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Flexible Jenna J Ross Takes On a Huge Cock

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Jenna Ross (aka Jenna J Ross) is a super sexy girl with a killer petite body, and she is very flexible. This scene from Teens Love Huge Cocks has her taking on a monster fucking banana, and it’s pretty hot to see her get into some wildly hot positions!

We had a very naughty teen with some ballet skills join us this week. She was stretching and getting herself loose when we came into the room. She had on these tiny shorts to show off her perfect round bubble butt. It was super hot watching her stretch out and getting her pussy all wet and ready for some massive cock. When Chris joined the party she was soaking wet and did a split right over his face for him to suck that pussy up. She then went off on his cock jamming the whole thing down her throat til balls where on her chin. This just got her pussy wetter for that big dick to go inside her. You dont want to miss one second of this hot teen cumming , twitching, and squirting all over huge cock, super hot!!

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