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Cum Shot Party

By admin

Hi, I’m Jason and I would prefer to use this outlet to describe what has happened in my life, especially with my sex life with regards to my wife Beth. I wrote one previous story about what happened last year at my wife’s college reunion (see “Her Bad College Days”).

Since that weekend, I have done my best to forget what I saw. It had been on a video tape that guys from a nearby fraternity had made of my wife not long after she appeared in a college girls edition of Playboy magazine. The photo of my wife published in Playboy was innocent enough. It was a shot of her turning back, smiling at the camera, and showing her gorgeous ass. Most of my friends don’t know she was in the magazine, and luckily, they haven’t come across the picture of her on the web.

About a month ago I was invited to a party on a Friday night by a guy I work with named Anthony. I had worked with Anthony on several projects recently, and had gotten quite friendly with him.

“It’s at my friend’s house.” Anthony said. “It’s an amazing house, he throws awesome parties man, he’s got a pool and a big ass deck.”

“Cool,” I said. I’ll ask my wife and let you know tomorrow.

I told Beth about it and she agreed to go so I told Anthony to count us in.

When Friday came and we were getting ready for the party I saw that Beth was dressing herself up in one of her usual sexy outfits. She had put on a black silk tight fighting shirt, and very tight spandex white pants. They were practically painted on. She had worn them a few times before, and I know she liked them because of the way they complimented her ass, and when she wore them, compliments she got.

“Geez Beth, why are you wearing those pants” I said. “We don’t’ know these people or what the party is going to be like. What if they are really conservative stuffy folks who drink scotch and smoke cigars and talk about the stock market and stuff?”

“Lighten up!” Beth replied. “You know I’ve haven’t worn these pants in a while, and I just finished my period, and I think I look good in them.”

“You do look good in them, too good in fact” I said with a chuckle and a smile.

She walked across our bedroom and gave me a nice long kiss.

“Besides,” she added “you know I can’t wear panties with these because of the lines. And you know I like that sometimes.”

I felt my dick begin to stiffen a little bit when I heard her say that, and quickly finished getting ready.

We got in the car and drove to the party which was about 45 minutes upstate. Trying to follow the directions and getting lost once, we finally pulled up to the house. Anthony was right, the house was awesome, and from the ruckus coming from it, it sounded like a crazy party.

We went to the door and rang the bell and a young guy, about 35 years old answered the door. He was wearing a slick linen shirt, with his sleeves rolled up, and linen pants. “Casual” I thought, “Good.”

“Hi, I’m Jason” I said, “I’m Anthony’s friend from work.”

“Right right! Ok” the guy replied, “I’m Carl, Tony’s told me all about you. Glad you could make it, come on in.”

“This is my wife Beth” I said. I looked at Beth and she looked pissed I hadn’t introduced here immediately. She rolled her eyes at me and shook Carl’s hand.

Carl took one look at Beth and said, “Holy shit! Beth? I went to college with you I think. You were the chick that was in that Playboy college issue junior year right?”

Beth blushed bright red and said “Yeah, that’s right. Do I know you?”

“Not really. I don’t think so” Carl answered. “But I know and remember you.” You hung out with a fraternity brother of mine, Josh.”

I recognized the name Josh immediately as one of Beth’s ex-boyfriends.

“Oh ok, yeah, I dated Josh for a while.”

We walked into the party following Carl. I noticed his eyes wander for a few seconds over Beth’s body, and her tight pants. He smiled and kept walking. I was too nervous now that Carl had known my wife and new she was in Playboy. “Fuck” I thought to myself. “He’s seen her ass. He’s probably picturing it now.”

We followed Carl through the party. There were about 100 people scattered around the house. Most people were dressed fairly casually, and most were in their 30′s like us. I noticed a lot of couples, but also what looked like a lot of single guys. There were a few single girls, some of which looked cute as hell, but generally it seemed the guys outnumbered the girls.

Carl led us to Anthony, who greeted us with a “Hey muther fucker! Glad you made it!”

“Anthony, this is my wife, Beth” I said.

Anthony had never met Beth before, and I saw that he too let his eyes wander all over Beth’s tight shirt and tighter pants.

“Hi Beth” he said. “Great to finally meet you.”

“Tony!” Carl said, “I know Beth from college, she was in that Playboy college issue I showed you a while back.”

“Get the fuck out of here,” Anthony said. “No fucking way!”

“Dude,” Anthony continued looking Beth, then me, then down at Beth’s hips, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

He looked back at Carl and said “She’s the one you told me about right, the one that was bending over in the picture?”

“Yeah” Carl said flashing an devilish grin.

I looked at Beth, who although was now bright read, was smiling and appeared to be enjoying the attention.

“Yes, that was me you little pervs” she said, turning around and bending over a little while giggling, showing Carl and Anthony her ass in her tight pants. She spun back around and put her arm around me and said “Wild college days, everybody did stupid stuff.”

“Hey Jason,” Anthony said, still looking down at my wife’s hips “Let’s go get a drink.”

We followed him through a few rooms to the kitchen which led out to a deck where there was a bar. It was one of those portable bars. Carl had hired a few bartenders who were serving drinks. There as also a keg of beer in the corner of the deck.

We got drinks and stayed out on the deck drinking for a while. Carl left us and went back into the house to mingle with the other guests. We chatted with Anthony and he introduced us to a bunch of his friends that came by.

After a few drinks I excused myself from Beth and Anthony and went to search for a bathroom.

Walking through the house, and down the hall, I passed a bedroom where I saw Carl showing two guys something. I stopped for a second and looked into the room and listened.

“Dude, this girl is so hot, I’m telling you man. Check her out.” Carl had the Playboy magazine in his hand. I guessed that he had kept it because girls from his school were in it.

“Wow, look at that ass” one of the guys said. “Did you fuck her?”

“Naw,” Carl answered. “But my friend fucked her silly.”

My stomach knotted up. I knew obviously that Beth was very promiscuous in college, but I certainly didn’t like hearing about it.

I kept walking and found one of the bathrooms. While talking a piss, I noticed a small tray on the counter next to the sink that about 8 shot glasses. Also on the tray was a permanent magic marker. Two of the glasses were off to the side of the tray. I looked closer and it appeared that they were filled, about three quarters of the way, with cum. One said Jon on the side, and one said Tony. “What the fuck is that about?” I thought.

I finished pissing and left the bathroom and went to find Beth and Anthony. I went back outside and found Beth.

“Hey honey,” I said, “Having a good time?”

“Yeah” she said. “Anthony and his friends are nice.” She smiled and giggled. I could tell she was getting a little drunk. I was a little drunk at that point too.

“Don’t get to drunk baby,” I said. “I may need you to drive home.”

“Jay,” she said, “I’m already to d-d-runk for that.”

I laughed, “I guess I am too by now. Where’s Anthony?”

“He went inside to get another drink” Beth answered.

I looked over at the bar and saw that the bartenders for the bar on the deck were gone. I guessed they were talking a break.

“I’ll be right back” I said to Beth. “Stay here and I’ll go get us a drink.”

I went inside and walked through the kitchen and a living room and found the other bar. Anthony was there getting a drink. I looked to the side of the bar and noticed that there was a shot glass off to the side. It was filled almost all the way with what looked like cum.

“Anthony” I said. “What the hell is that” I said pointing to the shot glass.

“Oh that?” he asked. “That’s Carl’s” Every year when he has this party her jerks off into a shot glass and leaves it on the bar as a gag. You know, just to see of a girl will get drunk and do it.”

“Has anyone ever done it?” I asked.

“Yeah, last year 2, maybe 3 girls did it. If a girl does Carl’s shot, they’ll bring out more. There’s a tray in the bathroom. I jerked off in one before when I went.”

“Damn” I said. “That’s some sick shit.”

I ordered a drink for me and Beth and Anthony went back outside and found Beth.

We hung out for about another half hour. It was a really warm pleasant night out and we enjoyed being outside. There were about 15 people out on the deck with us, a few of them were smoking, some of them pot. When we finished our drinks, I started to head inside to get more.

“No I’ll get them this time” Beth said.

“Ok, thanks I said.

She went inside and as she walked away, I saw Anthony blatantly staring at her ass. Great I though, my wife is drunk and wearing the tightest pants she owns. Wonderful! I was going to have to keep an eye on her.

“Damn, sorry Jason, but your wife is hot!”

“Thanks” I said, “Keep your eyes to yourself!” I added jokingly.

Anthony pulled out a pipe and some weed and we smoked up too. As we were finishing the bowl, we heard an eruption of cheers from inside the house. Everyone on the deck looked over towards the sliding doors on the kitchen, but nobody could figure out what happened.

“I gotta go to the bathroom again,” I said.

“Alright go,” Anthony said. I’ll be out here.

I went through the kitchen, stoned, not even realizing Beth had not come back yet with the drinks. As I turned down the hallway to the bathroom, I heard a guy say something that almost made my knees buckle.

“Hey, Jeff,” the guy said. “That Playboy chick just did Carl’s cum shot!”

I turned and saw that the guy speaking was the guy I had seen with Carl in Carl’s room looking at the magazine.

“No! no! no! god damn way!” the guy whom I presumed was Jeff said.

“Way!” the first guy answered.

I rushed passed them and headed for the bathroom. My head was racing. My heart was racing! I have to get a divorce! I can’t believe this! What is going on! As I started pissing. I looked over and saw that 7 of the 8 shot glasses on the tray were now full.

I tried to think clearly. Well she hasn’t cheated on me really has she? Ok so maybe she did do the shot, but it’s not like she kissed Carl. No! Wait. It’s worse that kissing Carl I think. I think I’d rather she kissed him than drank a shot glass of his fucking cum! My head was spinning. I was pissing.

The door flew open. A guy I didn’t know came in.

“Sorry!” he said, and grabbed the tray of shot glasses and left and closed the door.

I finished going the bathroom. I threw some water on my face. Man! I can’t believe this I thought. I’m drunk and baked. I really can’t deal with all of this!

I left the bathroom and decided I had to find Beth. I went back down the hall and into the living room and saw that there was now a crowd around something.

I pushed closer and saw that Beth and another girl were in the middle of a circle of guys standing next to the end table next to the couch. The tray of shots from the bathroom was on the table. Other people were at the bar ordering tons of drinks and what looked like regular shots.

Beth had a big ear-to-ear shit eating grin on her face, and the top two buttons of her shirt were open revealing way to much cleavage as far as I was concerned. The other girl was very cute, short, and was wearing a black mini skirt and a half shirt.

I tried to break through the circle of guys to get to Beth but it was too crowded. There must have been about 20-30 guys crowded around them. Beth was talking to Carl. I squinted and could have sworn I saw his right hand on her ass.

“Fuck!” I said out loud. Nobody paid any attention to me.

Carl picked up a shot from the tray with his left hand and gave it to the girl in the black mini skirt.

“Jon” Carl yelled out. This one is yours.

The guys and even the girls in the room went nuts!

Carl then picked up another shot, looked at it, and handed it to Beth.

“Tony! This one’s yours!” he yelled. “Oh shit, Tony works with this girl’s husband!”

The crowd went insane!

I saw Anthony push through from the other side. He had a cat-that-ate-the-canary look on his face. He looked at Beth and moved over next to her. Carl stepped away. I saw Anthony take his hand and jam it down the back of Beth’s pants.

I knew she was not wearing underwear. Anthony, my friend, my coworker, had his hand on my wife’s bare ass.

Beth giggled and her and the girl in the black mini skirt held up the shot glasses.

“Do the shot! Do the shot!” the guys started chanting.

I almost couldn’t watch, but I couldn’t look away either.

Beth lifted the shot higher, cocked her head back, and put the shot glass to her lips and drank it. The cum slide down out of the glass and into her mouth. It seemed to move almost in slow motion. As it entered my wife’s mouth, she closed her eyes. Then an almost pained look crossed her face, like that of someone who was eating a lemon. She gulped and then she opened her eyes and smiled.

I couldn’t hear anything for a few seconds. The room was roaring. The girl in the mini did her shot too, and the room roared again.

How was I ever going to go back to work again? My wife just drank my friends cum from a shot glass. This was the most humiliating thing in my life. More humiliating than watching Beth on video tape fuck guys in college. That was before we met, before we got married. But now, she had done two shots of cum. I gagged and almost threw up. If I hadn’t smoked the pot, which tended to relax me, I probably would have puked right there on the carpet.

Anthony kept his hand down the back of Beth’s pants and looked like he was rubbing it. By now everyone the room knew he was feeling her ass.

Carl walked up and gave Beth another shot glass. She took it and handed him her empty one.

“Andrew!” Carl yelled. “This one’s yours!”

Carl gave another shot to the girl in the black mini.

Beth reached over towards Anthony with her free hand and squeezed his crotch, keeping her hand on him for about 5 seconds.

“Damn!” the guy next to me said, “Is this slut’s husband even here? I can’t believe this!

I was too embarassed to even tell him I was her husband. What was I going to do?

Beth and the other girl raised the shot glassed and swallowed them down.

As Beth gulped it and pulled the glass away from her lip, a stream of cum formed between her lip and the glass. What I saw next was both the sexiest and the most disturbing thing I have ever seen in my life.

My wife raised the glass above her head and stuck out her tongue, and then lowered the glass back down onto her tongue, taking in the stream of cum like it was spaghetti.

The room erupted again in deafening noise. I realized for the first time that I was getting an erection.

The girl in the black mini stumbled forward and was caught by a guy standing nearby. She was obviously smashed drunk. The guy helped her away and sat her down on the couch.

Carl walked back over. There were three shots left on the tray. He gave one to Beth and yelled out “Mike!”

Beth took the glass and shot it down.

Someone brought a beer over to Beth, and she took a gulp of that too. All the while, Anthony had his hand down the back of Beth’s pants.

I pushed forward again trying to get closer, but couldn’t.

Beth was handed another shot, another guy named “Andrew” was called out, and Beth gulped it down.

Now there was one left.

Carl walked forward, and put his hand down the front of Beth’s pants. Beth closed her eyes and started to moan, but her moans were quickly drowned out by cheers. I just stood there and watched, unable to do anything as two guys had their hands down my wifes pants. Carl took his hand out, smelled it and yelled “I can’t believe I just touched Playboy pussy!!!!”

He handed Beth the last glass. “Marcus” he yelled, “This one’s yours!”

A big black guy on the edge of the crowd moved forward. He looked very built but didn’t’ say anything. He seemed drunk, but very shy.

Beth looked at him, and I saw her eyes go to his crotch and she smiled. Did she even know I was here?

Carl then took my wifes left hand. What was he doing I tought?

He slide off both her engagement ring and wedding band and took them and held them over the shot glass.

“No!” I yelled. A few guys around me laughed.

Carl just looked at me and yelled out loud to everyone “That’s her husband!”

Guys around me laughed some more.

The guy next to me said “Damn man, your wife is hot and slutty as hell. I wish my wife would do this.”

I looked at Beth. She was still smiling and seemed to be enjoying all this.

“Drop them in! Drop them in!” The room started to chant.

Carl smiled and let go. Both my wifes rings plunged into the glass of cum. My stomach wrenched. Another guys cum! On her fucking engagement ring and wedding band!

The guys in the room yelled.

She raised the glass, said “Thanks Marcus!” and drank it. She let the cum slid out the glass slowly this time, and let the rings slide down the sides and caught them in her lips. She took them out and held them up for all the guys to see.

She stuck out her tongue and licked them off a little bit and put them both back on her hand.

The tray was empty, guys were yammering all over the place and jeering at Beth.

I surged forward and broke through and grabbed her arm and pulled her toward me.

As she came forward, Anthony’s hand came out of the back of her pants and her spandex snapped back against her lower back and ass, making a loud crack.

Anthony snapped out of what seemed like a trance and but didn’t’ seem to comprehend what he had been doing to my wife. He just looked at me blankly.

Beth looked at me and tried to kiss me immediately. I stopped her and pushed her back.

“Hi baby!” she said. “Where were you, I was just looking for you.” She had some cum still on her lip. Whose it was, I didn’t’ know, probably Marcus’s.

I pulled her out of the circle. Guys were laughing at me. Some were clapping. I pulled her out of the party through the crowd. A few guys grabbed and pinched her ass on our way out.

We got to the car and got in and I sat there for a while thinking. Beth passed out drunk almost immediately. I looked down at her hand. Both of her rings were now covered in a gross dried film of cum.

How was I ever going to live this down?


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