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Three Way Date

One night I decided that I was going to have a threesome with Tony and Kevin as soon as I possibly could. Having sex outside of our marriage was an idea I would never have thought of myself, but my husband had suggested opening up our marriage and since I knew he’d waste no time getting a woman, I wasted no time getting two men.

I work with a guy named Tony who’s a real ladies’ man and has probably banged half the girls in our office. We’ve been good friends and he’s never hit on me—I let him know I wasn’t on the market at our first lunch together—but we always talk candidly about sex and the sexual experiences we’ve had. At a recent lunch he told me that he and his friend Justin took one of Justin’s girlfriends out one night. He explained that it all started innocently enough with a poker game that turned into a strip poker game that turned into a three-way. He and Justin apparently turned her every way but loose, from double blowjobs to a double entry. They kept it going until they were all drained.

Although I feigned some good-natured disgust, the story set my imagination racing. The idea of being with two guys made me warm all over. I imagined two guys making me do nasty things like giving them each blowjobs then fucking them both at once without my husband there for the first time. At any rate, I told him about my husband and I deciding to fuck other people. Tony was enthusiastic and suggested that since we were good friends and didn’t have to worry about becoming romantically involved, he would be a natural to start with.

I said, “I don’t think an office affair would work, but if I change my mind, I’ll let you know.”

A week later, he asked me out for a drink after work and I accepted. I asked him if it would be just us or if I should bring a deck of cards, hoping he’d get the hint.


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Hotty Hime Marie Deep Ass Fucking Hardcore

Hime Marie is one of those girls who is so naturally sexy, it’s hard to imagine her doing porn. But here we have this stunning tall, lean, tiny tits blond getting her ass totally reamed in this scene from Tushy. This girl clearly loves that big cock in her ass, and he is working hard to fuck her butt in all sorts of hot positions – and hotty Hime Marie keeps cumming as he does it! he really goes for it on her butt, leaving her ass gaped open and full of cum as he creampies her stretched out ass and leaves her a real mess!

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The Boys Locker Room

Sierra hung back in the locker room, watching as her fellow dancers finished getting dressed and left. No one said a word to her-not that she expected they would, since none of them liked her at all. They hated her for being beautiful, with long jet black hair and big icy blue eyes, C-cup breasts and a tiny waist, long legs that went on for forever and a devilishly charming smile. They hated her for being the favorite, the one who brought all the guys to the games, the one who got all the attention.

Quite simply, they hated that she was so obvious about being a slut, while they had to sneak around and pretend they weren’t fucking whoever took them to the movies. She would have with them being in college now, they’d be a little more open with their sexuality.

She let her lips curl into a slow smile as the last one swished past her with her nose in the air. “Bitch,” Sierra muttered under her breath. She despised the trust-fund snobs as much as they despised her, but the dance squad gig was a sweet deal. Not that she really needed an excuse to find her way into the football players’ locker room after dance practice, but it helped.

She waited a minute to make sure no one was going to come back and surprise her, then moved quickly across the hall and slowly pushed open the door to the boys’ locker room. She heard the laughter and the sounds of running water and felt the steam roll out to her. The heat hit her and instantly made her wet.

“Hey boys!” she called out, grinning slyly as she stepped back into the inner sanctum.

There were only five of the guys still there, and they all looked up in anticipation when they heard her voice.

“Hey, Sierra,” Brett drawled. The tall brunette’s eyes sparkled as he shifted his hips, the towel that was loosely knotted around them dropping to the floor. Sierra licked her lips as she eagerly eyed his cock. It was still soft, but that was changing rapidly. “I was beginning to wonder if you weren’t coming today.”

Sierra laughed. “I plan on cumming quite a bit today,” she said with a wink. She walked closer to him and slid her hand down his chest and stomach, wrapping her fingers around his cock and stroking it slowly. He groaned and arched into her hand as his cock hardened.


Sons Friends Fuck All Of Her Holes

fuck all of her holes

Kaylynn’s son is coming home for a bachelor party, but thanks to a flight delay, his buddies Mick and Erik got there first. They brought a blow-up doll as a gag gift, but having their buddy’s mom see them with it is a little embarrassing. Mick and Erik try to make themselves scarce while Kaylynn finishes cleaning, but when she walks in on them playing with the blow-up doll, it gives all three of them an idea. Mick and Erik strip Kaylynn out of her tight black dress so they can worship her amazing titties for a while, and then Erik starts warming up her pussy with his tongue while she busies herself sucking on Mick’s fat cock. She sucks and fucks both of their hard dicks before spreading her legs wide for a sweet double penetration! Mick and Erik fuck all of her holes and then blow a couple of big loads on her smiling face, because nothing gets a bachelor party going like a little DP!

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Bachelor Party Fuck Up

Ever think you have the perfect ideal to take care of a problem. You know one of those ideals that makes perfect sense in you head, but when you go through with it falls apart or worst it fucks everything up. Boy did I have one of those. Here is how it all went down.

It was the weekend before Rob, my cousin’s bachelor party, Katie the bride to be and my best friend, found out about the plans by read an email detailing the plans and came to me.

The email talked about how my brother Tim was going get some his buddies and Rob’s buddies together and take Rob out for happy hour and hit a few bars to get Rob drunk, then to go to a strip club before heading back to Tim’s apartment where another stripper would show up.

Katie thought it was strange that they would hire a stripper to go to Tim’s apartment after coming from a strip club. Not understanding that she came to me asking me, why not just stay there?

That’s when I told her that knowing Tim, he had hired the stripper to fuck Rob and taking him to the strip club is just to get him drunk and horny. My brother is a big jerk. He thinks life is too short to be tied to only one piece of ass. So I was sure Tim wanted to give our cousin Rob one last taste of another woman before he was tied to Katie.

Katie got so angry and scared at that thought and wanted to tell Rob he couldn’t go. I told her that would only cause problems and problems like that were not the why to start a marriage.

So I came up with an idea to ruin their plans and told her not to worry I fix my brother and his friends. Or so I thought.

Since the email had the name of the stripper and her number, I call the day of the party and canceled the party with her. Then I called my brother disguised my voice and left a message on his answering machine telling him Maria was sick but Amber would be there to take care of the groom.

My plan was to go to the party and start to strip and when I got down to my black lace bra and panties. I would get down on my knees in front of Rob and then tell him I wanted to give him a blowjob. Then I pretend to get sick and run into the bathroom, then after making sound like I was throwing up I would leave. After the guys left I’d go back and bust my brother then I’d give him hell.

The night of Rob’s bachelor party I showed up to Tim’s apartment in disguise. Neither my brother nor my cousin had seen me since I had dyed my hair platinum blond, so blond it was almost white. Plus I never hung out with Tim or his friends so I felt pretty safe. I also wore a lot of make-up, much more than usual and put in colored contacts. I though, there was no way that they recognize could me.

Plus I knew the guys were not there to look at my face but at my body. So I knew that the black velvet push up bra and match thong panties, plus garter belt and fish net stocks would have their attention as soon as I slip off the skin tight dress.

It was 11:30 when I arrived and as my brother, Tim let me in. he looked at me funny and asked me to turn around. Then he squeezed me ass as he commented how hot I was and the other guys quickly made similar comments. My cousin, Rob was sitting on a chair and looked so wasted. They were so drunk I now felt more comfortable that they wouldn’t recognize me. The guys were all horny and drunk and were eager for me to start stripping right away.

I started to dance for them as soon as they turned on the music. Want to get this over with. I danced as sexy as I could, grinding my hips, shaking my ass, touching and squeezing my breasts, as I slowly removed my dress. As I did I found I was actually getting wet and I was becoming very turned on stripping in front this guys , even though my own brother, and my cousin were there.

Feeling brave I turned around and wiggled my ass in front of guys. Then one of the guys made a comment about the butterfly tattoo on my ass check. I spun around quickly and looked at my brother, remembering he had once seen my tattoo, fearful he had recognized me. But he didn’t have a look on his face like my butterfly had registered with him. Then I thought there had to be a lot on strippers with butterfly tattoos on the asses or lower back or other place.

I started getting back into it and put my foot between Tim’s black friend, Sal’s legs and allowed him to remove the fishnet stocking from that leg. He caressed my leg but I smacked his hand when he tried to rub my crotch. When the stocking was off I wrapped it around his neck like a scarf.

Then I move over to Kevin and repeated that with my other leg. Tim came over and gave me a slap on the ass, which caught me by surprise. I ordered him to his seat and tied the other stocking around his neck and lead him back to his seat. Like the dog he was.

Then they started telling me to take off my bra, I thought I better end this so I danced over toward Rob.

Then Rob’s friend Darren was behind me and Sal stood in front of me. They sandwiched me and began grinding into me. Darren unlatched my bra and Sal quickly removed it. I was startled and didn’t know how to react as the other guys watching including Tim cheered. Both Darren and Sal started fondling my tits and before I could react Darren turned my head around so he could kiss me while Sal began to suck on my tits. I felt Darren’s hard cock pressed against my ass and honestly I was so very turned on, but when I felt one of their hands slide in my panties and begin to rub my pussy I stopped them.

The only thing I could think to say was that I wanted to suck the groom’s cock now.

Sal and Darren obliged but not before my panties were around my ankles. I was kind of embarrassed that I was naked in front of own brother, my cousin and their friends even if they didn’t know it was me. I stepped out of my panties and headed over to Rob naked. I tried to look cool and sexy but I was a little flustered by what just happened.

As I approached Rob knelt down between his legs and he unbuttoned his pants. I looked up into his face, a little disappointed that he would go through with this. He pulled out his semi-hard cock and began stroking his cock it quickly got fully hard.

As I thought now was the time to pretend to get sick, I felt my pussy being penetrated.

I gasped, as I did Rob put his hands on my head and pushed it to his cock. I didn’t know who was behind me, but they had their hands on my hips and their rock-hard cock buried deep in my pussy. The cock felt bigger than what I was use to and I let out a moan as his cock slide in me. One of his friends watching shouted encouragement to Darren and to know who was fucking me got me very hot.

My cousin’s cock was now in my mouth. At this point I was so terrified, but there was no going back now. Darren was fucking me deep and fast. My pussy was so wet. I couldn’t believe how good it felt and began to suck on my cousin’s cock while the other five watched and cheered.

Suddenly Darren began pumping his cum in my pussy and I was surprised because he hadn’t been fucking me long. I was never so glad I was on the pill as I was at that moment. He didn’t stop fucking even after he finished blowing his load inside me though. He just fucked me faster for another five minutes or so until he removed his cock from my cunt and I felt his hot cum shoot onto my ass.

After Darren had cum for a second time he got up and another hard cock immediately slide in my pussy. John was now fucking me right where Darren left off very hard and fast. I was still sucking my brother’s cock. Darren had me on the verge of an orgasm and John put me over the top.

Right before I knew I was about to cum I stopped sucking my cousin’s cock and placed my hands on his thighs and hung my head between his legs. I braced myself, trying to resist the orgasm, but to no avail. My body was overwhelmed by the intensity of a huge orgasm. I was shaking, it was obvious to them all I was climaxing. My cunt clamped down on John’s cock the spasms causing him to lose it, sending yet another load of cum in my used pussy.

Rob had yet to cum, probably because of all the alcohol he drank. When John finished with me, Tim asked Rob if he wanted to fuck me now and Rob responded.

“No, you go ahead and fuck her. She deserves it.”

I looked up into Rob’s face and he winked, did he know it was me? Did he know he was giving his cousin permission to fuck his own sister? I knew there was no way to stop this without embarrassing Tim, Rob and myself, and ruining my relationship with both of them plus my best friend, Katie. So I decide to let my own brother have me.

Tim stood me up and lends in and whispered, “You’re a hot piece of ass and I can’t wait to fuck you.”

Tim led me to the couch and laid me on my back with my legs spread wide. He got on his knees in front of me and I couldn’t help but admire own brother, he is handsome, well build and his cock looked about eight inched long and fairly thick.

The cum that Darren and John had deposited in me was leaking out of my swollen cunt and Tim commented that the two guys he would have preferred a clean pussy to fuck but he wasn’t opposed to sloppy second. With that he inserted the head of his cock in my pussy and slowly pushed it all the way in to his own sister. Tim was much bigger then any guy I had ever been with. I really tried not enjoying his cock but I wasn’t completely recovered from my first orgasm and after a couple of minutes I felt myself building towards another big orgasm.

Tim was squeezing and mauled my nipples pulling on them and twisting them. As he fucked me, the guys watching were commenting what a slut I was. Dirty talk had has always be a weakness of mine.

When I started to cum again Tim encouraged me “Just let go, cum for me slut.”

Which was exactly what I did.

When my orgasm finally subsided I was completely drained, but Tim was still humping me. For another couple minutes I felt so nasty letting my brother use me. Then he finally pulled out and his cum shoot high into the air and falling onto my tits and stomach.

Although I was spent, normally two big orgasms had me ready to curl up and go to sleep. I realized they all wanted to fuck me and they were not going to stop until they did. Dan decided he wanted me next. He sat down next to me on the couch and told me to hop on top of him as he was holding his cock straight up.

I weakly climbed on top of him. As soon as my sloppy pussy engulfed Dan’s cock I grab him by the hair and pushed his face into my breasts. Hoping he want me off him since I was shoving his face into my brother’s cum that was on my tits. Maybe if I pissed him off enough it would break up the party and they kick me out. Instead he squeezed my ass and began rolling his tongue over my tits, and lapping up the cum.

At that point I decided total trap, I had no choice but to let them do what they wanted to me. Figured if I let them all them all have their turn this night would finally be over. So I stupidly said, “do want you want boys, I yours. Come on Fuck this slut, good. I want you all in me.” fuck that was another mistake.

Because then Kevin came up behind me and he told Dan to hold up fucking me. Then I felt him pressing the head of his cock against my asshole. The sensation of my asshole stretching around Kevin’s cock was intense.

I grit my teeth in discomfort. I have had anal sex before and can enjoy it but only after the cock was in me. It hurts getting my hole stretched that way. When Kevin had his cock buried in my ass they both started fucking me. The sensation of having both my holes fucked at the same time was overwhelming. I never had two guys at the same time. They were sliding their cocks in and out of me at different intervals. The pleasure was mixed with a little pain but was so intense. I felt myself cumming for a third time. Kevin announced how tight my asshole felt and I felt his hard cock begin to pulsate as his cum jetted deep in my ass. I have never felt a guy cum in my ass, all the other time I have had anal the guy pulled out and shot his cum on my ass and back. I looked over at Rob who was slowly stroking his cock while watching me get double teamed. He had this big smile on his face and again he winked at me.

When Kevin removed his cock my asshole as it quickly shrunk and the relief of pressure felt so good. Dan was still fucking my cunt and Kevin and Tim encouraged Rob to fuck my ass next saying “Katie is never going to let you fuck her ass, Rob. But if she did she like it, since she has had a stick up her ass for years.”

I almost laughed, Katie was stuck up some, then I almost cried when rob agreed with Kevin and Tim. Then stood and walk behind me.

Again this was something total new I had never had my ass fuck twice in one night by even one guy let alone two different guys.

As Rob got behind me and pushed his cock in my asshole. The cum leak and the fucking my ass had already taking let my cousin’s cock slip up into me easier and less discomfort.

I was lost to the incredible wickedness of what I was doing. My cousin didn’t hold back either; he pounded my ass so hard. Dan now matched Rob’s intensity and the other guy’s marveled at how hard they were fucking me and that I was taking it like porno slut in heat.

I had never felt like this before I was clearly moaning and begging to be use like a cheap slut, both men pounding both my holes hard. Slowly the pleasure gave way to more and more pain, as the tenderness parts of her body were assaulted over and over again.

Neither Rob nor Kevin let up until they were ready to cum. Rob blow his load first followed quickly by Kevin. They both pulled their cocks out of their respective holes and I took my cousin’s warm cum over my ass and back while Kevin plastered my tits with his cum.

The only guy who hadn’t fucked me yet was Sal, which was not by accident. Apparently they were saving him for last because he had the biggest cock of all the guys and they wanted to watch him finish me off or maybe it was just none of them wanted to fuck me after he did.

When I saw it I was speechless. It was huge. I was told it was 12 inches long and it was easily that, plus very thick. It was without a doubt the biggest cock I’ve seen and even though I was exhausted and sore from being fucked so many guys straight but I was consumed with lust. I wanted be fuck with Sal’s big cock.

I only wish they started me off with Sal because my pussy was so worn out and tender that I knew it was going to hurt but I didn’t care.

Sal had me suck and lick his huge cock for a few minutes before he started fucking me. As I was giving him the blowjob he wanted, I stopped and just had to tell him out loud and in amazement how huge his cock was. I could tell from his reaction he had heard that from many girls but could also tell he liked hearing it. He said he loved hearing white girls moan on his big dick as he laughed.

After sucking his massive cock till it was wet with my spit and having rub it against my face, he gave me the orders to climb on top of his fat cock. I eagerly obeyed. I grabbed his shaft at its base and slowly lowered myself onto it. My tender pussy never felt so filled. My cunt was being stretched out so much to accommodate his large cock. I couldn’t help but moan and even though I was sore I loved having Sal’s huge cock in my cunt.

I was fucking him very slow and as I did I licked the cum off one of my tits. All the guys loved watching me doing that and when I licked it clean Sal then started sucking on them. so hard was he sucking I knew I have hicks all over my tits.

Darren then stood on the couch next to us and turned my head towards him. He put his hard cock in my mouth and I started sucking on it. After a few minutes Darren started to moan very loud and I knew he was about to cum. He held my head down on his cock as he gave me a mouth full of his cum, and didn’t let go until I swallowed it down.

Sal now wanted to fuck me faster. He stood up with his massive cock still buried in me and began to impaling on his fat cock. Sal was a big guy so he manhandled me easily. I whimpered and tears run down my face as he dropped me over and over onto his spike. I hugged him tightly and we both began to cum together. It was such an intense and amazing orgasm for both of us, perhaps one of the best ones I’ve ever had.

When he finished filling my pussy with his cum he lowered me to my feet. My legs were shaky and almost feel over.

I lend against the couch, Tim quickly turned me around and bent me over. I was barely able to stand. I had to hold onto the armrest of the couch to stay on my feet and not collapse. Tim wasted no time shoving his cock back in my cunt. He was fucking me from behind and John then hopped on the couch and shoved his cock into my face. My weak protest only allowed him to shove his cock in my mouth.

Tim reached under me and grabbed me my swing tits again punishing my nipples as he jack-hammered my cunt. After a few minutes he stopped removed his cock from my cunt, I started to whimper. Glad my brother was out of me by then scream as he pushed it against my abused asshole. Three guys in one night had fucked my ass now, John was now cumming in my mouth as I mumbled to Tim to stop fucking my ass. He didn’t stop but luckily shot his warm cum up my ass shortly and then removed his cock.

After that I collapsed tell the guys I had had it. I couldn’t take any more. I made to the bathroom to clean up on shaky legs. I was whimpered as I cleaned up my cunt and ass were so sore. I knew it would be days before I feel better. Couldn’t believe what I had just done. The only good thing was I don’t think any of them knew it was me. I thought about Katie I knew she what to know if my plans had work to break up the party. I knew I have to lie and tell that they did but I have to do it over the phone I would be able to look her in the eyes and lie.

I also thought how could I have enjoyed being fucked by all of them so much?

I slipped on only the dress. I just wanted to leave as quickly as possible. When I got out of the bathroom Tim handed me an envelope of money and told me how wonderful I was. I didn’t bother to count it and just got out of there as quick as I could.

When I got home I counted $1,500 in the envelope. I fucked six of Tim and Rob’s friends and made $1,500, and had more orgasms in one night then I had had in the last six months.

The next day, I had my hair dyed a different color and cut short and had a spa treatment to relax my sore body. I was very nervous for days that Tim or Rob or one their friends recognized me, at wedding rehearsal or at the wedding. I almost fainted when Sal asked me to dance at the wedding and I did get wet dancing with him. No one had brought up the bachelor party I felt I was home free. Then Tim called me a few days later and asked if Amber was available for the night.

Anal Virgin Gets Ass Fucked

Lauren examined her body carefully in the mirror. Tonight was special and she had to look perfect. She ran her hands gently over her round breasts, pausing to linger on her hard nipples. She continued moving her hand south across her flat stomach and into her soft and smooth pussy searching for her clit. It was easy to find because it was already swollen from the excitement of the events planned for tonight. A soft moan escaped her lips as she brushed a finger across it. She turned and looked at her round ass. She reached around and grabbed her cheeks and spread them so she could get a good look at her asshole. A warm rush filled her body. This is what was making tonight special. She was going to let Brandon fuck her ass. It is something she had never done, but Brandon loved it and had been begging her for months to let his cock invade her ass. Finally, she had agreed. She couldn’t resist him any longer. While keeping her left hand on her ass to keep it spread, she ran her right hand up between her legs. She paused to slip a finger in her wet pussy and then she began to play with her asshole. She explored the soft skin around it first. God, it felt so good! She softly pushed one shy fingertip into her ass. Her excitement reached a new high as she watched her asshole swallow her finger. She couldn’t wait to feel Brandon’s cock slide into her like she her finger had.

Oh God! Brandon! He would be there any second! Lauren grabbed the sheer black nightgown she had purchased for tonight and threw it over her head. She took one last look in the mirror to admire the way her breasts pressed against the fabric and how inviting her cream colored thighs looked. She straightened her hair and ran to the kitchen. She pulled the bottle of wine from the ice bucket and opened it. As she was reaching for the glasses, she heard the front door open. Brandon had arrived. He walked into the kitchen as she was pouring the wine. A hungry smile crept across his face as he looked her over.

Lauren gave him her most seductive smile as she handed him his glass. “How was your day”, she asked as nonchalantly as she could.

The hungry smile became a full grin as lust filled Brandon’s eyes. “It just got a lot better”, he answered in his deep voice.

Lauren felt his strong arms reaching around her and she fell into his hard chest. His hands began to move up and down her back and she could feel his hard on through his slacks. She lifted her head and his lips met hers in an explosion of passion. His lips covered hers and his tongue traveled across her lips and into her mouth. She slowly massaged his tongue as she reached down and unzipped his pants. She pulled away so she could reach inside and feel his cock. It was so huge! Lauren couldn’t wait any longer. She dropped to her knees and pulled his cock out. She stared at it in wonder. Brandon had the perfect cock. It was long and thick. And perfectly symmetrical, with a big fat smooth head. Lauren licked her lips and began to tease his cock with the tip of her tongue. She started at his head, slowly kissing and licking the tip of his dick. When she looked up, she saw the look of delight on his face so she continued to move down his cock. She licked and kissed every inch of his cock as she worked her way down to his balls. Brandon’s balls were big and hard, just like the rest of him. Lauren slide one into her mouth as she continued to stroke his slippery cock with her hands. She let his ball slide across her tongue and she moaned as it filled her mouth. The vibrations made Brandon moan and he reached down and ran his fingers through her hair. Lauren released his ball so she could wet the other one. She kissed her way over to the other side and ran her tongue underneath his sack as she pulled his ball into her mouth with her tongue. Another moan from Brandon let Lauren know she was giving him exactly what he needed. She let go of his ball and began to slide her tongue back up to the top of Brandon’s cock, but he had other ideas.

“You can have more of that later”, he said. In one smooth motion, he pulled her up off the floor and into his arms. He lifted her off of her feet and carried her into the bedroom where he laid her on the bed.

Lauren lay trembling as Brandon undressed. She loved watching him. He was the sexiest man she had ever seen as he pulled his pants off and ripped his shirt over his head. His long hair flowed down his back and Lauren’s heart rate increased. Brandon then crawled up between Lauren’s legs. She could feel his hair tickling her inner thighs and his hot breath on her pussy. “Look at those lips”, he said, “How can anyone look at those lips and not want to make out with them?”

An electric whimper escaped Lauren’s mouth as Brandon’s tongue parted her pussy lips. He sucked each lip into his mouth and softly nibbled on each one until they were as hot and swollen as her clit. Brandon loved feeling her lips swell under his teeth and tongue, but Lauren couldn’t take anymore. “Please Baby”, she said, “Please suck on my clit. Oh please make me cum. I need to cum!”

Brandon swiftly found her clit and pulled it between his lips. He could feel Lauren’s excitement rising and reached up to grab her hips. Lauren’s moans grew loader and more intense. Her legs started shaking and Brandon prepared for her orgasm. He held her clit with his teeth and attacked it with the tip of his tongue until Lauren’s hips bucked and every muscle in her abdomen began to convulse, but Brandon wasn’t done. He ran his tongue down between her lips and down more until he had found her ass. Lauren gasped in pleasure as she felt his tongue circle the sensitive skin she had been fingering a short time before. Her finger felt good, but his tongue was amazing! She could feel her pussy getting hotter as his tongue dug deeper and deeper into her ass. She couldn’t stop the orgasm when she felt his soft tongue push into her ass. He held her onto his tongue so she could feel her asshole squeezing his tongue as she came.

Before Lauren could recover, Brandon had her clit back between his teeth. He slid a finger into her saturated pussy and once it was good and wet he moved that finger to her ass. Lauren could feel her ass stretch as Brandon forced his finger inside. Lauren began to fuck Brandon’s finger with her ass. She couldn’t get enough of his finger. “Want to try it with two fingers”, Brandon asked.

Lauren could only respond with a moan, but Brandon knew she wanted it. He moved anther finger into her pussy and then he slipped it in her ass with the other finger. Lauren’s moans were uncontrollable. Brandon kept his tongue on her clit while he slowly fucked her ass with his index and middle fingers. Lauren could not keep still. She pushed her ass down onto his fingers and rolled her hips until she was shaken by another violent orgasm. “Your cock”, Lauren gasped, “I need your cock inside me right now!”

Brandon quickly climbed on top of Lauren. The desire in her eyes burned into him as he shoved his huge cock into her throbbing pussy. Her muscles grabbed him and pulled him deeper and deeper inside of him as her hips rocked with his in perfect unison. He watched the orgasm build on her face. He reached down and pulled her right leg up over his shoulder so he could reach even deeper inside her. Lauren’s breath came out in fast gasps and he could see her heart pounding through her beautiful breast. Brandon fucked her harder to force the orgasm out of her. Lauren’s back arched as she cried out and came all over his massive cock.

Lauren could feel her cum dripping down her ass. She was shaking as she looked Brandon in the eye and said, “Please Baby, please fuck my ass.”

Brandon leaned down and kissed her gently on the lips as he pulled he cock out of her drenched pussy and positioned it on her asshole. Lauren moaned as she felt the smooth head of his cock push against her slippery ass. “Be gentle,” she pleaded.

Brandon nodded as he held her leg over his shoulder and slowly pushed his cock into Lauren’s ass. He watched Lauren’s eyes grow wide as his girth forced its way into her virgin asshole, pausing every few seconds to let her adjust to his size. Lauren reached down and started fingering her pussy as Brandon began to fuck her ass with a slow and steady rhythm. She couldn’t believe how full she felt. It was thrilling to feel his cock in her ass. She could see his pleasure on his face and it only turned her on more. She could feel her own orgasm building as Brandon watched his cock slide in and out of Lauren’s ass. She wondered how her ass looked with Brandon’s cock stuffed in it. She was sure it looked amazing. Her orgasm tore through her body with a vengeance. Every muscle flexed and twitched as her pussy overflowed with cum. Brandon’s breath was hot on her ear. “Where do you want me to cum,” he asked.

“My mouth. Come in my mouth so I can swallow every last drop of you”, Lauren answered eagerly.

Brandon pulled his cock out of her ass and into Lauren’s waiting mouth. She swallowed his head and began to run her tongue around his cock. Back and forth and circling the head of his cock. She used one hand to stroke his thick shaft while she tickled his balls with the other. She moaned loudly on his dick as he fucked her face. Brandon’s moans got loader as his orgasm got closer. A masculine growl ripped out of his lungs as he came. He thrust forward and his cock slide down the back of Lauren’s mouth where he shot a huge load down her throat.

Brandon climbed off of Lauren and pulled her into his arms as he lay beside her. “Maybe next time we should tie you up,” he said with a grin.

“Anything you want,” Lauren answered with a matching grin.

Cheating Girlfriend

The time this story takes place is several months back, about 4 to be precise. Me and MIchelle had been dating for nearly a year and a half now. We’d been sexually active with each other for just over a year and had always used protection of some sort because we both agreed it was best.

Michelle was really stoked about the next several days because her parents were leaving on vacation to Mexico and were leaving her alone to watch over the house while they were gone. Like most teenagers she immediately began planning for a party by calling and telling everybody she could. She was especially wanting me to go because she said she was gonna be wearing my favorite outfit just for me, which was a tight miniskirt and spaghetti strap tank top. When she said this I sensed a bit of tease and eroticness in her voice so naturally that got me stoked for the party as well. Naturally I had to help with getting the party going. My job was to find a way to get as much alcohol as I could and bring it to her house. The day of the party I got up about 11, showered, and by noon had called my friend Steven (who was 22) to run to the liquor store and pick up about $100 worth of alcohol for the party. I lived across town from the store so it took Steven around an hour and half to run the errand for me. I finally made it to Michelle’s house around 2 in the afternoon only to discover she wasn’t home. There was a note on the door saying that she’d gone out to run errands and would be home around 5. She’d left the door unlocked for me so I could go inside and store all the drinks till tonight. Well I still hadn’t done my laundry and it was piled quite high so I left her a note saying I had laundry and would be by around 8, possibly 8:30 and went on my way to accomplish my task.

I finally finished my laundry about 7:45, showered, and was ready for the party by 8:10. I hurried out to my truck and began driving to Michelle’s. She lived across town so it was gonna take me about 20 minutes to get there, which wasn’t so bad considering my laundry had already made me almost 2 hours late for the party. I arrived around 8:30 so I was still in the clear for being in time of my prediction in the note from earlier that day. I arrived only to notice the driveway full of cars and several cars lining the street, so I was forced to park several houses down. I decided to go thru the front door since it was closer and so I started to walk across the front yard at an upward angle heading for the front door. Michelle’s bedroom window was located by the front door so I had to walk right past it to get to the door. As I walked by I heard a guy’s voice say “Would you be offended if we told you that we thought you looked really hot and that outfit is turning us on?” I looked in the window expecting to see a couple people fooling around in Michelle’s room. When I looked in I saw two guys I didn’t know and to my shock, Michelle sitting between them.

I didn’t really think anything of it tho cuz I assumed she’d tell them to quit and go back to the party. Instead, the guy to her left put his finger under her chin and began to kiss her. I expected her to tell him to knock it off but instead she went along with him. While this was going on, the guy to her right began to slide his right hand along her thigh and under her skirt. I could tell he’d slipped a finger or two into her pussy because after a few seconds she’d jumped and made a slight moan. “Holy shit, her pussy is really tight and fucking soaked!” Upon hearing this, the guy who was kissing on her grabbed her hand and slid it over his crotch. She began to massage his bulge while the other guy continued to finger her. “Goddamn my cock is hard, what do you say we make this party interesting? Sound good Mike?” Asked the guy who had been kissing on Michelle. “Sounds good there Joe.” Mike answered. “What do you say Michelle?” Mike then asked. She gave a slight giggle and then agreed to whatever they had in mind.

At this, Mike and Joe both got enormous grins on their faces. Mike stood up and began undressing. When he pulled down his boxers, his huge erection sprang out and sort of bobbed there for a sec. He went over and laid down on Michelle’s bed, which was a queen size. Joe had stopped fingering her and was now undressing himself. Michelle went over to where Mike was laying and knew already what he wanted. She grabbed his boner and slowly slid her lips over it until she had most of it in her mouth. Mike placed his hand on top of her head and began to bob her head up and down with his hand, moaning with pleasure the whole time. Michelle then lifted her skirt up and pulled down her pink g-string, revealing her clean shaven pussy. She then placed two of her fingers into it and began to finger herself, moaning with delight while she still worked Mike’s dick with her mouth. “Fuck, this bitch really knows how to suck dick!” Mike exclaimed. At this, Joe, who had merely been watching before, got undressed himself and began to jerk his erection, which was about 7″. About a minute later Mike said “Oh, I’ve been such a selfish bastard haven’t I?” He then positioned Michelle so she was right over his erection. Pushing her down, he rammed his cock into her pussy. She let out a low moan as all 9″ filled her twat.

“Now we’ll have to get rid of these.” Mike said as he lifted off her top and undid her bra, letting her beautiful breasts spill out, her pink nipples sticking straight out. He left her skirt on because it would have been too much trouble to take it off without removing his dick from her pussy. At this sight, Joe couldn’t stand it any longer and he climbed onto Michelle’s bed, placing himself directly in front of her. He then placed his hand on her head and pulled her face so it was postitioned right in front of his boner. Like she had done with Mike, she placed her mouth over Joe’s penis and began to suck it fast and hard. “Oh, oh fuck yeah thats good, keep suckin it!” Joe said as she kept mouth fucking him. While this was going on, Mike was still thrusting his cock in and out of her pussy. “Ahh shit, shes got such a tight pussy.” he said as he did so. About a minute and a half later, Joe took his boner out of Michelle’s mouth and shot his load into her mouth and all over her face. As she swallowed his load, Joe said with a slight chuckle, “Now its my turn to give you something.” He then moved around behind her and lifted up her skirt so it was now around her waist. Knowing what was coming, Mike gave a slight chuckle himself while he still pounded her pussy. Joe then positioned the head of his shaft so it was at the entrance to Michelle’s anus. “No, not there, please!” She protested but Joe just kept pushing his cock deeper and deeper into her asshole. “Ahhh!” Michelle moaned as the final few inches of Joe’s boner filled her rear end. Joe then began to pound her ass while Mike still worked on her pussy. “Oh, harder. God I love it. Fuck me harder! I’ve never been filled with so much cock!” Michelle exclaimed as Joe and Mike began to hump her asshole and pussy harder and harder. “My god it feels so good!!” She yelled.

As much as my heart hurt, my cock hurt even more. Not being able to handle it anymore I unzipped my pants and began to jerk my own cock while the two of them kept at their double penetration, with Michelle moaning in pleasure the whole time. After some minutes had passed, I could tell that I was about to cum and it appeared that Joe and Mike were as well. Suddenly Mike yelled “Shit! I’m about to cum! I’m gonna cum in her pussy!” At the same time Joe yelled “Fuck! I’m gonna cum too! Right into her ass!” Michelle had a look of ecstasy on her face as she told them to fill her with cum. They didn’t waste any time fulfilling her wish as they pushed their cocks deep into each of her holes and blasted there cum deep into her ass and cunt. I couldn’t hold myself any longer either and I came as well.

“My god that was the best fucking I’ve ever had.” I heard Michelle say after the two guys had pulled their cocks out of her and began to get dressed. Not wanting to stick around for anymore of this, I slowly pulled my pants up,walked to my truck, and drove home to get drunk on my own stash of alcohol. I moved on shortly afterwards, never telling her why but hinting that I knew what she had done. I found myself a new girlfriend and so far, we’ve had no problems and are very sexually active so I guess I can’t complain too much.

You Want to Fuck Me Where

When I was 20 years old I had been living with my boy friend for 2 years and relitively speaking still inexperenced in the pleasures that sex had to offer me. Jack was very tall and well built, being an ex-high school football player he has continued to keep himself in pretty good shape. Looking back now I can understand why we eventually went our own way, you see, his cock was rather small, less than 6″ from head to base. But because I had only been with 2 other men up to this time I really had no idea that cocks could be larger and so much more fun.

Jack was always getting rather kinky, like the time I was in the tub bathing and he came in to pee. Yep, you guessed it, he turned from the toilet and sprayed my face with his pee. And he was always trying to talk me into letting him fuck me in the ass. I had no idea what his fasination with my ass was, but every time we made love and would get into the 69 position, he would always lick my ass and put a finger into my ass as he licked my clit. Of coarse this would always get him rock hard, and I did come to enjoy his probings and licking my ass. So it really was no suprise when one day I told him he could fuck me in the ass. It actually felt pretty good, feeling his cock stretching my virgin ass hole open. He really pounded my ass hard and fast and came right inside of my ass. Being the first ass fucking I had experenced I hadn’t douched my ass out first, and his cock was covered with my shit.

Well, about 3 weeks later Jack had 5 of his buddies from work over for pizza and beer while they watched a football game on the TV. I was left to do what ever since I never really got into the football thing. So while they watched the game and drank beer, I was in the bathroom douching my ass really good, I just kept putting the nozzle from the enema bag into my ass and squirting the shitty water out. I must have done this at least a dozzed times, untill I was satisfied that I was nice and clean inside my ass. And just to make sure, as a little test, I fucked a vibrater into my ass for 4 or 5 minutes, then sucked on it to see if there was going to be a shitt taste. To my suprise there wasn’t, infact it tasted clean and fresh. So now I bathed and dressed in a pair of old cut off jeans, really cut high so as to leave nothing to the imagination. I toped this off with a tank-top that showed my titties really nicely.

Walking into the living room dressed like this I stood beside the TV, as if I were looking for something. Of coarse all the guys were looking at me instead of the game at this point. I bent over at the waist to look behind the TV, giving them all a perfict view of my crotch, which wasn’t hardly covered at all. I stayed like this for about 30 seconds, then peeked over the top of the TV and asked if they had a good view of the game and was I in the way. They assured me that I was not in in the way and they all had a perfect view of what they wanted to see. I just said, OK, and went back to looking for my non-existant book. One of the guys came over and offered to help me look, as he knelt beside me I could tell he was enjoying the view of my breasts being exposed in the tank-top. He then put his hand on my ass cheek, and when I didn’t say anything his hand starded exploring my ass and inner thighs.

Then one of the other men behind me said, Sandi, I think I’ve found what you are looking for. When I turned around they were sitting there with their cocks in their hands stroking them. Without another word I walked over to the closest cock and knelt between his legs and started sucking his cock. After a couple minutes I stopped and told them all to strip down and sit on the couch and chairs, and I would take care of each of them in turn. It didn’t take long and there were 6 naked men with hard cocks waiting for me to suck on.

I started at one end of the room and worked my way around, sucking each cock, taking them deep into my mouth and feeling them sliding over my tongue. Each cock tasted so good, and all were bigger than Jack’s. To my suprise and enjoyment I was able to take even the largest cock into my mouth and deep throat it untill my nose was buried into his stomach.

Each cock was throughly licked up and down its length, then sucked some more, then I would suck their heavy cum laden balls into my mouth, then more deep throating. Each cock in turn was lavishly sucked and savored by my lips. When I finally reached the last cock I stood up and stripped what little I had on. I then told them to just sit there and they would have to lick and kiss what ever part of my body I offered to them. They all agreed.

The first man I put my breasts into his face so he would suck my nipples, while his hands explored the rest of my body. His lips sucking and gently nipping my nipples felt really good as his hands felt up between my legs, and his fingers moving over my pussy and into my cunt was really starting to make me breathe harder.

The next guy, I stood on the cushions beside his hips and thrust my cunt into his face. He didn’t hesitate to grab my ass cheeks and pull my cunt harder into his face as he licked my pussy up and down, flicking my clit and sliding his tongue as far into my cunt as he could.

The next guy was Jack, and I turned around and stuck my ass right into his face and told him to lick and finger fuck my ass hole. This he did without hesitation. By the time he was through, he had 3 fingers buried into my ass, fucking me as I moaned with pleasure.

After what seemed like hours of pleasure, but couldn’t have been more than 15 or 20 minutes at the most, I stood in the middle of the room and told one of the guys to lay on his back on the floor. When he did I lowered myself onto his cock, filling my cunt up as his cock was much larger than Jack’s. As he fucked my cunt I looked up and randomly pointed to another man, telling him to fuck my ass. Without hesitation he he was balls deep into my ass in no time, fucking me with slow in and out strokes of his cock. Unbeliveable how exciting it felt to have 2 cocks inside me at the same time like that. Since the others ware just watching, waiting their turn, I told another guy the bring his cock over and fuck my face.

They had formed a line by now, and when the guy fucking my ass pulled out the guy fucking my face took his place to fuck my ass and the next guy shuved his cock into my face to be sucked. The guy under me fucking my cunt didn’t seem to mind that all he was getting was pussy, and I didn’t mind either as I rather enjoyed feeling his big cock inside my cunt, fucking me deeper and harder that I had ever been fucked before.

This went on for quite a while and I know that I was sucking cock that was just a little while ago inside my ass. My thoughts were racing, thinking of all these delishious cocks fucking my ass then getting them sucked deep into my mouth. I know that I came several times druing all of this, as I just felt waves of pleasure washing over my body as I was getting fucked over and over again by these men.

I could tell that they didn’t want it to end and neither did I, but I wanted to taste their cum too, squirting into my mouth, tasting it over my tongue. So I finally told them all to stand around me in a circle and jack off, and when you are ready to cum tell me and I will swallow it all down for you. They liked that idea, and I watched, sitting on the floor, as these 6 cocks were being jacked off right in my face. When the first guy started to cum I leaned over and took his cock into my mouth, feeling and tasting his cum as he orgasmed over and over into my mouth. I didn’t want to release his cock from my mouth as it tasted so good, but then the next guy started cuming and I took his cock into my mouth and felt his jizz shooting over my tongue and I swallowed it as fast as I could so I wouldn’t choake, there was so much.

I was in cock heaven, one after the other giving me a cum cocktail. When they were all finished and I had tasted all of their cock cum, I told them to wait their and I would be right back. When I returned I was holding a wide mouthed tall glass in my hand. I told them if they could come back tomorrow they could cum into this glass after fucking me, and they could watch as I would drink all of their cum from the glass. However, there would be one condition that each of them would have to meet before he could come back and fuck me again. I could tell they were worried that they might not be able to do what I asked, so I just smiled and told them that they would each have to bring one other man with him to fuck me as well.

Dancing Girls

I moved out of my parents’ house when I was nineteen. My best friend Carl and I got a two-bedroom apartment together and agreed to share expenses. Up until, and right after we moved we talked endlessly, fantasizing about all of the adventures we would have at our new pad. We talked about swapping women, sharing women, orgies and everything else that can be imagined by horny, nineteen year-old guys.

About two months after getting settled in, we both became anxious to experience at least one of the escapades we had foreseen. We paced back and forth in the apartment plotting and complaining. We finally decided that purchasing new fuck flicks would at least settle us down for a little while. We found a good movie store and carefully picked out one movie each. When we got home we immediately put in one of the movies, Carl’s choice, I think. After a few minutes Carl asked me to leave the room so he could masturbate. I definitely understood his need to stroke after watching some of the movie he had picked out, so I exited the living room and went to my room. I picked up a book and began reading when the phone rang. Carl talked for at least thirty minutes. I finally came out of my bedroom when Carl hung up the phone. He had a devious look on his face. I knew he was going to tell me something good. All I could think of was group sex. Carl smiled at me and said, “Melina wants to practice her new dance routine at our apartment and get our opinion.”

Carl had known Melina since high school when they used to date off and on. She was kind of sleazy, she had a low self-esteem, she was a titty dancer. I told Carl I was most definitely game as my cock partially hardened. The rest of the day expired, night fell, and late finally came. I was tired of waiting for Melina to show up and I knew it was too good to be true anyway so I went to bed. Before I knew it Carl was waking me up saying “she’s here…and she brought a friend”. I sprung out of bed and immediately looked in the mirror to make sure I didn’t look too asleep. I combed my fingers through my hair, threw on that day’s clothes, from the floor, and went into the living room. Carl had one of our new movies playing with the sound muted and Melina’s dance routine music playing.

Melina’s friend, who’s name, I don’t think I was ever told (we’ll call her “Naughty”), was hot. She was not beautiful, she was kind of dirty, sexy. She had a great body and a sexy face, but she was kind of stinky looking, which really made me want to fuck her dirty. She said “hi, you’re Darren right, I came to watch too”. Melina instructed us to all sit on the couch. When she got her tape to the right song she began her routine. She did the typical titty dance routine, pushing her ass out, rubbing her breasts, and looking at us with permissive eyes. After she gave her routine one go around and she received our approval she began giving us lap dances one by one. I was first. Melina stood over me, her nipples erect, and let her hair drape over my face and chest. I felt her soft tendrils against my skin and stared at her breasts and navel. My cock was bulging and she didn’t hesitate to make sure I knew she saw the tent that was forming on my pants. She moved to Carl then, giving him the same treatment. When everyone was paying attention to Melina’s lap dance for Carl, I began rubbing my cock through my pants. Melina lingered at Carl for a while really giving him the deluxe version.

Finally it was “Naughty’s” turn. Melina’s friend’s eyes lit up as she anxiously received Melina on her lap. “Naughty” leaned back against the couch and welcomed Melina’s seductive parade. Melina straddled “Naughty’s” lap and teased her mouth with her tongue and lips. Melina’s nipples were swollen red and she looked anxious to please and a little frustrated. I could tell Melina wanted to take “Naughty” without further hesitation and the only reason they weren’t girl fucking already was because Carl and I were there. Melina slid her hands across “Naughty’s” inner thighs, up just past the hem of her shorts. “Naughty’s” back arched and her breasts heaved forward revealing her supple profile. Carl and I made eye contact and exchanged nods of approval. I couldn’t believe these girls were petting in my living room. My heart pulsed quickly as I enjoyed “Naughty” and Melina and the fantasy they were fulfilling. By the time I got over the shock of the very idea of two sexy, titty dancing girls making out in front of me, I realized Melina and “Naughty” were not stopping. Melina was standing, facing away from the couch as “Naughty” encircled her within her arms from behind with her left hand massaging Melina’s pussy and her right hand kneading a breast, as she bit, sucked, and kissed her back, shoulders and neck. Melina’s head fell back, her brown locks covering “Naughty’s” face, as she purred deeply while welcoming “Naughty’s” flesh. Melina turned to face her. She dropped to her knees, nearly knocking over the coffee table. She struggled to free Naughty from her shorts while biting her stomach and panting. “Naughty” clawed Melina’s shoulders and pulled her hair as Melina finally managed to get “Naughty’s” shorts down to her ankles. Melina did not wait to remove “Naughty’s” panties, she pulled the front of them aside exposing her clean shaven, agitated mound. “Naughty” struggled to force Melina’s face between her thighs but Melina grabbed her wrists and teased her with her tongue. “Naughty” let out a muffled scream as she gritted her teeth and pushed her soaked baldness against Melina’s face. Melina, though enjoying the torture she was administering, became bothered herself and couldn’t refuse herself the pleasure of tasting “Naughty”. She buried her face between “Naughty’s” welcoming thighs and frantically sucked her pussy. Shortly after “Naughty’s” shorts fell I removed my cock from my pants and established a steady rhythm, taking in the sounds and sights Melina and “Naughty” were blessing us with.

Carl also flogged his cock as he looked on with disbelief. Before I knew it “Naughty” and Melina were fully bare and laying on the floor writhing with pleasure. They laid on their sides, facing each other, their legs tangled and their bloated clits pressed together, all four of their legs quivering as a result of the slightest movements. Carl had positioned himself about a foot away from them. He stood on his knees pulling his rod, not wanting to miss anything. I stayed on the couch, happy with my view, tickling my balls with my left hand while rubbing my tip with my right. As the girls repositioned themselves into a sixty niner “Naughty” lifted her head, made eye contact with Carl, and started giving her fingers a simulated blow job. After little hesitation Carl knee walked up to “Naughty” and put his prick right in front of her face. She took hold of Carl’s cock and stroked it as she lowered her head and ate Melina. As the girl’s sixty nined and Carl received the best hand job of his short sex life, I continued to tug myself, struggling to control myself to prevent an early end to this unbelievable experience. “Naughty” lifted her head again and took Carl in her mouth, all the way down to his balls. Carl’s stomach tensed, his head slammed back, and his mouth fell wide open as he immediately filled “Naughty’s” mouth with his seed. “Naughty” gulped a few times and shortly after, began French kissing Melina’s hole again.

I couldn’t take anymore. After seeing Carl fill “Naughty’s” mouth I had to get in on the action. I got off the couch and wiggled myself between “Naughty” and Melina. They welcomed me by stopping their activities and immediately concentrating on me. They were still in a sixty nine position, “Naughty’s” pussy was at my face and Melina was spooning me. “Naughty” promptly sucked my cock into her mouth and swallowed me, practically taking my balls in too. I felt her teeth graze the sides of my dick as Melina bit and sucked the back of my neck, sat up and took my nipple into her mouth, gently nibbling and tonguing it. When the shock wore off I smelled “Naughty’s” moistness and immediately filled my mouth with her stinky pinkness. I was oblivious to everything other than the sensation of Melina’s prodding tongue all over my upper body, “Naughty’s” dripping pussy in my mouth, and her skilled mouth and trained throat all over my veiny piston. “Naughty” and I matched rhythm, pumping each other’s faces simultaneously as Melina stood on her knees, alternately licking us both all over. “Naughty’s” legs were like a vice on my head as hot orgasmic drool ran from her twat. I removed my mouth from “Naughty” concentrating on the pleasure she was conducting on my cock only to notice that Carl had gotten it up again and was poling Melina from behind, squeezing both breasts, his face contorted and his neck bulging. “Naughty” continued sucking me relentlessly, chewing and licking my cock as she fucked me with her throat. I watched Melina take Carl, I felt “Naughty” on my dick and I finally came. “Naughty” had seconds now as she swallowed my cum just as she had swallowed Carl’s earlier. I felt a muscle cramp in my lower back and in my right leg as I strained to experience my orgasm. Carl continued stabbing Melina from behind until he pulled out, slapped his thickness against her ass cheek and spilled his second load of the night.

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