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Month: October 2019

Liza Rowe Firm Small and Super Horny

While this isn’t a brand new gallery, this scene with Liza Rowe from New Sensations caught my eye for a bunch of reasons. Liza Rowe has lovely small tits, that is for sure! Her smallish boobs are firm and yet soft, Liza Rose has that sort of natural few extra pounds all over that gives her sexy young body that soft look, but the boobs and sexy ass are both firm and solid when she stretches out. Her nipples are tasty and get really hard in this scene, and we get great looks at those small boobs as she gets her tight young pussy fucked hard. This girl clearly loves to fuck and loves to get her boobs played with – she even pulls on her own hard nipples at one point, giving herself an orgasm just like that! Awesome scene from a sexy small boobs girl!

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