good time that evening and so did I.

There were lots of clubs in Las Vegas. The Peppermint was one of the nicest, with comfortable booths sporting leather seats, a dance floor and live music. We got there just before 9pm and ordered drinks. Lois had dressed to go out. She looked great in a tight black skirt, pinkish top that showed off her cleavage, and rather racy black high heels that added nicely to her 5’6″ frame. At age 48 and 135 pounds, she still maintained a curvy 38D 26 37 figure. The big tits always attracted admiring glances. She wore her reddish hair a bit shorter than she used to.

Most of the people at the club were close to our age, or older. We felt right at home. Since I didn’t like to dance, I expected her to find someone to dance with. It didn’t take long. The best dancer on the floor was a handsome black man who was dancing with an older white lady. They were very good. We watched them for fifteen minutes until the woman returned to her husband and left.

The black man looked around for another partner and spotted Lois. She must have looked available because he sauntered over to our booth with a big smile.

“Would you like to dance?”

“Sure,” Lois answered. “I’d love to.”

They danced together for quite a while. Lois had a sexy way of moving her body that seemed to hold her partner’s attention. During the slow dances he held her tight, his hand gripping her waist and occasionally her soft sexy butt.

As they danced I thought about my recurring fantasy about watching my wife make love to a black man. I had mentioned my fantasy once to Lois, many years before. She laughed and asked why I thought she needed more than I could give her. Since I wasn’t really serious, I didn’t pursue the idea.

At 50 I was not the lover I had once been. I still loved sex, but I couldn’t pound it to my wife like I used to. Not that Lois ever complained. We had a good marriage. As I thought about it, watching them dancing, I wondered whether having another man with Lois might be just the spice to rejuvenate our relationship.

The more I thought about, the more the idea excited me. It had been a long time since Lois and I had done anything new or exciting when it came to sex. This just might be our chance.


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