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Momma Come Home and Cum

Jessy Jones and his girlfriend Jenny have been living together for a while now, and everything was going fine until her mom, busty Asian MILF Akira Lane, came to stay with them. That horny slut loves to show off her body, and after they catch her masturbating, Jenny tells Jessy that her slutty mom has got to go! Jessy tries to do the right thing, but when Akira starts rubbing his big cock, he does what every man would in his situation: starts worshiping her big tits! Akira gives him an awesome blowjob and then tit fucks his fat cock until her pussy is dripping wet. She fucks him hard in position after position and then jerks a fat load of jizz out of his dick!

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Updated: October 30, 2014 — 8:20 am
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