Jessicas Massage

For the hundredth time, I told my husband, Terry, I wouldn’t fuck another man and that was that! He had been pestering me for months because he thought it would be great to watch me being fucked by another man – after all his friends had told him it was the absolute best so he wanted me to try it.

I am a very private person – Jessica is my name. I have recently turned 28 and we have been married for just 3 years and already this bastard wanted to watch me get fucked by another man – it just wasn’t on.

Terry gets very carried away when his friends tell him stories and he believes them all. This obsession about me and another man started after reading an article in a magazine and then he just had to ask his mates what it would be like and they all told him they had made their wives fuck other men and it was great! What an arsehole! I said earlier I was a private person because I had never been with another man, although I had dated a couple of lads but they weren’t allowed to get up to any tricks with me. I was a virgin when Terry fucked me for the first time and he is the only man who has had me. I think I finally got the message across to Terry this time – I threatened not to sleep with him for a month if he mentioned one more word about me getting fucked. I love sex as much as anyone else but I would gladly go without for a month if it would stop Terry asking me!

He changed tack after that. He gradually thought up something else for me to do! He now suggests I get a full body massage from a male masseur and then I can come home and tell him everything the man does to me – as if I would tell him all the details anyway – he can go and jump in the river! I must admit I was relieved he had stopped talking about me getting fucked but this was starting to get on my nerves.

I am quite pretty and have a good figure (even though I say all this) and I think, when I stand in front of my mirror naked, that I don’t look too bad at all. In fact I look great. My legs are long and have very nice curves in all the right places. My hips, waist and breasts are all in proportion so I think I look good. When I am standing in front of the mirror I see my almost black pubic triangle showing very prominently on my otherwise fair skin. The hair on my head is much lighter than my pubic hair but it is natural and I don’t color it at all.

Truth be told I started to get a little bit interested in the idea of a massage. I had never had a massage and seriously wondered what it would be like having a man rub his hands all over my body – my naked body – and just the thought of it started to make me wet between my legs. I said I had never had a massage and really didn’t know very much about it at all. Questions flooded my mind – would I be naked at first? Would I wear clothes and then take them off? Would he use a sheet to cover me? Would the sheet be over me all the time? Should I shave my pubic hair off?

All of these questions were buzzing around in my head and I knew I had to find the answers before I could even consider having a massage. I am a member of the local women’s golf club and I play regularly but I never go into the showers afterwards preferring to have a drink and then quickly head for home for a nice shower there. Today I resolved to go to the golf club and play but I would go to the showers afterwards and see if the women had shaved their pubic hair off – that would at least give me an idea of what I should do. I played quite well and was pleased with myself. I headed to the showers with the other women I played with and as soon as we reached the showers the women started to strip off their clothes. Well, I could see there were all sorts of bodies around me. There must have been at least 30 women in the showers and in the dressing section and a quick survey showed me almost all of them retained their pubic bushes! Admittedly some of them were trimmed back a bit making them more triangular but the majority was just wild hairy bushes. I had my shower and knew I had one of my answers.

As I sat down beginning the dressing routine I groaned and told my golf partner I had stretched myself a bit today and probably should have a massage. She told me the in-house massage room was available but there was only a female doing the massaging today and she winked at me and said, “Can you wait for tomorrow – Ben will be back here then!” I snapped up the opportunity to ask more questions. I started off by asking if she would help me with some answers to my questions and she agreed without hesitation. Yes, she always stripped off all of her clothes and walked into the massage room (and Ben) naked although she always carried a towel in case she accidentally bumped into someone she knew. She told me Ben always starts the massage with a sheet over her but soon gets rid of that and then she is naked as he massages her body. She also told me I was worrying about nothing at all but I should make it clear to Ben what sort of massage I wanted before he started as he would always want to know what he needed for the massage. I thought all massages would be the same so I asked what could be different? She said, with a twinkle in her eyes, that it depended on how far the massage was to go. She always made sure she got off at least once and many times she had gone for the whole works!

I was busting to ask what the whole works was all about but didn’t dare. I thanked her and continued dressing and did some careful thinking on the way home. Terry wasn’t home when I arrived so I immediately rang the golf club and asked for a booking with Ben for tomorrow morning. The receptionist asked me if I wanted a private massage or would I prefer the group massage. Of course I told her I wanted the private massage and now I had cooked my goose – so to speak – and unless I actually cancelled the appointment, I was committed to attend my first massage.

Next morning I shaved my legs all the way up to my thighs and also shaved my underarms and then I showered and prettied myself up ready for this massage. I figured if I had the massage first I would then know what I could and couldn’t tell Terry when I had the massage he wanted me to have. I reckoned I was looking pretty good and slipped on a golfing shirt (this has the club insignia on it and also it is a bit thick so I could go without my bra and no one would notice) and golf skirt. I didn’t bother with golfing socks and shoes preferring to wear a slip-on sandal. Of course I wore my tiniest panties which barely covered my pussy and didn’t cover my pubic bush very much at all. I thought of trimming it along the sides but finally thought I would leave it as it was! Now I am ready to have my first massage.

When I checked in at the counter I was given a towel and instructed to go to room 7 and wait there for Ben. I wanted to ask if I should get undressed while waiting but didn’t want to make it look as though this was my first massage so I wandered off to room 7. I thought 7 might be my lucky number – I hoped so. The room was very small, not much bigger than my pantry at home and it had two chairs as furniture as well as a couple of clothes hooks on the walls. It was painted in lovely pastel colors and looked a very comfortable room. There was a door opposite the one I entered through and presumed that was where the massage would take place. I waited for almost 10 minutes and was getting very fidgety and nervous wondering what would happen to me while I was in with Ben.

At last the second door opened and this gorgeous hunk of a man walked through and sat down beside me. He introduced himself as Ben and told me he would give me my massage today. He presumed it was my first massage – I guess I was so nervous – and told me to relax. He then asked what sort of massage I wanted and I blushed furiously but he smiled at me and said, “Today I will give you a full body massage and one bonus. If you make a second booking in a couple of days, mentioning the bonus, I will give you a second bonus and so on until you have 4 bonuses and then you get the real treatment!” I was still completely in the dark but agreed that would be the best and handed over my credit card. Ben told me to undress and come through to the massage room when I had all my clothes off. He wasn’t a bit shy but I made up for the both of us.

He left the room and closed the door so I started slipping off my clothes. Soon I was completely naked and, holding the towel in front of me, I knocked lightly on the door and then opened it and walked into this big room with the massage table right in the center. It was too late now so I had to go ahead with it. He was standing alongside the table and motioned for me to climb up onto the table. There was a small stool alongside the table and I tried to step up onto stool and then the table in one smooth movement but the towel got between me and the table and I stumbled but Ben caught me. He just took the towel away from me and told me he would see me naked while massaging me so I should forget my modesty and relax.

He laid me down on my belly and I was relieved to see a hole in the end of the table so I could place my face in there and not have my neck craning upwards. He didn’t cover me with a sheet and next I felt some warm oil pouring onto my back and shoulders. He was standing alongside me and began massaging my shoulders first and the relief was almost instant. I felt wonderful as he pushed and pulled my body and I wondered why I hadn’t done this before. He worked down my back until he came to my buttocks and then he massaged my bum cheeks but not touching me between my legs or bum crack at all. He then worked down my legs starting at my knees and reaching my ankles and feet. He made them feel very good and then started again at my knees and worked his way up my thighs. The higher he went the more turned on I became and I was starting to get nervous that I might have an orgasm and embarrass myself and Ben.

He was massaging the very tops of the insides of my thighs when he moved my legs apart so he had better access to the upper thighs. Oh, boy, I was very hot at this stage but bravely bit my lip and waited to see what he would do next. He didn’t touch my pussy but I knew he was looking right at it with my legs apart as they were.

When he had finished my upper thighs – both inside and out – he asked me to roll over on my back. This was when I became very embarrassed because I was now lying completely naked in front of him. He arranged a pillow for my head and then started with my ankles and worked his way up to my thighs. He left the inner thighs and worked on my hips and then my belly and Oh. No, he started massaging my breasts. I was really getting turned on now as he massaged my breasts and afterwards my nipples. I just love having my nipples played with and can cum, given the right circumstances, just from playing and sucking on my nipples. He moved away and concentrated on my shoulders and neck and I was feeling extremely good. I know lots of people have massages and I am sorry I am going into detail but this was a first for me and I have to tell it as it was.

Although he had massaged my belly it was, I realized, only from my navel upwards – he had not touched my lower belly nor my bush. Now he poured some more oil on my belly and I could feel it running down into my pubic hair and also slowly seeping through to my pussy. He began massaging my lower belly and I started to get very excited especially as he worked his way down until he was rubbing his hands through my pubic bush. Then, without any warning, he slipped his fingers right down onto my cunt lips and started massaging me there but he didn’t enter me. I didn’t know what to do and was blushing furiously but he continued to stroke me gradually moving up until he was playing with my clit! I was so worked up I started to cum almost straight away. I had my legs apart – this was my own doing – as he played with me. I had probably the biggest orgasm I have ever had from clitoral stimulation! I was gushing juices everywhere and my body was shaking with excitement. He continued to stroke me until I just had to stop him – I couldn’t stand it anymore! Ben then smiled at me and said, “Well, now you have received bonus No. 1. I will give you the second bonus on your next visit!” With that he leaned over my still shaking body and kissed me lightly on the lips and then left the room! It took me several minutes before I was able to climb down off the table and return to the dressing room! I had had my first massage and an orgasm (which wasn’t expected) and I felt really good!

Three days later I was back in the same dressing room undressing and waiting for Ben to come into the room and get me. The procedure was exactly the same. He massaged me completely and when he eventually reached my clit again his fingers produced an orgasm just about equal to the first the other day. I was still trembling when he moved up alongside me but still keeping his fingers on my clit and he reached over and took one of my nipples in his mouth! He rolled my nipple in his lips and then began sucking it – at the same time he was stroking my clit again! I was still turned on from the first orgasm but now this was building up to a tremendous orgasm. I could feel my body responding to his fingers and his mouth and then it hit me! This was without doubt the biggest orgasm I had ever had! My body shook and I didn’t know what to do with my hands and so I threw them around his neck and kept his mouth on my nipple! Once I stopped shaking he stood up and told me I had received bonus No. 2 and the third would be waiting for me at the next massage. With that he kissed me again and walked out of the room! It took me much longer to get down off the table and back to the dressing room but I managed.

For the third massage, in the following week, he massaged me much as before but this time he started with my feet with me lying on my back. He worked his way up my legs until he was playing with my cunt lips and my clit – this was almost straight away and I wasn’t ready for it! This time, however, he pushed his fingers inside my cunt and started massaging me in there. This is a very erotic area for me and I came very quickly but he continued to play with my clit with his other hand keeping the first inside my cunt! I was in heaven. He then proceeded with the normal massage with me lying on my belly and it was the same as the other times. This time, however, when he started massaging my breasts and sucking my nipples, he took my hand and moved it over the side of the table and placed it on his very hard cock which he must have removed from his shorts when I wasn’t looking. I had another man’s cock in my hand and he was sucking my nipples making me ever so excited. I stroked his cock because that was the natural thing to do as he continued to suck my nipples and play with my clit. I came again this time like the first – a huge orgasm. He then turned my head to the side nearest him and he moved up near my mouth and placed his cock against my lips for me to suck! I had never sucked another man’s cock – I rarely sucked Terry’s cock although I must admit I didn’t mind sucking his but I objected to having him cum in my mouth. Ben’s cock was much larger than Terry’s cock and he was gently moving it in and out of my mouth while he was stroking my clit. I was unable to control myself and started to cum again but just then, Ben started to shake and then shot a huge load of cum into my mouth! I was terrified I might bite him while I was having my orgasm but I didn’t and when I had swallowed all of his cum, he withdrew from my mouth, leaned over and kissed my nipples in turn and then kissed me hard on the lips. He then told me I was ready for the big bonus which would be ready with my next massage!

Disaster came for the next week – I was having my period and I really hated my body because it stopped me from having my next massage when I wanted it. I waited my time and then when I stopped bleeding I made the next appointment.

This massage was similar to the last with the exception that the table was lower than before – I had less difficulty getting up on it – and he started massaging my belly first. He had me on my back and he poured the oil into my navel and then massaged it down into my pubic hair and to my pussy lips. He played with me and quickly brought me to orgasm as he also sucked my nipples. This made me feel great. He then rolled me over and worked on my back. This time as he was massaging my upper thighs he played with my cunt lips and worked his fingers inside me and played with me there. I had spread my legs to help him. He didn’t touch my clit at all but he brought me off again just by rubbing his fingers inside my pussy. I was getting so used to having orgasms while on his table I sort of knew when the next one was coming. Once he had turned me over and massaged my whole front, including my breasts and clit bringing me off yet again, he told me I was ready for my Big Bonus!

I hadn’t noticed but he had taken his shorts off and was standing next to me with only his undershirt on. He moved to the end of the table between my legs and pulled me down the table until my butt was just resting on the edge. He then told me he wanted me to enjoy my Big Bonus and with that, he pulled my legs up in the air, spread them very widely and then moved up to me and pushing his very hard, long cock into my cunt! I was actually going to be fucked by another man! Well, fuck me he did! He pumped me and played with my nipples at the same time and then moved his fingers to my clit bringing me off several times while he was fucking me! I knew it was wrong to just lie there and be fucked but there wasn’t a force on earth which would make me stop now. He fucked me as I continued to cum and then he squeezed my breasts hard and quickened his strokes and shot his load of cum deep into my cunt! I had just been fucked by Ben and I loved every moment of it! Ben leaned over me and kept his cock in me as long as he could before it eventually softened and slipped out of me. He grinned at me and told me I could now start all over again and start to build up my bonus points until I had enough for another Big Bonus! He kissed me passionately and then left the room.

It took me a long while to get back to the dressing room. I had a cunt full of cum to deal with and my legs were so shaky I could hardly walk. I sat in the dressing room using up a large number of tissues to try to stop the flow of his cum out of me. I made it home and showered and cleaned myself up and gradually settled myself down enough to be normal when Terry returned home from work. I greeted his wearing only my thin housecoat and nothing else and once he was in the door, I slipped it off and told him I wanted him to fuck me right now! He did that and I was now fucked for the second time in the one day!

Massages became a very regular occurrence for me. I reached my Big Bonus reward exactly 10 times before I allowed myself to let Terry think he had talked me into having a massage. When he asked me for the millionth time to have a massage and tell him all about it, and I agreed, he nearly shit himself with excitement. He told me the masseur would probably fuck me and I was to tell him all about it. I made sure I was only on my first bonus point when I had this massage for Terry. I was able to come home and tell him exactly what Ben had done to me – Terry became very excited when he learned Ben had sucked my nipples and played with my clit. He was, however, bitterly disappointed Ben hadn’t fucked me!

I went back and used up my bonus points with Ben but only told Terry he had played with me and made me cum. I also asked Terry if he really wanted me to be fucked by another man and when he told me he did, I took it upon myself to ask Ben if I could use my Big Bonus points, due next massage, at my home. I explained to Ben that my stupid husband wanted to see me fucked by another man and this was one way we could do it! Ben willingly agreed to come to our home but I agreed to give him a big cash bonus for helping me out! I arranged for the massage to be on a Sunday afternoon when Ben wasn’t normally working and this suited Terry too.

Everything was arranged. Ben was to bring his portable table and would be at our home at 3.00pm and everything was in readiness at home. I had shaved my underarms and legs while Terry was watching and he badly wanted to fuck me while I was naked and getting ready. I told him this wasn’t his turn and I might never fuck him again if something went wrong today so he had better behave himself – he knew he could watch but he couldn’t interfere with Ben or myself otherwise it was all off! Poor Terry had such a hard cock all the time I was getting ready I almost sucked him off to give him some relief but thought better of it and made him suffer. I also made him suffer more by walking around the house naked once I had showered while waiting for 3.00pm to come around. Terry thought this was the first time I would be fucked by Ben and he was terribly excited – I wonder what he would be like if he knew Ben had already fucked me 10 times and made me cum hundreds of times through playing with me. Just before 3.00pm. I slipped on my housecoat and sat waiting for Ben. I didn’t do up my housecoat and Terry couldn’t keep his eyes off my naked body as I sat there.

Ben arrived right on time and greeted Terry with a hearty handshake. Terry was very nervous but he carried out his part very well and didn’t say anything out of turn. He simply sat in the corner of our sunroom which is bright and airy while Ben set up his table. When he was ready, I slipped off my housecoat and walked naked over to the massage table. I made it look as thought I wasn’t very familiar with what I had to do and Ben helped me up onto the table. He laid me down on my belly and then walked over to Terry and said, “I understand you want to watch as I give your wife a massage and I also understand you want me to go a lot further than only a massage. I need your formal permission to do this so I want you to read this document I have prepared and if you are agreeable, please sign it! Terry scanned quickly through the paper and then signed it and handed it back to Ben. I doubt there would have been any reason Terry wouldn’t have signed the paper with me lying naked on the table waiting for him to sign.

Ben poured his oil on my back and massaged me as he had done lots of times before. When he started to work up between my legs he slipped his fingers into my cunt and I started to get very worked up and Terry could see what was happening but he didn’t say anything. Ben brought me to orgasm and I looked over at Terry and he was smiling like a kid with a new toy! Ben then rolled me over on my back and Terry had a good view of me lying naked on the table with this man running his hands over my body. Ben started with my feet and massaged my legs and then my thighs and soon played with my clit and cunt lips and I had another orgasm. Again I glanced at Terry and he was playing with his cock through his pants. Ben now moved up and started with my shoulders and then down to my breasts and he massaged them and my nipples before he started sucking my nipples, playing with my clit and again he brought me to orgasm.

I knew from experience what was coming next and I looked over at Terry but he was very absorbed with his thought and his own cock and didn’t look at my face – he was looking at my pubic area. Just before Ben pulled me down along the table, as I knew he would, preparatory to fucking me, he turned to Terry and asked him if he was completely sure he wanted him to do this. Terry was shaking and quickly said yes! Ben grabbed my ankles and pulled me down along the table (as he had done many times before) until my butt was at the edge of the table. He then spread my legs, mainly for Terry’s sake because he was watching so intently. He then moved forward as he pulled his hard cock out of his shorts and pushed it into my cunt! Again I looked over at Terry and saw he had his cock out now and was jerking it furiously as Ben was fucking me! Ben certainly took his time fucking me and he had been pumping into me for several minutes when we heard a groan as Terry shot his load of cum up into the air and landed a couple of feet in front of him. The only sound we heard from Terry while I was being fucked was him asking me if it was alright to have Ben fucking me without a condom. I just smiled at Terry and told him this was what he wanted and this was what he was getting.

Ben fucked me for a long time – much longer than he normally fucked me at the club – and I came a number of times as he pistoned himself into me. At last I knew he was starting to cum so I started groaning so I could attract Terry’s attention. He watched intently as I came again as Ben shot his considerable load deep into my cunt! Terry came a second time as Ben shot into me.

Once Ben had withdrawn and was packing up Terry walked over to him and shook his hand and thanked him for giving me such a good fucking and then, to my amazement, he handed Ben $500 for his trouble. I had already paid Ben his bonus and when he turned to me I waved him off and said he had done a very good job and had earned Terry’s money.

Terry was beside himself looking at my well fucked body. He took particular notice as Ben’s cum was starting to run down my legs as I walked about naked long after Ben had left. Terry even knelt down in front of me to look at the lines of cum running down my legs but I didn’t do anything to clean up wanting to allow Terry to see how much Ben had pumped into me. I told Terry there would never be another session like we had just had! I would never fuck another man for him to watch no matter how much he begged me. He had had his fun at my expense (I just loved it) and I wouldn’t do it again, ever!

Ben left, never to come back to our home again, but both Ben and I knew I would be back at the club next week for my next massage. I just couldn’t build up my bonus points quickly enough for my liking. Ben and I continued this program for the next two years before he was transferred to another clinic in another city. I am pleased to say that once Ben had fucked me at home, he abandoned the points system and gave me the Big Bonus treatment every time! I just love massages!

Back Seat Oral

It was close to 5 PM one November evening when Isabel called me to invite me out for drinks. We worked together and had been seeing each other for awhile. With her lovely, slightly-accented voice she suggested something more than cocktails and hors-d-oeuvres. We left work together and, getting in our cars, headed to Shirlington, where there was a pleasant tapas bar. The bar was her choice because it was midway between my house and hers.

Isabel was 40, but didn’t appear to be middle-aged. It helped that she was Cuban; her Latin ancestry gave her lovely olive skin, dark eyes and beautiful, lustrous dark brown hair with hints of red. She had a trim figure with a perfect ass and full breasts. Live every other Latina I met, she loved sex. If there was one complaint that I had with Isabel, it was that she was married. She had recently filed for divorce. Still, I was fucking a married woman. “Not the first time”, I thought.

We got to the restaurant, Toro, and ordered a pitcher of Sangria and tapas. Isabel work a demure black dress, hose and heels. Her figure contrasted with the conservative dress and as we consumed more wine talking about each other and how our day had been. Our eyes remained in contact as we touched each other every chance we could. It was clear to me that Isabel wanted something more than what was on the menu.

We decided to walk around the Village in Shirlington to window shop. It had gotten much colder, though, and not wanting to drink anymore but with our respective residences far away, we decided to get into my vehicle and talk for awhile. Sex was on her mind.

The first time we fucked, Isabel asked me if I liked to watch porn. “Of course”, I said. “I’m a guy.” I asked her if she did as well, to which she replied “yes.” What she like the most was watching a man come. She liked the sight, feel, and taste of a man coming and she said she could watch a guy coming over and over. I thought about that as we climbed into my vehicle.

I started up the engine and turned on the heater. We began kissing, slowly and unhurried. Isabel reached down and, opening my overcoat, she began to massage my cock through the fabric of my trousers. I reached into her coat and ran my hand leisurely, yet deliberately, down the side of her face, to her neck and then breasts, past her stomach to her waist, and then around to her round, shapely ass. We embraced and kissed passionately for minutes. After ten or so minutes, the temperature in the cabin of my vehicle had risen appreciably.

The problem we had was that we were in the parking lot across from the Village, and as cold as it was, there were a lot of Holiday shoppers in the area. Moving my hand over to Isabel’s knee and slowly up her inner thighs I lightly stroked her leg and suggested that we drive around and find a more secluded spot.

We drove around the neighborhood, but could find no dark, vacant streets or lots available. Finally, we saw condos on the left. We pulled into the parking lot at Heatherlea condominiums and parked. It was dark and after 8 PM, but people were still coming home. There were condo buildings on all three sides of us, with the condo offices in front of us. The only cover we had were the darkness, the tinted windows of my vehicle, and some scrawny trees in front of us. I motioned to Isabel that we should move to the back seat. She agreed. Not wanting to open the doors and let out any of the heat trapped in the cabin, we carefully climbed over the front seats to the back seat. Stripping off our coats, we began kissing again.

I pulled her tight against me, feeling her perfectly proportioned breasts straining at the fabric of her dress and black lacy bra. I slid my hand under her dress, along the outer thigh until I found the elastic band of her pantyhose. Knowing Isabel’s predilections, I wanted to do this right: hot and tawdry. Firmly and deliberately, I pulled her pantyhose down. Isabel lifted her ass off of the back seat so that I could pull the hose down around her ass. Without breaking lips, I continued kissing her as pulled the pantyhose down until they were at her knees. Then, I hiked her dress up to her waist. I wanted to be assured of a compromising position for Isabel if we were caught. I knew that she would want it that way.

Isabel had been working my cock through my pants. Now, she unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out through my boxers. I looked down at my cock and saw pre-cum oozing out. I gave her another deep kiss and then reached down and gathered up the pre-cum with my finger. I looked Isabel in the eyes as she sucked the pre-cum off my finger.

“Do you think I’m naughty?” she asked.

“Yes,” I said. “You are naught and I only see naughty girls”. 

“Am I a slut?”

“Yes, Isabel. You are a slut and you are going to suck my cock here in this parking lot, aren’t you?”

She began to answer as I guided her head down to my crotch, the words “Yes I will” garbled as she licked the shaft of my cock up and down, occasionally stopping to lick the pre-cum off of the tip of my cock. I slid my fingers into her black silk panties and, running my fingers over her beautifully trimmed landing strip, found her clit and pussy lips. She was wet and her inner thighs were damp.

Isabel wanted to get at my balls, so I unfastened my pants and slid them down. She went lower, working my balls with her tongue and lips. Fingering her pussy, I watched men and women returning from work or shopping, going into their condos, oblivious to our presence. I had had just enough Sangria that my inhibitions were gone, but the sensations in my cock were not dulled. I alternated between working two fingers into Isabel’s tight, wet cunt and flicking her clit. Isabel by now was sucking my cock furiously, alternating licking, sucking, and stroking the shaft. It was slick with saliva and pre-cum.

In her coquettish voice, she asked “What do you think of me?”

“What do you mean?” I asked, knowing what she meant, but wanting her to say it.

“Am I a bad girl? Am I a slut?”

“Yes.” I replied.

“Then tell me what a bad girl I am” Isabel asked.”

“You are a very bad, bad girl. You’re sucking off a man in the backseat, in a parking lot. Eres una puta cubana, y sabes, eres mi puta.” Her garbled moans, as swallowed my cock whole suggested her approval.

A car drove by behind us slowly and with little concern, I watched it pass. “Oh god yes, Isabel. It feels so good, you sucking my cock. Oh god. . .it’s not your husband’s, Isabel, is it? You’ve got another man’s cock in your mouth and he’s got your skirt up and panties down and he fingering your pussy.” 

She liked what she heard. Her pussy got wetter, her hips were moving against my hand in rhythm to my efforts and she was working my cock even harder. I could feel the sweat and her saliva running down past my balls and onto the backseat. Isabel’s pussy was soaking wet and the rhythmic fingering of her pussy was loud, but not as loud as the slurping from her mouth.

Stroking my cock, applying just the right amount of pressure, Isabel locked eyes with me and begged me to tell her what a slut she was. “Oh my god, Isabel. You are a slut, you’re a dirty little whore in the back of car sucking cock. You’re a dirty little cocksucker. Now, make me cum in your mouth. Yeah, that’s it. Make me come. Yes, yes, yes!”

I couldn’t last much longer. I thought about her as I reached down to feel her face, her lips, and my slippery cock thrusting in and out of her mouth. The windows had completely fogged over and the cabin was humid, with the smell of my pre-cum and her pussy permeating the air. I thought about other women who had sucked me, mostly Claire, my ex-wife and another cubana who loved sucking cock. I thought about all the times she had sucked me off in this vehicle and I wondered if Isabel liked to swallow as much as she did. And with that, I lost it. My jism erupted in spurts, nearly choking Isabel, who pulled off of my cock when she thought I was done. One last spurt caught her in the eye causing some consternation. I didn’t care, though. I’d just gotten sucked off and nothing else really mattered.

After a few minutes, she straightened out her clothes, pulling her panties up and then her pantyhose. Isabel put her head on my shoulder and I kissed her gently on the forehead. She responded warmly with a deep kiss. We drove back to the tapas bar and I dropped her off at her car.

Bus Ride

What I thought was going to be a little bit of innocent groping on the bus turned out to be much more. But then you never know when these magical moments might arrive, so you must act on every one as if it might turn into something extraordinary.

I was on the number 5 bus, heading home from work. The number 5 is always crowded at that time of day. Business men take it from downtown to the fancier parts of town where they can retreat into their houses, take off their ties, and unwind from the day. Today was no different, and the bus was packed so tightly that my body was pressed up against several other people.

The bus driver stopped at the last stop on the way out of the financial district and I groaned, looking at the bus stop and wondering how any of those people would fit into the crowded bus. But the doors opened and a few more people managed to press into the crowd, one of them being a young girl that did not belong on that bus.

She looked like a college student, young and innocent, and not at all like a business woman. Maybe 19 or 20, she had long, messy brown hair, and wore a scrap of short blue shorts that barely covered the round firmness of her ass, and a sheer tank top that clearly showed her pert breasts, and the fact that she was not wearing any sort of bra. She was cute, in the way that all young coeds tend to be, and I found myself staring without restraint into her cleavage, as she stared straight ahead into the chest of another man.

As I have said, the bus was very crowded, and I noticed that it was all men my age pressed in next to this cute young thing, my age being 35. We were so closely packed together that nothing below our briefcases could really be noticed. That thought popped into my mind about the same time as the desire to feel her round, surely firm ass. I must admit that I have been known, or rather unknown, to take certain opportunities to brush up against women on the bus before, playing it off as an accident as I graze their chest with my forearm or their behind with my fingertips. I get a certain rush from them being uncertain as to whether or not my touch was actually an accident. But this time was slightly different. I decided that I wanted her to be sure that I was doing it on purpose. I figured that she would glare at me with distaste and I would remove my hand, but doubted that she would make much of a commotion.

Hesitating only for a moment, I reached my hand forward and placed it solidly on the roundness of her ass. I gave it a little squeeze, rewarded by the confirmation that it was as firm as I had imagined it, and then left my hand squarely where it was.

She tensed at my touch, and turned her head to see whose hand was violating her space. She scanned the faces of the men behind her, and then settled her dark green eyes on my gentle smirk.

Here it comes, I thought, She is going to tell me off…

But to my utter surprise and amazement she just smiled, her lips looking full and pouty, then turned around again.

I could not believe my luck. This girl was a little slut, giving me permission to grope her in public. I was not about to waste the invitation, and wanted to see how far I could go before she would make me stop.

I slid my hand down her ass to her exposed thighs. Her shorts were very short, and lose, so there was not much fabric to cover before I reached the warmth of her flesh. Her skin was hot to the touch, and smooth. I reached my fingers up under her shorts, revealing the curve of her ass to my hand. Again, surprising me, the girl shifted her weight, moving her feet apart and allowing me access to the sweet spot between her legs. I wasted no time and soon my fingers found that she was not wearing underwear beneath her shorts, and she was already sopping wet. I plunged a finger into her tight pussy and began to slowly pump her.

Of course the motion of my hand was not something that could go as easily unnoticed as an innocent placement on her ass. The man next to me felt the flexing of my forearm and looked down to see what I was doing. His jaw dropped in surprise when he saw that I was fingering this young hottie. He looked around the bus to see if anyone else had noticed yet, but no one had.

He watched for a bit before giving me a wink and motioning for me to let him give her a try. I couldn’t think of a reason why not. After all, she was not my slut. So I removed my hand and allowed him access.

She immediately felt the difference in stroke and turned around to see who was fingering her now. She seemed satisfied when she saw who it was, but her sharp motion had attracted some attention, and now all of the men that were surrounding her were aware of what was going on.

None of them stopped us though.

Freed from having to hide what I was doing I reached my hand around to the front of the girl and plunged it down into her shorts. While the man next to me fingered her hole from behind I found the nub of her clit with my finger and began to work it fiercely. This caused her breathing to accelerate and she began to moan. In order to silence herself she reached her head forward and began to kiss the unsuspecting man in front of her. He complied without complaint.

By now she was writhing and her nipples were straining against the soft fabric of her top. I wanted so badly to reach up and pinch them, but hesitated to release my hand from its prime spot atop her pussy. I nodded to a young man, watching with shock on his face.

He reached out and grabbed a tit, squeezing it roughly and causing her to moan, kissing the man in front of her harder. This reaction was not enough for the young man and he pulled her shirt up over her breasts, revealing their round pertness and swollen pink nipples. He continued to massage her breast while the man on the other side of me reached down with his mouth and took her other nipple between his teeth.

By now what we were doing was obvious to the whole bus. Her moans were turning into cute screams of pleasure and I knew that she was about to orgasm. Men on the bus were staring openly, and hands drifted to rest near tents in trousers that were twitching. Some of the women were licking their lips, others had their heads turned away, but no one said anything.

The man that the girl had decided to kiss was not satisfied with his role, so he reached down and knocked the other man’s fingers out of the girl’s pussy. He was much faster and harder about fingering her, and the other man, being displaced, found the next available hole, the round tightness of her ass.

It did not take long before she came, with fingers working each hole and her clit, and both of her tits being roughly handled. She screamed without reservation and collapsed into the cradling of our hands. And it was good that it did not take long, because the bus stopped, and she extracted herself from our grip and made her way to the front, to a cheer of catcalls.

Of course, the bus didn’t know that they were cheering for me, the man who started it all. So I encourage you, the next time an opportunity presents itself to grope a young coed comes along, take it. You never know just how far those little sluts will let you go.

Rough Trade

We often visited the sauna where my wife and I would occasionally indulge in threesomes. My wife Cathy is a petite brunette. She is only 19 and although she had a very limited sex life before we married she has certainly made up for it since.

She prefers men who are well mannered and she can’t abide rowdy types and bad language. Knowing this about her made what happened the other night, such a shock. We were alone in the Jacuzzi at the sauna, when we could hear some loud-mouthed men in the next room. Their voices got louder as they were coming closer. They came down the passage that leads to the Jacuzzi.

They stopped by the Jacuzzi and it was obvious that they were eyeing Cathy up. Only being small, the water came up to her neck but her petite breasts were quite visible under the clear water. The men were whispering to each other and sniggering. They were obviously making crude remarks about my wife.

Then they must have come to the decision to join us in the Jacuzzi as they both removed their towels. I noticed Cathy straining to take a peek at their cocks.

As the men climbed into the Jacuzzi, I said to Cathy ‘Must be time for us to have a drink.’ Giving her the excuse for us to leave. But her reply really knocked me for six. ‘You go and have one, I don’t feel like one yet.’

What! I couldn’t take it in at first, she was telling me to go off into the other room and leave her here with these two obnoxious types. Stunned, I climbed out of the Jacuzzi and got my towel.

‘Are you sure you don’t want a drink?’ I once again asked.

‘No, I’m fine.’ She replied with a captivating smile. ‘I’ll just relax here for a while longer.’

While this conversation had been going on, the men had settled themselves down into the warm bubbly water, one almost facing Cathy and the other by her side. As I went off down the passage, I could hear the men start to engage Cathy in conversation. I turned and made my way back towards the Jacuzzi to see what, if anything, was happening. In the few seconds I had been away, one of the guys was standing and offering his cock to Cathy’s lips and the other guy was obviously feeling her sweet young tits. I was amazed to see her open her mouth and take his big dick inside. Even more surprising was the disgusting things he was saying to her and she didn’t seem to mind at all. Ordinarily she would complain or leave.

‘That’s it! Suck my dick you little slut!’

‘Lets take her to a private room and fuck this horny little bitch.’ The second guy said. The men got out of the Jacuzzi and lifted Cathy up as though she was a rag doll. One guy held her in his arms as though she was a baby. The other guy was rubbing her cunt. ‘You wanna’ get fucked slut?’

‘Yes,’ Cathy replied in an almost whisper.

‘What was that slut?’

‘Yes!’ Cathy almost screamed.

‘Yes what bitch?’

‘I want to get fucked!’ I couldn’t believe I was hearing this. Yes, we had indulged in group sex before but in a nice loving way. I had never seen my wife like this before. Wanting men of this rough type to ‘fuck her’.

They walked off down the passage that led to the private rooms. I crept along behind, it was turning me on to see my Cathy in this abandoned way with rough men. Along the way there were two black guys talking. They turned to look at Cathy and one of them said. ‘Wow! Lovely little fuck bag you’ve got there.’

‘You want some?’ asked the guy who was carrying Cathy.

‘No!’ Screamed Cathy. Seems she was wanting it rough but not quite that rough.

‘Don’t you want some black cock?’ The guy carrying Cathy asked.

‘No!’ Was all she said. The guy stood her down on the floor. She looked even smaller standing in between those 4 big guys.

The two black guys and the two white guys surrounded Cathy and started to maul her sweet young body. Pulling on her nipples and squeezing her tits. One guy was finger fucking her really fast. It didn’t take them long to get a reaction from her. Her lovely little body started to convulse in orgasm. He moans were getting louder and louder. ‘Oh! Ohhhhh! Yess, yesssss. Ohhhhhh, mmmmm!’

As this was happening, one of the black guys started to rub his big black dick across Cathy’s lips. She involuntary opened her mouth to give him use of it. He was not content with that, and grabbed her by the back of her head. Slowly and methodically, he shoved his big black dick inch by inch down my sweet young wife’s throat.

One of the white guys noticed that I was watching, he beckoned me over. As I walked closer, I could see the huge intrusion in Cathy’s throat. ‘Have a feel.’ He said as he took my hand and placed it on Cathy’s throat. I couldn’t believe it, it felt huge. How was she breathing? I could feel the cock moving up and down and the sensation was turning me on. My dick was rock hard. I could feel the cock as it started to extract itself from her throat. He held her head in his two big black hands and started to moan as he emptied his sponk into her willing mouth.

As he withdrew his cock, a strand of sponk stretched from her lips to the end of his cock. I felt a hand on the back of my head pushing me closer to Cathy.

‘I think you wife needs a kiss.’ He said as my mouth came into direct contact with Cathy’s sponky lips. I couldn’t help myself, I stuck my tongue inside her mouth and scooped out loads of sponk and swallowed it all down.

‘Seems we’ve got two sponk junkies here.’ Someone said and they all laughed.

‘We’re going to fuck this little bitch.’ Said the other black guy. ‘You wanna’ watch.’ Without another word, Cathy was whisked off to one of the rooms. I stood there dazed for a few moments. By the time I realised that they had all gone into the room, the door was locked. I had to sit on the floor outside and listen to my sweet young Cathy being brutally fucked. By her screams and moans of pleasure, she was obviously enjoying this new rough type of sex.

Some other men had gathered around the door listening to the wonderful cries of my darling Cathy.

‘Your wife getting fucked in there?’ one man asked.

‘Getting herself some black dick.’ Another one said

‘How many are there?’ another queried. They were having a conversation between themselves.

‘Think we can get a go at the slut?’ the first one ventured.

‘Better ask her husband.’

‘I don’t think it’s anything to do with him.’ One of them said laughing. ‘Seems she has been taken over, we’ll have to see if there is anything left worth having when they’ve finished ploughing her insides with their big cocks.’

Listening to the things they were saying was turning me on even more than listening to Cathy squeals. I was now openly wanking my dick as I sat on the floor surrounded by these strange men who were also wanking on their dicks.

‘Perhaps we won’t have to wait.’ One of them said as he brought his dick to my lips. I was almost out of my head with lust at that moment and didn’t hesitate to suck his dick. They kept their talk going about my ‘slut wife’ and ‘all the dick she was getting’ and how she must be a ‘sponk queen’.

I sucked them all and when they shot their sponk into my mouth, I swallowed it all.

Eventually the door opened and I was dragged inside. They lifted me up and placed me face first between Cathy thighs. I buried my face into a swamp of sponk and cunt juice and slurped away until I had cleaned her lovely young cunt.

She was lifted up and carried out of the room.

‘We’ll bring her home tomorrow.’ Said one of the black guys. ‘We have some friends who would like the use of this little slut tonight.’

That was the start of our new way of life. After that we would go to pubs by the docks or clubs in black areas, anywhere were we could both get used roughly.

Fuck The Teacher

Amy Carter was the new English teacher at Piedmont High. She was very young and very attractive. She was the hottest teacher in school. All of the guys would drool after her. Rumors swirled around the school that she was screwing every guy there from the principal to all of the football team. Eve though those rumors were untrue, Amy loved the attention. Valentine’s Day started an eventful experience for Ms. Carter.

Amy walked into her room that morning, and saw two dozen roses sitting on her desk. There were no cards indicating who they were from. The roses looked and smelled wonderful. She asked around all day, but no one knew about the mystery roses.

Amy thought and thought all weekend, “Who sent me those roses?”

Monday morning, she walked into her room, and a giant white teddy bear, with a red stomach and nose was sitting on her desk. Once again, there was no indication to who it was from. Once again, no one knew who sent it.

This went on all week. Every morning, flowers, candy, expensive perfumes, and such would all be waiting on her in her room. Friday, there was a heart shaped box of chocolates on her desk. She spent the whole weekend devouring them. When she finished them, there was an envelope in the bottom of the box. She opened them, there were several pictures in them. The first picture was fuzzy to make out, but it looked like a woman’s pussy! She looked at the next one, it was a little bit more clear, it was woman’s pussy! Was her secret admirer a woman? The next picture was of a pair of legs, the next was of the upper body. “Who ever this person was, she has big breasts,” Amy noted. The next few pictures were of the hair and face. It wasn’t until the last picture, that she knew who this person was. She was lying on her back nude, using a vibrator on herself. It was Harley, The girl in her Senior English Lit. class, and barely 18 years old! She was in shock! At the same time she was something else, but she was to shocked to admit it to herself. She didn’t know why, but she kept looking through all the pictures several times. She stopped when she felt “dirty.”

Amy took a shower and wet to bed. That night she dreamed of Harley. She woke up the next morning like she hadn’t slept at all, she felt like shit. She went to school. There were the roses, three dozen this time. These had cards from Harley expressing her love for her teacher. All through her first class, Amy tried not to make eye contact with Harley. She wasn’t a lesbian, and even if she was, she couldn’t carry on an affair with her student. The day as restless, but Amy was glad it was over at two o’clock. She was sitting at her desk reading a magazine. She heard a knock on the door. She told them to come in. It was Harley.

“Hi Ms. Carter.”

“Hi. What can I do for you?”

Amy noticed how Harley was dressed. She was wearing a short plaid skirt and a see through blouse, and if she wasn’t mistaken, she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“It’s not what you can do for me, it’s what I can do for you.”

“Harley I-”

“You look so tense, let me help you.”

Harley walked behind her teacher and began to give her a massage on her shoulders. Amy melted. The massage felt so good. Harley had a very good touch. Amy woke up when she felt her kissing her neck.

“Harley stop. We can’t-”

“Can’t what? I can’t make you feel good again? I can’t worship your body?”

Harley’s hands traveled down Amy’s blouse. She rubbed her breasts. Amy was melting even more. Harley spun her around in her chair.

“You want me to strip for you Amy?”

Harley took off her blouse, freeing her breasts. Amy couldn’t take her eyes of her big fat nipples. Harley rubbed herself asking:

“I bet you want to wrap your lips around these, don’t you?”

Amy couldn’t explain it, but she did want to suck those tits. Amy was swaying her hips when she lifted her skirt to indicate that she wasn’t wearing panties. Her pussy was shaven and wet.

“You will in due time.”

Harley got on her knees, and stuck her hands under Amy’s skirt, and removed her panties. She stuck her head under her skirt, and began to eat out her pussy. Harley was going to town on her teacher’s pussy. Amy was enjoying the tongue lashing her pussy was getting. She was moaning louder and louder, on the brink of an orgasm, when she heard the intercom, it was the Principal.

“Ms. Carter? Your two thirty parent teacher meeting is here.”

“Oh! What? Uh okay.”

Amy had forgotten all about the meeting she was going to have with Roger Stewart’s parents. She was caught in a trap. Harley motioned that she would get under her desk. She took their clothes with her. The parents came in the room, and Amy tried to have an intelligent conversation with them about their son’s grade. It was tough because Harley didn’t have enough of her pussy the first time. She started eating her pussy again. Harley stifled her moans as best she could. When she couldn’t, she would claim she was feeling sick. If only that boy’s parents would have known that Amy came twice while she was talking with her.

Just as soon as they left, Harley got out of her hiding place fully clothed, or as clothed as she was when she first came in. She kissed her teacher on the lips. Amy tasted her cum on her student’s lips. Harley walked out of the classroom, and left her teacher in a sexual mess.

Amy collected herself, and tried to find her panties. She couldn’t. She left for her apartment. She got to her apartment, and was shocked to find her door was unlocked. She opened the door and nearly fainted when she saw Harley sitting on her couch in her panties that she couldn’t find in her room.

“How did you get in here?”

“I told your landlord that you were tutoring me.”

“We have to talk.”

“No! We have to fuck!”

Harley walked to her teacher and laid a kiss on her that would have melted her elastic in her panties, if she was wearing them. Harley took off the panties.

“Amy, let me help you get nude.”

Harley unbuttoned and removed Amy’s blouse. Then she freed her titties from her prison like bra. She helped her out of her skirt, panty hose, and high heels. Harley let her tongue travel up and down Amy’s legs. Harley got back on her feet, an kissed her again on the lips.

The kiss was long and hard. Harley let her lips, mouth and tongue travel down to her breasts. She worshipped them for the longest. But she had to stop, she wanted to taste her prize again.

She rammed her tongue deep into Amy’s pussy. She quickly found her large clit and licked, sucked, and pulled on it. Amy was so sexually excited that she began squirting cum all over Harley. Then without much warning, cum was exploding out of her pussy like the “lava bombs” in the movie Volcano.

When Amy calmed down, she wanted to give Harley the same pleasure. The girls kissed again. Amy hoped that Harley’s pussy tasted as good as her’s did. Amy sucked on Harley’s big fat nipples. Harley was encouraging her lover to go for the gold and eat her pussy.

Amy did, and her inexperienced tongue went crazy on her pussy. Harley noticed that Amy’s licks were a bit different than most, but she was still taking her to the big O.

When Harley came, she covered Amy’s entire face with cum. Some had even dripped down on her breasts. Amy was like a hungry wolf. Harley had to beg her to stop, or she might not ever cum again. Amy had brought her student to at least eight orgasms in a row!

When Amy came back down from her high, she reached into her book bag and pulled out a strapon dildo. She lubed it up with her own cum and put it on. She laid down beside her.

“Amy? I want you. I know I might have sort of freaked you out, but ever since the first day I saw you, I needed you. I needed to fuck you. But if you want to quit, we will, and I promise I’ll keep this between us.”

Amy grabbed Harley, and kissed her.

“No one has ever treated me the way you have this last week or so. Fuck me Harley.”

Amy spread her legs as Harley positioned herself and her eight inch cock over her new lover. She slowly inserted it in her pussy, and Amy moaned loudly.

“Oh, I didn’t hurt you did I?”

“No keep going. Fuck me!!!”

Harley inserted her dick deep into Amy until she swallowed it all up. She slowly and sensuously began fucking her. Amy rode her slowly, but within minutes, they were one big sexual fuck festival. Amy came just as many times as she made Harley, and she was begging for mercy. Harley stopped and pulled her dildo out of her. She took it off, and handed it to Amy. Amy licked her cum off of the dildo while Harley worshipped her body.

The girls shared a bath together. and found out a little more about each other.

“So was that your first time Har?”

“Believe it or not, yes it was. I guess I was so good because of all the practice I got fantasizing about you.” What about you?”

“I was with one guy during college, but you were the first woman I have ever been with, and you were the best.”

“So what are we going to do about us? I know we took a risk at school today, but I’m pretty sure we can’t do that every day.”

“Well, we may occasionally take a risk, just for the excitement of it, but let’s just do this: During school, we will be teacher and student, but after school I’m yours however you want, and your mine however I want. Okay?”

“Okay.! Amy, I love you!”

“I love you too.”

The two shared a kiss and enjoyed their bath.

Just as was promised, Amy and Harley lead a teacher and student existence during school hours. But after hours, it was anything goes! Harley graduated from high school and move in with Amy soon after. She went to college real close so she could stay with Amy. To this day, five years later, the sex is still good, and the two are just as in love. In a couple of years, Harley hopes to be a coworker with her lover. And they are living Happily Ever After.

Bachelor Party Fuck Up

Ever think you have the perfect ideal to take care of a problem. You know one of those ideals that makes perfect sense in you head, but when you go through with it falls apart or worst it fucks everything up. Boy did I have one of those. Here is how it all went down.

It was the weekend before Rob, my cousin’s bachelor party, Katie the bride to be and my best friend, found out about the plans by read an email detailing the plans and came to me.

The email talked about how my brother Tim was going get some his buddies and Rob’s buddies together and take Rob out for happy hour and hit a few bars to get Rob drunk, then to go to a strip club before heading back to Tim’s apartment where another stripper would show up.

Katie thought it was strange that they would hire a stripper to go to Tim’s apartment after coming from a strip club. Not understanding that she came to me asking me, why not just stay there?

That’s when I told her that knowing Tim, he had hired the stripper to fuck Rob and taking him to the strip club is just to get him drunk and horny. My brother is a big jerk. He thinks life is too short to be tied to only one piece of ass. So I was sure Tim wanted to give our cousin Rob one last taste of another woman before he was tied to Katie.

Katie got so angry and scared at that thought and wanted to tell Rob he couldn’t go. I told her that would only cause problems and problems like that were not the why to start a marriage.

So I came up with an idea to ruin their plans and told her not to worry I fix my brother and his friends. Or so I thought.

Since the email had the name of the stripper and her number, I call the day of the party and canceled the party with her. Then I called my brother disguised my voice and left a message on his answering machine telling him Maria was sick but Amber would be there to take care of the groom.

My plan was to go to the party and start to strip and when I got down to my black lace bra and panties. I would get down on my knees in front of Rob and then tell him I wanted to give him a blowjob. Then I pretend to get sick and run into the bathroom, then after making sound like I was throwing up I would leave. After the guys left I’d go back and bust my brother then I’d give him hell.

The night of Rob’s bachelor party I showed up to Tim’s apartment in disguise. Neither my brother nor my cousin had seen me since I had dyed my hair platinum blond, so blond it was almost white. Plus I never hung out with Tim or his friends so I felt pretty safe. I also wore a lot of make-up, much more than usual and put in colored contacts. I though, there was no way that they recognize could me.

Plus I knew the guys were not there to look at my face but at my body. So I knew that the black velvet push up bra and match thong panties, plus garter belt and fish net stocks would have their attention as soon as I slip off the skin tight dress.

It was 11:30 when I arrived and as my brother, Tim let me in. he looked at me funny and asked me to turn around. Then he squeezed me ass as he commented how hot I was and the other guys quickly made similar comments. My cousin, Rob was sitting on a chair and looked so wasted. They were so drunk I now felt more comfortable that they wouldn’t recognize me. The guys were all horny and drunk and were eager for me to start stripping right away.

I started to dance for them as soon as they turned on the music. Want to get this over with. I danced as sexy as I could, grinding my hips, shaking my ass, touching and squeezing my breasts, as I slowly removed my dress. As I did I found I was actually getting wet and I was becoming very turned on stripping in front this guys , even though my own brother, and my cousin were there.

Feeling brave I turned around and wiggled my ass in front of guys. Then one of the guys made a comment about the butterfly tattoo on my ass check. I spun around quickly and looked at my brother, remembering he had once seen my tattoo, fearful he had recognized me. But he didn’t have a look on his face like my butterfly had registered with him. Then I thought there had to be a lot on strippers with butterfly tattoos on the asses or lower back or other place.

I started getting back into it and put my foot between Tim’s black friend, Sal’s legs and allowed him to remove the fishnet stocking from that leg. He caressed my leg but I smacked his hand when he tried to rub my crotch. When the stocking was off I wrapped it around his neck like a scarf.

Then I move over to Kevin and repeated that with my other leg. Tim came over and gave me a slap on the ass, which caught me by surprise. I ordered him to his seat and tied the other stocking around his neck and lead him back to his seat. Like the dog he was.

Then they started telling me to take off my bra, I thought I better end this so I danced over toward Rob.

Then Rob’s friend Darren was behind me and Sal stood in front of me. They sandwiched me and began grinding into me. Darren unlatched my bra and Sal quickly removed it. I was startled and didn’t know how to react as the other guys watching including Tim cheered. Both Darren and Sal started fondling my tits and before I could react Darren turned my head around so he could kiss me while Sal began to suck on my tits. I felt Darren’s hard cock pressed against my ass and honestly I was so very turned on, but when I felt one of their hands slide in my panties and begin to rub my pussy I stopped them.

The only thing I could think to say was that I wanted to suck the groom’s cock now.

Sal and Darren obliged but not before my panties were around my ankles. I was kind of embarrassed that I was naked in front of own brother, my cousin and their friends even if they didn’t know it was me. I stepped out of my panties and headed over to Rob naked. I tried to look cool and sexy but I was a little flustered by what just happened.

As I approached Rob knelt down between his legs and he unbuttoned his pants. I looked up into his face, a little disappointed that he would go through with this. He pulled out his semi-hard cock and began stroking his cock it quickly got fully hard.

As I thought now was the time to pretend to get sick, I felt my pussy being penetrated.

I gasped, as I did Rob put his hands on my head and pushed it to his cock. I didn’t know who was behind me, but they had their hands on my hips and their rock-hard cock buried deep in my pussy. The cock felt bigger than what I was use to and I let out a moan as his cock slide in me. One of his friends watching shouted encouragement to Darren and to know who was fucking me got me very hot.

My cousin’s cock was now in my mouth. At this point I was so terrified, but there was no going back now. Darren was fucking me deep and fast. My pussy was so wet. I couldn’t believe how good it felt and began to suck on my cousin’s cock while the other five watched and cheered.

Suddenly Darren began pumping his cum in my pussy and I was surprised because he hadn’t been fucking me long. I was never so glad I was on the pill as I was at that moment. He didn’t stop fucking even after he finished blowing his load inside me though. He just fucked me faster for another five minutes or so until he removed his cock from my cunt and I felt his hot cum shoot onto my ass.

After Darren had cum for a second time he got up and another hard cock immediately slide in my pussy. John was now fucking me right where Darren left off very hard and fast. I was still sucking my brother’s cock. Darren had me on the verge of an orgasm and John put me over the top.

Right before I knew I was about to cum I stopped sucking my cousin’s cock and placed my hands on his thighs and hung my head between his legs. I braced myself, trying to resist the orgasm, but to no avail. My body was overwhelmed by the intensity of a huge orgasm. I was shaking, it was obvious to them all I was climaxing. My cunt clamped down on John’s cock the spasms causing him to lose it, sending yet another load of cum in my used pussy.

Rob had yet to cum, probably because of all the alcohol he drank. When John finished with me, Tim asked Rob if he wanted to fuck me now and Rob responded.

“No, you go ahead and fuck her. She deserves it.”

I looked up into Rob’s face and he winked, did he know it was me? Did he know he was giving his cousin permission to fuck his own sister? I knew there was no way to stop this without embarrassing Tim, Rob and myself, and ruining my relationship with both of them plus my best friend, Katie. So I decide to let my own brother have me.

Tim stood me up and lends in and whispered, “You’re a hot piece of ass and I can’t wait to fuck you.”

Tim led me to the couch and laid me on my back with my legs spread wide. He got on his knees in front of me and I couldn’t help but admire own brother, he is handsome, well build and his cock looked about eight inched long and fairly thick.

The cum that Darren and John had deposited in me was leaking out of my swollen cunt and Tim commented that the two guys he would have preferred a clean pussy to fuck but he wasn’t opposed to sloppy second. With that he inserted the head of his cock in my pussy and slowly pushed it all the way in to his own sister. Tim was much bigger then any guy I had ever been with. I really tried not enjoying his cock but I wasn’t completely recovered from my first orgasm and after a couple of minutes I felt myself building towards another big orgasm.

Tim was squeezing and mauled my nipples pulling on them and twisting them. As he fucked me, the guys watching were commenting what a slut I was. Dirty talk had has always be a weakness of mine.

When I started to cum again Tim encouraged me “Just let go, cum for me slut.”

Which was exactly what I did.

When my orgasm finally subsided I was completely drained, but Tim was still humping me. For another couple minutes I felt so nasty letting my brother use me. Then he finally pulled out and his cum shoot high into the air and falling onto my tits and stomach.

Although I was spent, normally two big orgasms had me ready to curl up and go to sleep. I realized they all wanted to fuck me and they were not going to stop until they did. Dan decided he wanted me next. He sat down next to me on the couch and told me to hop on top of him as he was holding his cock straight up.

I weakly climbed on top of him. As soon as my sloppy pussy engulfed Dan’s cock I grab him by the hair and pushed his face into my breasts. Hoping he want me off him since I was shoving his face into my brother’s cum that was on my tits. Maybe if I pissed him off enough it would break up the party and they kick me out. Instead he squeezed my ass and began rolling his tongue over my tits, and lapping up the cum.

At that point I decided total trap, I had no choice but to let them do what they wanted to me. Figured if I let them all them all have their turn this night would finally be over. So I stupidly said, “do want you want boys, I yours. Come on Fuck this slut, good. I want you all in me.” fuck that was another mistake.

Because then Kevin came up behind me and he told Dan to hold up fucking me. Then I felt him pressing the head of his cock against my asshole. The sensation of my asshole stretching around Kevin’s cock was intense.

I grit my teeth in discomfort. I have had anal sex before and can enjoy it but only after the cock was in me. It hurts getting my hole stretched that way. When Kevin had his cock buried in my ass they both started fucking me. The sensation of having both my holes fucked at the same time was overwhelming. I never had two guys at the same time. They were sliding their cocks in and out of me at different intervals. The pleasure was mixed with a little pain but was so intense. I felt myself cumming for a third time. Kevin announced how tight my asshole felt and I felt his hard cock begin to pulsate as his cum jetted deep in my ass. I have never felt a guy cum in my ass, all the other time I have had anal the guy pulled out and shot his cum on my ass and back. I looked over at Rob who was slowly stroking his cock while watching me get double teamed. He had this big smile on his face and again he winked at me.

When Kevin removed his cock my asshole as it quickly shrunk and the relief of pressure felt so good. Dan was still fucking my cunt and Kevin and Tim encouraged Rob to fuck my ass next saying “Katie is never going to let you fuck her ass, Rob. But if she did she like it, since she has had a stick up her ass for years.”

I almost laughed, Katie was stuck up some, then I almost cried when rob agreed with Kevin and Tim. Then stood and walk behind me.

Again this was something total new I had never had my ass fuck twice in one night by even one guy let alone two different guys.

As Rob got behind me and pushed his cock in my asshole. The cum leak and the fucking my ass had already taking let my cousin’s cock slip up into me easier and less discomfort.

I was lost to the incredible wickedness of what I was doing. My cousin didn’t hold back either; he pounded my ass so hard. Dan now matched Rob’s intensity and the other guy’s marveled at how hard they were fucking me and that I was taking it like porno slut in heat.

I had never felt like this before I was clearly moaning and begging to be use like a cheap slut, both men pounding both my holes hard. Slowly the pleasure gave way to more and more pain, as the tenderness parts of her body were assaulted over and over again.

Neither Rob nor Kevin let up until they were ready to cum. Rob blow his load first followed quickly by Kevin. They both pulled their cocks out of their respective holes and I took my cousin’s warm cum over my ass and back while Kevin plastered my tits with his cum.

The only guy who hadn’t fucked me yet was Sal, which was not by accident. Apparently they were saving him for last because he had the biggest cock of all the guys and they wanted to watch him finish me off or maybe it was just none of them wanted to fuck me after he did.

When I saw it I was speechless. It was huge. I was told it was 12 inches long and it was easily that, plus very thick. It was without a doubt the biggest cock I’ve seen and even though I was exhausted and sore from being fucked so many guys straight but I was consumed with lust. I wanted be fuck with Sal’s big cock.

I only wish they started me off with Sal because my pussy was so worn out and tender that I knew it was going to hurt but I didn’t care.

Sal had me suck and lick his huge cock for a few minutes before he started fucking me. As I was giving him the blowjob he wanted, I stopped and just had to tell him out loud and in amazement how huge his cock was. I could tell from his reaction he had heard that from many girls but could also tell he liked hearing it. He said he loved hearing white girls moan on his big dick as he laughed.

After sucking his massive cock till it was wet with my spit and having rub it against my face, he gave me the orders to climb on top of his fat cock. I eagerly obeyed. I grabbed his shaft at its base and slowly lowered myself onto it. My tender pussy never felt so filled. My cunt was being stretched out so much to accommodate his large cock. I couldn’t help but moan and even though I was sore I loved having Sal’s huge cock in my cunt.

I was fucking him very slow and as I did I licked the cum off one of my tits. All the guys loved watching me doing that and when I licked it clean Sal then started sucking on them. so hard was he sucking I knew I have hicks all over my tits.

Darren then stood on the couch next to us and turned my head towards him. He put his hard cock in my mouth and I started sucking on it. After a few minutes Darren started to moan very loud and I knew he was about to cum. He held my head down on his cock as he gave me a mouth full of his cum, and didn’t let go until I swallowed it down.

Sal now wanted to fuck me faster. He stood up with his massive cock still buried in me and began to impaling on his fat cock. Sal was a big guy so he manhandled me easily. I whimpered and tears run down my face as he dropped me over and over onto his spike. I hugged him tightly and we both began to cum together. It was such an intense and amazing orgasm for both of us, perhaps one of the best ones I’ve ever had.

When he finished filling my pussy with his cum he lowered me to my feet. My legs were shaky and almost feel over.

I lend against the couch, Tim quickly turned me around and bent me over. I was barely able to stand. I had to hold onto the armrest of the couch to stay on my feet and not collapse. Tim wasted no time shoving his cock back in my cunt. He was fucking me from behind and John then hopped on the couch and shoved his cock into my face. My weak protest only allowed him to shove his cock in my mouth.

Tim reached under me and grabbed me my swing tits again punishing my nipples as he jack-hammered my cunt. After a few minutes he stopped removed his cock from my cunt, I started to whimper. Glad my brother was out of me by then scream as he pushed it against my abused asshole. Three guys in one night had fucked my ass now, John was now cumming in my mouth as I mumbled to Tim to stop fucking my ass. He didn’t stop but luckily shot his warm cum up my ass shortly and then removed his cock.

After that I collapsed tell the guys I had had it. I couldn’t take any more. I made to the bathroom to clean up on shaky legs. I was whimpered as I cleaned up my cunt and ass were so sore. I knew it would be days before I feel better. Couldn’t believe what I had just done. The only good thing was I don’t think any of them knew it was me. I thought about Katie I knew she what to know if my plans had work to break up the party. I knew I have to lie and tell that they did but I have to do it over the phone I would be able to look her in the eyes and lie.

I also thought how could I have enjoyed being fucked by all of them so much?

I slipped on only the dress. I just wanted to leave as quickly as possible. When I got out of the bathroom Tim handed me an envelope of money and told me how wonderful I was. I didn’t bother to count it and just got out of there as quick as I could.

When I got home I counted $1,500 in the envelope. I fucked six of Tim and Rob’s friends and made $1,500, and had more orgasms in one night then I had had in the last six months.

The next day, I had my hair dyed a different color and cut short and had a spa treatment to relax my sore body. I was very nervous for days that Tim or Rob or one their friends recognized me, at wedding rehearsal or at the wedding. I almost fainted when Sal asked me to dance at the wedding and I did get wet dancing with him. No one had brought up the bachelor party I felt I was home free. Then Tim called me a few days later and asked if Amber was available for the night.

Anal Virgin Gets Ass Fucked

Lauren examined her body carefully in the mirror. Tonight was special and she had to look perfect. She ran her hands gently over her round breasts, pausing to linger on her hard nipples. She continued moving her hand south across her flat stomach and into her soft and smooth pussy searching for her clit. It was easy to find because it was already swollen from the excitement of the events planned for tonight. A soft moan escaped her lips as she brushed a finger across it. She turned and looked at her round ass. She reached around and grabbed her cheeks and spread them so she could get a good look at her asshole. A warm rush filled her body. This is what was making tonight special. She was going to let Brandon fuck her ass. It is something she had never done, but Brandon loved it and had been begging her for months to let his cock invade her ass. Finally, she had agreed. She couldn’t resist him any longer. While keeping her left hand on her ass to keep it spread, she ran her right hand up between her legs. She paused to slip a finger in her wet pussy and then she began to play with her asshole. She explored the soft skin around it first. God, it felt so good! She softly pushed one shy fingertip into her ass. Her excitement reached a new high as she watched her asshole swallow her finger. She couldn’t wait to feel Brandon’s cock slide into her like she her finger had.

Oh God! Brandon! He would be there any second! Lauren grabbed the sheer black nightgown she had purchased for tonight and threw it over her head. She took one last look in the mirror to admire the way her breasts pressed against the fabric and how inviting her cream colored thighs looked. She straightened her hair and ran to the kitchen. She pulled the bottle of wine from the ice bucket and opened it. As she was reaching for the glasses, she heard the front door open. Brandon had arrived. He walked into the kitchen as she was pouring the wine. A hungry smile crept across his face as he looked her over.

Lauren gave him her most seductive smile as she handed him his glass. “How was your day”, she asked as nonchalantly as she could.

The hungry smile became a full grin as lust filled Brandon’s eyes. “It just got a lot better”, he answered in his deep voice.

Lauren felt his strong arms reaching around her and she fell into his hard chest. His hands began to move up and down her back and she could feel his hard on through his slacks. She lifted her head and his lips met hers in an explosion of passion. His lips covered hers and his tongue traveled across her lips and into her mouth. She slowly massaged his tongue as she reached down and unzipped his pants. She pulled away so she could reach inside and feel his cock. It was so huge! Lauren couldn’t wait any longer. She dropped to her knees and pulled his cock out. She stared at it in wonder. Brandon had the perfect cock. It was long and thick. And perfectly symmetrical, with a big fat smooth head. Lauren licked her lips and began to tease his cock with the tip of her tongue. She started at his head, slowly kissing and licking the tip of his dick. When she looked up, she saw the look of delight on his face so she continued to move down his cock. She licked and kissed every inch of his cock as she worked her way down to his balls. Brandon’s balls were big and hard, just like the rest of him. Lauren slide one into her mouth as she continued to stroke his slippery cock with her hands. She let his ball slide across her tongue and she moaned as it filled her mouth. The vibrations made Brandon moan and he reached down and ran his fingers through her hair. Lauren released his ball so she could wet the other one. She kissed her way over to the other side and ran her tongue underneath his sack as she pulled his ball into her mouth with her tongue. Another moan from Brandon let Lauren know she was giving him exactly what he needed. She let go of his ball and began to slide her tongue back up to the top of Brandon’s cock, but he had other ideas.

“You can have more of that later”, he said. In one smooth motion, he pulled her up off the floor and into his arms. He lifted her off of her feet and carried her into the bedroom where he laid her on the bed.

Lauren lay trembling as Brandon undressed. She loved watching him. He was the sexiest man she had ever seen as he pulled his pants off and ripped his shirt over his head. His long hair flowed down his back and Lauren’s heart rate increased. Brandon then crawled up between Lauren’s legs. She could feel his hair tickling her inner thighs and his hot breath on her pussy. “Look at those lips”, he said, “How can anyone look at those lips and not want to make out with them?”

An electric whimper escaped Lauren’s mouth as Brandon’s tongue parted her pussy lips. He sucked each lip into his mouth and softly nibbled on each one until they were as hot and swollen as her clit. Brandon loved feeling her lips swell under his teeth and tongue, but Lauren couldn’t take anymore. “Please Baby”, she said, “Please suck on my clit. Oh please make me cum. I need to cum!”

Brandon swiftly found her clit and pulled it between his lips. He could feel Lauren’s excitement rising and reached up to grab her hips. Lauren’s moans grew loader and more intense. Her legs started shaking and Brandon prepared for her orgasm. He held her clit with his teeth and attacked it with the tip of his tongue until Lauren’s hips bucked and every muscle in her abdomen began to convulse, but Brandon wasn’t done. He ran his tongue down between her lips and down more until he had found her ass. Lauren gasped in pleasure as she felt his tongue circle the sensitive skin she had been fingering a short time before. Her finger felt good, but his tongue was amazing! She could feel her pussy getting hotter as his tongue dug deeper and deeper into her ass. She couldn’t stop the orgasm when she felt his soft tongue push into her ass. He held her onto his tongue so she could feel her asshole squeezing his tongue as she came.

Before Lauren could recover, Brandon had her clit back between his teeth. He slid a finger into her saturated pussy and once it was good and wet he moved that finger to her ass. Lauren could feel her ass stretch as Brandon forced his finger inside. Lauren began to fuck Brandon’s finger with her ass. She couldn’t get enough of his finger. “Want to try it with two fingers”, Brandon asked.

Lauren could only respond with a moan, but Brandon knew she wanted it. He moved anther finger into her pussy and then he slipped it in her ass with the other finger. Lauren’s moans were uncontrollable. Brandon kept his tongue on her clit while he slowly fucked her ass with his index and middle fingers. Lauren could not keep still. She pushed her ass down onto his fingers and rolled her hips until she was shaken by another violent orgasm. “Your cock”, Lauren gasped, “I need your cock inside me right now!”

Brandon quickly climbed on top of Lauren. The desire in her eyes burned into him as he shoved his huge cock into her throbbing pussy. Her muscles grabbed him and pulled him deeper and deeper inside of him as her hips rocked with his in perfect unison. He watched the orgasm build on her face. He reached down and pulled her right leg up over his shoulder so he could reach even deeper inside her. Lauren’s breath came out in fast gasps and he could see her heart pounding through her beautiful breast. Brandon fucked her harder to force the orgasm out of her. Lauren’s back arched as she cried out and came all over his massive cock.

Lauren could feel her cum dripping down her ass. She was shaking as she looked Brandon in the eye and said, “Please Baby, please fuck my ass.”

Brandon leaned down and kissed her gently on the lips as he pulled he cock out of her drenched pussy and positioned it on her asshole. Lauren moaned as she felt the smooth head of his cock push against her slippery ass. “Be gentle,” she pleaded.

Brandon nodded as he held her leg over his shoulder and slowly pushed his cock into Lauren’s ass. He watched Lauren’s eyes grow wide as his girth forced its way into her virgin asshole, pausing every few seconds to let her adjust to his size. Lauren reached down and started fingering her pussy as Brandon began to fuck her ass with a slow and steady rhythm. She couldn’t believe how full she felt. It was thrilling to feel his cock in her ass. She could see his pleasure on his face and it only turned her on more. She could feel her own orgasm building as Brandon watched his cock slide in and out of Lauren’s ass. She wondered how her ass looked with Brandon’s cock stuffed in it. She was sure it looked amazing. Her orgasm tore through her body with a vengeance. Every muscle flexed and twitched as her pussy overflowed with cum. Brandon’s breath was hot on her ear. “Where do you want me to cum,” he asked.

“My mouth. Come in my mouth so I can swallow every last drop of you”, Lauren answered eagerly.

Brandon pulled his cock out of her ass and into Lauren’s waiting mouth. She swallowed his head and began to run her tongue around his cock. Back and forth and circling the head of his cock. She used one hand to stroke his thick shaft while she tickled his balls with the other. She moaned loudly on his dick as he fucked her face. Brandon’s moans got loader as his orgasm got closer. A masculine growl ripped out of his lungs as he came. He thrust forward and his cock slide down the back of Lauren’s mouth where he shot a huge load down her throat.

Brandon climbed off of Lauren and pulled her into his arms as he lay beside her. “Maybe next time we should tie you up,” he said with a grin.

“Anything you want,” Lauren answered with a matching grin.

Amy At The Nude Beach

My wife, Amy, and I recently had a wild sexual experience that has totally changed our lives. Amy is a beautiful redhead who is quite shy and somewhat timid. I am very proud of my foxy bride and encourage her to dress in revealing clothing so other men can see what a gorgeous wife I have. She has reluctantly gone along with my requests and I have picked out some pretty sexy outfits from the Fredericks catalog that she wears to out of town engagements.

I had always dreamed of having other men see her completely naked and my dream recently came true with a strange twist. A friend at work told me about a nude beach about an hour from home that was frequented by a lot of couples and some soldiers from a nearby Army base. He said that it was a fun place and hinted at some wild goings on in some driftwood “condos.” I got an instant hard on from the thought of my sweet little Amy stark naked on a beach and being ogled by a bunch of horny servicemen. After much begging on my part, Amy agreed to go but only on a weekday when it wouldn’t be quite as crowded.

The following Monday I took a personal day and we headed out to the beach. We got there by ten o’clock and found the place pretty empty. Someone had built a series of small “condos” out of driftwood at the back of the beach for privacy and as windbreaks and we set up in one. Amy timidly stripped off her cutoffs and halter and exposed her luscious young body to the sun. For the record, Amy is 24, 5’4″ with a mouth watering 35C-24-25 body and silky red hair that hangs to the top of her butt.

We spent the first two hours soaking up the sun and splashing in the surf together. Because of the sparse crowd, Amy was the only woman on the beach and attracted quite a bit of attention. I made sure she was well oiled with sun tan oil and was thrilled as guys went out of their way to walk past us and check her out. I noticed that most of the guys had bigger cocks than me. When I mentioned this to Amy she giggled and said, “I noticed. Maybe the sun makes them grow.”

At that point Amy suggested we return to our “condo” and as we approached I noticed that a dark muscular Black guy had put down a blanket right in our condo. I also noticed that he was easily the most well hung guy on the beach with a thick uncut cock hanging halfway to his knees. Amy took notice of him also and whispered to me “Oh my god, look at that thing! It’s huge.” I felt a twinge of jealousy from her reaction to this guy’s enormous member and felt like my plan was backfiring. The whole idea behind going to this beach had been that I would enjoy seeing guys drool over my foxy wife and be jealous of me. It had never occurred to me that Amy might be the one doing the drooling.

When we got to our blanket, I said nervously “Uh excuse me, would you mind moving to another condo, please? We were here first.” He laughed at my comment saying, “Hey man, this is my condo. If you two want to hang out, that’s cool, but I ain’t going nowhere.”

As he spoke he was busy checking out Amy who was staring intently at his huge Black cock. I reached for our cooler and said “C’mon Amy, let’s go” but she surprised me by saying “Wait honey, let’s stay. There’s plenty of room.”

I was about to argue when the guy said “Cool, I’m Sgt. Leon Jones. Y’all can call me Leon. What’s your name dude?” I shook his hand and said “Jimmy and this is my wife Amy.” he turned to Amy and to my surprise gave her a quick kiss before saying “Amy, my dear, you are one sexy lady.” Amy blushed from head to toe and softly thanked him.

“So this is your first time here. What do you think?” he asked while sitting down at the back of the condo with his back against the wood. Amy laid down on her belly facing him while I sat next to her.”It is our first time,” I answered, “How can you tell?”

“First, I come here all the time,” he explained “and I could never forget a fox like Amy. And from the way she’s staring at my Johnson, I know she’s never been to a place like this before.”

“I’m sorry” Amy stammered, “I didn’t mean to”

“Hey, don’t sweat it” he said smoothly “I don’t mind. I come here to look and to be looked at, just like you.”

I had to admit that his comment was true and his open attitude made me feel much more comfortable. My initial jealousy was replaced with a twinge of excitement at seeing my wife naked in such close proximity to such a well-hung stud.

“Hey, do you guys get high?” Leon asked to break the awkward silence while pulling a joint out of his beach bag. I love to smoke reefer and Amy rarely does but she eagerly said “Oh yeah.”

After lighting the joint Leon got up on his knees and walked over to the edge of our blanket and handed it to me. As I took a hit I noticed that Amy’s face was now level with and only two feet away from Leon’s groin and she couldn’t help but stare at it. I had to nudge her to get her to take the joint and as she did she gave me a sheepish guilty look. By the time the joint was done I was as high as a kite and I could tell from the way Amy was giggling at Leon’s comments that she was also pretty stoned.

Leon stretched out on his side on the edge of our blanket and started to tell us about some of the wild things that had happened on the beach. Amy’s face was now less than a foot from his huge dark tool and, her inhibitions buried by the reefer, she stared at it with a look of pure lust on her pretty face. Now that I was stoned, her interest in his cock somehow excited me rather than bothered me and I found myself enjoying her obvious interest in his big Black dick. I could tell that he was quite aware of her interest and saw that his cock had started to grow hard. Before our eyes it twitched and grew until it was nearly a foot long and the foreskin peeled back to reveal the tip of his fat swollen cock head.

“Hey man, I don’t usually get a woody here at the beach but the way your lady is looking at me, I can’t help it. I hope you don’t mind” Leon said to me.

I couldn’t believe how huge his cock was and as it bobbed in the air a bizarre image of him fucking Amy with it flashed thru my brain and my own cock grew instantly hard.

Noticing my erection, he chuckled and said “Naw, I guess you don’t mind. And I don’t have to ask your wife” He brought his hand down and began to slowly jerk off right in Amy’s face saying “You like my big Black dick, don’t you girl?” Looking like she was in a trance, Amy nodded her head and said, “It’s so huge!”

“Damn straight it is. And I bet you’d like to see what it tastes like, wouldn’t you?” he taunted her.

Amy hesitated a moment before saying “Oh I could never. I’m married…”

As he continued to jerk off in front of us, a steady stream of precum oozed out of the tip of his cock and he rubbed it onto his shaft until the entire thing was coated with the sticky fluid. When a big drop of precum oozed out of the tip, Leon caught it on his finger and held it out for my wife saying “Go on Amy, taste it. You know you want to see what Black cum tastes like.”

When she hesitated he rubbed his finger across her full bottom lip, forcing her to taste his cock juice and I saw Amy’s tongue quickly lap it up. Then he turned to me and said “Hey dude, your wife seems to like my big Black dick and you’re getting off on it too, aren’t you?”

I wanted to say no way but my erection said otherwise so I meekly said “I guess” with a stupid grin on my face.

Then he reached out to play with Amy’s shiny red mane while saying “C’mon baby, your husband won’t mind. Give it a little kiss!” while pulling her face towards his throbbing member. Amy made no effort to resist and let him rub his slimy cock against her face. She looked over at me with a desperate look that was part fear and part sexual hunger and in my stoned and excited state I didn’t know what to say or do.

“Suck it girl!” Leon demanded while pressing the swollen tip of his Black member against Amy’s pouty lips. Her big blue eyes locked on mine, she parted her lips and gave his swollen cock head a long sloppy kiss. When she finally came up for air, Leon rolled onto his back and pulled Amy to him so she was kneeling between his legs.

He pulled her face down to his cock and ordered her to “Lick that cock girl. Show your man how much you like dark meat.” Amy lowered her face and began to eagerly lick up and down his shiny Black shaft, replacing his sticky precum with her own saliva. I sat there in complete shock as I watched my innocent young bride slide her lips along this huge Black dick. Where I should have felt jealous and angry, all I felt was raw lust as I watched my beautiful wife worship this Black guys throbbing hard on.

Amy seemed totally out of control, whimpering and moaning as she worked on this dark strangers cock. After licking nearly every inch of his huge member she moved to his side and pursed her lips around his shaft. Then she slid them back and forth along the underside of his shaft, moving from the wide base of his dick up to the swollen tip, which continued to ooze a steady steam of precum. After a while Amy came up for air and stared for a moment at the huge Black cock throbbing before her while gently squeezing his large balls. “You like that black dick don’t you baby?” Leon asked while reaching to stroke her hair, which was hanging down her back.

Amy nodded eagerly and leaned forward to rest her head on his flat stomach and suck on the fat purple crown of his cock. Her hand looked tiny as she wrapped it around his thick shaft and gently pumped it while sucking on the fat purple tip.

I moved down to his feet so I could get a better view and noticed that his hand was now exploring her plump ass cheeks, squeezing her soft white flesh. Then his hand moved out of sight and I saw her ass squirm as his hand found her swollen pussy. I couldn’t see his hand but I could see her rock against it and I could hear the moist sound of his fingers sliding into her twat.

Amy continued to suck on the swollen tip and first few inches of his enormous cock, her lips sliding down the dark shaft while her hand pumped on the base. Leon fingered her tight young pussy while making increasingly lewd comments to her “Suck that Black dick woman. Oh man, your wife can sure suck cock. Look at her man, she loves it!”

I looked at Amy and instead of my shy innocent bride I saw a hungry cocksucker worshipping a huge Black cock. With the help of some potent weed, Leon had taken advantage of my desire to exhibit my foxy wife and seduced her before my eyes with his huge dark tool.

“So good, yeah suck it girl” Leon groaned, “Oh man, she’s making me cum. Shit, she’s good. Grab my Johnson man; I want you to feel me cum in her mouth. Go on man, do it, jerk that meat white boy!”His request shocked me but I was so caught up in the moment that I did as he asked. I grabbed the base of his cock and began to jerk him off into Amy’s mouth. His cock felt silky smooth but it was hard as steel inside and I could actually feel it throb it my hand.

Amy pulled back for a moment and stared with wild-eyed excitement at me as I held Leon’s throbbing Black dick. She leaned across to give me a kiss and share the funky taste of his dark tool with me before returning her attention to his cock. She wrapped her lips around the fat Black tip and eagerly suckled it while staring into my eyes with a look of intense anticipation.

Leon started to grunt each time I squeezed his shaft and then with a loud growl he started coming in Amy’s mouth. Her eyes opened wide as she struggled to swallow his load and I could actually feel his cock twitch with each spurt of cum. His cum came faster than she could swallow and the remainder escaped her lips and ran down his shaft, coating my hand with hot sticky cum.

Amy let his cock slip from her lips and sat up while licking the last of his cum off of her lips. I pulled my hand back, wiping the cum off my hand as Leon sat up with this smug grin on his face. His cock was still as hard as a rock and I envied his obvious sexual stamina.

“Yeah baby, that was nice. Now it’s time to check out that tight little pussy of yours. Lay back and spread em honey, it’s hammer time,” he said while moving towards her.

Amy only looked over at me with this wild look in her eye, not moving a muscle as Leon knelt in front of her. His cock throbbed in her face and she kept switching her gaze between his cock and me. It was obvious that she wanted it but was worried about how I felt. I was still terribly excited but not quite ready to actually let him fuck her.

“Hey man, I said nervously “I don’t think that’s such a good idea. Maybe we should go now.”

Leon ignored me and pushed her knees apart, forcing her back on the blanket while her shapely thighs parted to reveal her plump little pussy. Rubbing his cock along her moist slit he asked her ” Go on baby, tell your man what you want.

“Jimmy, please” Amy begged softly while staring at Leon’s throbbing tool “Please, honey, just this once!” Leon watched me as I struggled to deal with this bizarre request from my precious young bride.

“C’mon man, she wants it bad. Reach over here and guide it in for us. Show her how much you love her.”

Feeling like I was in a trance, my lust won out and I reached out to grab his hard Black dick. I guided it to Amy’s moist pussy and worked the fat knob between her swollen lips. Amy gasped at the first contact and then whimpered as Leon dropped down on top of her. His hands gripping her ass cheeks as he slowly slid his huge cock inside her tight pussy. He fucked her gently at first; slowly sliding the first half of his cock in and out of her stretched lips. He also leaned down to kiss her and she responded by wrapping her arms around him and eagerly returning his kiss.

My cocked throbbed with passion as I watched this muscular Black stud slowly fucking my sweet redheaded wife. His dark oily skin made a powerful contrast with Amy’s creamy pale flesh.

Her kiss seemed to excite him further and he began fucking her harder, driving more and more of his cock deep into her. With a growl he drove his cock in to the hilt and held perfectly still, letting her adjust to his huge member. Amy broke the kiss and squealed out “Oh god honey, he’s big! It hurts but it feels so good.” She wrapped her shapely legs around his waist and her hands moved to squeeze his muscular ass cheeks.

Leon slowly withdrew his amazing cock until just the tip was left in my wife and then just as slowly drove it back inside her. I scooted behind him and could see her pink lips stretched around the base of his dark shaft. As he pulled back I could see his shaft coated with her sweet pussy juice, an obvious sign of her arousal.

He fucked her slowly for a while, savoring the feeling of her tight young cunt clinging to his thick shaft. As he fucked her he whispered lewd things into her ear and Amy eagerly responded, begging him to fuck her harder.

As his excitement grew he picked up the pace and fiercely rammed his cock into her over and over again. His body gleamed with sweat in the hot sun as he pounded into my wife like a man possessed.

Amy squealed as if in pain with each thrust and then her whole body stiffened as a powerful orgasm wracked her slender frame.

With a loud grunt Leon slammed his cock into her and his cock twitched as he came deep inside her. The feeling of his cock erupting inside her only enhanced her orgasm.

Tease In a Sun Dress

My phone lights up, vibrates against the table and chimes. Text message. I walk over to check and my heart skips a beat for a moment. It’s from her.

“Hey, I’m bored… you should head over.”

I’m a little torn with what to do, she’s such a tease but I keep telling myself that maybe this one time she’ll be different so I head over.

A few minutes later I’m standing on her doorstep and she’s answering the door, barefoot, in a cute little sundress. Her green eyes sparkle and she grabs the front of my shirt, pulling me inside. I’m a little taken aback but I follow her inside, closing the door behind me. She stops abruptly causing me to run into her and she takes the opportunity to grind her ass back into me. She flips her blonde hair over her shoulder and looks me square in the eye, then winks.


“So, wanna watch a movie or something?”

She’s gotta be joking. She called me over here practically in the middle of the night to watch a movie? I can tell she doesn’t think tonight will be any different from before. She calls me over, teases me to the point of frustration and then kicks me out. Not tonight.

“Not exactly what I had in mind…”

She looks up at me and puts on her best pouty expression, one finger playing idly with the bottom of her sundress. I can’t take it.

“Ok fine, what movie did you have in mind?”

She giggles and runs over to her stack of DVDs, making sure to bend over at the waist instead of kneeling down. I can see she’s not wearing anything underneath. What a fucking tease. I walk over behind her and run my hand across her ass. She whirls around as she slaps my hand away.

“Ah ah ah, no touching!”

She flashes a dazzling smile at me and then turns back around, bending over even slower and more deliberately. My eyes narrow and I can feel my patience running thin. This has been going on for weeks! Her hands move in front of her and I think she’s picked out a movie. She stands up, turns around and with the most angelic face I’ve ever seen shows me a blank DVD case. I ignore the DVD case, her sundress is pulled down just a little more than before and I can tell she’s not wearing a bra.

“Found one!”

She starts to move past me, pauses, stands up on her tiptoes and whispers into my ear, her nipples pressing into my chest.

“Enjoying the show?”

I can feel her hot breath on my ear and then it’s gone. That’s it, I’ve had it. I can’t take any more of this teasing! When I finally get my breathing under control and turn to look for her she’s over on the couch, legs spread wide and her sundress hiked up to her waist with a devious smile on her face.

“How about now?”

I step across the room quickly, grab one of her outstretched legs and spin her around onto her stomach.

“Hey, what are you doing?!”

“You’re such a fuckin’ tease, you know that? I bet you’ve just been waiting for someone to finally stop taking it and give it to you!”

I grab her wrists and hold them behind her back, they’re so tiny I can fit them both in one hand. She struggles a bit but she’s not in the position to break my grip. I use my knees to spread her legs and let my free hand run down her thigh, then back up to her pussy. It’s dripping wet already.

“See? You’re already wet and all you’ve been doing is ‘putting on a show’.”

She opens her mouth to speak but nothing comes out. I can tell she really wants it. I slide one finger inside her, it goes in without any trouble. I can her breathing pick up just a little and then I pull my finger out. She whimpers, barely audibly, and turns her head. Her lips are parted and her green eyes seem to be burning. I hold my hand up to her face and her tongue flits out to lick it, she cranes her neck forward to get a better taste but I pull my hand away.

“Ah ah ah, this is MY dessert.”

With that, I make a show of putting my finger into my mouth and sucking every last drop of her juices off it. Now she’s glaring daggers at me. She tastes amazing. I look around the room, see her bathrobe draped across a chair and an idea sparks into my head. I look back at her and slip two fingers inside her, curling them slightly. Her back arches and she lets out a louder moan. I pull my fingers out.

“Stay here, on your knees.”


“No buts. Stay. Here.”

I stare into her eyes, she looks back and forth between mine and then slumps.

“Ok fine.”

I let go of her wrists, get up and go to her bathrobe. The sash is still there. Pulling the soft sash out I walk back to her, marveling at how beautiful she looks with her hair fanned out across the couch, her arms still behind her even though I’m not holding her anymore. Her legs spread wantonly. Fuck she is hot. I tie her hands behind her back and pull her back up until she’s kneeling. I turn her towards me.

“You know what you’ve gotten yourself into now don’t you?”

Without breaking eye contact she nods at me.


My hands are trembling now as I unzip my jeans. I can’t believe this is happening! My jeans fall to the floor and her eyes widen a bit when she sees how hard I am. I smile inwardly and hook my thumbs into the waistband of my boxer-briefs. Slowly I pull them down, letting just the tip of my cock free. Her eyes are glued to it, transfixed. I doubt she notices the way she licks her lips. The briefs continue their slow slide down my legs, revealing more and more of myself.

Her lips part and she leans forward, her tongue sticks out and tentatively touches the base of my cock. I take a step forward and she opens her mouth wider, taking one of my balls into the wet warmth of her mouth. A shiver runs up my spine and I can feel her suck in. I can’t let her take control of the situation again. I pull away and straighten my cock in front of me, she opens her mouth. I slap her face gently with my cock. She shakes her head and stares up at me. I slap her with it again.

“Open your mouth.”

She does. I slide myself into her waiting mouth and another shiver runs up my spine. I keep pushing into her, my hands grip the back of her head. Her mouth is almost halfway down my cock. I start to fuck her mouth, slowly at first but the sensation is incredible. I can’t control myself and I start to thrust my hips faster. I can feel myself getting close after a few minutes of this and I pull out. She’s gasping for breath but I look down and her nipples are rock hard, her hair is a mess and her face is flushed.

I wait a moment, let her get her breath back. She looks up at me, her eyes semi-glazed with lust.

“Let me finish it, please.”

I can’t resist, I slap her twice across the face with my cock again and then shove it back into her mouth. This time she has me ready to cum in less than a minute. I tell her that. All she does is start to bob her head faster.

“I’m going… to cum… in your mouth.”

She stops, but I keep moving her head.

“And you’re going to swallow. Every. Single. Drop.”

She looks up at me, she can see the determination in my eyes. She nods, and I start to cum. My cock twitches over and over again and I can tell she’s struggling to breath and swallow it all. I finally stop cumming and look down at her face. She’s out of breath, and there’s a drop of my cum still on her lips but she looks content.

I pull my pants up and turn to go and she stammers.

“Wh–where are you going?”

“Home. I’ll be back tomorrow.”

4th Of July

She has been a hotwife for about a year now, but mostly we have only played with couples or single men met through the internet. Most recently she has been pretty regular with one man whom she fucks and sucks one or twice a week (and the occasional MFM with me). She has never been into the flashing, or obvious flirting and teasing – until now that is. Last Friday evening at a 4th of July party she started what may become a fun, new trend.

The party was hosted by a guy I worked with over 10 years ago. We kept in touch and he invited us over to his house for a cookout. Jennifer grabbed a large bottle of her favorite wine and we headed over. The party started at 4pm, and by 6pm she had probably 2-3 plastic cups of wine in her and had a gentle buzz going. While hanging out in the kitchen, one of my friend’s neighbors, Sam, was making strawberry daiquiris. Jen and I started talking with him and he made a rather potent one for Jen. The talking started turning sexual (as drinking talk usually does), and Jen admitted she has a pierced belly button. For the record, Jen is 5’3″, 115#, and brunette, with a 34B. She keeps her pussy in a landing strip style with the area around her lips waxed smooth. She was wearing a form fitting t-shirt dress with no bra (showing her nipples), and a flag thong for 4th of July.

Well, Sam didn’t hesitate to ask to see her belly button ring and Jen nearly just grabbed her dress and pulled it up when she realized she would be flashing an awful lot to a lot of folks. Sam smiled, as did I, when Jen said, “maybe later.” Throughout the rest of the evening, Jen was rarely far from Sam and the two of them were obviously flirting with each other. Her body language, movements and gestures were a dead give-away.

Later in the evening Sam invited us over to his house to show me some of his computer stuff (we are both geeks). Jen was more than ready to go and within minutes of entering his house, she stood in front of him and lifted her dress up from the front and said, “Here it is. See!” Sam’s jaw just dropped to see my wife standing there with her dress pulled up to her chest, showing her belly button and her thong. He just went, “Very nice,” and Jen dropped her dress. As we headed up to his office, Jen said she needed to use the bathroom and Sam directed her to one downstairs. After a few minutes, she joined Sam and me in her office and sat down next to me facing Sam. She had her legs up a little and they were spread apart so her crotch was on full display to him. Since he already saw her panties, I figured she was still just teasing him. I did notice Sam kept staring at her crotch and really couldn’t concentrate. After he finished showing me the computer stuff we decided to head back to the party. On the way downstairs, Jen grabbed my hand and handed me something soft. When I opened my hand, I realized it was her thong! She had been showing Sam her pussy in his office. No wonder he couldn’t concentrate! She just turned to me and smiled.

When we got back downstairs, the beer had gotten the better of me and I asked to use the bathroom. Jen pointed it out to me and said they would wait in the kitchen. I could barely pee I was so hard, but once I calmed down and finished, I quietly opened the door and slowly walked back to the kitchen. And there was the sight I didn’t expect! Jen was sitting on a counter top with her legs up and spread wide open and was playing with her pussy with one hand, while stroking Sam’s dick (which was out) with the other. She saw me at the corner but didn’t say anything to Sam. She pulled him closer to her and started to direct his penis to her pussy. He was ready and her wetness made it easy to slide right in. He was just the right height to fit well and he really started to pound her, sliding out nearly all the way then slamming into her hard. I watched as she started to roll her eyes back and hold onto his arms, which were suspending her legs. She started to moan like she was going to cum, which when she drinks, isn’t very easy. This worked on Sam I guess, as he started to change his pace. She did start to cum and started squealing and howling in what had to be two or three orgasms. Sam then started to cum, and Jen pulled him into her to let him release his load in her bareback (I found out later he had a vasectomy and had told her, so pregnancy wasn’t a worry).

I let them finish and let her pull her dress down before I walked in. He looked sheepish, but I just said to them that I hoped they had a good time, but we should get back to the party. Jen smiled and me and gave me a big kiss and we headed back. I was wearing a loose pair of shorts which almost hid my erection and I let Jen know I needed to be taken care of. She said she would get to me later, but we needed to get back to the party now. I was a little upset since I love a fresh creampie or sloppy seconds, but it would have to wait. Perhaps the best part of the night was later on I saw Jen standing on my friend’s deck and there was a stream of cum dribbling down her leg. She was doing nothing to hide it and I can only imagine what the other people who saw it thought.

Later that night in bed, Jen was an animal and we fucked like we did when we first started in the lifestyle. I asked her what motivated her for the evening and she really couldn’t answer. She said the teasing and flashing really had her going, and while she really wasn’t too attracted to Sam, she was so hot to just do it, she just decided to try and see if she liked it. Fortunately, the answer was yes, she did like it and we are now plotting to find other ways to pull off something like this again.