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Employee Gets His Hands On Bosses Big Tits

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Busty Boss Jaclyn Taylor was heated up when she found out her new employee,Tyler, was fucking one of her clients. She got Tyler face to face, so she could make sure he knew what he was doing had to stop. Jaclyn was doing his mom a favor by giving him a job. He thought he was going good by keeping the client happy, but it was the wrong way. As he was getting the third degree he couldn’t help to notice her huge tits busting out of her blouse. He was busted staring, and then she just lost it. She got up and really wanted to get to the bottom of things. She wanted to find out why all the clients wanted his hard dick. Jaclyn got to the bottom all right, so did Tyler. Her face his the bottom of his dick and his dick hit her bottom of her soaking wet cunt. This is one boss we all wish we could have. She could yell all she wanted as long as she gagged on the cock and spread those long legs.

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