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Busty Kitana Rides a Big Black Cock

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Oh my god, this girl has amazing tits and even more amazing nipples! I found this scene with busyt and naughty Kitana at Big Naturals, and while I am not entirely convinced her tits are entirely natural, they are wildly big and her nipples are off the fucking hook. There are something about her nips that just scream to be sucking on and cum all over!

The sexy redheaded Kitana had two Big Naturals to show off, and we were more than happy to watch. Her clothes quickly come off after a quick intro. Straight out of Puerto Rico, Kitana’s thick Latina body didn’t disappoint. Kitana had 34DD’s and a perfectly plump ass and pussy to match. Kevin joined her, and his English accent got her instantly wet. He didn’t waste any time exploring her beautiful body. A blowjob and some titty-fucking overcame him early. But this guy kept going and pounded that pussy proper until he glazed Kitana’s delicious DD’s.

Great scene for sure, this girl loves the big black cock in her pussy and takes it deep too!

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