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Month: June 2020

Rebecca Volpetti Dedicated Cock Sucker

Hot scene from Private with sexy and lean Rebecca Volpetti showing us exactly what being totally committed to a blowjob is all about. She’s a dedicated cock sucker, getting herself in the best position to both suck most of his big cock down her throat while at the same time giving him massive, intense eye to eye contact. She’s not just sucking his cock, she’s orally pleasing his mind and body! A totally hot cock sucker for sure!

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Polina Maxim Black Cock Double Penetration

Polina Maxim is a total babe, a model tall 5 foot 10 with a nice C cup chest and a hot overall look. This Belarus babe is hot as they come and horny for cock, and she called up Private Black and begged them to let her come take on two big black cocks at the same time! They are more than happy to have this blue eyed blond babe in their studio, and they find two well hung studs to service her in every way possible! It’s amazing to see her taking two big black cocks at the same time, one in her pussy and one in her ass for an intense double penetration that leaves her just about all cummed out! She ends up looking totally blown away with cum on her face and a creampie pussy too, this girl got it hard!

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Hot Wife Nina Sucking A Big Black Cock

Ever wonder what your wife is doing when you are at work or out with your friends? Hot Wife Nina has a hobby, it’s sucking on big black cocks! This wild scene from Private Black has this hot wife MILF taking on a thick black cock and really loving it, you can tell that this horny housewife loves to suck cock and this black cock totally amazes her, she’s really focused on sucking it good, hard, and deep! Then she fucks him and even takes that big cock in her ass before putting it back in her mouth to suck the cum right out of him! Naughty hot wife!

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Sherice Sexy Schoolgirl With Small Breasts

Sexy Sherice is a yummy schoolgirl with lovely small breasts. I found her in this set from 18Eighteen looking just tasty, she’s a fully mature and grown up girl with a near perfect model style body, she’s tall enough and lean, with a pert sexy ass, nice legs, and oh those lovely small breasts. She’s got that naughty smile as she reveals her small tits for the first time, she’s sort of playing shy but you know this girl loves to show them off. A girl with small tits that knows they are sexy is always hot! This horny schoolgirl ends up totally naked using a vibrator on her juicy teen fuckhole, she loves to cum and her nipples get hard and tasty looking as she reaches climax!

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Underboob Shots Are Always Super Sexy

Underboob shots are always sexy. I personally find underboob shots of girls with more reasonable sized breasts and a slutty look to be the best. This sexy scene from Private Black with Lana Roy has exactly that attitude, she looks amazing in jean shorts, her long hair out and her sweet mid-sized titties making an appearance out of the bottom of her shirt. I can picture this girl walking in public too, because you know that shirt would drop just enough to barely cover the bottoms of her boobs, but as soon as she moves, it’s underboob flash time! Fucking awesome. This girl is super sexy for sure, and horny as they come – she gets busy, very busy indeed!

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Naughty Nurse Swallows a Big Load of Cum

I think that anyone who has spent any time in a hospital probably has a naughty nurse fantasy. This hardcore scene from Private features sexy Lika Star as the nurse, and let me tell you, she’s naughty! Sexy small breasts and big nipples, a talented mouth and a totally soaking wet pussy, this care giver has plenty to give! She gives great head, Lika Star sucks cock like crazy and really gets into it, and then climbs on for some great fucking – her pussy is squishy wet and happy with that cock inside. When the guy nears the end, she switches around and takes his cock back in her mouth, and he fills her mouth up with his hot cum. She swirls it around and swallows his cum down, just like a good little slutty nurse should!

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Aria Banks Small Breasts and Big Nipples

Aria’s sweet smile and bubbly personality remind us of the girl-next-door, with small breasts and big nipples – pierced, of course! The kind of neighborhood girl who smiles and waves at all the older guys and walks her dog wearing tiny shorts and skirts. The girl who looks wholesome but likes to masturbate in front of her window with the shades open. “I walk around the house totally naked, passing every window, hoping that someone sees me.”

I Hope Jeremy Didnt Hear

Chris heard the door opening slowly and quickly adjusted his position, pulling the sheets up around him.

“How did I get here?” he wondered, almost aloud.

What the hell was he doing, in other words, taking these kinds of risks? Full out jerking off, not even under the covers, not even having closed the door fully first. Much less with a plan of where we would cum, how he would make it down the hall to the bathroom to clean himself without being seen. It was almost like he wanted to get caught, which of course, in his fantasies, he did.

He couldn’t think, he couldn’t calm himself. All he was was a bundle of lust. His giant hard-on pressed against the blanket, he made sure to keep his hands on the blanket too, on his legs, casually (he thought), applying pressure to keep his stiff cock as concealed as possible, to prevent it from making the blanket stick up and even wag uncontrollably back and forth. That’s right, his hard prick was jumping with excitement. He could feel a little pre-cum oozing out.

Mrs. Anderson, as he knew her, or just Elaine, as she knew herself, asked if everything was OK. She just wanted to check if he needed anything before she went to bed.

“Yes,” he said, everything was OK, and, “no,” he didn’t need anything.

But he could see her nipples in her white silk nightgown. How could everything be OK? He didn’t care that she was his friend’s mother. She was separated from her husband and still beautiful. She must have needs and he wanted her in a crazy frenzied way.

She, of course, had heard the sudden rustle and adjustment as she opened the door, and had smiled to herself. The silly boy actually thought he was concealing something. As if she hadn’t heard him from well down the hall, furiously wanking his 19 year old cock. She would have to teach him to slow down a bit, to savour his strokes instead of rushing, to really get the most out of his body and its wonderful sensations.

She smiled to herself, picturing his young firm body, before any of the corruptions that would come much later, the sagging, the balding. He was fit and in a great time in his life, ready to embark on sexual explorations. He was at the perfect point to learn to give and receive pleasure. As she pictured his young sweet dick, his naked ass, the deep dimples that showed when he smiled, she considered barging in and taking him between her legs right then and there.

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