My Wife To Be

I couldn’t believe my eyes—I had been frequenting adult bookstores for ten years and I had never seen anyone like her. She was young, blonde, beautiful and dressed to show. And she was alone. An hourglass figure, incredibly smooth and unblemished skin and hair so pale it was almost white were each long-distance eye catchers. Up close, these features combined to produce a beauty that overwhelmed my senses. Her shoulder length ash-blonde hair was smooth and silky, and the gentle, natural curl didn’t appear to originate in a bottle. An even light bronze tan highlighted her body, and she had no visible tan lines. The smooth perfection of her skin was so unique it may have been her most distinguishing feature. Prominent nipples highlighted classically formed and clearly firm tits that jiggled enticingly when she walked in her high heels. Legs long in proportion to her height had the muscle tone and sexy shape of a showgirl who danced daily. Her waist was pencil thin and bare, and her ass was trim and tight. If she had been five or six inches taller, she would have had the perfect model’s body. For my taste her body was flawless.

Extremely long lashes set off her brilliant cobalt blue eyes. Her entire face was movie star gorgeous, and she didn’t appear to be wearing any makeup at all. She didn’t need it. Just as it was everywhere else on her body, her satin-smooth facial skin was evenly colored except for a slight blush to her cheeks. Each of her facial features was independently lovely, but the package was greater than the sum of the parts. Naturally full and distinctive lips smiled gently to match her twinkling eyes, and her cheeks dimpled at the corners of her mouth. A classic oval shape to her face was nearly exactly symmetrical and so beautiful that one wouldn’t ever forget it. There was no part of her that I could see that wasn’t perfect.

And there was very little I couldn’t see. She was wearing a very revealing white soft cotton halter-top that was tied so loosely she exposed a considerable amount of skin on both the inside and outside slopes of her lingerie model breasts. I could easily see the difference in color between her aureole and the rest of her breasts through the thin cotton. The material hung so softly that it took the exact shape of her tits, and her nipples were glaringly erect. Her halter stopped on the bottom slope of her tits, and when she reached for anything above shoulder level it caused her nipples to escape. She wore a skin-tight red microskirt that may have ended three or four inches below her pussy when she was standing. It was a hip-hugger style skirt so from the bottom of her tits to halfway down her completely flat abdomen she was bare. She wore red high heels with at least 3″ spikes. She wasn’t wearing any hose. She wasn’t wearing a wedding ring. In fact, she wore no jewelry at all, including earrings. She had a total of five objects touching her body—a halter, a skirt, panties, and two shoes. When I put everything together, I decided she was the most beautiful and the most sensual woman I had ever seen. I made my decision after 30 minutes of intense study, and in this case my study habits were impeccable.

It was late afternoon, so there were probably thirty people in Kitty’s Bookstore and Video Arcade. One beautiful woman and a bunch of horndog guys. I watched her closely and I subconsciously knew every other guy was doing the same thing. I was fully erect and throbbing as I hung back with the rest of her voyeuristic audience. I tried to figure out what game she was playing. I had seen many pretty women in adult bookstores before, but they had always been with a man. I suspected that she was prick teasing as part of a private game, and that her boyfriend would show up soon.

Not that any of us were complaining. It was transparently obvious that she was performing for us. Although she feigned indifference to her dirty-minded audience, the method and the extent of her exposure to those same eyes debunked this pretense. It had begun when she took her driver’s license and money from her shoe when she was asked for an ID and a 50-cent browsing fee. She bent from the waist to slip her shoe off, then she stretched to hand the clerk her ID and the money. When she bent over, I was initially stunned because her loose halter-top fell away enough to expose her nipples. When she stretched to hand him the ID and money, she reached with both hands and her nipples popped out the bottom side of her halter. This was even more stunning. .She moved into the book area and picked up and read portions of at least 15 books while we collectively leered. Every book she read came from either the bottom shelf or the top shelf. Whether exhibited from bending or from reaching, she was forced to readjust her top. She appeared to be unconcerned, and repeatedly recovered her tits casually and leisurely. She did it so often and from so many directions that I was familiar with the appearance of each entire tit from the side, from the bottom and from the top. They were ideal in every respect.

I was also able to see her model shaped legs all the way up to her panties, and both exposure modes revealed them. Her only undergarment was a light blue silk bikini, but a darker blue stain over her cunt was evident. She adjusted her skirt several times as she readjusted her halter-top, but I couldn’t see where it did anything utilitarian. I was able to see her panties again, however, so a mental three cheers was my observational response. Her overall tan led me to wonder where she was tanning in the nude in February. After my half hour of study I thought, “What the hell?” I was still achingly erect, but she could just tell me to get lost if she didn’t like it. I was somewhat surprised that nobody had attempted to talk to her before I decided to give it a go.

“Hello. It’s not often we see beautiful young ladies in here alone.” Not very clever, but at least I had broken the ice.

“Oh, hi. It’s my first time. I just became legal last week and I’ve always wondered what it was like inside a dirty bookstore.” She looked me in the eye when she first started talking, but later in the sentence I saw her notice my hard on. Her eyes twinkled even more and she playfully smiled when she looked at me again. Her voice was lovely—melodic with a clear, tinkling, very feminine high pitch to it.

“Well let me show you around. My name’s Kirk.” I held her eye when I started talking, but dropped my eyes to her tits almost immediately. I could smell just the hint of perfume, and another of my senses kicked in. The scent was intriguingly sexual.

“Hello Kirk. I’m Charna. You mean there are other things to see?” That was a smart “dumb blonde” comment if ever I heard one, and I immediately caught her double entendre.

“There are some truly beautiful things to see,” I answered as I continued to pointedly ogle her tits, “and then there’s the stuff I want to show you.”

She giggled and thrust her tits out even more.

“Come on. The grand tour won’t take all that long. You seem to be interested in the books. Do you like reading sex stories?”

“Ooohh god Kirk. I love reading about sex. I really like reading stories that have all the dirty words for things in them.”

“I agree. My favorite books are dirty. Have you seen the magazines? Some of them let you see what the books tell about.” I could feel her eyes following mine as I focused on her tits.

“You mean naked?”

“Naked in public. Naked and aroused. Naked and fucking. Any other kind of naked you can think of.” I could hear her gasp and see her tits jiggle nicely.

“Can we look at…..oohh it sounds so sexy Kirk…..some of them?” She was starting to breathe more heavily and the pitch of her voice lowered considerably. .

“Sure. Let me show you where they are.” I put both my hands on her waist and slowly spun her. Damn, her skin texture was smooth. She didn’t flinch at all and I couldn’t feel any resistance to my touch. “Do you want to start with naked guys or naked girls Charna?”

She smiled at me. Shit, it took my breath away. Her smile radiated happiness as it framed starkly white, exactly aligned teeth. It multiplied her beauty enormously. “Let’s look at the ones with both. I want to see….oohh god this is exciting….the ones with fucking.” She emphasized the word fucking, but not by speaking it louder than all the rest. She emphasized it by breathing it, and the word came out in a whoosh. Her breathing was considerably faster, and her nipples were so erect they caught on the fabric. They were like little erasers—cloth couldn’t slide across them as easily now.

I pointed out several covers that had beautiful couples fucking, but I said, “I think that one on the bottom shelf has the best fucking, Charna.” She gazed at my eyes, but my eyes were on her tits. She smiled, then bent over slowly so her tits were clearly visible to the nipple. I had already seen them at least ten times, but never so closely.

She held her pose; “Do you mean this one?”

“No, the one over there.” I touched her back to balance her, then placed my other hand on her shoulder to slowly turn her. As I gently spun her, I let my hand slip languidly down to her halter. She didn’t flinch so I even more leisurely caressed underneath her halter. I moved at such a snail-like pace that she could have easily stopped me at any time. She didn’t, so I lightly pinched her nipple. “It’s the one with them…..uunnngg…. fucking on the beach?” I was so hard it hurt, and I couldn’t stifle a grunt.

“Ooohh god no…..don’t…..aahh that’s so nasty.” She picked up the magazine and stood up. She didn’t slap me. Her eyes again followed my eyes. My eyes stared intently at her tits, and I imagined her topless. It didn’t take much of an imagination.

“You have beautiful tits Charna. Your nipples are very erect.”. I got the feeling she liked this by her sharp intake of breath. “I can smell you. Your pussy must be very wet.” She did say she liked the dirty words, and the hint of perfume had been overwhelmed by the smell of pussy. It was a powerful fragrance.

“Ooohhh god I am—it is.”

I squatted down and touched her hand. “Squat down here with me.” I grabbed her hand and lightly pushed the back of her knee. She bent her knees and squatted. We were between the racks, so we disappeared to everyone except the guys at the end of the row. I wanted to see if she would let me get a close up look at her panties. When she was squatted next to me, I opened the magazine to any old page. “His cock is in her pussy. Do you like that?”

“Mmmm I love cock in pussy.” She said it in an almost hypnotic manner. It could have been a mantra.

I touched the inside of her thigh, then turned to look her in the eye. She looked up from the magazine to catch my eye. As soon as she did, I started spreading her legs by gently pulling her leg toward me. As I tugged I dropped my eyes so I could see her panties. They were soaked and I could see she was gently and rhythmically contracting her pussy. I loved her scent, and I breathed deeply through my nose. I could feel her eyes following mine and she saw my nostrils flare as I savored the aroma of her cunt. I slowly slid my hand up her thigh, and if anything she spread herself even further. I slipped my finger under the elastic at her crotch and slid my finger smoothly all the way into her cunt. She was very wet.

“Ooohh god aaahhh nooo. Don’t ooohh nooo you have your finger ….. ooohh god you’re fingering me. This is sooo nasty ooohhh.”

I took her hand and placed it on my cock.

“Ooohh god Kirk. Your cock is so hard….. ooohh god oohh finger fuck me….. ooohh oohhh god those men can….. aaahh god they can see me.”

You can get a finger in a pussy with the panties still there, but it is difficult to finger fuck well with them on. This beautiful girl was letting me do whatever I wanted to her, so I said, “I don’t want to finger fuck you. I want to fuck you. I want to put my hard cock in your cunt.”

“Ooohhh god oohhh yess. Fuck me ohhh yess fuck me…..aahh that’s it that’s what I want…..oohh god I’m coming aahh ohhh god.”

I was convinced it was more the words than the finger that lifted her, but I was concerned about myself. I didn’t want to go home with a load in the front of my pants so I gently removed her hand from my cock. I stood up and helped her up, then held her eye as I tasted my finger that had just been in her pussy. She tasted as good as she looked. “You taste great, you smell great, you look great, you sound great, and you feel great. I can’t wait to fuck you.”

In probably less than ten minutes, this beautiful girl had sexually stimulated all five of my senses, and I was just about to have the most powerful sense stimulated. The sense of feel in my cock was about to be stimulated by the cunt of the most sensual girl I could imagine. I thought to myself that it couldn’t be a dream because it was so much better than my wet dreams. I put my arm around her waist and guided her to the video arcade. I led her into the first available booth and locked the door behind us. After stuffing about 10 quarters in the machine, I turned to look at her.

“I want to see you totally naked Charna. Strip for me.” Again I realized she was following my eyes as I stared intently at her body. She untied her halter and let it fall to the floor. Five seconds tops. She unhooked her skirt and let it drop. Maybe five seconds more. She quickly stripped her panties off, then sat down to remove her high heels. She followed directions beautifully—stripped to her meant nothing on any part of her body. She was naked within thirty seconds after I requested it. This girl—this most beautiful girl I had ever seen and who I had spoken to for the first time barely 10 minutes ago—was totally naked in front of me and I was fully dressed.

She was a natural blonde, and her pussy hair was so light and sparse you could easily see her cunt lips and her clit. “Spread your legs and finger fuck yourself while I take off my clothes.”

“Ooohhh god ooohh. I’m sitting in a wet spot aahh I bet a guy just came here….. ooohh god I love it. I’m so turned on—can you see it?….. mmmm you can, you are watching my finger in my pussy…. Oohh hurry Kirk. I can’t wait to feel you inside me…. aaahh if you don’t hurry I’m going to come. Ooh that feels so good.”

“Can you see an eyeball through the hole in the wall here?” I pointed to a large glory hole next to me.

She flinched as she stared intently at the wall. “I don’t know.”

“There are men at each of these holes, Charna.” I pointed at a couple more. “Guys, put your hand through the hole.” Sure enough, three hands momentarily came through the wall, including one that was no more than a foot from Charna.

“You are beautiful Charna. I love seeing your body, and so do they. Let me sit there. You get on top.”

“I love how you look at me…. god you’re so big Kirk I don’t know if I can…..oohh you’re so hard…..oohhh god I’m taking it. You’re inside me….. oohhhh god oohhh I don’t know if I can…..oohh yess aahh it’s all the way in me. Mmmmm my cunt is full. I love it….. ooohh god ooohh fuck me, fuck me…..That’s it ooohhh it feels so good…..ooohhhh god keep stroking me. That’s it feel my tits ooh god yesss…..oohhh pinch my nipples…..harder yesss yesss…..aahh suck me mmmmm yesss. Suck my nipple hard….oohhh god ohhhh ooohhhhh ooooohhhhhh god I’mmmm coming aaaaahhhh god I love your cock oooohhh my god ooohhhh aaahhh.”

“There’s a cock right next to you. Give him some fun too.” She didn’t even hesitate before she was leaning over to lick his cock. His trigger was quick, and she hadn’t sucked his cock for more than a couple of minutes before he exploded. The come from an anonymous cock all over her face set me off too. My blast induced her third orgasm in less than 15 minutes.

“Oohh yess aaahhh yesss. Ooohhh god aahh shoot that come in my pussy. God I love the way you fuck. What a cock….ooohh god it’s big. That was a…..ooohhh god that was great.”

I gave her my handkerchief to wipe her face, then helped her dress. Three cocks were decorating the wall as she dressed, but she didn’t indicate any further interest. I later found out she would have loved to stay

That was how I met Charna. We married a little more than six months later in August 1979. When we married, she was 18 and I was 30.

Another Weird Day

I had already spent most of the day at my girlfriend Ally’s house. I was “helping her pack” for a six week summer program overseas. I was sitting in a chair across from the bed in her room. We had spent only about an hour or so actually packing. The whole place was a mess. To be honest, it always was, but it was exceptionally messed up because she was packing. I was flipping through an old “Bloom County” comic book while she was going through a check list. Then the phone rang. Ally answered it, and it turned out to be James, a friend of ours who was working at a bakery and was bored.

“Hey James! What’s up?” Ally started some small talk about packing and such. I wasn’t paying much attention, but I was pretending to.

After a while I decided to talk to him. “Hey Ally, can I talk to him?” “Sure hold on. James? Yeah. Sam is over here, you want to talk to him?” Ally motioned for me to come over. I slowly got up, and made my way over to the bed. I took the phone and stood in front of Ally and put the phone to my ear.

“Hey, don’t hang up.” Ally said to me, which seemed kind of odd at the moment.

“Hey James, What’s new with you?” I said into the receiver, looking out the window.

“I was about to ask you the same thing. I’m bored, so I’ll take it out on you. Gee, I wonder what you two have been getting up to over there.” “Very funny,” I said sarcastically, “you know us James, we are just a couple of rabbits over here.” I smiles at Ally. We actually had been fooling around for hours. “How’s the bakery treating you? Getting a lot of cops?” “We don’t make Doughnuts, dumbass.”

He started rambling on about how the other guys who worked there were worthless. I wasn’t paying attention because I suddenly noticed Ally’s hands rubbing up and down my legs.

“Yeah whatever, James.” She reached up and grabbed my hand, pulled down her tube top, and placed my hand on her breast. I started caressing it, trying to keep the conversation going with James. Not sure what to do, I just started agreeing with James to keep him talking as I played with my girlfriends nipple. Ally slid one of her hands up my shorts and was stroking my hardening cock. She started to undo my belt and slide down my pants. (what is she doing?) I thought, (James can her what we are doing.) I had now completely lost interest in James as she started to lick up and down my semi-hard member. She ran her tongue across the entire length of it until my 7′ was hard as a rock. She looked up at me and smiled, holding my erection in both hands.

My conversation with James had now been reduced to me making a random agreement after five or six seconds to his incessant rambling. Ally slowly wrapped her lips around the tip of my shaft, and then started to slowly swallow it down. She got about five inches in her hot, wet mouth, when she started d to slide it back out. One of her hands hand found it’s way behind me, and the other was still around my cock, sliding up and down with her mouth.

My hand had already been dancing all over her tits, and as she sucked down my cock once more, I gave one of them a squeeze as I suppressed moaning into the phone.

I leaned over pulling up the back of her skirt. She wasn’t wearing any panties since before when I was helping her choose what underwear to pack. I slid my finger up and down the crack of her beautiful ass. Her sucking pace had started to quicken as her hand jerked me off.

“…I don’t even know why I stay here, man. This place sucks! I should…” James buzzed into my ear on the phone. I had almost completely forgot that he was there.

“Uh, yeah. That’s right James, damn the man.” She slid her hand from behind me as she started to rub my balls in motion with her sucking. It was incredible. Her tongue started darted around the head of my member. She started sliding her mouth up and down my shaft faster and faster. my hand slid underneath her and slid into her already wet cunt.

“Hey James,” I said, once again suppressing a moan. “Hold on we’re gonna change phones.” I threw the phone under some pillows as I felt my orgasm starting to build. Her sucking was already at an incredible pace as I slid my finger in and out of her. I suddenly felt the breaking point and found myself bucking against her head. She put one of her hands behind me and started pushing my cock further down her throat I put both hands on her head and moaned. As she seemed to completely swallow my cock, I let loose my load into her mouth. She held it until I had emptied every last drop of my jism. Now dizzy and drowsy, I reached over and picked the phone up.

“…I don’t think I’ll ever understand her. Thanks a lot Sam. I really appreciate someone being there ti listen to me bitch about my problems.” “Sure thing, James.” I looks down at Ally, who smiled up at me cutely, as she licked the end of my softening dick. “What are friends for?”

Whorish Revenge Night

My boyfriend was supposed to come home tonight after work but he called and said he was going to grab a few beers at the pool hall with some of his co-workers. I got jealous because I rented a movie he wanted to see and cooked his favorite dish. I got even more jealous because I know what he does at the pool hall when he gets drunk. He is very flirtatious even when he is not drunk. One time he confessed to me he bought some skank’s panties who was playing pool and bending over showing him upskirt. I never told him this but it actually turned me on, wishing some nasty boy would offer to buy my dirty panties.

Instead of getting furiously jealous, I decided to have a little fun too. I started to think of what girlfriend I can call to have a decadent night out with. I first called Maya; she was on the cheerleading squad with the same professional sports team as me. She was a nasty, bend-it-over type of chick in the club. She fucked a few of the players on the team already but she said she had a booty call to answer. Then I called Sandi, she was a freak who introduced me to going panty-less. She told me she didn’t have a baby-sitter to care for her four kids. So I called Jodie, out of all of the slutty girlfriends I run the streets with she took the cake. I don’t want to spread her business, but she spreads her legs for any guy that has a nice smile and two legs. She told me she would meet me wherever but she was “busy” at the time. Last but not least I called my Aunt Celia. She is only a year older than me (Yes that is how we do it in Alabama). I love her. Although she is my dad’s sister, an outsider would have never known by the shit we do. We have stripped together. I have sucked dick that came right out of her pussy, and had foursomes together (no, we didn’t touch each other). She is a hot and nasty girl in the right setting; moreover, she is borderline slut. She taught me everything about sex. She agreed to a hot-let-it-loose, get-nasty night. Kind of like the ones we had my senior year in high school while she was a freshman in college.

A little about us; I am 21, 5’5″, 120 lbs, brown hair and brown eyes. 34c-25-35 with a stripper/cheerleader body (because I am both). My boyfriend and I swing (mostly together, but I have done a few things without him, but no vaginal or anal sex). My aunt is 22, 5’5″ 140 lbs; light brown hair and eyes, 36-28-40 with a huge ghetto ass.

I put my boyfriend’s favorite dress.. A form-fitting silky black cocktail dress, with no bra and a pair of full back panties that show my panty line. I know it’s tacky to wear fullback undies with a tight cocktail dress but, I know it turns him on, so it must turn on other guys and that is what I wanted to attract to night. I also put on a pair of black ‘fuck me’ stilettos. Celia wore a short white terry cloth miniskirt, a pink tank top, pink stilettos, and no bra or panties. We agreed to bring only our IDs because we were going to get some horny guys to pay our admission and for our drinks all night.

We decided on a club that had just opened up in the city. Since it was downtown, we rolled around looking for a parking spot for about 20 minutes. I knew this was going to be a hot fucking night when my aunt starting to get nasty by flashing guys her freshly shaven pussy as we drove around looking for a spot to park. We finally settled on getting the car park by valet. Celia reminded me that we didn’t have money to valet, I told her to chill and watch me work. When the valet driver opened the door, I gave him a view of my pussy that I am sure he would go home and jerk off to. Then I asked him how much it cost to valet, responded $7 dollars. Then I got out the car, stood up, turned around and bend over letting my dress rise pass my pantied pussy while pretending to look for some money. Then I turned around and saw his sexy green eyes bulging from his face and said I forgot to bring some cash or debit card. He said smiling, “Don’t worry about it. Ladies like you park for free.” I said thank you, as I grabbed his cock and licked my lips.

Once we were in line, guys were gawking at us and asking us where I boyfriends were. We didn’t act like snooty bitches, so we gave them a little conversation because we never knew if we were going to need them to buy us a drink. All the while we were really looking for some guys to pay our admission. We decided we didn’t want some jocks cause they were going to want too much action in the club. We agreed on getting some nerdy guys to pay our way. As we were getting close to the bouncer my aunt lit a cigarette in line and some skank wearing what looked like pajamas started coughing and making sly remakes under her breath. So we stepped out of line and before she could finish her cigarette our prized guys started talking to us. One of the guys I remembered from high school, his name was Winston. He appeared to grow out of his nerdy ways a little, but he still had some dork in him. He told me how he always wanted me in high school and how he would try to look under my skirt. Then he confessed that he never had the confidence to ask me out. I told him we didn’t have any money to get in the club. So he offered to pay if he could take a picture under my skirt. I agreed and sweetened the deal by offering my pantiless aunt to take a picture bent over showing her hairless brown and pink pussy also, if he bought us drink in the club. We went to his car and let him take an upskirt shot of us, and then his friend got bold and started touching our pussies. It made me feel so dirty; here I am letting some geek I don’t know touch my cunt. It was such a turn on, but I wanted more out the deal, so I went Winston and demanded another drink because his friend felt our pussies. He agreed and we went and stood in line with the losers. While in line Winston asked me if the stories he heard about me in high school were true. I asked, “Which one?” He brought up the story that he heard of me taking on four band geeks in the band room. His story was a little misinterpreted. I told him the true story of two guys sucking my breast while one ate my pussy and the other gave me a rim job. I only gave a blowjob to the geek with the smallest dick because I felt sorry for the pimpled-faced dweeb.

Once inside the nerds bought our first drink and we chilled with them for a few minutes. Then the real fun started once we went on the dance floor. The floor was crowded, hot and full of smoke. For the entire time we were on the dance floor we were bending over with our hot, sweaty asses up in the air having no regards for the short skirts we had on. We danced with anyone and everyone. The skank, who didn’t like my aunt’s cigarette smoke, got mad because her boyfriend was dirty dancing with Celia. My pussy was constantly being felt through my panties. A few times a nasty boy would pull them to the side and stick a finger in my pussy hole. I didn’t stop them because I enjoyed it and it made me feel like a dirty slut. My poor aunt who didn’t wear undies had more hands up her miniskirt than she could count. It was obvious that once a guy got to cop-a-feel he would tell his buddies of his fortune then his friends would join in. A slow song came on and Winston asked me to dance, I said okay but I wanted another drink. He went to the bar and by the time he got back I was dancing with this guy old enough to be my daddy. Winston handed me the drink and danced in front of me while the old guy was grinded on my ass. While dancing Winston whispered to me that he wanted to take me to his car so he could lick my feet. The confidence of this nerd and the alcohol made me say yes.

Once in his car he started giving me a sensual foot massage, and then he started to lick and suck my toes. He gradually started to move his head toward my crotch that was wet with sweat and pussy juices. He licked my panties for a minute or so. Then I started to feel guilty so stopped him. As soon as I told him to stop a security guard tapped on the window. This guy looked like a police department wannabe who couldn’t join the force because of his previous criminal sex charges. It was clear he hated his job and angry because he only had a plastic badge and a flashlight. He black-mailed me and told me he would call the police if I didn’t let him lick my booty hole. I agreed because I didn’t want my boyfriend to come bail me out of jail for indent exposure. He licked my ass like he was trying to get out all the fecal matter from the past month as Winston sucked my tits. I felt so fucking naughty. To make things worst the security guard demanded he take my moist panties as a “souniver” from opening night at the club.

As I walked back to the club I could feel the cool night’s air brushing against my pussy and ass that was wet with my slutty pussy juices and nasty boy saliva. I went to find my Aunt to make sure her drunken ass was okay. Once I found her, she told me how much fun she was having and that the old guy I was dancing with early wanted me. She told me that that he was drunk, horny and full of money. She said the guy wanted to take us back to his place for a private strip show and he would pay us $1000 a piece if he could video tape it. The only stipulation was that we had to spend the night at his house. I was all for it except for spending the night because I had to get home to my man. Celia said she was going to do it and not to worry about taking her home. I went up to the dirty old man and started dancing extra nasty, knowing that my pussy was pantiless and wet. The old man inserted his finger into my steaming pussy as I asked him if he would agree on me not sleeping over and he wouldn’t say yes. He did counter-offer me though. The deal was that I would take a ride in his truck 3 exits up the interstate and flash all truckers, and on the way back would I suck his dick. I didn’t care how much he was going to give me, because the feeling of me being a hooker turned my pussy faucet on. To be honest, he could have given me $2.50 and I would have been happy. To my surprise he offered me $500. Disappointed, I gladly took it.

I did as he pleased and more by flashing any vehicle that passed. We got a few tugs of the horn and some thumbs up. On the way back to the club, I sucked his wrinkled dick, trying really hard to make him cum. Although, swallowing his cum wasn’t in the deal I wanted his juices to quench my slutty mouth. By the time we got back to the club he hadn’t cum but he still gave me 5 hundred dollars. He directed me to go into club and find my Aunt so she could leave with him and make her money.

I took my position on the dance floor with my bare ass tooted up, thinking about how naughty I have been. Now, here I am, getting felt up by any male (and a female or two) in the club with a least one hand, in a hot, smoky, stank club, totally fucked up, with a mini-dress with no panties, no Aunt to look out for me, no boyfriend to protect me, no way to get home safely, and no money to call a cab except for the 5 one hundred dollar bills that I sucked dick and flashed for.

Luckily, Winston found me and asked if I needed help getting home safely, I gladly accepted. He said that I could ride with him while his nerdy friend follows us back to my apartment in my car.

One the way home, Winston was telling me how much he enjoyed the scenario earlier. He said it reminded him of the slutty stories he heard about me in high school. He confessed to me, to this day, 3 years later, that he still jacks off while thinking about them. Then he started to rub my thigh, then he inched his way to my nasty pussy. He put 4 fingers in my pussy as I gave a sensual moan. Then he took one out and stuck it in my booty hole. I didn’t object because it felt so good and I knew I was almost home. He then mentioned his friend wanted to taste my pussy and ass before the night was over.

I couldn’t say no because they helped me out by getting my drunk pantiless ass home. So I directed them to a school around the corner from my apartment. Wilson’s friend lifted up my dress and started lick the residual pussy and ass juices left over from a night of complete whorish acts. Winston was jacking off while watching this. After my pussy couldn’t take anymore it squirted on his glasses. Then I dropped to my knees and sucked both of their dicks, to show my appreciation for taking care of me. They both came in my mouth and asked me to swallow their baby juice. I complied.

To summarize my night of debauchery, I flash the valet, gave my dirty panties to the security guard to avoid going to jail, and sucked three guy’s dicks (I didn’t know that name of two). Flashed a few truckers, was groped by at least 50 guys, swallowed the nut of two guys, and had my pussy and ass licked by three guys I didn’t know.

I entered my apartment drunk, smelling like ass and semen and to add icing to the cake, pantiless. As I walked in, I saw that my boyfriend was relaxing in his pajamas, not drunk, watching the movie I rented earlier. He told me he didn’t go out because one of his co-workers got a flat tire on the way to the bar, so they cancelled the night.

He knew I always wore panties with is favorite dress and he questioned be about why I didn’t have any on. I told him everything……Well almost everything. Then he called me a cock-sucking slut whore and fucked me until I passed out.

Anal Seduction

Brian and Sue had known each other for little over a year after meeting at a party at a mutual friend of theirs. They hadn’t seen each other for about six months when they ran into each other at the supermarket and decided to go have drinks together afterwards. Neither of them expected things to get so hot for the both of them at the bar. Sue couldn’t help feeling a bit lusty seeing Brian’s shirt just draping off his broad shoulders.

Brian really liked Sue’s confidence and the way her ass fit into her tight jeans. After getting back to her place, they pretty much drunk-fucked each other for an hour and both crashed for the night. Leaving the next morning wasn’t uncomfortable for either one of them and they both decided they would try to get together sometime in the next week. Another mutual friend was throwing a party that weekend and both of them planned on being there. There was a feeling in both of their heads that they were going to end up together at her place and have some really intense sex.

The party itself was pretty fun for them. After both had downed a couple of beers, Sue asked Brian to take a look at a painting in a room where there wasn’t going to be anyone else. He followed her in the room and they immediately starting French-kissing each other. Sue wanted to fuck him right there, but the always-uncomfortable party guest walking-in and interrupting things dissuaded her from taking any of her clothes off. Brian also wanted to fuck her right there and wasn’t about to let potential embarrassment dissuade him from having the woman he wanted when he wanted.

They were leaning against a wall in a guest bedroom with Sue’s skirt slowly being raised by Brian’s right hand. She was grabbing his ass with both hands, but felt she needed to thwart his hand from getting any closer to her wet pussy until they got out of the house. Sue had to grab Brian’s hand from her waist up and onto her breasts. He didn’t miss a beat and tried undoing the shoulder straps on her cotton cocktail dress. He wanted her now and Sue didn’t want to leave the party just yet so she asked if there was anything she could do to cool Brian off for a while until they could get back to her place.

Brian said he wanted her to go down on him right there. Brian told Sue the door could be locked and that he was already close to cumming simply by making out with her. She had only tasted Brian’s cock at their last sexual encounter, but hadn’t made him cum in her mouth. She enjoyed the feeling of a hot cock sliding in and out of her mouth and would greedily swallow all cum coming her way. She agreed to and reached for Brian’s zipper.

He leaned back against the wall and watched the proceedings as this lovely 21 year-old with juicy red lips and a wanton look on her face slowly pulling down his slacks. Her knees were resting on a pillow and Brian could feel her full breasts resting against his legs and her hot breath right near his cock. She pulled down his boxers and proceeded to lightly nibble on his already pre-cum slicked cock. She wasn’t trying to take her time and began sucking on him hard, bobbing her head up in down in a fairly rapid pace. She wanted to get him off now so that she could say bye to a few friends and go back to her place with him after he’s had time to recover.

Sue’s head was amazing and Brian knew she was trying to get him off as soon as she could. Brian was really getting into Sue’s mouth and began holding her pony-tails and thrusting as far down her throat as he could get. The action going on in her mouth and the couple of beers was making her pussy ache for something so she began fingering herself. Her panties were soaking wet and she pushed them to the side so she could better access to her clit. She got herself off often at home and she enjoyed knowing that she could make both Brian and herself cum at the same time. Sue felt her orgasm coming on right before Brian deposited his giant load in her mouth.

She swallowed as much as she could before needing to pull away. Sue kept her hand on Brian’s cock pumping just slightly to prolong the pleasure for him. Brian was still coming a little and got some cum on her right cheek and chin. Brian enjoyed that Sue stayed in her place just looking up at him. He thought the view of this hot little number with his spunk oozing from her lips and off her chin would be something he would never forget. He told her to clean off his cock and swallow the last load. She complied with his request and washed down the last of his sperm with a final swig of beer. Knowing that she would do as told was something that Brian clearly enjoyed..

After zipping up and sending Sue to the bathroom to clean up, Brian told friends he was going to head back home. He went outside and waited for Sue to join him. They walked the ten blocks or so back to his place and made a bee-line for the bedroom. They both stripped down and were enjoying the sights of each other’s naked bodies. Brian was a 24 year-old ex-college soccer star. He was 6’2″, 180lbs, brown hair and blue eyes with broad shoulders and a well-defined body. He worked out several times a week and generally took care of himself. Sue was a former gymnast who had to quit only when her tits got too big for her leotard.

She was a redheaded 5’4″ 105 lb. pixie who was very proud of her slim attractive body and 36C breasts. She worked out almost every day and enjoyed the attention men had always given her since her breasts began budding out. Sue liked the way Brian complemented her on her body their first time together and was looking forward to his complements this time, as well.

From their previous encounter, Brian knew Sue was very flexible and enjoyed a strong partner who wasn’t afraid to take the lead. He said he wanted her to lie back and just enjoy him going down on her for a little while. She was enjoying the combination of his tongue on her clit and two fingers pumping in her pussy. Brian shifted slightly and pushed her legs back so he could try some different things. He moved his other hand down to her ass. With her juices coating his fingers, he began rimming the outer edge of her asshole.

She wasn’t stopping him, so he started probing more of her hole with one of his fingers. Still not stopping him, Brian started pumping a second finger in her ass along with the two fingers in her pussy and tongue circling her clit. Everything Brian was doing was driving Sue absolutely crazy and brought on an incredible orgasm. She screamed out so loud that Brian thought he might be hurting her. He began pulling his fingers out of her ass when she told him not to stop and keep doing everything he was doing – only harder. He kept it up before finally pulling his fingers out of her body and rested them on her stomach.

Sue told Brian that she felt incredible and that she hadn’t had anyone play with her ass like that. A guy tried to insert his cock in her ass a couple years before, but her ass was too tight. Brian told her that anal sex can be very enjoyable for both partners, if they do it right. Brian told her that he wanted very much to fuck her ass. Sue nodded and said she was ready for him to be her first anal partner .

Brian had Sue get on her knees and told her to rest her head on her pillow. He wanted her shoulders to be touching the bed and have her ass pointing in the air. He positioned himself behind her and began rubbing her back and shoulders. His voice was calming and she could feel his tongue work its way closer to her anus. He slipped a couple of fingers into her pussy and slowly started penetrating her asshole with his tongue. She couldn’t believe how good it was feeling having this man tonguing her asshole. He tongued her ass for several minutes letting Sue relax even more. He took some of her pussy juices and began rubbing them on her asshole.

He then moved back and brought his cock up right behind her. Thinking that he had changed his mind, she enjoyed the feeling of his cock entering her soaking pussy. Brian began thrusting while he rimmed a finger several times around her asshole. He slowly inserted the same two fingers as he had earlier in her ass and kept a nice slow rythym of fingering and fucking, fucking and fingering. Sue was losing herself thinking the combination of Brian’s large cock in her pussy and his two fingers in her ass. She enjoyed listening to him say how good this felt and how the two of them really fit together. She knew he put a third finger in her ass, but didn’t realize he had a fourth finger now stretching her asshole wider than it had ever been before.

He told her he was ready to put his cock deep into her virgin ass. He pulled his cock out of her pussy, but kept his fingers still stretching her ass. He placed his cock right at her entrance and took a couple fingers out. Her hole stayed gaping for a second and he put the head of his cock snuggly in. He pushed his cock in a half inch more and feeling only a slight resistance pushed another inch.

He could see her face grimace a little, but when he asked, she said it still felt good. He wanted to give her a chance to get used to the full stretching. After a few seconds, he felt her asshole release a little and he pushed on. She tightened up slightly, so he reached down and started massaging Sue’s clit. After a few more pushes and soothing comments, Brian had stuck nearly two-thirds of his 9″ cock in Sue’s newly deflowered ass.

Brian really wanted to begin rocking Sue’s ass hard, but thought she may become a regular fuck-buddy so he kept his movements fairly slow and deliberate. He kept fingering her clit while going in slow on her ass. He could tell she was getting close to coming again and wanted to make sure she came before really giving her everything he had. He was enjoying the sight of this hottie arching her back, head and shoulders resting on the bed and her ass sucking in nearly the full length of his man-meat. There was a mirror next to the bed and Brian enjoyed seeing Sue’s facial expressions change every time he pushed deeper into her well-defined ass. Sue closed her eyes and let out a satisfied moan as Brian knew he had made her come again, this time with his cock buried deep in her ass. Brian really liked the look of her lying there, eyes closed and mouth open, knowing that he was completely in charge of her.

Brian took his hand from her clit and grabbed both hips. He told Sue to get ready for some serious ass-fucking. He has been gentle with his words earlier, but wasn’t going to hold back any of his complete domination of her He told her that he wanted her to say or do everything that he asked. Sue nodded her head in agreement.

First, Brian wanted Sue to reach back both her hands and pull her cheeks even wider apart. Sue reached back and did as told. Then he wanted Sue to tell him to fuck her ass harder. “Brian, Fuck me harder, Fuck my virgin ass. I want you to cum hard in my tight little hole.” Sue was getting very turned on by the words she was saying and Brian’s complete domination of her. Brian had been fairly gentle in his reaming before, but hearing Sue now pushed Brian into a porn-star ass-pounding mode. Brian was half standing, just slamming Sue’s ass for all it’s worth. He was sweating so much, the perspiration was dripping down onto his prone little pixie. Brian told Sue to beg him to come in her ass. “I want you to come in my sweet little ass. Fuck me harder Brian. Give it to me, baby. I want to hear you come hard.”

Brian had anal sex with a couple women before, but nothing could compare with this sweet little girl screaming for him to coat the inside of her ass with his seed. He literally roared like a lion as he felt his balls contracting and spewing his spunk deep into her bowels. Sue could feel Brian pausing as his juices pulsated into her puckered little ass. Sue had sex with several guys before, but the feeling of complete control under Brian’s body made her body involuntarily come again.

Brian’s body was so wiped out he just laid there on top of Sue’s back. Sue’s little frame could only handle Brian’s weight for so long and she slowly started dropping her arched ass down to the bed. Brian just let her collapse underneath him and continued laying on her back, deep in her ass. Sue told Brian that she had never come so much or so hard and would enjoy Brian’s attention whenever he wanted. Brian told Sue that if every day could be like the one they just had, she could count on him to take care of her all the time.

Spectator Sport

Once a week my husband has his friends over. Usually they play poker but sometimes they sit and watch a big game on T.V. Being a loving and obedient wife, I try to have anything they may want ready, beer, snacks, sandwiches, you name it.

Lately he’s had me serving them in short-shorts and a bikini top. It adds to the mood of the game, he says. I don’t mind. I’ve always thought it was fun to tease and flirt, showing enough cleavage or ass to see their pants strain. I bend over to place drinks, letting them get a real good look at my FF knockers, nipples pushing at their restraints. Or when I drop something on the floor, I turn and bend, showing ass and lips to those who want to see. It’s all harmless and it makes me feel sexy.

We usually have the wildest sex after such an evening. He tells me how he watched his buddies stare at my chest or butt, watching them get hard-ons, knowing what they want to do to me. It turns me on to think about other men wanting me, taking me at their will, as they please. Then, when he’s done telling me about his fantasies of me and his friends, my husband fucks me long and hard, like he has to prove himself, or remind me who I belong to.

After one of our recent, really hot matings he told me he had taped what we had just done. That just got me all wet and hot again, thinking of ‘exhibiting’ myself like that, and I made love to him again, bringing him up by mouth, then having him ram it up my ass. Man was he good!!

This past week on game night the guys arrived as usual to watch the pregame show. I served them all beers and left some snacks with them, then went to the kitchen to read until they needed something. A few minutes had passed when I heard cheers and whooping. The game had already started? A little while later I got a beer call and went to the frig to get four more to take out to them.

When I got to the den, all eyes fell on me as I walked over to hand them their drinks. Glancing at the T.V. my eyes widened as I realized I was looking at a still picture of myself, ass in the air, my mouth totally filled with my husband’s cock. I felt myself blush and started out of the room. But my husband stopped me, called me over, and pulled me down onto his lap. Then he started the tape again. The guys started up with their comments once more, expressing envy that his wife would do that for him. Theirs wouldn’t, they said. As we watched, my husband brought his hand to my breasts and started massaging and pulling my tits. Soon he brought one out of my top and sucked on the nipple. My eyes were closed as he played with me. I felt myself moisten and I felt him harden. The others were so involved with the tape that they weren’t watching us. Or so I thought.

Their silence soon had me opening my eyes to see them all staring at us, watching what he was doing. He untied my top and it fell off to fully expose my breasts. One of his friends groaned as my husbands mouth covered me. I felt his hand working at my shorts button and I tried to stop what he was about to do. He quietly, but firmly, whispered in my ear to remember whose I was, and that I was meant to obey and serve him. I relaxed and let him remove my shorts, spreading my legs and exposing me for all to see.

His fingers entered me roughly and I gasped. That brought wild reaction from his friends. He spread me open, licked and probed. He quickly stripped off his clothes and pulled me over him to suck his penis. I did so obediently as I heard zippers unsheathing other cocks. I glanced up and saw the other three playing with themselves. I licked and sucked, slurping loudly to drive the others wild, and it worked.

Soon my husband drew me off of him and set me on all fours. His penis found my asshole and he slowly worked his way inside. His friends loudly and wildly expressed their disbelief that I would let him screw me like that, and in front of others, too. As he rocked gently to enter me further, he explained to them our relationship and how he had trained me in obedience to serve him and do anything for him that he wanted.

My moans filled the air as he gave great detail to the things he has done to me, and required of me. His dick sank deeper into my ass. He told them of our recent trip to Thailand and our experiences there(that will be my next story). His friends were growing frantic with desire. He pulled out of me and turned me over, spread my legs and plunged into my cunt. His thrusts brought me close quickly. Soon I was bucking my hips, begging him to fuck me hard. Telling him how I love for him to do me all the time. Begging for release, I felt his orgasm start as I began to come. Out of the corners of my eyes I could see all three of his friends shooting cum all over.

When he was done I put my clothes back on and got them more drinks and snacks as they settled down to watch the game. As I was leaving the room I heard my husband tell them that the poker stakes had just gone up. The winner would get a turn with me next time, with everyone watching, of course. Each new winner would get a turn. A shiver ran through me as I thought about that. I wasn’t sure I wanted it to be that way, but I was excited about teasing them and pleasing him. After all, I have promised to submit to whatever he wants. Here with friends, or away in a place where no one knows us, like Thailand. There’s really no difference. Only the anonymity.