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Month: June 2014

Busty Cassandra Calogera As a Red Light Hooker


Cassandra Calogera is truly a classic natural busty pornstar, a girl who didn’t have to go to the doctor to get big hooters, she got them naturally. She’s a hotty too, in that sort of chubby girl who isn’t too chuby sort of way, and oh yeah, she loves to fuck! This busty pornstar can take it with the best of them, and she looks hot as hell in this scene as a red light district hooker:

Cassandra Calogera is showing her goodies in a red light neighborhood where the girls entice men through the large windows of their brothel. A trick daddy searching for ass sees the sexy, big-boobed brunette though the glass. He wants her bad and he wants her fast. He could hit the bars for loose women but that’s no guarantee and he wants a pretty professional who knows how to give satisfaction. Cassandra directs him to enter the bordello and come to her little room so they can get down and dirty. He has chosen well. She’ll suck and fuck the cum out of his nuts like no woman has in his life. This is the house of the rising cock.

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18 Year Old Bailey Spreads Her Dripping Pussy Wide


There is absolutely no doubt at all here, sexy Bailey has a very wet pussy! In fact, she has a wet pussy, a wet ass, and wet thighs because this girl cums like crazy when she cums! This is Bailey’s first ever nudes for FTV Girls, but you can tell it’s not her first time playing with toys. It’s pretty amazing to find an 18 year old that is so much into getting off, but this girl is a a real special case. She loves to pull her pussy open too so we can see her gooey wet insides, she’s horny and willing and very playful indeed. Her exclusive video with FTV Girls is insanely hot, perfect for lovers of hot wet dripping pussy!

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Remy Lacroix Strokes The Cum Out Of His Cock


To me, there is nothing more sexy than a hot girl who not only takes a cumshot, but actually participates and makes it happen herself. Remy Lacroix is that kind of girl, she doesn’t just take a cum facial she makes it happen, stroking this guys cock until he explodes in her mouth, on her face, and down onto her tiny tits too. This girl is just awesome hot about it, and she’s a hot fuck too which makes the full scene a real pleasure to enjoy. Remy Lacroix loves the cum, and she loves to fuck toO!

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The Class

Bay carefully backed her car into a vacant parking space and then checked to make sure that she had all of her class supplies organized before heading into the building. This was second to last natural child birth class and she wondered why this was a mother only class and all husbands and boyfriends were banned for this particular night. With her huge belly leading the way she waddle up the stairs before making her way to the cafeteria of the old grade school that was being used for evening adult education classes. She was almost to the door when a voice from the far end of the corridor sounded out, “Hey, Bay, wait up and I’ll sit with ya!” Bay turned to see who was calling her name and was happy to see that it was Patti. Bay marveled at how petite Patti still looked even though she was already seven and a half months pregnant. “God, I’ll be so glad when this is all over,” Patti said when she approached Bay, “I feel like such a cow!” “Youuuuuu?!?!” Bay exclaimed. “You’re a string bean compared to me, just look at my boobs, they’re literally bigger than your head!” Patti giggled her infectious laugh and replied, “Well, let’s just say we’re both a little on the hefty side!” Bay nodded her head and led the two of them inside where at least twenty other pregnant women were already sitting down on their mats doing stretching exercises.
Up in front of the room Mz. Ellyn Crawford, the teacher of the class, sat going over some papers before she stood up to address the women. “Let me see,” she intoned while scanning the room, “I think we’re all here now!” “Good,” she said while going over and locking the door, “let’s get started!” She returned to the front of the room and went on, “Some of you are probably wondering why we have excluded your husbands and boyfriends from tonight’s class, well there is a perfectly good reason for it!” The room had quieted down the moment Mz. Crawford spoke and everyone waited anxiously to find out what was going on. “Tonight is going to be different than any other phase of our training,” she explained. “There will be a bit of nudity involved with our lesson and I think that having the men in the room would have made some of you very uncomfortable” There was a slight murmur when Ellyn Crawford mentioned the word nudity but everyone sat still waiting for her to explain further.”

“Having a baby is a wonderful experience,” she went on, “but tonight we are going to actually simulate that experience by stripping nude below the waist and having a partner play the doctor or nurse!” The women looked at each other nervously, but when Ellyn Crawford ordered them to pair off they did so without question! Bay and Patti paired up, but even though they had become friendly over the course of the last few months, neither one of them were quite ready for what was going to happen next! “Okay,” Ellyn ordered, “one of you take off your things and lie down on your mat with your legs tucked up to your butt and your legs spread as wide apart as you can get them!” “Geesh,” Patti said nervously, “you wanna go first?” “No, but I will,” Bay replied softly while taking pulling up her loose fitting dress and removing her over sized panties.”

After she had taken her position on the mat Patti tried not to stare but was totally stunned at the amount of pubic hair that covered Bay’s groin area!” “Okay, ladies, those playing the role of the doctor carefully probe you partner’s vagina to check for the amount of dilation!” Several of the women seemed frozen and unable to move but a sharp rebuke by Ellyn Crawford had all of the “doctors” carefully fingering their “patients”! “Ohhhh,” Bay gasped softly when Patti’s cool finger slid easily into her now very wet pussy. “I’m sorry,” Patti said quickly, “I didn’t mean to hurt you, I’ll be more careful!” “Y-you didn’t hurt me,” Bay replied softly, “I-it just surprised me!” “Come on, ladies,” Ellyn said evenly, “some of you aren’t doing the job at all, feel those vaginas like your doctor would!” All around the room soft sighs had turned into very audible groans as the pussies of the women began to roil with sexual tension! “That’s very good,” Ellyn Crawford said gently, “now “doctors” press your fingers in as far as they will go while the “patients” should begin to push as if they were having their baby!”

Following Ellyn’s orders, Patti shoved two fingers in to the hilt while Bay gritted her teeth and began flexing her vaginal muscles in an attempt push out the imaginary baby! Almost immediately Bay’s pussy began to lurch out control as a major league orgasm rushed through her pussy causing her to buck up her hips and groan out loud as it completely overwhelmed her!” And she wasn’t alone! From around the room women everywhere were experiencing orgasms of such intensity that some of them were nearly passing out! The smell of fresh pussy juice filled the air, adding an even more sensual aura to an already sexually charged situation! “That’s very good,” Ellyn said softly, “now please exchange places and repeat the process!” This time it was Patti’s turn to have a finger jammed deep into her burning cunt, and just like her partner, Bay, her vagina convulsed hard, inducing a brutal orgasm that made her cry out in utter and total satisfaction!

The women lay on their mats shell shocked from the incredible turn of events that just had occurred only moments before! At this point what ever orders Ellyn Crawford gave them would have be obeyed with out question! So when after giving them five minutes to recuperate she told the women to face each other and them interlock their vaginas so that their pussies were pressed together, not one peep of protest could be heard! In fact, it seemed that most, it not all of them were almost eager to follow her crude bidding! “I-I don’t believe I’m doing this,” Patti stammered as her almost hairless little organ was being devoured by Bay’s huge hair pie! “Me neither,” Bay replied tightly as both of them maneuvered around so as to connect their aching clits! “I can see that everyone seems to be getting with the program,” Ellyn said softly, “now be good “doctors and patients” and make sure that all of your hard little clits are pressing together!”

Soon each pair of women was grinding their pussies together like there was no tomorrow! Hard little clits were now scraping back and forth over each other, literally driving each other insane with pleasure! Patti and Bay had no problem what so ever making clitoral contact, and over the next ten minutes or so each of them had at least three or four massive orgasms! Ellyn had by now lifted up her own skirt only to reveal a pantiless pussy that bulged obscenely open and ready for business! With her ass on the edge of the front table she motioned for a cute twenty something red head to take a place between her wide open legs! The young woman obediently dropped to her knees, and after a signal from the panting instructor buried her mouth into the smoothly shaven quim! With most of the class looking on almost slack jawed, the little red head licked and sucked Ellyn Crawford to several stunning climaxes that resulted in covering the young woman’s face with a layer of her sweet pussy juice!!! When she was completely sated she flopped back onto the desk and just lay there with her open cunt brazenly gaping to anyone who card to look!

After a taking but a few minutes to recuperate, Ellyn sat up and out of nowhere produced a giant strap on dildo. With a look of wanton desire on her face she asked for a volunteer! A huge breasted black woman with a gigantic ass waddled up and without even bothering to put it on, grabbed it out of Ellyn Crawford’s hand and rammed it into her unsuspecting pussy with brutal ferocity! The scream that came from deep inside of her throat would have wakened the dead, but in a matter of seconds she was begging the big assed woman to fuck her even harder! Soon the women on the floor were calling encouragement to their comrade, demanding that she fuck the hot pussied teacher to within and inch of her life! When she could see that she couldn’t take it anymore, and to the cheers of her classmates, the black woman gave Ellyn one last hard fuck and left the monster pecker buried deep in the well fucked pussy of the stunned instructor while she made her way back to her mat to the applause of everyone in the room(that is except for Ellyn who was too far gone to even move)!!!

Now walking back to their cars Patti piped up, “Now that is a class I’d like to take even if I weren’t pregnant!!!” Bay shivered a little against the cold and replied, “You and me both, hon, you and me both!!!”

Chanel Preston Working Out and Sucking Cock


Chanel Preston came for the workout and stayed for the cock!

Chanel Preston is giving her friend’s boyfriend a personal training session. Chanel is more interested in working his cock than his body and now that she has him alone she bends over the yoga ball and has him fuck her hard.

She sucks him hard too, deep throat all the way over the top of the workout ball, it’s a yoga class fantasy played out in real time, and she gives im hot head, a great fuck, some wild tit fucking, and lets him spew his load all over her tits and in her mouth too!

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Capri Cavanni Hard Fuck by Stable Stud

capri cavanni fucking

Capri Cavanni is one of the faves around these parts, a girl who combines model good looks with a love of the cock. She’s a hotty any way you look at her, and even more so when shes getting boned. This scene from Capri Cavanni’s hot official site is smoking, as she goes to the stable for a little horse back riding and instead ends up riding a big fat cock! She looks awesome in chaps, and it’s hot as hell to see this sexy babe on her knees sucking this guys big schlong before letting him take her deep and hard. Nothing sutble about this one, this is a pure hard fuck and she is working hard to get all of that cock into her needy cunt!

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19 Year Old Vanessa Hottie Spreads Herself Wide Open

vanessa hottie spread wide open

Open wide! Sexy Vanessa Hottie has a great name and an equally tasty body, and this horny 19 year old isn’t too shy to show it off. I found her at Nubiles, one of the top teen and coed sites around, and Vanessa is having a great time playing for the camera. In fact, this girl does multiple sets, and an hour of exclusive video including great pussy closeups and some really hot and wet masturbation. This girl loves to spread! She’s got one of those bodies that drives you wild, her small tits are capped with puffy nipples, and her shaved pussy is wet before she even gets naked, and she soon has her fingers in the pie stirring herself to a very wet cum. This girl is a wet dream, and I do mean wet!

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Tasha Reign Fucks Her Friends Hung Brother

tasha reign fucking

Tasha Reign is one of those girls that you look at and you know she is going to be a good fuck, straight up. This scene from Naughty America has her taking on her friend’s brother, and he’s got a huge fucking cock ready to fill her needy twat. it’s a hardcore session with everything you want, she sucks him playfully and then more deeply, and he moves around to fuck her hot cunt from all directions. I love watching her get fucked hardcore doggy style bent over the counter, her sexy ass looks just fucking right! Nice finish too, Tasha Reign gets an intense cum facial and you can tell she loves the goo!

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