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Month: January 2013

Random Couple Fucking

Random couple fucking time, we try not to laught but Hahaha, somebody sent in this footage of a hot blonde chick banging some longhair. We want to congratulate them because they’re famous now and they probably don’t even know it! one thing for sure, they know how to fuck, and the blond really loves to take cock!

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Playtime with Teri Weigel

Sexy MILF Teri Weig2l is on set and ready to go, and she’s so horny thinking about her costar’s big cock that she has to start playing with herself before he even arrives. By the time Bill shows up, hot mama Teri Weigel is ready for a serious pounding. The fuck scene is intense as this busty mommy love to ride the cock and really get off hard!

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GF Turns Naughty

This blonde chick gets all crazy and naughty when she’s horny and decides she wants to fuck on camera with her boyfriend! Wonder if she thought it was a good idea, now that we have the footage!

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