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Whorish Revenge Night

My boyfriend was supposed to come home tonight after work but he called and said he was going to grab a few beers at the pool hall with some of his co-workers. I got jealous because I rented a movie he wanted to see and cooked his favorite dish. I got even more jealous because I know what he does at the pool hall when he gets drunk. He is very flirtatious even when he is not drunk. One time he confessed to me he bought some skank’s panties who was playing pool and bending over showing him upskirt. I never told him this but it actually turned me on, wishing some nasty boy would offer to buy my dirty panties.

Instead of getting furiously jealous, I decided to have a little fun too. I started to think of what girlfriend I can call to have a decadent night out with. I first called Maya; she was on the cheerleading squad with the same professional sports team as me. She was a nasty, bend-it-over type of chick in the club. She fucked a few of the players on the team already but she said she had a booty call to answer. Then I called Sandi, she was a freak who introduced me to going panty-less. She told me she didn’t have a baby-sitter to care for her four kids. So I called Jodie, out of all of the slutty girlfriends I run the streets with she took the cake. I don’t want to spread her business, but she spreads her legs for any guy that has a nice smile and two legs. She told me she would meet me wherever but she was “busy” at the time. Last but not least I called my Aunt Celia. She is only a year older than me (Yes that is how we do it in Alabama). I love her. Although she is my dad’s sister, an outsider would have never known by the shit we do. We have stripped together. I have sucked dick that came right out of her pussy, and had foursomes together (no, we didn’t touch each other). She is a hot and nasty girl in the right setting; moreover, she is borderline slut. She taught me everything about sex. She agreed to a hot-let-it-loose, get-nasty night. Kind of like the ones we had my senior year in high school while she was a freshman in college.

A little about us; I am 21, 5’5″, 120 lbs, brown hair and brown eyes. 34c-25-35 with a stripper/cheerleader body (because I am both). My boyfriend and I swing (mostly together, but I have done a few things without him, but no vaginal or anal sex). My aunt is 22, 5’5″ 140 lbs; light brown hair and eyes, 36-28-40 with a huge ghetto ass.

I put my boyfriend’s favorite dress.. A form-fitting silky black cocktail dress, with no bra and a pair of full back panties that show my panty line. I know it’s tacky to wear fullback undies with a tight cocktail dress but, I know it turns him on, so it must turn on other guys and that is what I wanted to attract to night. I also put on a pair of black ‘fuck me’ stilettos. Celia wore a short white terry cloth miniskirt, a pink tank top, pink stilettos, and no bra or panties. We agreed to bring only our IDs because we were going to get some horny guys to pay our admission and for our drinks all night.

We decided on a club that had just opened up in the city. Since it was downtown, we rolled around looking for a parking spot for about 20 minutes. I knew this was going to be a hot fucking night when my aunt starting to get nasty by flashing guys her freshly shaven pussy as we drove around looking for a spot to park. We finally settled on getting the car park by valet. Celia reminded me that we didn’t have money to valet, I told her to chill and watch me work. When the valet driver opened the door, I gave him a view of my pussy that I am sure he would go home and jerk off to. Then I asked him how much it cost to valet, responded $7 dollars. Then I got out the car, stood up, turned around and bend over letting my dress rise pass my pantied pussy while pretending to look for some money. Then I turned around and saw his sexy green eyes bulging from his face and said I forgot to bring some cash or debit card. He said smiling, “Don’t worry about it. Ladies like you park for free.” I said thank you, as I grabbed his cock and licked my lips.

Once we were in line, guys were gawking at us and asking us where I boyfriends were. We didn’t act like snooty bitches, so we gave them a little conversation because we never knew if we were going to need them to buy us a drink. All the while we were really looking for some guys to pay our admission. We decided we didn’t want some jocks cause they were going to want too much action in the club. We agreed on getting some nerdy guys to pay our way. As we were getting close to the bouncer my aunt lit a cigarette in line and some skank wearing what looked like pajamas started coughing and making sly remakes under her breath. So we stepped out of line and before she could finish her cigarette our prized guys started talking to us. One of the guys I remembered from high school, his name was Winston. He appeared to grow out of his nerdy ways a little, but he still had some dork in him. He told me how he always wanted me in high school and how he would try to look under my skirt. Then he confessed that he never had the confidence to ask me out. I told him we didn’t have any money to get in the club. So he offered to pay if he could take a picture under my skirt. I agreed and sweetened the deal by offering my pantiless aunt to take a picture bent over showing her hairless brown and pink pussy also, if he bought us drink in the club. We went to his car and let him take an upskirt shot of us, and then his friend got bold and started touching our pussies. It made me feel so dirty; here I am letting some geek I don’t know touch my cunt. It was such a turn on, but I wanted more out the deal, so I went Winston and demanded another drink because his friend felt our pussies. He agreed and we went and stood in line with the losers. While in line Winston asked me if the stories he heard about me in high school were true. I asked, “Which one?” He brought up the story that he heard of me taking on four band geeks in the band room. His story was a little misinterpreted. I told him the true story of two guys sucking my breast while one ate my pussy and the other gave me a rim job. I only gave a blowjob to the geek with the smallest dick because I felt sorry for the pimpled-faced dweeb.

Once inside the nerds bought our first drink and we chilled with them for a few minutes. Then the real fun started once we went on the dance floor. The floor was crowded, hot and full of smoke. For the entire time we were on the dance floor we were bending over with our hot, sweaty asses up in the air having no regards for the short skirts we had on. We danced with anyone and everyone. The skank, who didn’t like my aunt’s cigarette smoke, got mad because her boyfriend was dirty dancing with Celia. My pussy was constantly being felt through my panties. A few times a nasty boy would pull them to the side and stick a finger in my pussy hole. I didn’t stop them because I enjoyed it and it made me feel like a dirty slut. My poor aunt who didn’t wear undies had more hands up her miniskirt than she could count. It was obvious that once a guy got to cop-a-feel he would tell his buddies of his fortune then his friends would join in. A slow song came on and Winston asked me to dance, I said okay but I wanted another drink. He went to the bar and by the time he got back I was dancing with this guy old enough to be my daddy. Winston handed me the drink and danced in front of me while the old guy was grinded on my ass. While dancing Winston whispered to me that he wanted to take me to his car so he could lick my feet. The confidence of this nerd and the alcohol made me say yes.

Once in his car he started giving me a sensual foot massage, and then he started to lick and suck my toes. He gradually started to move his head toward my crotch that was wet with sweat and pussy juices. He licked my panties for a minute or so. Then I started to feel guilty so stopped him. As soon as I told him to stop a security guard tapped on the window. This guy looked like a police department wannabe who couldn’t join the force because of his previous criminal sex charges. It was clear he hated his job and angry because he only had a plastic badge and a flashlight. He black-mailed me and told me he would call the police if I didn’t let him lick my booty hole. I agreed because I didn’t want my boyfriend to come bail me out of jail for indent exposure. He licked my ass like he was trying to get out all the fecal matter from the past month as Winston sucked my tits. I felt so fucking naughty. To make things worst the security guard demanded he take my moist panties as a “souniver” from opening night at the club.

As I walked back to the club I could feel the cool night’s air brushing against my pussy and ass that was wet with my slutty pussy juices and nasty boy saliva. I went to find my Aunt to make sure her drunken ass was okay. Once I found her, she told me how much fun she was having and that the old guy I was dancing with early wanted me. She told me that that he was drunk, horny and full of money. She said the guy wanted to take us back to his place for a private strip show and he would pay us $1000 a piece if he could video tape it. The only stipulation was that we had to spend the night at his house. I was all for it except for spending the night because I had to get home to my man. Celia said she was going to do it and not to worry about taking her home. I went up to the dirty old man and started dancing extra nasty, knowing that my pussy was pantiless and wet. The old man inserted his finger into my steaming pussy as I asked him if he would agree on me not sleeping over and he wouldn’t say yes. He did counter-offer me though. The deal was that I would take a ride in his truck 3 exits up the interstate and flash all truckers, and on the way back would I suck his dick. I didn’t care how much he was going to give me, because the feeling of me being a hooker turned my pussy faucet on. To be honest, he could have given me $2.50 and I would have been happy. To my surprise he offered me $500. Disappointed, I gladly took it.

I did as he pleased and more by flashing any vehicle that passed. We got a few tugs of the horn and some thumbs up. On the way back to the club, I sucked his wrinkled dick, trying really hard to make him cum. Although, swallowing his cum wasn’t in the deal I wanted his juices to quench my slutty mouth. By the time we got back to the club he hadn’t cum but he still gave me 5 hundred dollars. He directed me to go into club and find my Aunt so she could leave with him and make her money.

I took my position on the dance floor with my bare ass tooted up, thinking about how naughty I have been. Now, here I am, getting felt up by any male (and a female or two) in the club with a least one hand, in a hot, smoky, stank club, totally fucked up, with a mini-dress with no panties, no Aunt to look out for me, no boyfriend to protect me, no way to get home safely, and no money to call a cab except for the 5 one hundred dollar bills that I sucked dick and flashed for.

Luckily, Winston found me and asked if I needed help getting home safely, I gladly accepted. He said that I could ride with him while his nerdy friend follows us back to my apartment in my car.

One the way home, Winston was telling me how much he enjoyed the scenario earlier. He said it reminded him of the slutty stories he heard about me in high school. He confessed to me, to this day, 3 years later, that he still jacks off while thinking about them. Then he started to rub my thigh, then he inched his way to my nasty pussy. He put 4 fingers in my pussy as I gave a sensual moan. Then he took one out and stuck it in my booty hole. I didn’t object because it felt so good and I knew I was almost home. He then mentioned his friend wanted to taste my pussy and ass before the night was over.

I couldn’t say no because they helped me out by getting my drunk pantiless ass home. So I directed them to a school around the corner from my apartment. Wilson’s friend lifted up my dress and started lick the residual pussy and ass juices left over from a night of complete whorish acts. Winston was jacking off while watching this. After my pussy couldn’t take anymore it squirted on his glasses. Then I dropped to my knees and sucked both of their dicks, to show my appreciation for taking care of me. They both came in my mouth and asked me to swallow their baby juice. I complied.

To summarize my night of debauchery, I flash the valet, gave my dirty panties to the security guard to avoid going to jail, and sucked three guy’s dicks (I didn’t know that name of two). Flashed a few truckers, was groped by at least 50 guys, swallowed the nut of two guys, and had my pussy and ass licked by three guys I didn’t know.

I entered my apartment drunk, smelling like ass and semen and to add icing to the cake, pantiless. As I walked in, I saw that my boyfriend was relaxing in his pajamas, not drunk, watching the movie I rented earlier. He told me he didn’t go out because one of his co-workers got a flat tire on the way to the bar, so they cancelled the night.

He knew I always wore panties with is favorite dress and he questioned be about why I didn’t have any on. I told him everything……Well almost everything. Then he called me a cock-sucking slut whore and fucked me until I passed out.