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Interesting Summer Job

Zoey slowed her car to crawl as she checked the house numbers as she slowly rolled down the quiet shaded street. “Let me see now,” she muttered under her breath, “115, 121, 127, ahhhhhhh, here we are, 133!” She parked her car in a under the shade of a large oak tree, and after checking to make sure that she had everything in her black attache case she headed up the front walk to the large colonial house that stood proudly amongst the large stand of trees surrounding the property. She checked one last time the name on the order form and rang the bell and waited. A few moments later a pretty red haired pregnant lady of about thirty or so answered the door and invited her inside. “You must be Zoey,” she said with a smile while extending her hand. “And you must be Mrs. Gordon,” Zoey replied while setting down her brief case. “Call me Lisa,” the rotund woman answered while ushering Zoey into the large well appointed living room, “please, have a seat.” Zoey picked out a large plush easy chair and plopped herself down while Lisa did the same on the long sofa. “I was a little reluctant to call your company,” Lisa began, “but it’s gotten to the point where I just need some help!” Zoey smiled her radiant smile and replied gently, “Well, it’s good that you called us, that’s what we’re here for!” “How long have you been with the company?” Lisa asked. “I’m a senior at State U.,” Zoey replied, “this is just a summer job, but I certainly enjoy it, so what do you say we get down to business.”
“So, what exactly is it you want me to do?” Zoey asked softly. “Well, uh, you see it’s like this,” Lisa stammered. “My husband is a very busy man, and since I became pregnant…….” “Since you became pregnant,” Zoey interjected, “he’s become shall we say less attentive to your needs.” “That’s exactly right,” a grateful Lisa replied. “Do you think you can help me?” Of course I can,” the young woman replied, “that’s what I’m here for, so if you don’t mind I’d like you to remove all of your clothing!” “Y-you mean right here?” Lisa asked nervously. “Why not?” Zoey asked. “Are you expecting someone else?” “Er, no,” a red faced Lisa replied, “I guess not.” “Okay then, let’s get started,” Zoey ordered. Lisa struggled to her feet and began removing her clothing. When she was finally naked she revealed a pair of huge breasts that rested on her distended belly, which in turn hung over a crotch full of fiery red pubic hair. Zoey crossed the room and ran her delicate hands all over Lisa’s lush body, taking extra time to examine her huge boobs. Right away Zoey could see that the first thing that needed to be done was to ease the pressure in Lisa’s incredibly engorged breasts via the use of a breast pump. “Please sit down,” Zoey said while fishing the pump out of her bag, “this should make you feel better right away!”

After the hoses where firmly attached to Lisa’s turgid nipples Zoey flipped on the pump. Almost instantly the milk began surging through the hoses and into the collection bottle. “Oh, my” Lisa sighed, “that feels so nice, you can’t believe how heavy they feel.” Zoey sat down on the couch next to Lisa and while gently caressing her round tummy asked, “How may months are you along now?” “Ohhhhhh, about seven and a half,” the overly ripe woman replied. “You look very beautiful,” Zoey commented. “When’s the last time you and your husband made love?” “Over two months ago,” Lisa replied sadly while tears welled up in her eyes, “I don’t think he loves me anymore!” “I’m sure that the pregnancy has thrown him off his game,” Zoey replied, “now just relax and let Zoey take care of everything!”

With the pump humming softly in the back ground Zoey reached into her bag of tricks and produced a short but very thick dildo that had a small vibrator hidden inside. “Now I’m going to help you get rid of all that pent up tension,” Zoey whispered while gently pushing the red head’s thighs apart, “and I think this will do the trick.” She carefully spread the hairy mound apart and slowly worked the fat head inside of the now drooling organ. “O-oh goodness gracious!” Lisa moaned. “That feels just wonderful, please, don’t stop, more, more!!!” Zoey always used a short dildo in the cases where pregnant women were involved, but it was the diameter that usually got them going as it was at least two and a half inches thick! With about four inches of rubber cock stuck in Lisa’s pussy, Zoey caressed her cheek and whispered, “Now, how does this feel?” At that moment Zoey turned on the mini vibe, sending poor Lisa’s pussy pin wheeling completely out of control! Lisa automatically arched her back and shoved her fat cunt forward as a tidal wave of orgasms build deep in the pit of her stomach!

“So that feels good, huh?” Zoey asked softly. Lisa was barely coherent, but she managed to nod her head in the affirmative as a small river of drool ran out of the corner of her mouth! Zoey continued to push the thick little invader in and out of Lisa’s pussy, and just as the passion was building to a crescendo pitch Zoey whispered into the panting woman’s ear, “Do you remember the day you got pregnant?” With her head spinning like a top, the poor woman could hardly comprehend a thing Zoey was saying and stammered, “W-what did you say?!?” “I just ask if you could remember the time when you hubby made you pregnant?” Lisa made and audible gulp as the suction on her nipples and the humming in her pussy drove her ever so close to the edge, but after giving it a moment’s thought replied, “Y-essssss, I remember, it was after a party, Dan took me right inside of the entry way, we never even made it to the bedroom!”

Zoey gave the dildo a couple of quick thrusts before continuing on, “Did you cum hard, I mean when he stuck his cock into your pussy did you have a big one!?!” “Oh yes,” she gasped, “h-he came in my mouth first though, and then after just a minute or two he leaned me face first against the wall and fucked me doggy style! “Is he hung?” Zoey asked. “Does he have a nice big cock!?!” “God, you should see it,” Lisa panted, “he’s eight inches long and thick as my wrist, he makes me cum so fucking hard!!!” “Do you love his pecker?” Zoey asked. “O-oh yesssss, I just love his big cock, it makes me feel like such a pussy!” Lisa stammered. Lisa was now so close to orgasm she could almost taste it! Zoey sensing that this was it, flicked the little vibe to the high setting and watched in wonder as the pregnant woman’s eyes nearly popped out of her head while a devastating climax literally shredded her poor pussy into confetti!!!

Lisa was so shell shocked that she was unable to move even a muscle! Zoey turned off the breast pump and detached the suction cups from puffy nipples and then carefully removed the fat dildo from the red haired cunt! “Thank you so much,” Lisa managed to mumble softly, “y-you don’t know how much I need that!” “I think I do,” Zoey said with a smile after putting everything back into her bag. “Shall I put you down for the same time next week?!?” With her pussy still gaping wide open Lisa sighed, “Same time, same channel!!!”

Busty Candi Coxx Get Double Teamed and Double Penetration


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it’s nice to see sexy natural girls getting new amateur sites, especially when they are as hot and sexy as Tera Lee. This cutie is from the Philippines, and she has a rocking hot natural body and those all important small tits. They aren’t tiny asian tits, but they are certainly close, maybe big A to small B cups but super firm and very ripe. She’s playful about getting naked, but in the end this sexy girl shows us those wonderful firm breasts and wow, they are something! She ends up fully nude in the great outdoors, with nothing on but high heels and a smile, and that’s all good by me!

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Asian Amateur Tera Lee Has Firm Small Tits

She Rides His Motorcycle Naked and Takes His Load In Her Mouth


Some girls are so wild it’s hard to imagine. Stella is a wild college coed who rides on this guys motorcycle naked then sucks and fucks him in the garage!

Nineteen and in college, Stella loved to have a good time, and today was no exception. Her latest fling rode a street bike, so what’s an experimental girl to do? Of course, Stella rode naked to get the most from the motor’s vibrations. As she got off the bike, the tingly feeling that enveloped her body made her want to get off in another way. In the heat of the moment, Stella started sucking Brian’s cock right on the bike. They even started fucking on the bike, but as the action escalated, they moved inside, so Brain could hit that tight, clean-shaven pussy from every angle. Stella’s young supple body was more than enough for Brian. He pounded her deep and hard until he answered Stella’ s pleas for a face full of cum.

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