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Anal Seduction

Brian and Sue had known each other for little over a year after meeting at a party at a mutual friend of theirs. They hadn’t seen each other for about six months when they ran into each other at the supermarket and decided to go have drinks together afterwards. Neither of them expected things to get so hot for the both of them at the bar. Sue couldn’t help feeling a bit lusty seeing Brian’s shirt just draping off his broad shoulders.

Brian really liked Sue’s confidence and the way her ass fit into her tight jeans. After getting back to her place, they pretty much drunk-fucked each other for an hour and both crashed for the night. Leaving the next morning wasn’t uncomfortable for either one of them and they both decided they would try to get together sometime in the next week. Another mutual friend was throwing a party that weekend and both of them planned on being there. There was a feeling in both of their heads that they were going to end up together at her place and have some really intense sex.

The party itself was pretty fun for them. After both had downed a couple of beers, Sue asked Brian to take a look at a painting in a room where there wasn’t going to be anyone else. He followed her in the room and they immediately starting French-kissing each other. Sue wanted to fuck him right there, but the always-uncomfortable party guest walking-in and interrupting things dissuaded her from taking any of her clothes off. Brian also wanted to fuck her right there and wasn’t about to let potential embarrassment dissuade him from having the woman he wanted when he wanted.

They were leaning against a wall in a guest bedroom with Sue’s skirt slowly being raised by Brian’s right hand. She was grabbing his ass with both hands, but felt she needed to thwart his hand from getting any closer to her wet pussy until they got out of the house. Sue had to grab Brian’s hand from her waist up and onto her breasts. He didn’t miss a beat and tried undoing the shoulder straps on her cotton cocktail dress. He wanted her now and Sue didn’t want to leave the party just yet so she asked if there was anything she could do to cool Brian off for a while until they could get back to her place.

Brian said he wanted her to go down on him right there. Brian told Sue the door could be locked and that he was already close to cumming simply by making out with her. She had only tasted Brian’s cock at their last sexual encounter, but hadn’t made him cum in her mouth. She enjoyed the feeling of a hot cock sliding in and out of her mouth and would greedily swallow all cum coming her way. She agreed to and reached for Brian’s zipper.

He leaned back against the wall and watched the proceedings as this lovely 21 year-old with juicy red lips and a wanton look on her face slowly pulling down his slacks. Her knees were resting on a pillow and Brian could feel her full breasts resting against his legs and her hot breath right near his cock. She pulled down his boxers and proceeded to lightly nibble on his already pre-cum slicked cock. She wasn’t trying to take her time and began sucking on him hard, bobbing her head up in down in a fairly rapid pace. She wanted to get him off now so that she could say bye to a few friends and go back to her place with him after he’s had time to recover.

Sue’s head was amazing and Brian knew she was trying to get him off as soon as she could. Brian was really getting into Sue’s mouth and began holding her pony-tails and thrusting as far down her throat as he could get. The action going on in her mouth and the couple of beers was making her pussy ache for something so she began fingering herself. Her panties were soaking wet and she pushed them to the side so she could better access to her clit. She got herself off often at home and she enjoyed knowing that she could make both Brian and herself cum at the same time. Sue felt her orgasm coming on right before Brian deposited his giant load in her mouth.

She swallowed as much as she could before needing to pull away. Sue kept her hand on Brian’s cock pumping just slightly to prolong the pleasure for him. Brian was still coming a little and got some cum on her right cheek and chin. Brian enjoyed that Sue stayed in her place just looking up at him. He thought the view of this hot little number with his spunk oozing from her lips and off her chin would be something he would never forget. He told her to clean off his cock and swallow the last load. She complied with his request and washed down the last of his sperm with a final swig of beer. Knowing that she would do as told was something that Brian clearly enjoyed..

After zipping up and sending Sue to the bathroom to clean up, Brian told friends he was going to head back home. He went outside and waited for Sue to join him. They walked the ten blocks or so back to his place and made a bee-line for the bedroom. They both stripped down and were enjoying the sights of each other’s naked bodies. Brian was a 24 year-old ex-college soccer star. He was 6’2″, 180lbs, brown hair and blue eyes with broad shoulders and a well-defined body. He worked out several times a week and generally took care of himself. Sue was a former gymnast who had to quit only when her tits got too big for her leotard.

She was a redheaded 5’4″ 105 lb. pixie who was very proud of her slim attractive body and 36C breasts. She worked out almost every day and enjoyed the attention men had always given her since her breasts began budding out. Sue liked the way Brian complemented her on her body their first time together and was looking forward to his complements this time, as well.

From their previous encounter, Brian knew Sue was very flexible and enjoyed a strong partner who wasn’t afraid to take the lead. He said he wanted her to lie back and just enjoy him going down on her for a little while. She was enjoying the combination of his tongue on her clit and two fingers pumping in her pussy. Brian shifted slightly and pushed her legs back so he could try some different things. He moved his other hand down to her ass. With her juices coating his fingers, he began rimming the outer edge of her asshole.

She wasn’t stopping him, so he started probing more of her hole with one of his fingers. Still not stopping him, Brian started pumping a second finger in her ass along with the two fingers in her pussy and tongue circling her clit. Everything Brian was doing was driving Sue absolutely crazy and brought on an incredible orgasm. She screamed out so loud that Brian thought he might be hurting her. He began pulling his fingers out of her ass when she told him not to stop and keep doing everything he was doing – only harder. He kept it up before finally pulling his fingers out of her body and rested them on her stomach.

Sue told Brian that she felt incredible and that she hadn’t had anyone play with her ass like that. A guy tried to insert his cock in her ass a couple years before, but her ass was too tight. Brian told her that anal sex can be very enjoyable for both partners, if they do it right. Brian told her that he wanted very much to fuck her ass. Sue nodded and said she was ready for him to be her first anal partner .

Brian had Sue get on her knees and told her to rest her head on her pillow. He wanted her shoulders to be touching the bed and have her ass pointing in the air. He positioned himself behind her and began rubbing her back and shoulders. His voice was calming and she could feel his tongue work its way closer to her anus. He slipped a couple of fingers into her pussy and slowly started penetrating her asshole with his tongue. She couldn’t believe how good it was feeling having this man tonguing her asshole. He tongued her ass for several minutes letting Sue relax even more. He took some of her pussy juices and began rubbing them on her asshole.

He then moved back and brought his cock up right behind her. Thinking that he had changed his mind, she enjoyed the feeling of his cock entering her soaking pussy. Brian began thrusting while he rimmed a finger several times around her asshole. He slowly inserted the same two fingers as he had earlier in her ass and kept a nice slow rythym of fingering and fucking, fucking and fingering. Sue was losing herself thinking the combination of Brian’s large cock in her pussy and his two fingers in her ass. She enjoyed listening to him say how good this felt and how the two of them really fit together. She knew he put a third finger in her ass, but didn’t realize he had a fourth finger now stretching her asshole wider than it had ever been before.

He told her he was ready to put his cock deep into her virgin ass. He pulled his cock out of her pussy, but kept his fingers still stretching her ass. He placed his cock right at her entrance and took a couple fingers out. Her hole stayed gaping for a second and he put the head of his cock snuggly in. He pushed his cock in a half inch more and feeling only a slight resistance pushed another inch.

He could see her face grimace a little, but when he asked, she said it still felt good. He wanted to give her a chance to get used to the full stretching. After a few seconds, he felt her asshole release a little and he pushed on. She tightened up slightly, so he reached down and started massaging Sue’s clit. After a few more pushes and soothing comments, Brian had stuck nearly two-thirds of his 9″ cock in Sue’s newly deflowered ass.

Brian really wanted to begin rocking Sue’s ass hard, but thought she may become a regular fuck-buddy so he kept his movements fairly slow and deliberate. He kept fingering her clit while going in slow on her ass. He could tell she was getting close to coming again and wanted to make sure she came before really giving her everything he had. He was enjoying the sight of this hottie arching her back, head and shoulders resting on the bed and her ass sucking in nearly the full length of his man-meat. There was a mirror next to the bed and Brian enjoyed seeing Sue’s facial expressions change every time he pushed deeper into her well-defined ass. Sue closed her eyes and let out a satisfied moan as Brian knew he had made her come again, this time with his cock buried deep in her ass. Brian really liked the look of her lying there, eyes closed and mouth open, knowing that he was completely in charge of her.

Brian took his hand from her clit and grabbed both hips. He told Sue to get ready for some serious ass-fucking. He has been gentle with his words earlier, but wasn’t going to hold back any of his complete domination of her He told her that he wanted her to say or do everything that he asked. Sue nodded her head in agreement.

First, Brian wanted Sue to reach back both her hands and pull her cheeks even wider apart. Sue reached back and did as told. Then he wanted Sue to tell him to fuck her ass harder. “Brian, Fuck me harder, Fuck my virgin ass. I want you to cum hard in my tight little hole.” Sue was getting very turned on by the words she was saying and Brian’s complete domination of her. Brian had been fairly gentle in his reaming before, but hearing Sue now pushed Brian into a porn-star ass-pounding mode. Brian was half standing, just slamming Sue’s ass for all it’s worth. He was sweating so much, the perspiration was dripping down onto his prone little pixie. Brian told Sue to beg him to come in her ass. “I want you to come in my sweet little ass. Fuck me harder Brian. Give it to me, baby. I want to hear you come hard.”

Brian had anal sex with a couple women before, but nothing could compare with this sweet little girl screaming for him to coat the inside of her ass with his seed. He literally roared like a lion as he felt his balls contracting and spewing his spunk deep into her bowels. Sue could feel Brian pausing as his juices pulsated into her puckered little ass. Sue had sex with several guys before, but the feeling of complete control under Brian’s body made her body involuntarily come again.

Brian’s body was so wiped out he just laid there on top of Sue’s back. Sue’s little frame could only handle Brian’s weight for so long and she slowly started dropping her arched ass down to the bed. Brian just let her collapse underneath him and continued laying on her back, deep in her ass. Sue told Brian that she had never come so much or so hard and would enjoy Brian’s attention whenever he wanted. Brian told Sue that if every day could be like the one they just had, she could count on him to take care of her all the time.