Riding The Subway

“Fucking son of a bitch!” I yelled as I clicked off my cell phone.

Sometimes having an old fashioned phone would be worth it, just for the satisfaction of slamming it down in someone’s ear.

Jason stood me up again to go hang with his “bros.” Well, it’s likely he wasn’t going to be getting a blowjob or laid by those bros. Hope he has fun with them.

I called up some friends and we arranged to go clubbing together. Several of them had just broken up with their respective partners, so we were ready to go out and have fun. Hopefully we got laid in the process.

I went to my closet, ripping out clothes and discarding them. I was going for a flat out sexy and slutty look. I was going to have fun, despite the asshole’s behavior.

I’m not a stunner. I don’t have a model’s body, nor do I have a face that stops traffic, but I get a fair amount of attention. I rarely buy my own drinks at the bar, and get enough offers for dancing to keep me having a good time.

I finally found an appropriate outfit. The top was a halter style with just a string to tie in the back. Anyone looking at me would know I wasn’t wearing a bra. The skirt was short, just past my rounded ass. And of course, a good old pair of “fuck me” heels. I decided to skip the panties. If I met someone I wanted to fuck, I didn’t want anything getting in the way. It would make bumping and grinding on the dance floor interesting as well.

I made my way to the subway to meet the girls at the club. It was a busy night. The cars were packed and I ended up standing. With people getting on and off, I was getting bumped into and almost fell. I reached up to hold the bar. This caused my skirt to ride up. If it swayed just right, a little glimpse of ass was visible. Knowing that people could see my ass got me a little excited. I don’t mind showing off. My as is one of my best assets.

The feel of the skirt swaying against my bare skin started my pussy twitching. Knowing that men were watching me and maybe even some women…. Well, it got the juices flowing pretty well. My nipples were hard nubs pressing against the fabric of my shirt. It was a fairly sheer material, so they were quite obvious.

As the train jolted to a stop, I felt someone push up against me. This was not unusual in a crowded car. However, I didn’t hear the usual “excuse me.” Instead, I felt a bulging crotch push against my ass. It felt like a decent sized bulge. When I didn’t push him off, his hands grabbed my hips, then snaked around to my front, up my chest, landing on my tits.

Oh damn, that felt so good. I was already tingling before he touched me. I ground my ass against his bulge, while thrusting my tits against his hands.

“You’re looking to get fucked, aren’t you?” I heard in my ear.

I responded by grinding on him some more.

His hands began their work on my tits. One hand massaged, while the other was pinching and rolling my nipple.

I moaned with delight. My body responded to his touch. The juice flowing down my leg was evidence that I wanted more.

I sighed with disappointment as one hand was removed from my tits. When I discovered that hand had been unzipping his pants, I gasped. I felt his hard cock press against me. Sliding it forward, he met my wet slit.

“Oh, that is one wet pussy,” he whispered.

I saw another man working his was toward us. Apparently we had attracted some attention.

I looked around, noticing various people watching. Some were pretending not to watch, others looked on in anger, and others were excited. I saw several men and women rubbing their crotches. I grew even more excited.

The second man stood in front of me, placing his hands over mine to hold me in place, then kissed me. My tongue mingled with his. I groaned as my first orgasm hit me. I was being double teamed and I loved it.

The man in front of me was in a well-cut suit. It showed off his muscular body. He removed his tie, using it to secure my hands to the pole.

The man behind me slid his hand to my pussy, beginning to play with my clit. The man in front of me began to suck my tits through my shirts.

I felt a third set of hands on my body. HOT DAMN!! I came hard all over the man’s fingers. My skin was sucked and stroked as I continued to cum. My moans were fairly loud by now. I didn’t care. Anyone could watch. There were probably several women jealous of what I was getting.

The man behind me managed to find a seat. He sat, pulling me on top of him. My hands were still attached to the pole, but the knot was just loose enough to slide down. The man’s cock slid easily into my cum soaked pussy. It was a full thick cock, stretching me slightly. As he stroked in and out of my slick hole, I felt my legs being spread. When I looked down, I saw a woman lowering her mouth to my pussy.

I had been with women a few times and found them to be damn good lovers. When dealing with the same sex, the partner knows what to do, because she knows what she likes. She teased my clit with just the tip of her tongue. Her head bobbed up and down to keep up with bouncing body as I was getting fucked. My tits jiggled with the motion.

The man in the suit stood next to me, undoing his pants and sliding his cock into my mouth. I had to turn my head to the side to fully take him in. I felt my top being untied and being lifted up. My tits were exposed and being worked by the man in the suit.

How could any woman not want this? Every part of me was being serviced. The woman between my legs was licking the cock as it stroked out of me, then licked my pussy as he stroked in. It gave me enough of a tease to keep me from cumming, yet allowing me to enjoy every bit of what was happening. Sensations were everywhere.

The man in the suit had a cock that fit my mouth beautifully. Just long enough to make me gag a bit, but not too much. I matched the rhythm on his cock to the cock pounding my pussy. Getting my pussy and mouth fucked at the same time heightened my pleasure.

When the woman moved her tongue and set to a full on attack on my clit, I felt my pleasure rise, and rise, and rise, until my pussy clenched around the man’s cock. She locked her mouth over my clit, continuing to tongue me while I rode out the waves of the orgasm. The man fucking my mouth was also pulling on my nipples, giving me a pleasure and pain sensation. With the three of them hitting every spot, the orgasm had just subsided when another one hit.

I cried out as my body was used in the most primitive fashion. I set out to be a slut, and that’s exactly what I was. Fucking three strangers on a subway, and I had a feeling we were far from done.

When the last orgasm faded, the man who had impaled me on his cock, lifted me off. I was surprised since he had not cum yet. His fingers went to my pussy, feeling how wet I was. He spread the juice backward, toward my ass, with the woman helping. Oh, my pussy was pulsing again. Two hands stroking my hot, wet pussy…. Oh… I was damn near cumming again.

The man leaned forward, saying, “You like a nice hard cock in your ass, don’t you?”

“Oooohhhh, yes,” I responded as much from his suggestion as the hands stroking me.

“Fuck my tight ass!”

He slid my ass slightly forward so it was at the edge of the seat.

He looked at the woman, “Open up that tight little ass for my cock.”

Her fingers played at my tight hole as her mouth returned to my clit. Her fingers slid in easily. I was so hot, ready for more. I needed a cock in my ass.

“Oh, you’re going to love this ass. She’s a tight one,” the woman stated.

“Plant that ass on my cock,” he told the woman.

She lifted my hips, guiding his cock toward my tight hole.

As the head played with my entrance, I let out a gasp. I know how large his cock was from fucking my pussy, but it’s different when entering a tighter hole.

I gasped again as he stroked in up to the head. My ass stretched to accommodate him. The woman licked my clit, diving a few fingers into my wet slit and giving me a good old fucking as the man worked his cock into my ass.

My clit was so damn sensitive, it made my ass loosen up, taking the man in.

The man in the suit pulled out of my mouth. He told the woman it was his turn. He stood in front of me, plunging his cock into my pussy in one swift stroke. For a moment he just held there. It allowed me to feel both cocks filling me at the same time. I had never felt such ecstasy.

Their strokes were slow at first. Increasing as I adjusted to take them more fully.

“Oh yes! Fuck me. Your cocks feel so good!” I cried. I was not quiet. I didn’t care who heard. My pleasure was my only care.

I felt the woman place her hands on me. The touch alone made me shudder. My excitement was heightened by the public setting, the multiple partners and the double fucking. Everything felt better, and far more intense. The woman played with my nipples. At first she was gentle, simply caressing and rubbing. She increased the pressure, leading to pinching and pulling.

“Oh yeah, cum baby. You know you want to cum and squeeze those cocks,” the woman whispered to me.

She trailed her mouth over my exposed skin. She alternated between her tongue and her lips.

The men increased their pace, nearly pounding in my holes. I could no longer hold back. My pussy and ass clenched around the cocks in me. The woman pushed her hand to my clit, rubbing it as I came. My body convulsed, spasms hitting me hard.

“Oh fuck, I’m going to cum,” the man in front of me said.

“Cum on those pretty tits of hers,” the woman instructed.

The man pulled out of my pussy, his hot cum splashing on my chest. Moments later, the man in my ass pushed me forward, his load landing on my ass. My own juice flowed down my legs.

The woman spread the men’s cum across my skin. She took the seat that the man had vacated. Her skirt lifted, showing me the patch of material that covered her own pussy.

“Eat me,” she stated simply as she pushed my head between her legs.

Covered in cum, I squatted in front of her. She pulled her panties to the side, giving me full access to her center. As my tongue lapped at her clit, the men untied one hand, allowing me to touch her. The woman’s pussy was as wet as my own. I tasted her sweet nectar as I dove my tongue deep into her hole.

The men stood on either side, fingering her nipples. She gave little thrusts up against my mouth; squirming as I happily lapped her snatch. With my free hand, I explored her hole. My fingers slid in so easily. I pumped them into her slickness as my tongue continued to pleasure her.

I locked my mouth over her clit, sucking and nibbling the engorged nub of flesh. I continued until she yelled, “Oh fuck yes! Eat that pussy. I’m going to cum!”

My mouth slid slightly down, allowing me to tongue her hole as her cum flowed. My face was flooded, glistening.

I continued pumping my fingers with my tongue running across her skin until the orgasm subsided. She released my head, bending down to kiss me.

I stood, wondering what was coming next. The man in the suit reached around my body, retying my top. My skirt was smoothed back into place. My last hand was untied.

We stood in a foursome, groping and stroking each other until I reached my stop. When I exited the subway, I was covered in cum and happily fucked. When I reached the club and met my friends, I gave them a brief synopsis of the events, telling them, “I’m covered in 3 types of cum besides my own. You girls have some catching up to do.”

We headed to the dance floor, bumping and grinding with men and women, getting ready for the rest of the events of the night.