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The Boys Locker Room

Sierra hung back in the locker room, watching as her fellow dancers finished getting dressed and left. No one said a word to her-not that she expected they would, since none of them liked her at all. They hated her for being beautiful, with long jet black hair and big icy blue eyes, C-cup breasts and a tiny waist, long legs that went on for forever and a devilishly charming smile. They hated her for being the favorite, the one who brought all the guys to the games, the one who got all the attention.

Quite simply, they hated that she was so obvious about being a slut, while they had to sneak around and pretend they weren’t fucking whoever took them to the movies. She would have with them being in college now, they’d be a little more open with their sexuality.

She let her lips curl into a slow smile as the last one swished past her with her nose in the air. “Bitch,” Sierra muttered under her breath. She despised the trust-fund snobs as much as they despised her, but the dance squad gig was a sweet deal. Not that she really needed an excuse to find her way into the football players’ locker room after dance practice, but it helped.

She waited a minute to make sure no one was going to come back and surprise her, then moved quickly across the hall and slowly pushed open the door to the boys’ locker room. She heard the laughter and the sounds of running water and felt the steam roll out to her. The heat hit her and instantly made her wet.

“Hey boys!” she called out, grinning slyly as she stepped back into the inner sanctum.

There were only five of the guys still there, and they all looked up in anticipation when they heard her voice.

“Hey, Sierra,” Brett drawled. The tall brunette’s eyes sparkled as he shifted his hips, the towel that was loosely knotted around them dropping to the floor. Sierra licked her lips as she eagerly eyed his cock. It was still soft, but that was changing rapidly. “I was beginning to wonder if you weren’t coming today.”

Sierra laughed. “I plan on cumming quite a bit today,” she said with a wink. She walked closer to him and slid her hand down his chest and stomach, wrapping her fingers around his cock and stroking it slowly. He groaned and arched into her hand as his cock hardened.


Back Seat Oral

It was close to 5 PM one November evening when Isabel called me to invite me out for drinks. We worked together and had been seeing each other for awhile. With her lovely, slightly-accented voice she suggested something more than cocktails and hors-d-oeuvres. We left work together and, getting in our cars, headed to Shirlington, where there was a pleasant tapas bar. The bar was her choice because it was midway between my house and hers.

Isabel was 40, but didn’t appear to be middle-aged. It helped that she was Cuban; her Latin ancestry gave her lovely olive skin, dark eyes and beautiful, lustrous dark brown hair with hints of red. She had a trim figure with a perfect ass and full breasts. Live every other Latina I met, she loved sex. If there was one complaint that I had with Isabel, it was that she was married. She had recently filed for divorce. Still, I was fucking a married woman. “Not the first time”, I thought.

We got to the restaurant, Toro, and ordered a pitcher of Sangria and tapas. Isabel work a demure black dress, hose and heels. Her figure contrasted with the conservative dress and as we consumed more wine talking about each other and how our day had been. Our eyes remained in contact as we touched each other every chance we could. It was clear to me that Isabel wanted something more than what was on the menu.

We decided to walk around the Village in Shirlington to window shop. It had gotten much colder, though, and not wanting to drink anymore but with our respective residences far away, we decided to get into my vehicle and talk for awhile. Sex was on her mind.

The first time we fucked, Isabel asked me if I liked to watch porn. “Of course”, I said. “I’m a guy.” I asked her if she did as well, to which she replied “yes.” What she like the most was watching a man come. She liked the sight, feel, and taste of a man coming and she said she could watch a guy coming over and over. I thought about that as we climbed into my vehicle.

I started up the engine and turned on the heater. We began kissing, slowly and unhurried. Isabel reached down and, opening my overcoat, she began to massage my cock through the fabric of my trousers. I reached into her coat and ran my hand leisurely, yet deliberately, down the side of her face, to her neck and then breasts, past her stomach to her waist, and then around to her round, shapely ass. We embraced and kissed passionately for minutes. After ten or so minutes, the temperature in the cabin of my vehicle had risen appreciably.

The problem we had was that we were in the parking lot across from the Village, and as cold as it was, there were a lot of Holiday shoppers in the area. Moving my hand over to Isabel’s knee and slowly up her inner thighs I lightly stroked her leg and suggested that we drive around and find a more secluded spot.

We drove around the neighborhood, but could find no dark, vacant streets or lots available. Finally, we saw condos on the left. We pulled into the parking lot at Heatherlea condominiums and parked. It was dark and after 8 PM, but people were still coming home. There were condo buildings on all three sides of us, with the condo offices in front of us. The only cover we had were the darkness, the tinted windows of my vehicle, and some scrawny trees in front of us. I motioned to Isabel that we should move to the back seat. She agreed. Not wanting to open the doors and let out any of the heat trapped in the cabin, we carefully climbed over the front seats to the back seat. Stripping off our coats, we began kissing again.

I pulled her tight against me, feeling her perfectly proportioned breasts straining at the fabric of her dress and black lacy bra. I slid my hand under her dress, along the outer thigh until I found the elastic band of her pantyhose. Knowing Isabel’s predilections, I wanted to do this right: hot and tawdry. Firmly and deliberately, I pulled her pantyhose down. Isabel lifted her ass off of the back seat so that I could pull the hose down around her ass. Without breaking lips, I continued kissing her as pulled the pantyhose down until they were at her knees. Then, I hiked her dress up to her waist. I wanted to be assured of a compromising position for Isabel if we were caught. I knew that she would want it that way.

Isabel had been working my cock through my pants. Now, she unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out through my boxers. I looked down at my cock and saw pre-cum oozing out. I gave her another deep kiss and then reached down and gathered up the pre-cum with my finger. I looked Isabel in the eyes as she sucked the pre-cum off my finger.

“Do you think I’m naughty?” she asked.

“Yes,” I said. “You are naught and I only see naughty girls”. 

“Am I a slut?”

“Yes, Isabel. You are a slut and you are going to suck my cock here in this parking lot, aren’t you?”

She began to answer as I guided her head down to my crotch, the words “Yes I will” garbled as she licked the shaft of my cock up and down, occasionally stopping to lick the pre-cum off of the tip of my cock. I slid my fingers into her black silk panties and, running my fingers over her beautifully trimmed landing strip, found her clit and pussy lips. She was wet and her inner thighs were damp.

Isabel wanted to get at my balls, so I unfastened my pants and slid them down. She went lower, working my balls with her tongue and lips. Fingering her pussy, I watched men and women returning from work or shopping, going into their condos, oblivious to our presence. I had had just enough Sangria that my inhibitions were gone, but the sensations in my cock were not dulled. I alternated between working two fingers into Isabel’s tight, wet cunt and flicking her clit. Isabel by now was sucking my cock furiously, alternating licking, sucking, and stroking the shaft. It was slick with saliva and pre-cum.

In her coquettish voice, she asked “What do you think of me?”

“What do you mean?” I asked, knowing what she meant, but wanting her to say it.

“Am I a bad girl? Am I a slut?”

“Yes.” I replied.

“Then tell me what a bad girl I am” Isabel asked.”

“You are a very bad, bad girl. You’re sucking off a man in the backseat, in a parking lot. Eres una puta cubana, y sabes, eres mi puta.” Her garbled moans, as swallowed my cock whole suggested her approval.

A car drove by behind us slowly and with little concern, I watched it pass. “Oh god yes, Isabel. It feels so good, you sucking my cock. Oh god. . .it’s not your husband’s, Isabel, is it? You’ve got another man’s cock in your mouth and he’s got your skirt up and panties down and he fingering your pussy.” 

She liked what she heard. Her pussy got wetter, her hips were moving against my hand in rhythm to my efforts and she was working my cock even harder. I could feel the sweat and her saliva running down past my balls and onto the backseat. Isabel’s pussy was soaking wet and the rhythmic fingering of her pussy was loud, but not as loud as the slurping from her mouth.

Stroking my cock, applying just the right amount of pressure, Isabel locked eyes with me and begged me to tell her what a slut she was. “Oh my god, Isabel. You are a slut, you’re a dirty little whore in the back of car sucking cock. You’re a dirty little cocksucker. Now, make me cum in your mouth. Yeah, that’s it. Make me come. Yes, yes, yes!”

I couldn’t last much longer. I thought about her as I reached down to feel her face, her lips, and my slippery cock thrusting in and out of her mouth. The windows had completely fogged over and the cabin was humid, with the smell of my pre-cum and her pussy permeating the air. I thought about other women who had sucked me, mostly Claire, my ex-wife and another cubana who loved sucking cock. I thought about all the times she had sucked me off in this vehicle and I wondered if Isabel liked to swallow as much as she did. And with that, I lost it. My jism erupted in spurts, nearly choking Isabel, who pulled off of my cock when she thought I was done. One last spurt caught her in the eye causing some consternation. I didn’t care, though. I’d just gotten sucked off and nothing else really mattered.

After a few minutes, she straightened out her clothes, pulling her panties up and then her pantyhose. Isabel put her head on my shoulder and I kissed her gently on the forehead. She responded warmly with a deep kiss. We drove back to the tapas bar and I dropped her off at her car.

The Office Slut

“Yes? What is it, Miles?”

George Peterson looked up from his lunchtime crossword and glanced idly at Miles Slattery as he grinned at him around the office door. A few crumbs from his chicken sandwich had scattered over sixteen across; one of the many clues that George had still yet to solve.

“Have you seen her yet, boss?”

Miles was one of the younger members of George’s staff and could be a real pain in the ass at times. His light brown hair flopped fashionably over one eye and made George think that the young clerk needed a good haircut.

“Who are we talking about now?” George sighed expansively. He guessed that one of the girls from accounts or the computer room was now the current fixation of Miles and the rest of the young office males. All they ever seemed to do was think about sex these days, George pondered. It was a surprise that they ever got any work done – which Miles rarely did.

George looked at his young clerk and then back down at the crossword. He brushed the crumbs away from sixteen across and read: To pull and tug vigorously; four letters. He smiled to himself and wrote: j-e-r-k. Thank you Miles, he thought.

“The new temp.” Miles suddenly exclaimed excitedly.

“What?” George looked up a little confused.

“Come on, boss. Try and keep up! The new temp? In Frank Walker’s office? Have – you – seen – her – yet?”

George suddenly remembered what the conversation was about and knew that he was beaten. He pushed the newspaper to one side and threw his empty sandwich wrapper in the litterbin.

“Er, no. Why?”

“Oh man!” Miles enthused. “This one is a real cracker! Not so young, I suppose, but she’s a complete nymphomaniac!”

George was surprised that Miles even knew what the word meant.

“I thought you guys were only interested in leering at girls just out of high school,” George said. “What’s so special about this older woman?”

“You’re not listening, boss.” Miles continued becoming visibly more agitated. “This woman can’t get enough. We’re taking it in turns to go into her office at lunchtime and bang her. Also, we’ve got a hole made in the wall of the office next door so while one of us does the business, the others can watch! It’s Ray Hunter’s turn today. Come on, George, come and have a look!”

George knew only too well that if he chickened out on this, his life would be made a living hell for ages. The young studs of the office would get months and months of pleasure from reminding him of his failure to rise to this challenge.

If truth be told, George had lost interest in sex a few years ago. He was still capable, he knew – quite often he would develop an erection when passing a sexy looking woman in the street – but the desire had gone. It was his wife, Kay he felt sorry for the most; a few years younger than him, George was well aware that her desire for a physical relationship had not dwindled as his had – in fact, if anything, it had grown stronger. But Kay had been very understanding. She had not pestered him for sex or teased him about his lack of ardour. But then, while tidying the bathroom one day, George had found a long, realistic looking vibrator. He understood better then why his wife seemed as content as she was. He was happy that she had found an alternative arrangement.

“Come on, boss.” Miles called excitedly and broke George’s reverie. “We don’t want to miss anything!”

The though of watching Ray Hunter’s buttocks bouncing up and down between the legs of some poor unfortunate woman did little for George but he knew there was little choice. With a deep sigh he got up from behind his desk and followed his young clerk out of his office and along the corridor.

“Hey, guys,” said Miles as he ushered George into the small, dark office. “The boss is going to join us today!”

There were already three young men crowded into the office and they nodded greetings to George as he entered. George could see a small hole in the side of the wall that backed onto Frank Walker’s old office. He had no idea that his sick colleague had already been replaced by a temp.

“Come on, boys!” Miles joked. “Let old George have a look.”

“Ray is just about to go in.” Said one of George’s young staff as he was pushed towards the spy-hole. “She’s just sitting there waiting for him!”

As George obligingly positioned his eye against the small hole, his whole life suddenly changed. He had been a little apathetic about spying on another member of staff and had thought that he would have just a quick peek and then break the little group up on the pretext that they all had work to do. But now things were different. He now seemed to remember Kay saying something a few days ago about starting a new temporary job – but in his wildest dreams (or darkest fantasies) he had not the slightest idea that she was working here, in Frank Walker’s old office.

The sudden realisation that his staff had been discussing his own wife quickly dawned on him. But if he backed out now they would ask him for an explanation and George Peterson wasn’t sure that he had one. He wasn’t sure that he had any answers at all. He had no option but to keep his eyes glued firmly to the spy-hole.

As George continued spy on his wife, he heard the door to her office slowly open and the unmistakable sound of Ray Hunter’s familiar drawl as he entered.

“You been waiting on me, baby?”

Kay nodded wordlessly as her eyes peered up over the rim of her glasses. George thought that she looked a little flushed; excited. He watched as Ray sauntered – almost swaggered – towards the big desk and obscenely cupped his hand to the front of his suit pants.

“Or maybe,” he continued, “it’s this that you’ve been waiting for!”

George watched as Kay licked her lips appreciatively and nodded again. She didn’t speak. She didn’t need to; the look of lust on her face told Ray – and George – all they needed to know.

“It’s right here for you, sweetheart.” Ray said. “Just waiting for you. Come and get it.”

Even before Ray had managed to finish his sentence, Kay was up from behind her desk and dropping to her knees in front of the younger man. His zipper was down in a second and her hand was inside his pants, urgently working to free his member.

George was watching avidly. He could hear words of encouragement from the younger men behind him but he paid them no mind. He couldn’t have torn his eyes away from the sight he was currently looking at even had he wanted to. And he didn’t want to. Not one little bit!

As Ray’s suit pants and underwear hit the floor, Kay’s long, slender fingers immediately wrapped themselves around his hot shaft. Ray’s cock was almost immediately erect and Kay had only to tease the head a little and run her long fingernails luxuriously under his scrotum to see the hard, pulsating result.

“Yeah, baby. Suck on it!” Ray mumbled as he leaned back on the desk. “Take me deep in your mouth, slut!”

George blanched slightly as he heard his wife referred to in such derogatory terms but quickly realised that Ray was speaking the truth. Mrs. Kay Peterson was clearly the Office Slut!

Slowly, Kay’s head bent forwards. Her mouth opened wide as the trembling, pulsating head of Ray’s cock disappeared between her soft, painted lips. The young man sighed deeply as he felt the warm, wetness of her mouth enclose around him. His eyes closed and he leaned back, forcing a little more of his turgid weapon into the older woman’s willing mouth.

George’s mouth felt dry to the bone as he watched his wife expertly fellate the young executive. Her head was bobbing up and down slowly and gently and her fingers, still elegantly wrapped around the hard base of Ray’s shaft were twisting and pulling as she encouraged him to thrust deeper and deeper. George realised that he had been holding his breath and let out a wheezy exhalation. He knew that he was excited – he could feel the erection that had developed beneath his pants urgently pressing against the material of his shorts – and it was becoming very difficult to keep his breathing regular. He couldn’t understand why, at this moment, he wasn’t running into Kay’s office and screaming abuse at her and Ray. But he wasn’t. He wasn’t doing anything at all. Just watching.

Back in the next office, Ray was pulling Kay up onto her feet. As his penis slipped from between her wet lips it bounced back and slapped against the young man’s flat, muscular stomach. Kay gasped breath back into her lungs and stood up. Her hands were already busy unbuttoning her blouse and as the garment fell to the floor, she reached behind her and swiftly unclasped her lacy, white bra. Ray’s hands instinctively reached out and began to fondle the heavy orbs of her firm breasts. The nipples were already hard and swollen and as he rolled them between his fingers George heard his wife moan low in her throat and close her eyes. But Kay was clearly not about to stop her impromptu strip tease with just her blouse and bra. She looked a little disappointed as she disengaged Ray’s hands from her tits but seemed to put this thought far from her mind as she kicked off her shoes and unzipped her skirt. The panties followed quickly and she was about to roll down her black stockings when Ray’s voice suddenly stopped her.

“No, leave them on, baby. I want to fuck that sweet, sexy cunt of yours while your wearing those stockings.”

Kay smiled and, nodding, quickly changed positions with her young stud. Leaning back against the desk she spread her legs and planted both stocking clad feet well apart on the carpeted floor. George stared directly between her legs and was fascinated to discover that his wife had shaved her pussy completely bald. He wondered when she had done this and was surprised to realise that it had probably been several months since he had last seen her naked.

Ray moved swiftly in between Kay’s legs. His cock was hard and throbbing as he pressed the head against her pouting sex-lips. Kay’s hand moved down. She gripped the shaft firmly and pressed herself forward. George watched as inch after inch of the young man’s tool slipped easily into his wife’s hot, willing vagina.

The two coupled easily. George stared as he saw Ray’s large erection slide effortlessly into his wife’s pussy. It was completely obvious that she was already quite wet and as the young man began to pump himself steadily back and forth, Kay’s hand dropped between her legs and began to feverishly strum her visible and lust-swollen clit.

The sound of frantic coupling could be clearly heard through the thin, partitioned walls of the office. The rest of George’s staff were listening and quietly encouraging their colleague.

“Fuck her, man!” Said one.

“Do it, Ray. Make the slut come.” Another quickly commented.

“Yeah! Let’s hear the slut get off, Ray!”

George pressed his eye harder up against the spy-hole and swallowed audibly. Kay was now half sitting and half standing. One of her long, stocking clad legs was up and resting over Ray’s shoulder as he brutally thrust himself in and out of her dripping pussy. Her fingers were still busy on her clitoris and, as she received a series of long, deep lunges from Ray, George suddenly saw her entire body stiffen and her eyes close. A Long, deep moan escaped her lips as she climaxed and, amid quiet sounds of approval from the other men, George watched his wife’s body tremble and shudder through a clearly massive orgasm.

George could see that Ray intended to fuck the older woman right through her climax. She was obviously to be given no rest at all. His body looked a blur as he literally hammered himself in and out; thrusting his hard, swollen cock as deep into Kay’s pussy as it was possible to get. Kay grunted loudly every time the young executive’s tool bottomed out in her hole and trembled violently as a series of smaller orgasms rippled over her tight frame. It was also clear that Ray was approaching his own climax as beads of perspiration were breaking out on his forehead and the muscles in his arms and legs began to tense.

With what George thought was a display of amazing self-control, Ray suddenly pulled out of Kay’s pussy with a gasp. Her hole gaped as it was so abruptly vacated and her eyes clearly demonstrated disappointment.

But Kay was not to be disillusioned for very long, George realised. Ray grunted. One hand gripped his throbbing cock while the other almost dragged Kay down onto the floor. She fell to her knees a little surprised until she suddenly seemed to realise what was required of her.

“Get yourself over here!” Ray growled as he pulled her forcefully towards his twitching weapon. “I got a present for you, slut!”

George watched as the young man held on to Kay’s head with one hand while feverishly rubbing his cock with the other.

“Open you mouth, bitch. I’m going to cum!”

Kay obeyed without hesitation. As soon as her soft lips parted, Ray pushed his swollen cock between them. His cum started to flow almost immediately and as much as Kay swallowed and gulped on the hot, sticky issue, inevitable trickles began to ooze from the corners of her mouth and meander down into the deep valley between her breasts. The last thing George saw before he was pulled away from the spy-hole by Miles was his wife and her young stud collapsing exhausted and sticky onto the carpeted floor.

“Shit, George!” Miles complained. “You watched the whole thing. Nobody else even got a chance!”

“Er…well, yes,” George started. “But that’s because she’s …..”

He stopped himself suddenly. He certainly didn’t want any more information about him or his wife working it’s way through the office grapevine.

“She’s what?” Miles asked.

“Um….well….I expect she’ll be doing it all again tomorrow.” George finished with a relieved sigh.

“You bet she will!” Miles continued, smiling excitedly at his boss and winking. “And guess who’s turn it is then?”

George gasped involuntarily as he realised the significance of what his young clerk was saying. He hadn’t fucked his wife in so many months he almost wondered if he remembered how, but the aching erection still throbbing and pulsating in his underwear told him that he would manage somehow. Every office had one and this one was his! He was already looking forward to taking his turn with the office slut!

Riding The Subway

“Fucking son of a bitch!” I yelled as I clicked off my cell phone.

Sometimes having an old fashioned phone would be worth it, just for the satisfaction of slamming it down in someone’s ear.

Jason stood me up again to go hang with his “bros.” Well, it’s likely he wasn’t going to be getting a blowjob or laid by those bros. Hope he has fun with them.

I called up some friends and we arranged to go clubbing together. Several of them had just broken up with their respective partners, so we were ready to go out and have fun. Hopefully we got laid in the process.

I went to my closet, ripping out clothes and discarding them. I was going for a flat out sexy and slutty look. I was going to have fun, despite the asshole’s behavior.

I’m not a stunner. I don’t have a model’s body, nor do I have a face that stops traffic, but I get a fair amount of attention. I rarely buy my own drinks at the bar, and get enough offers for dancing to keep me having a good time.

I finally found an appropriate outfit. The top was a halter style with just a string to tie in the back. Anyone looking at me would know I wasn’t wearing a bra. The skirt was short, just past my rounded ass. And of course, a good old pair of “fuck me” heels. I decided to skip the panties. If I met someone I wanted to fuck, I didn’t want anything getting in the way. It would make bumping and grinding on the dance floor interesting as well.

I made my way to the subway to meet the girls at the club. It was a busy night. The cars were packed and I ended up standing. With people getting on and off, I was getting bumped into and almost fell. I reached up to hold the bar. This caused my skirt to ride up. If it swayed just right, a little glimpse of ass was visible. Knowing that people could see my ass got me a little excited. I don’t mind showing off. My as is one of my best assets.

The feel of the skirt swaying against my bare skin started my pussy twitching. Knowing that men were watching me and maybe even some women…. Well, it got the juices flowing pretty well. My nipples were hard nubs pressing against the fabric of my shirt. It was a fairly sheer material, so they were quite obvious.

As the train jolted to a stop, I felt someone push up against me. This was not unusual in a crowded car. However, I didn’t hear the usual “excuse me.” Instead, I felt a bulging crotch push against my ass. It felt like a decent sized bulge. When I didn’t push him off, his hands grabbed my hips, then snaked around to my front, up my chest, landing on my tits.

Oh damn, that felt so good. I was already tingling before he touched me. I ground my ass against his bulge, while thrusting my tits against his hands.

“You’re looking to get fucked, aren’t you?” I heard in my ear.

I responded by grinding on him some more.

His hands began their work on my tits. One hand massaged, while the other was pinching and rolling my nipple.

I moaned with delight. My body responded to his touch. The juice flowing down my leg was evidence that I wanted more.

I sighed with disappointment as one hand was removed from my tits. When I discovered that hand had been unzipping his pants, I gasped. I felt his hard cock press against me. Sliding it forward, he met my wet slit.

“Oh, that is one wet pussy,” he whispered.

I saw another man working his was toward us. Apparently we had attracted some attention.

I looked around, noticing various people watching. Some were pretending not to watch, others looked on in anger, and others were excited. I saw several men and women rubbing their crotches. I grew even more excited.

The second man stood in front of me, placing his hands over mine to hold me in place, then kissed me. My tongue mingled with his. I groaned as my first orgasm hit me. I was being double teamed and I loved it.

The man in front of me was in a well-cut suit. It showed off his muscular body. He removed his tie, using it to secure my hands to the pole.

The man behind me slid his hand to my pussy, beginning to play with my clit. The man in front of me began to suck my tits through my shirts.

I felt a third set of hands on my body. HOT DAMN!! I came hard all over the man’s fingers. My skin was sucked and stroked as I continued to cum. My moans were fairly loud by now. I didn’t care. Anyone could watch. There were probably several women jealous of what I was getting.

The man behind me managed to find a seat. He sat, pulling me on top of him. My hands were still attached to the pole, but the knot was just loose enough to slide down. The man’s cock slid easily into my cum soaked pussy. It was a full thick cock, stretching me slightly. As he stroked in and out of my slick hole, I felt my legs being spread. When I looked down, I saw a woman lowering her mouth to my pussy.

I had been with women a few times and found them to be damn good lovers. When dealing with the same sex, the partner knows what to do, because she knows what she likes. She teased my clit with just the tip of her tongue. Her head bobbed up and down to keep up with bouncing body as I was getting fucked. My tits jiggled with the motion.

The man in the suit stood next to me, undoing his pants and sliding his cock into my mouth. I had to turn my head to the side to fully take him in. I felt my top being untied and being lifted up. My tits were exposed and being worked by the man in the suit.

How could any woman not want this? Every part of me was being serviced. The woman between my legs was licking the cock as it stroked out of me, then licked my pussy as he stroked in. It gave me enough of a tease to keep me from cumming, yet allowing me to enjoy every bit of what was happening. Sensations were everywhere.

The man in the suit had a cock that fit my mouth beautifully. Just long enough to make me gag a bit, but not too much. I matched the rhythm on his cock to the cock pounding my pussy. Getting my pussy and mouth fucked at the same time heightened my pleasure.

When the woman moved her tongue and set to a full on attack on my clit, I felt my pleasure rise, and rise, and rise, until my pussy clenched around the man’s cock. She locked her mouth over my clit, continuing to tongue me while I rode out the waves of the orgasm. The man fucking my mouth was also pulling on my nipples, giving me a pleasure and pain sensation. With the three of them hitting every spot, the orgasm had just subsided when another one hit.

I cried out as my body was used in the most primitive fashion. I set out to be a slut, and that’s exactly what I was. Fucking three strangers on a subway, and I had a feeling we were far from done.

When the last orgasm faded, the man who had impaled me on his cock, lifted me off. I was surprised since he had not cum yet. His fingers went to my pussy, feeling how wet I was. He spread the juice backward, toward my ass, with the woman helping. Oh, my pussy was pulsing again. Two hands stroking my hot, wet pussy…. Oh… I was damn near cumming again.

The man leaned forward, saying, “You like a nice hard cock in your ass, don’t you?”

“Oooohhhh, yes,” I responded as much from his suggestion as the hands stroking me.

“Fuck my tight ass!”

He slid my ass slightly forward so it was at the edge of the seat.

He looked at the woman, “Open up that tight little ass for my cock.”

Her fingers played at my tight hole as her mouth returned to my clit. Her fingers slid in easily. I was so hot, ready for more. I needed a cock in my ass.

“Oh, you’re going to love this ass. She’s a tight one,” the woman stated.

“Plant that ass on my cock,” he told the woman.

She lifted my hips, guiding his cock toward my tight hole.

As the head played with my entrance, I let out a gasp. I know how large his cock was from fucking my pussy, but it’s different when entering a tighter hole.

I gasped again as he stroked in up to the head. My ass stretched to accommodate him. The woman licked my clit, diving a few fingers into my wet slit and giving me a good old fucking as the man worked his cock into my ass.

My clit was so damn sensitive, it made my ass loosen up, taking the man in.

The man in the suit pulled out of my mouth. He told the woman it was his turn. He stood in front of me, plunging his cock into my pussy in one swift stroke. For a moment he just held there. It allowed me to feel both cocks filling me at the same time. I had never felt such ecstasy.

Their strokes were slow at first. Increasing as I adjusted to take them more fully.

“Oh yes! Fuck me. Your cocks feel so good!” I cried. I was not quiet. I didn’t care who heard. My pleasure was my only care.

I felt the woman place her hands on me. The touch alone made me shudder. My excitement was heightened by the public setting, the multiple partners and the double fucking. Everything felt better, and far more intense. The woman played with my nipples. At first she was gentle, simply caressing and rubbing. She increased the pressure, leading to pinching and pulling.

“Oh yeah, cum baby. You know you want to cum and squeeze those cocks,” the woman whispered to me.

She trailed her mouth over my exposed skin. She alternated between her tongue and her lips.

The men increased their pace, nearly pounding in my holes. I could no longer hold back. My pussy and ass clenched around the cocks in me. The woman pushed her hand to my clit, rubbing it as I came. My body convulsed, spasms hitting me hard.

“Oh fuck, I’m going to cum,” the man in front of me said.

“Cum on those pretty tits of hers,” the woman instructed.

The man pulled out of my pussy, his hot cum splashing on my chest. Moments later, the man in my ass pushed me forward, his load landing on my ass. My own juice flowed down my legs.

The woman spread the men’s cum across my skin. She took the seat that the man had vacated. Her skirt lifted, showing me the patch of material that covered her own pussy.

“Eat me,” she stated simply as she pushed my head between her legs.

Covered in cum, I squatted in front of her. She pulled her panties to the side, giving me full access to her center. As my tongue lapped at her clit, the men untied one hand, allowing me to touch her. The woman’s pussy was as wet as my own. I tasted her sweet nectar as I dove my tongue deep into her hole.

The men stood on either side, fingering her nipples. She gave little thrusts up against my mouth; squirming as I happily lapped her snatch. With my free hand, I explored her hole. My fingers slid in so easily. I pumped them into her slickness as my tongue continued to pleasure her.

I locked my mouth over her clit, sucking and nibbling the engorged nub of flesh. I continued until she yelled, “Oh fuck yes! Eat that pussy. I’m going to cum!”

My mouth slid slightly down, allowing me to tongue her hole as her cum flowed. My face was flooded, glistening.

I continued pumping my fingers with my tongue running across her skin until the orgasm subsided. She released my head, bending down to kiss me.

I stood, wondering what was coming next. The man in the suit reached around my body, retying my top. My skirt was smoothed back into place. My last hand was untied.

We stood in a foursome, groping and stroking each other until I reached my stop. When I exited the subway, I was covered in cum and happily fucked. When I reached the club and met my friends, I gave them a brief synopsis of the events, telling them, “I’m covered in 3 types of cum besides my own. You girls have some catching up to do.”

We headed to the dance floor, bumping and grinding with men and women, getting ready for the rest of the events of the night.

Adult Bookstore

I walked into the adult bookstore as usual, hoping to find an interesting encounter but so often disappointed. It was Saturday night about 11:45 p.m. and the parking lot had a dozen cars or so. I got tokens from the clerk and headed back to the video booth area. On my way back to find a booth I caught a glimpse of a petite blonde in cut off jeans, a blouse and high heel “come fuck me ” shoes already watching a movie with her boyfriend/husband. They were hugging closely in the booth and I could see she was stroking his cock. I went into the booth across from them so I could keep an eye on the action. I started to watch some movies which only made me more horny. I could see him playing with her ass and tits. I was very nervous about exposing myself to her so I just watched for the next 15 minutes. They kept fondling each other and I was hoping their play would get more nasty. She turned around a couple of times and caught me staring at them. One time she smiled back at me and pursed her lips like she was blowing me a kiss.

They then left the booth and started back to the main area of the store. I followed a few seconds later and her friend went into the bathroom leaving this pretty woman alone in the store. She was standing by the wall that showed all the movies being played in the video booths. I couldn’t take my eyes of her short shorts. They showed off her beautiful legs and high heels perfectly. I walked up next to her and knelt down as if I was looking at the videos on the bottom row. My heart was pounding when I moved my hand to my right and brushed her leg with my hand. She didn’t flinch as I touched her so I tried again but this time I stroked her inner thigh which was exposed because of her short jean shorts she was wearing. She looked down and smiled at me. I stood up and pointing to a movie box I asked her if she had seen this movie. She said “no”. I asked her if she would like to watch it with me. She nodded yes. She handed the store clerk a newspaper and told him to tell her boyfriend who was in the bathroom that she wanted him to buy that paper for her and that she would be right back.

We headed to the video booth in the farthest back corner of the store and I put some money in the machine to start the movie. As soon as I did, this dream girl kissed me on the lips hard and reached down to my crotch. I grabbed her crotch and we both rubbed eachother feverishly. I pulled her in tight and grabbed her tight little ass that felt so good in those jeans. I quickly undid my zipper and my cock sprung out as hard as ever. Without even a word she went right down to her knees and started sucking me right there in the booth. She was very good at giving blowjobs and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came. I reached down and undid her blouse to expose her little titties. They were small but perfect for her body size. The thought of this perfect stranger sucking my dick was more than I could stand. The way she used her lips and hands around my shaft was beyond compare. Watching the movie playing on the screen and getting a great blowjob was a long time fantasy. I couldn’t believe it was actually being played out this night at the bookstore. I was so hot and horny that within minutes I shot my load in her mouth. She took it all without even flinching. She eagerly sucked and swallowed like she was enjoying this as much as I was. A small smattering of cum landed on her chin as she looked up at me and she put it back into her mouth not missing a drop with her finger and swallowed that too. She stood up, tucked in her blouse and left the booth. By the time I dressed myself and went out to the main store area, her and her boyfriend were gone. I never saw them again but what a great memory.

My Wife To Be

I couldn’t believe my eyes—I had been frequenting adult bookstores for ten years and I had never seen anyone like her. She was young, blonde, beautiful and dressed to show. And she was alone. An hourglass figure, incredibly smooth and unblemished skin and hair so pale it was almost white were each long-distance eye catchers. Up close, these features combined to produce a beauty that overwhelmed my senses. Her shoulder length ash-blonde hair was smooth and silky, and the gentle, natural curl didn’t appear to originate in a bottle. An even light bronze tan highlighted her body, and she had no visible tan lines. The smooth perfection of her skin was so unique it may have been her most distinguishing feature. Prominent nipples highlighted classically formed and clearly firm tits that jiggled enticingly when she walked in her high heels. Legs long in proportion to her height had the muscle tone and sexy shape of a showgirl who danced daily. Her waist was pencil thin and bare, and her ass was trim and tight. If she had been five or six inches taller, she would have had the perfect model’s body. For my taste her body was flawless.

Extremely long lashes set off her brilliant cobalt blue eyes. Her entire face was movie star gorgeous, and she didn’t appear to be wearing any makeup at all. She didn’t need it. Just as it was everywhere else on her body, her satin-smooth facial skin was evenly colored except for a slight blush to her cheeks. Each of her facial features was independently lovely, but the package was greater than the sum of the parts. Naturally full and distinctive lips smiled gently to match her twinkling eyes, and her cheeks dimpled at the corners of her mouth. A classic oval shape to her face was nearly exactly symmetrical and so beautiful that one wouldn’t ever forget it. There was no part of her that I could see that wasn’t perfect.

And there was very little I couldn’t see. She was wearing a very revealing white soft cotton halter-top that was tied so loosely she exposed a considerable amount of skin on both the inside and outside slopes of her lingerie model breasts. I could easily see the difference in color between her aureole and the rest of her breasts through the thin cotton. The material hung so softly that it took the exact shape of her tits, and her nipples were glaringly erect. Her halter stopped on the bottom slope of her tits, and when she reached for anything above shoulder level it caused her nipples to escape. She wore a skin-tight red microskirt that may have ended three or four inches below her pussy when she was standing. It was a hip-hugger style skirt so from the bottom of her tits to halfway down her completely flat abdomen she was bare. She wore red high heels with at least 3″ spikes. She wasn’t wearing any hose. She wasn’t wearing a wedding ring. In fact, she wore no jewelry at all, including earrings. She had a total of five objects touching her body—a halter, a skirt, panties, and two shoes. When I put everything together, I decided she was the most beautiful and the most sensual woman I had ever seen. I made my decision after 30 minutes of intense study, and in this case my study habits were impeccable.

It was late afternoon, so there were probably thirty people in Kitty’s Bookstore and Video Arcade. One beautiful woman and a bunch of horndog guys. I watched her closely and I subconsciously knew every other guy was doing the same thing. I was fully erect and throbbing as I hung back with the rest of her voyeuristic audience. I tried to figure out what game she was playing. I had seen many pretty women in adult bookstores before, but they had always been with a man. I suspected that she was prick teasing as part of a private game, and that her boyfriend would show up soon.

Not that any of us were complaining. It was transparently obvious that she was performing for us. Although she feigned indifference to her dirty-minded audience, the method and the extent of her exposure to those same eyes debunked this pretense. It had begun when she took her driver’s license and money from her shoe when she was asked for an ID and a 50-cent browsing fee. She bent from the waist to slip her shoe off, then she stretched to hand the clerk her ID and the money. When she bent over, I was initially stunned because her loose halter-top fell away enough to expose her nipples. When she stretched to hand him the ID and money, she reached with both hands and her nipples popped out the bottom side of her halter. This was even more stunning. .She moved into the book area and picked up and read portions of at least 15 books while we collectively leered. Every book she read came from either the bottom shelf or the top shelf. Whether exhibited from bending or from reaching, she was forced to readjust her top. She appeared to be unconcerned, and repeatedly recovered her tits casually and leisurely. She did it so often and from so many directions that I was familiar with the appearance of each entire tit from the side, from the bottom and from the top. They were ideal in every respect.

I was also able to see her model shaped legs all the way up to her panties, and both exposure modes revealed them. Her only undergarment was a light blue silk bikini, but a darker blue stain over her cunt was evident. She adjusted her skirt several times as she readjusted her halter-top, but I couldn’t see where it did anything utilitarian. I was able to see her panties again, however, so a mental three cheers was my observational response. Her overall tan led me to wonder where she was tanning in the nude in February. After my half hour of study I thought, “What the hell?” I was still achingly erect, but she could just tell me to get lost if she didn’t like it. I was somewhat surprised that nobody had attempted to talk to her before I decided to give it a go.

“Hello. It’s not often we see beautiful young ladies in here alone.” Not very clever, but at least I had broken the ice.

“Oh, hi. It’s my first time. I just became legal last week and I’ve always wondered what it was like inside a dirty bookstore.” She looked me in the eye when she first started talking, but later in the sentence I saw her notice my hard on. Her eyes twinkled even more and she playfully smiled when she looked at me again. Her voice was lovely—melodic with a clear, tinkling, very feminine high pitch to it.

“Well let me show you around. My name’s Kirk.” I held her eye when I started talking, but dropped my eyes to her tits almost immediately. I could smell just the hint of perfume, and another of my senses kicked in. The scent was intriguingly sexual.

“Hello Kirk. I’m Charna. You mean there are other things to see?” That was a smart “dumb blonde” comment if ever I heard one, and I immediately caught her double entendre.

“There are some truly beautiful things to see,” I answered as I continued to pointedly ogle her tits, “and then there’s the stuff I want to show you.”

She giggled and thrust her tits out even more.

“Come on. The grand tour won’t take all that long. You seem to be interested in the books. Do you like reading sex stories?”

“Ooohh god Kirk. I love reading about sex. I really like reading stories that have all the dirty words for things in them.”

“I agree. My favorite books are dirty. Have you seen the magazines? Some of them let you see what the books tell about.” I could feel her eyes following mine as I focused on her tits.

“You mean naked?”

“Naked in public. Naked and aroused. Naked and fucking. Any other kind of naked you can think of.” I could hear her gasp and see her tits jiggle nicely.

“Can we look at…..oohh it sounds so sexy Kirk…..some of them?” She was starting to breathe more heavily and the pitch of her voice lowered considerably. .

“Sure. Let me show you where they are.” I put both my hands on her waist and slowly spun her. Damn, her skin texture was smooth. She didn’t flinch at all and I couldn’t feel any resistance to my touch. “Do you want to start with naked guys or naked girls Charna?”

She smiled at me. Shit, it took my breath away. Her smile radiated happiness as it framed starkly white, exactly aligned teeth. It multiplied her beauty enormously. “Let’s look at the ones with both. I want to see….oohh god this is exciting….the ones with fucking.” She emphasized the word fucking, but not by speaking it louder than all the rest. She emphasized it by breathing it, and the word came out in a whoosh. Her breathing was considerably faster, and her nipples were so erect they caught on the fabric. They were like little erasers—cloth couldn’t slide across them as easily now.

I pointed out several covers that had beautiful couples fucking, but I said, “I think that one on the bottom shelf has the best fucking, Charna.” She gazed at my eyes, but my eyes were on her tits. She smiled, then bent over slowly so her tits were clearly visible to the nipple. I had already seen them at least ten times, but never so closely.

She held her pose; “Do you mean this one?”

“No, the one over there.” I touched her back to balance her, then placed my other hand on her shoulder to slowly turn her. As I gently spun her, I let my hand slip languidly down to her halter. She didn’t flinch so I even more leisurely caressed underneath her halter. I moved at such a snail-like pace that she could have easily stopped me at any time. She didn’t, so I lightly pinched her nipple. “It’s the one with them…..uunnngg…. fucking on the beach?” I was so hard it hurt, and I couldn’t stifle a grunt.

“Ooohh god no…..don’t…..aahh that’s so nasty.” She picked up the magazine and stood up. She didn’t slap me. Her eyes again followed my eyes. My eyes stared intently at her tits, and I imagined her topless. It didn’t take much of an imagination.

“You have beautiful tits Charna. Your nipples are very erect.”. I got the feeling she liked this by her sharp intake of breath. “I can smell you. Your pussy must be very wet.” She did say she liked the dirty words, and the hint of perfume had been overwhelmed by the smell of pussy. It was a powerful fragrance.

“Ooohhh god I am—it is.”

I squatted down and touched her hand. “Squat down here with me.” I grabbed her hand and lightly pushed the back of her knee. She bent her knees and squatted. We were between the racks, so we disappeared to everyone except the guys at the end of the row. I wanted to see if she would let me get a close up look at her panties. When she was squatted next to me, I opened the magazine to any old page. “His cock is in her pussy. Do you like that?”

“Mmmm I love cock in pussy.” She said it in an almost hypnotic manner. It could have been a mantra.

I touched the inside of her thigh, then turned to look her in the eye. She looked up from the magazine to catch my eye. As soon as she did, I started spreading her legs by gently pulling her leg toward me. As I tugged I dropped my eyes so I could see her panties. They were soaked and I could see she was gently and rhythmically contracting her pussy. I loved her scent, and I breathed deeply through my nose. I could feel her eyes following mine and she saw my nostrils flare as I savored the aroma of her cunt. I slowly slid my hand up her thigh, and if anything she spread herself even further. I slipped my finger under the elastic at her crotch and slid my finger smoothly all the way into her cunt. She was very wet.

“Ooohh god aaahhh nooo. Don’t ooohh nooo you have your finger ….. ooohh god you’re fingering me. This is sooo nasty ooohhh.”

I took her hand and placed it on my cock.

“Ooohh god Kirk. Your cock is so hard….. ooohh god oohh finger fuck me….. ooohh oohhh god those men can….. aaahh god they can see me.”

You can get a finger in a pussy with the panties still there, but it is difficult to finger fuck well with them on. This beautiful girl was letting me do whatever I wanted to her, so I said, “I don’t want to finger fuck you. I want to fuck you. I want to put my hard cock in your cunt.”

“Ooohhh god oohhh yess. Fuck me ohhh yess fuck me…..aahh that’s it that’s what I want…..oohh god I’m coming aahh ohhh god.”

I was convinced it was more the words than the finger that lifted her, but I was concerned about myself. I didn’t want to go home with a load in the front of my pants so I gently removed her hand from my cock. I stood up and helped her up, then held her eye as I tasted my finger that had just been in her pussy. She tasted as good as she looked. “You taste great, you smell great, you look great, you sound great, and you feel great. I can’t wait to fuck you.”

In probably less than ten minutes, this beautiful girl had sexually stimulated all five of my senses, and I was just about to have the most powerful sense stimulated. The sense of feel in my cock was about to be stimulated by the cunt of the most sensual girl I could imagine. I thought to myself that it couldn’t be a dream because it was so much better than my wet dreams. I put my arm around her waist and guided her to the video arcade. I led her into the first available booth and locked the door behind us. After stuffing about 10 quarters in the machine, I turned to look at her.

“I want to see you totally naked Charna. Strip for me.” Again I realized she was following my eyes as I stared intently at her body. She untied her halter and let it fall to the floor. Five seconds tops. She unhooked her skirt and let it drop. Maybe five seconds more. She quickly stripped her panties off, then sat down to remove her high heels. She followed directions beautifully—stripped to her meant nothing on any part of her body. She was naked within thirty seconds after I requested it. This girl—this most beautiful girl I had ever seen and who I had spoken to for the first time barely 10 minutes ago—was totally naked in front of me and I was fully dressed.

She was a natural blonde, and her pussy hair was so light and sparse you could easily see her cunt lips and her clit. “Spread your legs and finger fuck yourself while I take off my clothes.”

“Ooohhh god ooohh. I’m sitting in a wet spot aahh I bet a guy just came here….. ooohh god I love it. I’m so turned on—can you see it?….. mmmm you can, you are watching my finger in my pussy…. Oohh hurry Kirk. I can’t wait to feel you inside me…. aaahh if you don’t hurry I’m going to come. Ooh that feels so good.”

“Can you see an eyeball through the hole in the wall here?” I pointed to a large glory hole next to me.

She flinched as she stared intently at the wall. “I don’t know.”

“There are men at each of these holes, Charna.” I pointed at a couple more. “Guys, put your hand through the hole.” Sure enough, three hands momentarily came through the wall, including one that was no more than a foot from Charna.

“You are beautiful Charna. I love seeing your body, and so do they. Let me sit there. You get on top.”

“I love how you look at me…. god you’re so big Kirk I don’t know if I can…..oohh you’re so hard…..oohhh god I’m taking it. You’re inside me….. oohhhh god oohhh I don’t know if I can…..oohh yess aahh it’s all the way in me. Mmmmm my cunt is full. I love it….. ooohh god ooohh fuck me, fuck me…..That’s it ooohhh it feels so good…..ooohhhh god keep stroking me. That’s it feel my tits ooh god yesss…..oohhh pinch my nipples…..harder yesss yesss…..aahh suck me mmmmm yesss. Suck my nipple hard….oohhh god ohhhh ooohhhhh ooooohhhhhh god I’mmmm coming aaaaahhhh god I love your cock oooohhh my god ooohhhh aaahhh.”

“There’s a cock right next to you. Give him some fun too.” She didn’t even hesitate before she was leaning over to lick his cock. His trigger was quick, and she hadn’t sucked his cock for more than a couple of minutes before he exploded. The come from an anonymous cock all over her face set me off too. My blast induced her third orgasm in less than 15 minutes.

“Oohh yess aaahhh yesss. Ooohhh god aahh shoot that come in my pussy. God I love the way you fuck. What a cock….ooohh god it’s big. That was a…..ooohhh god that was great.”

I gave her my handkerchief to wipe her face, then helped her dress. Three cocks were decorating the wall as she dressed, but she didn’t indicate any further interest. I later found out she would have loved to stay

That was how I met Charna. We married a little more than six months later in August 1979. When we married, she was 18 and I was 30.

Whorish Revenge Night

My boyfriend was supposed to come home tonight after work but he called and said he was going to grab a few beers at the pool hall with some of his co-workers. I got jealous because I rented a movie he wanted to see and cooked his favorite dish. I got even more jealous because I know what he does at the pool hall when he gets drunk. He is very flirtatious even when he is not drunk. One time he confessed to me he bought some skank’s panties who was playing pool and bending over showing him upskirt. I never told him this but it actually turned me on, wishing some nasty boy would offer to buy my dirty panties.

Instead of getting furiously jealous, I decided to have a little fun too. I started to think of what girlfriend I can call to have a decadent night out with. I first called Maya; she was on the cheerleading squad with the same professional sports team as me. She was a nasty, bend-it-over type of chick in the club. She fucked a few of the players on the team already but she said she had a booty call to answer. Then I called Sandi, she was a freak who introduced me to going panty-less. She told me she didn’t have a baby-sitter to care for her four kids. So I called Jodie, out of all of the slutty girlfriends I run the streets with she took the cake. I don’t want to spread her business, but she spreads her legs for any guy that has a nice smile and two legs. She told me she would meet me wherever but she was “busy” at the time. Last but not least I called my Aunt Celia. She is only a year older than me (Yes that is how we do it in Alabama). I love her. Although she is my dad’s sister, an outsider would have never known by the shit we do. We have stripped together. I have sucked dick that came right out of her pussy, and had foursomes together (no, we didn’t touch each other). She is a hot and nasty girl in the right setting; moreover, she is borderline slut. She taught me everything about sex. She agreed to a hot-let-it-loose, get-nasty night. Kind of like the ones we had my senior year in high school while she was a freshman in college.

A little about us; I am 21, 5’5″, 120 lbs, brown hair and brown eyes. 34c-25-35 with a stripper/cheerleader body (because I am both). My boyfriend and I swing (mostly together, but I have done a few things without him, but no vaginal or anal sex). My aunt is 22, 5’5″ 140 lbs; light brown hair and eyes, 36-28-40 with a huge ghetto ass.

I put my boyfriend’s favorite dress.. A form-fitting silky black cocktail dress, with no bra and a pair of full back panties that show my panty line. I know it’s tacky to wear fullback undies with a tight cocktail dress but, I know it turns him on, so it must turn on other guys and that is what I wanted to attract to night. I also put on a pair of black ‘fuck me’ stilettos. Celia wore a short white terry cloth miniskirt, a pink tank top, pink stilettos, and no bra or panties. We agreed to bring only our IDs because we were going to get some horny guys to pay our admission and for our drinks all night.

We decided on a club that had just opened up in the city. Since it was downtown, we rolled around looking for a parking spot for about 20 minutes. I knew this was going to be a hot fucking night when my aunt starting to get nasty by flashing guys her freshly shaven pussy as we drove around looking for a spot to park. We finally settled on getting the car park by valet. Celia reminded me that we didn’t have money to valet, I told her to chill and watch me work. When the valet driver opened the door, I gave him a view of my pussy that I am sure he would go home and jerk off to. Then I asked him how much it cost to valet, responded $7 dollars. Then I got out the car, stood up, turned around and bend over letting my dress rise pass my pantied pussy while pretending to look for some money. Then I turned around and saw his sexy green eyes bulging from his face and said I forgot to bring some cash or debit card. He said smiling, “Don’t worry about it. Ladies like you park for free.” I said thank you, as I grabbed his cock and licked my lips.

Once we were in line, guys were gawking at us and asking us where I boyfriends were. We didn’t act like snooty bitches, so we gave them a little conversation because we never knew if we were going to need them to buy us a drink. All the while we were really looking for some guys to pay our admission. We decided we didn’t want some jocks cause they were going to want too much action in the club. We agreed on getting some nerdy guys to pay our way. As we were getting close to the bouncer my aunt lit a cigarette in line and some skank wearing what looked like pajamas started coughing and making sly remakes under her breath. So we stepped out of line and before she could finish her cigarette our prized guys started talking to us. One of the guys I remembered from high school, his name was Winston. He appeared to grow out of his nerdy ways a little, but he still had some dork in him. He told me how he always wanted me in high school and how he would try to look under my skirt. Then he confessed that he never had the confidence to ask me out. I told him we didn’t have any money to get in the club. So he offered to pay if he could take a picture under my skirt. I agreed and sweetened the deal by offering my pantiless aunt to take a picture bent over showing her hairless brown and pink pussy also, if he bought us drink in the club. We went to his car and let him take an upskirt shot of us, and then his friend got bold and started touching our pussies. It made me feel so dirty; here I am letting some geek I don’t know touch my cunt. It was such a turn on, but I wanted more out the deal, so I went Winston and demanded another drink because his friend felt our pussies. He agreed and we went and stood in line with the losers. While in line Winston asked me if the stories he heard about me in high school were true. I asked, “Which one?” He brought up the story that he heard of me taking on four band geeks in the band room. His story was a little misinterpreted. I told him the true story of two guys sucking my breast while one ate my pussy and the other gave me a rim job. I only gave a blowjob to the geek with the smallest dick because I felt sorry for the pimpled-faced dweeb.

Once inside the nerds bought our first drink and we chilled with them for a few minutes. Then the real fun started once we went on the dance floor. The floor was crowded, hot and full of smoke. For the entire time we were on the dance floor we were bending over with our hot, sweaty asses up in the air having no regards for the short skirts we had on. We danced with anyone and everyone. The skank, who didn’t like my aunt’s cigarette smoke, got mad because her boyfriend was dirty dancing with Celia. My pussy was constantly being felt through my panties. A few times a nasty boy would pull them to the side and stick a finger in my pussy hole. I didn’t stop them because I enjoyed it and it made me feel like a dirty slut. My poor aunt who didn’t wear undies had more hands up her miniskirt than she could count. It was obvious that once a guy got to cop-a-feel he would tell his buddies of his fortune then his friends would join in. A slow song came on and Winston asked me to dance, I said okay but I wanted another drink. He went to the bar and by the time he got back I was dancing with this guy old enough to be my daddy. Winston handed me the drink and danced in front of me while the old guy was grinded on my ass. While dancing Winston whispered to me that he wanted to take me to his car so he could lick my feet. The confidence of this nerd and the alcohol made me say yes.

Once in his car he started giving me a sensual foot massage, and then he started to lick and suck my toes. He gradually started to move his head toward my crotch that was wet with sweat and pussy juices. He licked my panties for a minute or so. Then I started to feel guilty so stopped him. As soon as I told him to stop a security guard tapped on the window. This guy looked like a police department wannabe who couldn’t join the force because of his previous criminal sex charges. It was clear he hated his job and angry because he only had a plastic badge and a flashlight. He black-mailed me and told me he would call the police if I didn’t let him lick my booty hole. I agreed because I didn’t want my boyfriend to come bail me out of jail for indent exposure. He licked my ass like he was trying to get out all the fecal matter from the past month as Winston sucked my tits. I felt so fucking naughty. To make things worst the security guard demanded he take my moist panties as a “souniver” from opening night at the club.

As I walked back to the club I could feel the cool night’s air brushing against my pussy and ass that was wet with my slutty pussy juices and nasty boy saliva. I went to find my Aunt to make sure her drunken ass was okay. Once I found her, she told me how much fun she was having and that the old guy I was dancing with early wanted me. She told me that that he was drunk, horny and full of money. She said the guy wanted to take us back to his place for a private strip show and he would pay us $1000 a piece if he could video tape it. The only stipulation was that we had to spend the night at his house. I was all for it except for spending the night because I had to get home to my man. Celia said she was going to do it and not to worry about taking her home. I went up to the dirty old man and started dancing extra nasty, knowing that my pussy was pantiless and wet. The old man inserted his finger into my steaming pussy as I asked him if he would agree on me not sleeping over and he wouldn’t say yes. He did counter-offer me though. The deal was that I would take a ride in his truck 3 exits up the interstate and flash all truckers, and on the way back would I suck his dick. I didn’t care how much he was going to give me, because the feeling of me being a hooker turned my pussy faucet on. To be honest, he could have given me $2.50 and I would have been happy. To my surprise he offered me $500. Disappointed, I gladly took it.

I did as he pleased and more by flashing any vehicle that passed. We got a few tugs of the horn and some thumbs up. On the way back to the club, I sucked his wrinkled dick, trying really hard to make him cum. Although, swallowing his cum wasn’t in the deal I wanted his juices to quench my slutty mouth. By the time we got back to the club he hadn’t cum but he still gave me 5 hundred dollars. He directed me to go into club and find my Aunt so she could leave with him and make her money.

I took my position on the dance floor with my bare ass tooted up, thinking about how naughty I have been. Now, here I am, getting felt up by any male (and a female or two) in the club with a least one hand, in a hot, smoky, stank club, totally fucked up, with a mini-dress with no panties, no Aunt to look out for me, no boyfriend to protect me, no way to get home safely, and no money to call a cab except for the 5 one hundred dollar bills that I sucked dick and flashed for.

Luckily, Winston found me and asked if I needed help getting home safely, I gladly accepted. He said that I could ride with him while his nerdy friend follows us back to my apartment in my car.

One the way home, Winston was telling me how much he enjoyed the scenario earlier. He said it reminded him of the slutty stories he heard about me in high school. He confessed to me, to this day, 3 years later, that he still jacks off while thinking about them. Then he started to rub my thigh, then he inched his way to my nasty pussy. He put 4 fingers in my pussy as I gave a sensual moan. Then he took one out and stuck it in my booty hole. I didn’t object because it felt so good and I knew I was almost home. He then mentioned his friend wanted to taste my pussy and ass before the night was over.

I couldn’t say no because they helped me out by getting my drunk pantiless ass home. So I directed them to a school around the corner from my apartment. Wilson’s friend lifted up my dress and started lick the residual pussy and ass juices left over from a night of complete whorish acts. Winston was jacking off while watching this. After my pussy couldn’t take anymore it squirted on his glasses. Then I dropped to my knees and sucked both of their dicks, to show my appreciation for taking care of me. They both came in my mouth and asked me to swallow their baby juice. I complied.

To summarize my night of debauchery, I flash the valet, gave my dirty panties to the security guard to avoid going to jail, and sucked three guy’s dicks (I didn’t know that name of two). Flashed a few truckers, was groped by at least 50 guys, swallowed the nut of two guys, and had my pussy and ass licked by three guys I didn’t know.

I entered my apartment drunk, smelling like ass and semen and to add icing to the cake, pantiless. As I walked in, I saw that my boyfriend was relaxing in his pajamas, not drunk, watching the movie I rented earlier. He told me he didn’t go out because one of his co-workers got a flat tire on the way to the bar, so they cancelled the night.

He knew I always wore panties with is favorite dress and he questioned be about why I didn’t have any on. I told him everything……Well almost everything. Then he called me a cock-sucking slut whore and fucked me until I passed out.

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