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Small Breast Elsa Jean Fit as Fuck

I love small breasts and big hard nipples, and sexy Elsa Jean is doing it for me nicely in this scene from Petite HD Porn. She sure is petite, and Elsa Jean has the sort of small breasts that get plenty of attention – big enough for her to stick them out, but not so big as to get in the way. Her small breasts and big hard nipples make me want more, and this gym set sure does turn into a whole lot more too! We get to enjoy this sexy blond babe getting her small breasts mauled and her pussy banged in this fit as fuck workout!

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Liza Rowe Firm Small and Super Horny

While this isn’t a brand new gallery, this scene with Liza Rowe from New Sensations caught my eye for a bunch of reasons. Liza Rowe has lovely small tits, that is for sure! Her smallish boobs are firm and yet soft, Liza Rose has that sort of natural few extra pounds all over that gives her sexy young body that soft look, but the boobs and sexy ass are both firm and solid when she stretches out. Her nipples are tasty and get really hard in this scene, and we get great looks at those small boobs as she gets her tight young pussy fucked hard. This girl clearly loves to fuck and loves to get her boobs played with – she even pulls on her own hard nipples at one point, giving herself an orgasm just like that! Awesome scene from a sexy small boobs girl!

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Tiny and Seductive Emily Grey

emily grey

Some girls have small tits, some girls are just so petite that everything about them is small. Emily Grey is certainly petite, her tiny but curvy 32A-22-34 body features some really tasty looking little titties. I think it’s because her nipples are relatively big for her small breasts, making them even more distracting then usual. She’s got a super cute smile, especially as she wraps her hands around your cock and starts stroking! Yes, small tits in a nice POV scene here, Emily Grey has yummy titties and you can focus as she jacks you off!

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Remy Lacroix Small Breasts and Sexy Ass


Remy LaCroix is one of those girls who sort of got physically blessed in all sorts of good ways. She’s got a nice look, a great smile, and a really sexy pair of small breasts. Her A cups are just so fine, and a perfect fit for her petite body type. But the good news continues as you go down, the balance to her small tits is a truly sexy, round, and yummy ass, making this small breasted babe a total woman in all ways. Her neatly trimmed pussy is about as tiny as her tits, a truly wonderful hot small breasted girl. She’s also a horny hotty, and this scene from I Have a Wife shows Remy Lacroix as a true temptation that no man can resist:

Remy decides to rinse off in the shower and as she comes out, she sees that Johnny is back early from his trip. She asks what’s going while in her towel and Johnny just unloads on her, he tells her that he got into a fight with his wife on their vacation and she went over to her mom’s house. On top of that, Johnny isn’t even getting laid anymore. Remy sees that as a problem and as a good house keeper, she’s willing to give Johnny a helping hand, rather her pussy in this case!

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