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Keisha Grey Sucks Cock and Deep Throats Too

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Hot and horny Keisha Grey is the cock sucker in this new scene from This Girl Sucks, and let me tell you, she sucks! She even goes for deep throat, fucking awesome! This scene is a full on tease to nude to suck his cock until he explodes all over the place POV scene so you get to enjoy the action as busty Keisha Grey sucks cock and it looks like she is sucking your cock. She’s a fucking talent for sure, really getting into it, trying to deep throat his hard rod and finally she ends up with her face covered in cum – and you can tell this girl gets off just from sucking cock!

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Hotty Mia Hurley Takes a Load On Her Face

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I love when I find a cute girl who really loves to suck cock, and really seems to love the cum. I am even happier when I find a girl who is super cute and almost has an innocent face getting cum in her mouth and on her face. Get those two things together, and I am really happy – and that is what I found in this new set from This Girl Sucks. Mia Hurley is a real cutie with an innocent face and a not so innocent body, but she is certainly into sucking cock and she isn’t going to stop until this guy busts a nut in her mouth and on her face. Total dick sucking concentration and a nice cumshot with his goo dripping out her mouth and down her chin, the smile on her face tells you that this hotty loves the cum and probably wouldn’t mind taking your load too – want to help her out?

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