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Karma Rx Big Tits and She Knows What She Wants

Not sure about the name but Karma RX is a pornstar that certainly has some impressively big pornstar boobs, totally and obviously huge man made tits but awesomely huge! She knows what she wants in bed too, she’s certainly right on track!

Looking fine as hell in a leather getup, Karma Rx makes her way into the room where Codey Steele awaits. From her fishnet stockings to her form-fitting body suit, this hot honey is locked and loaded for a good time. She caresses her hands all over her body, hefting her boobs and cupping her pussy as Codey makes his way over to her for a more hands-on experience. Drawing Karma close, Codey lets his hands blaze a trail across her body. Her breasts are heavy in his palms and her ass is soft to his touch. What Karma really wants is Codeys hands on her twat, so she takes his fingers and puts them exactly where she wants them.

She wants cock and she gets it hard, this busty pornstar is a hot fuck too, love the fishnet stockings!

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