The Office Slut

“Yes? What is it, Miles?”

George Peterson looked up from his lunchtime crossword and glanced idly at Miles Slattery as he grinned at him around the office door. A few crumbs from his chicken sandwich had scattered over sixteen across; one of the many clues that George had still yet to solve.

“Have you seen her yet, boss?”

Miles was one of the younger members of George’s staff and could be a real pain in the ass at times. His light brown hair flopped fashionably over one eye and made George think that the young clerk needed a good haircut.

“Who are we talking about now?” George sighed expansively. He guessed that one of the girls from accounts or the computer room was now the current fixation of Miles and the rest of the young office males. All they ever seemed to do was think about sex these days, George pondered. It was a surprise that they ever got any work done – which Miles rarely did.

George looked at his young clerk and then back down at the crossword. He brushed the crumbs away from sixteen across and read: To pull and tug vigorously; four letters. He smiled to himself and wrote: j-e-r-k. Thank you Miles, he thought.

“The new temp.” Miles suddenly exclaimed excitedly.

“What?” George looked up a little confused.

“Come on, boss. Try and keep up! The new temp? In Frank Walker’s office? Have – you – seen – her – yet?”

George suddenly remembered what the conversation was about and knew that he was beaten. He pushed the newspaper to one side and threw his empty sandwich wrapper in the litterbin.

“Er, no. Why?”

“Oh man!” Miles enthused. “This one is a real cracker! Not so young, I suppose, but she’s a complete nymphomaniac!”

George was surprised that Miles even knew what the word meant.

“I thought you guys were only interested in leering at girls just out of high school,” George said. “What’s so special about this older woman?”

“You’re not listening, boss.” Miles continued becoming visibly more agitated. “This woman can’t get enough. We’re taking it in turns to go into her office at lunchtime and bang her. Also, we’ve got a hole made in the wall of the office next door so while one of us does the business, the others can watch! It’s Ray Hunter’s turn today. Come on, George, come and have a look!”

George knew only too well that if he chickened out on this, his life would be made a living hell for ages. The young studs of the office would get months and months of pleasure from reminding him of his failure to rise to this challenge.

If truth be told, George had lost interest in sex a few years ago. He was still capable, he knew – quite often he would develop an erection when passing a sexy looking woman in the street – but the desire had gone. It was his wife, Kay he felt sorry for the most; a few years younger than him, George was well aware that her desire for a physical relationship had not dwindled as his had – in fact, if anything, it had grown stronger. But Kay had been very understanding. She had not pestered him for sex or teased him about his lack of ardour. But then, while tidying the bathroom one day, George had found a long, realistic looking vibrator. He understood better then why his wife seemed as content as she was. He was happy that she had found an alternative arrangement.

“Come on, boss.” Miles called excitedly and broke George’s reverie. “We don’t want to miss anything!”

The though of watching Ray Hunter’s buttocks bouncing up and down between the legs of some poor unfortunate woman did little for George but he knew there was little choice. With a deep sigh he got up from behind his desk and followed his young clerk out of his office and along the corridor.

“Hey, guys,” said Miles as he ushered George into the small, dark office. “The boss is going to join us today!”

There were already three young men crowded into the office and they nodded greetings to George as he entered. George could see a small hole in the side of the wall that backed onto Frank Walker’s old office. He had no idea that his sick colleague had already been replaced by a temp.

“Come on, boys!” Miles joked. “Let old George have a look.”

“Ray is just about to go in.” Said one of George’s young staff as he was pushed towards the spy-hole. “She’s just sitting there waiting for him!”

As George obligingly positioned his eye against the small hole, his whole life suddenly changed. He had been a little apathetic about spying on another member of staff and had thought that he would have just a quick peek and then break the little group up on the pretext that they all had work to do. But now things were different. He now seemed to remember Kay saying something a few days ago about starting a new temporary job – but in his wildest dreams (or darkest fantasies) he had not the slightest idea that she was working here, in Frank Walker’s old office.

The sudden realisation that his staff had been discussing his own wife quickly dawned on him. But if he backed out now they would ask him for an explanation and George Peterson wasn’t sure that he had one. He wasn’t sure that he had any answers at all. He had no option but to keep his eyes glued firmly to the spy-hole.

As George continued spy on his wife, he heard the door to her office slowly open and the unmistakable sound of Ray Hunter’s familiar drawl as he entered.

“You been waiting on me, baby?”

Kay nodded wordlessly as her eyes peered up over the rim of her glasses. George thought that she looked a little flushed; excited. He watched as Ray sauntered – almost swaggered – towards the big desk and obscenely cupped his hand to the front of his suit pants.

“Or maybe,” he continued, “it’s this that you’ve been waiting for!”

George watched as Kay licked her lips appreciatively and nodded again. She didn’t speak. She didn’t need to; the look of lust on her face told Ray – and George – all they needed to know.

“It’s right here for you, sweetheart.” Ray said. “Just waiting for you. Come and get it.”

Even before Ray had managed to finish his sentence, Kay was up from behind her desk and dropping to her knees in front of the younger man. His zipper was down in a second and her hand was inside his pants, urgently working to free his member.

George was watching avidly. He could hear words of encouragement from the younger men behind him but he paid them no mind. He couldn’t have torn his eyes away from the sight he was currently looking at even had he wanted to. And he didn’t want to. Not one little bit!

As Ray’s suit pants and underwear hit the floor, Kay’s long, slender fingers immediately wrapped themselves around his hot shaft. Ray’s cock was almost immediately erect and Kay had only to tease the head a little and run her long fingernails luxuriously under his scrotum to see the hard, pulsating result.

“Yeah, baby. Suck on it!” Ray mumbled as he leaned back on the desk. “Take me deep in your mouth, slut!”

George blanched slightly as he heard his wife referred to in such derogatory terms but quickly realised that Ray was speaking the truth. Mrs. Kay Peterson was clearly the Office Slut!

Slowly, Kay’s head bent forwards. Her mouth opened wide as the trembling, pulsating head of Ray’s cock disappeared between her soft, painted lips. The young man sighed deeply as he felt the warm, wetness of her mouth enclose around him. His eyes closed and he leaned back, forcing a little more of his turgid weapon into the older woman’s willing mouth.

George’s mouth felt dry to the bone as he watched his wife expertly fellate the young executive. Her head was bobbing up and down slowly and gently and her fingers, still elegantly wrapped around the hard base of Ray’s shaft were twisting and pulling as she encouraged him to thrust deeper and deeper. George realised that he had been holding his breath and let out a wheezy exhalation. He knew that he was excited – he could feel the erection that had developed beneath his pants urgently pressing against the material of his shorts – and it was becoming very difficult to keep his breathing regular. He couldn’t understand why, at this moment, he wasn’t running into Kay’s office and screaming abuse at her and Ray. But he wasn’t. He wasn’t doing anything at all. Just watching.

Back in the next office, Ray was pulling Kay up onto her feet. As his penis slipped from between her wet lips it bounced back and slapped against the young man’s flat, muscular stomach. Kay gasped breath back into her lungs and stood up. Her hands were already busy unbuttoning her blouse and as the garment fell to the floor, she reached behind her and swiftly unclasped her lacy, white bra. Ray’s hands instinctively reached out and began to fondle the heavy orbs of her firm breasts. The nipples were already hard and swollen and as he rolled them between his fingers George heard his wife moan low in her throat and close her eyes. But Kay was clearly not about to stop her impromptu strip tease with just her blouse and bra. She looked a little disappointed as she disengaged Ray’s hands from her tits but seemed to put this thought far from her mind as she kicked off her shoes and unzipped her skirt. The panties followed quickly and she was about to roll down her black stockings when Ray’s voice suddenly stopped her.

“No, leave them on, baby. I want to fuck that sweet, sexy cunt of yours while your wearing those stockings.”

Kay smiled and, nodding, quickly changed positions with her young stud. Leaning back against the desk she spread her legs and planted both stocking clad feet well apart on the carpeted floor. George stared directly between her legs and was fascinated to discover that his wife had shaved her pussy completely bald. He wondered when she had done this and was surprised to realise that it had probably been several months since he had last seen her naked.

Ray moved swiftly in between Kay’s legs. His cock was hard and throbbing as he pressed the head against her pouting sex-lips. Kay’s hand moved down. She gripped the shaft firmly and pressed herself forward. George watched as inch after inch of the young man’s tool slipped easily into his wife’s hot, willing vagina.

The two coupled easily. George stared as he saw Ray’s large erection slide effortlessly into his wife’s pussy. It was completely obvious that she was already quite wet and as the young man began to pump himself steadily back and forth, Kay’s hand dropped between her legs and began to feverishly strum her visible and lust-swollen clit.

The sound of frantic coupling could be clearly heard through the thin, partitioned walls of the office. The rest of George’s staff were listening and quietly encouraging their colleague.

“Fuck her, man!” Said one.

“Do it, Ray. Make the slut come.” Another quickly commented.

“Yeah! Let’s hear the slut get off, Ray!”

George pressed his eye harder up against the spy-hole and swallowed audibly. Kay was now half sitting and half standing. One of her long, stocking clad legs was up and resting over Ray’s shoulder as he brutally thrust himself in and out of her dripping pussy. Her fingers were still busy on her clitoris and, as she received a series of long, deep lunges from Ray, George suddenly saw her entire body stiffen and her eyes close. A Long, deep moan escaped her lips as she climaxed and, amid quiet sounds of approval from the other men, George watched his wife’s body tremble and shudder through a clearly massive orgasm.

George could see that Ray intended to fuck the older woman right through her climax. She was obviously to be given no rest at all. His body looked a blur as he literally hammered himself in and out; thrusting his hard, swollen cock as deep into Kay’s pussy as it was possible to get. Kay grunted loudly every time the young executive’s tool bottomed out in her hole and trembled violently as a series of smaller orgasms rippled over her tight frame. It was also clear that Ray was approaching his own climax as beads of perspiration were breaking out on his forehead and the muscles in his arms and legs began to tense.

With what George thought was a display of amazing self-control, Ray suddenly pulled out of Kay’s pussy with a gasp. Her hole gaped as it was so abruptly vacated and her eyes clearly demonstrated disappointment.

But Kay was not to be disillusioned for very long, George realised. Ray grunted. One hand gripped his throbbing cock while the other almost dragged Kay down onto the floor. She fell to her knees a little surprised until she suddenly seemed to realise what was required of her.

“Get yourself over here!” Ray growled as he pulled her forcefully towards his twitching weapon. “I got a present for you, slut!”

George watched as the young man held on to Kay’s head with one hand while feverishly rubbing his cock with the other.

“Open you mouth, bitch. I’m going to cum!”

Kay obeyed without hesitation. As soon as her soft lips parted, Ray pushed his swollen cock between them. His cum started to flow almost immediately and as much as Kay swallowed and gulped on the hot, sticky issue, inevitable trickles began to ooze from the corners of her mouth and meander down into the deep valley between her breasts. The last thing George saw before he was pulled away from the spy-hole by Miles was his wife and her young stud collapsing exhausted and sticky onto the carpeted floor.

“Shit, George!” Miles complained. “You watched the whole thing. Nobody else even got a chance!”

“Er…well, yes,” George started. “But that’s because she’s …..”

He stopped himself suddenly. He certainly didn’t want any more information about him or his wife working it’s way through the office grapevine.

“She’s what?” Miles asked.

“Um….well….I expect she’ll be doing it all again tomorrow.” George finished with a relieved sigh.

“You bet she will!” Miles continued, smiling excitedly at his boss and winking. “And guess who’s turn it is then?”

George gasped involuntarily as he realised the significance of what his young clerk was saying. He hadn’t fucked his wife in so many months he almost wondered if he remembered how, but the aching erection still throbbing and pulsating in his underwear told him that he would manage somehow. Every office had one and this one was his! He was already looking forward to taking his turn with the office slut!

Restaurant Coworker Fuck

I’m remembering back to a night where we met back up at my place after a nights work at the restaurant…. I had already been home for about an hour, enough time for me to take a shower and slip into a pair of short lounge shorts and a wife beater tank.

You knocked on my door and when I opened it to let you in you were holding a bottle of white wine with a smile on your face. The kind of smile that told me you were happy to see me and knew it was going to be a good night.

You came in and asked to take a quick shower while I would get the wine opened and ready with 2 glasses. I turned on some music, I think it was Enigma, and turned down the lights and lit some candles. I opened up my futon in the living room while you were still in the shower.

When you were done with your shower you came into the living room where I was at and when I turned to you, you were standing there with the towel around your waist just low enough for me to look at your abs and pelvic muscles dripping with shower drops.

I ran my hand down your chest and handed you a glass of wine. You pulled me close to you and kissed me. We sat on the couch and drank some wine in the atmosphere I set for us. We looked at each other in anticipation, wanting what we both new would be coming up next.

We started kissing and the taste of your lips was so good, a mixture of wine and tongue. I went for your towel and undid the tuck exposing your rock hard cock. I took off my tank and pulled down my shorts. You looked at me and said “I’ve wanted to fuck you all night long”.

You laid me down and slowly crawled on top of me pressing your cock on my stomach. I opened up my thighs giving you access to my pussy. You began to tease me with the tip of your cock on my clit. I wanted you inside me so badly but I knew you had other things in mind.

You turned yourself over to lie on your back and asked me to straddle myself over your face. Once I was on my knees with my pussy above your mouth, you handed me my glass of wine and told me to slowly pour it down my chest.

I began to pour it down the front of my neck, it ran between my tits, down my stomach and then down my pussy. Your mouth was pressed up between my lips and you began to drink the wine from inside me.

It felt so fucking amazing. The cold of the wine and the warmth of your tongue at my pussy, my clit began to swell up with excitement. My knees were getting weak and I felt you press up on my ass cheeks with your hands to keep me upright. You moaned loud into me.

When you released my ass, you slid me down your body and guided your cock inside me. I was so wet and you felt so good. The music was putting us in a trance and I rode you to the rhythm of the sounds. Grinding you inside me deeper I felt you pulsing against my walls.

You turned me over onto my back and began fucking me from behind like an animal. Pulling on my long hair like it was your rein. With every pull of my hair you pulled yourself deeper inside me. Moaning and slapping my ass to feel the sting.

You grabbed me from behind and sat yourself down. You made me sit on you with my back to your chest while you squeezed my tits and fucked me. You said you were ready to cum and needed me to cum with you. You put your fingers between my pussy lips from around my waist and began massaging my clit while still inside me. My body started to shake and loose control.

You grabbed me hard and thrusted inside me one final time and said “Fuck…yes!” You were cumming inside me and I could feel you fill me up and I began to cum so hard. I screamed “Oh my God…Yes!”

We fell asleep in the living room naked and sticky and I couldn’t wait for the following night to come to see what was in store for us then.

Shared Military Wife

I was just a young officer’s wife when Scott went through his initial training in the Army after he graduated from ASU ROTC as a second lieutenant. He found a small apartment off base and brought me out to stay with him. He had written and spoken on the phone with me about his new friend and fellow officer, Kenny. My husband joked with me about how large Ken’s cock was and that I should try it. The first weekend spent at our apartment and my introduction to his friend was awkward. Another round of beers was opened and my glass was refilled, and I saw Scott looking at Ken, who just winked. I had a feeling there and then that my tits would soon be out on display to all. Therefore, I decided to break the ice and jump right in.

“Well, can I see it?” I asked, as I took a long drink of my beer.

I was nervous and I really did want to see it. They laughed again and Scott said to Ken, “She does have a nice set of tits,” and then looked at me and smiled. “Show him honey!”

I looked at him, took another drink of my beer and my hands shook as I put the glass back onto the table. I smiled; it was a nervous smile, but I stood up, still smiling, fingers trembling as I lifted up the front of my top to reveal my red lace brassiere. I know I was blushing; I could feel my face go the color of the bra. They were looking at me, I was looking at them. My husband was smiling, no, he was grinning. I took the top off and stood there in front of them dressed in jeans and a bra. I tried to smile, but it was a nervous smile. I cupped my breasts as I looked at them and then I pulled the tops of my 36DD cups down to reveal my breasts. I knew my nipples were hard. I looked at them, Scott still grinning, and Ken with his eyes locked on my now semi naked breasts and hard ½ inch nipples.

“Not enough, Donna, take it off!” Scott said to me.

I looked at him, his face still held the grin. I shrugged my shoulders, reached behind me and unclipped the brassiere, letting it fall to the floor. I now stood there, facing them, topless with my breasts bare for their eyes. I needed another drink, so I reached down for my glass and drank the rest of the beer before replacing the now empty glass. I still stood there in front of them. The blushing had gone, the shaking fingers had gone, the nerves had gone. I smiled at them; my husband’s grin had been replaced with a broad smile, and his eyes sparkled with both pride and lust. I looked at him and then to Ken as I cupped my breasts. I ran my thumbs over my hard nipples as I sat back down and refilled my empty beer glass. As I reached for my top, I looked at Scott and he was still smiling, but also shook his head telling me not to put the top back on. I smiled as I took a drink from my glass. (I was mesmerized at the stare Ken was giving me from my nude display. My nipples were aching and tingling and I saw Scott’s hand go to his groin to adjust himself.

I knew then he was either getting hard or was hard. I wondered if Ken was getting the same way too. I wondered if I would ever get to see this apparent big cock of his. I also wondered what the hell I would do when I did see it, and where all this was going. I put those thoughts out of my mind as I cupped my breasts again, jiggling them as I let out a giggle for my admirers.

“Come on then, fair is only fair!” I said with a pout, as I ran my thumbs over my nipples again and then pinched them with my fingers and thumbs, making sure to make direct eye contact with Ken.

I was still wondering if I would get to see it, and then Scott turned to Ken and said, “Well, I guess she has a point” and he laughed as he stood up and unzipped his jeans.

I was so hoping that Ken was going to do the same. “Hey, that’s cheating; you told me I’d get to see Ken’s cock not yours!” I said, as I watched my husband take out his semi erect cock.

He just laughed as he held it in his hand, and as I reached for my top he sat down and said, “Okay, fair is fair,” and then looked at Ken giving him a wink.

Ken looked at me as he stood up, and already I could see the outline of his growing cock in his jeans and if that wasn’t a pair of socks down there, then he was indeed big. As he reached for his zipper, I reached for more beer, my throat was dry and I licked my lips after taking a drink. I licked my lips again as he reached inside. I squirmed as he pulled it out.

I said, “Fuck!” as I saw it and Scott certainly wasn’t lying; it was big, thick too. “Fuck,” was the only word I could say as he showed me just half of it, and it wasn’t even hard.

My eyes were locked on his cock. I felt my breathing increase, and although I didn’t want to, I couldn’t stop my fingers from playing with my nipples again. “Oh fuck!” was all I said when I saw him open his jeans and the whole length came into view. I’d seen big cocks, but only in the porn movies up to that time of my life, but never one in the flesh so to speak, and this one was all flesh and a lot of it too. My hands cupped my breasts as I stared at Ken’s monster. My fingers took hold of my nipples again. I looked at Scott; he smiled and nodded in the direction of Ken. I gave him a quizzed look for I wasn’t sure what he meant. He nodded again.

“Surely not; surely he didn’t want me to play with it did he?” I thought to myself.

We had dabbled in sex with friends and I had swung with my first husband, but we had only begun discussing an open-marriage recently. I reached for my beer glass again. I needed a drink and now I needed the glass refilled and reached for the nearly empty bottle that was now empty as I poured the rest of the contents into my glass. I took another drink and looked over at Scott. He was still smiling and his semi erect cock was still out of his jeans, as was Ken’s cock. I smiled at them both as I took another deep swig of my beer and put the glass back on the table. My nipples tingled as I took hold of them again. I knew that they were both looking at me, and I was getting a little more excited as I tugged on my nipples. I looked back at my hubby and he smiled as he took hold of his cock and began to play with himself, and that is when I understood his nodding.

He DID want me to play with Ken, and then the tingling increased once I understood that. I now wished I had a skirt on instead of these jeans. I pinched my nipples again as I looked at both cocks and smiled as Scott’s cock stiffened, and then looked at Ken’s cock again and his too was beginning to grow bigger. I couldn’t stop myself from tugging harder on my nipples, pulling on them and I was so wet now it was becoming unbearable. I just sat there, playing with my tits and nipples, watching two men, one a stranger, playing with their cocks. I was wet, very wet, soaking wet in fact. I looked at Scott, he made a motion with his eyes and mouthed what I thought was ‘undress’. I looked at him again, he mouthed the same word. I squeezed my nipples harder, almost letting out a squeal as my fingers tugged on them. I glanced down at ken’s hand that was now running very slowly over his cock. Ken was now very hard and I was very wet.

I stood up and felt their eyes following my fingers as I unzipped my jeans, and then the button holding them together. I hooked my thumbs into the waistband and slowly peeled the jeans over my hips. Scott, of course, would have already known that I would be naked underneath my jeans. I was always naked underneath my outer clothes. I never wore any underwear except to work and church. This fact would soon come to Ken’s knowledge too as I slid them over my hips and then down my thighs. I heard an intake of breath and it wasn’t mine as the jeans fell to the floor. I kicked them off and stood there totally naked and feeling very hot and horny. I looked at Scott and smiled as I sat back down and picked up my glass to drain the last of the beer.

“We need some ‘Jack’ Honey,” I said to Scott as I placed the glass back on the table and watched him tuck his cock back into his jeans and stand up. I looked at Ken, well more at his cock, as I leaned back in the chair, spreading my legs as I did, and watched him watching me as my fingers ran up and down my very wet shaved slit. Scott came back with the ‘J.D.’ as my forefinger slipped inside my slit, burying it deep inside my pussy. My husband knows I get openly sexual when drinking whiskey. I didn’t stop fingering myself as he replenished my now empty glass; I was too busy looking at the monster growing and too busy thinking about it buried deep inside me. I watched Scott has he sat back down and his grin returned as he in turn watched me finger fucking myself. I then watched as he unzipped himself and took out his hard cock again. I smiled and smiled again when my hubby nodded in the direction of his friend. I knew what he meant and what he wanted me to do.

I stood up, licked my finger clean as I walked over to Ken and sunk to my knees and rested my hands upon his thighs. I looked at him and smiled as I lowered my mouth to the tip of his cock which he was still holding. As I took the head to the monster cock into my mouth, he thrust his hips upwards, driving his cock into my mouth. I reached up, tugged at the jeans and managed to pull them down to his ankles and then helped him out of them. His cock in my mouth throbbed and I wanted to feel that throbbing inside my very hot and wet pussy. His cock slipped from my mouth as I stood up and placed my legs either side of his thighs; his strong thighs. I took hold of his cock and guided him into my wet pussy. I moaned as I lowered myself onto him. It filled me, filled me wonderfully as I sunk onto him. I let out another moan as he grabbed my hips, slamming upwards, driving his thick hard cock deep and hard into me. I saw Scott stand up, remove his jeans, and move towards me holding his cock. I smiled as his cock brushed my lips; I let out a deep moan as I felt Ken’s fingers take my nipples as my mouth closed around my husband’s cock.

Ken slammed upwards, Scott thrust forwards; both were filling me to the hilt with their shafts. I moaned on Scott’s cock as I felt Ken’s fingers tugging and pulling on my nipples. I enjoyed the pain and pleasure, the exciting pain of having my nipples treated that way. I was enjoying a strange fat cock in my pussy and a hard cock in my mouth. I was enjoying his fingers pulling and twisting my nipples, his upwards thrusting of his hips that powered that big fat cock deep inside me. I enjoyed the throbbing cock of my husband in my mouth, cupping his balls wanting him to cum in my mouth. I didn’t have to wait too long for that to happen as I massaged his balls, and I knew he was close as he groaned out. I sucked harder; I let him fuck my mouth, letting him grasp my hair as he pulled my face down onto his cock; his cock that was ready to shoot his cum into my mouth.

I felt my own orgasm building as Ken continued to forcibly fuck me, the pain, the nice pain of his thick cock filling me, stretching me. My own body shook as I felt his cock hold there, clenching my muscles around it, pumping it as my juices began to freely flow over his cock and down the insides of my thighs. I had to let Scott’s cock go as the orgasm ran through me; I had to let out a scream as the flowing juices continued. Scott grabbed my hair again, pulling me roughly back onto his cock, growling at me, to me, telling me to suck it. He slammed his cock into my mouth and held my head still. I felt the pumping; I felt the warm fluids hitting the back of my throat, I had to swallow as fast as I could. I’d never known Scott to shoot that much before, he was flooding my mouth and I was struggling to swallow it all without spilling any. I didn’t stop sucking until I felt Scott push me away. I looked up at him as I swallowed the last drop and he smiled like a Cheshire Cat, knowing his young wife was being filled in both orifices.

Ken’s cock was pounding me so hard it was hurting, but the hurt was a pleasant hurt and one that I was enjoying and one that was so fucking close to bringing me off again. I was closer, he was close, I needed one more before he exploded, just one more, please, just one more. I slammed up and down, feeling the wonderful pain as he stretched me, as he filled me. “Pinch my nipples!” I uttered “Pinch my fucking nipples!” I moaned, and as he did, it sent me over the top and the orgasm hit me, ran through me. I let out a scream as I felt my juices flowing, my legs trembled, and my nipples ached. I sat there, tight on him, his cock buried so deep, so filling. He was close; I knew that as I got off of him and looked down at his cock, a cock covered in my juices. I sunk to my knees, took his cock in my hand and looked up at him, I smiled as my tongue snaked out, licking his shaft, cleaning his cock of my juices as my hand worked up and down on his cock.

I took the head in my pussy and winced as he tried to push his whole cock into my cervix. I worked with my hips and vaginal muscles and suddenly felt him hold my butt cheeks still, his cock worked faster and then I felt it, I felt the first stream, then the second. I milked his shaft eagerly, quickly not wanting to spill a drop. The third stream was followed by the fourth and last as I took his cock as deep as I could, clenching the very life out of it and his balls. I stood, still holding his cock in my womb and then turned to Scott and smiled. I sat back on the couch, my legs wide open, allowing my hubby to see his friend’s huge deposit leaking from his freshly fucked young wife’s vagina. I needed one more, just one more. I closed my eyes, held my pussy open and my fingers worked fast and furious on my clit, rubbing it hard as I bought myself to my final orgasm of the night in front of my two lovers.

I let out a big sigh, a sigh of happiness and contentment as Scott refilled my glass again. I looked at him and said, “When is Ken cumming back? Maybe we’ll invite a third friend!”

We all laughed and clinked glasses.

Cheating Girlfriend

The time this story takes place is several months back, about 4 to be precise. Me and MIchelle had been dating for nearly a year and a half now. We’d been sexually active with each other for just over a year and had always used protection of some sort because we both agreed it was best.

Michelle was really stoked about the next several days because her parents were leaving on vacation to Mexico and were leaving her alone to watch over the house while they were gone. Like most teenagers she immediately began planning for a party by calling and telling everybody she could. She was especially wanting me to go because she said she was gonna be wearing my favorite outfit just for me, which was a tight miniskirt and spaghetti strap tank top. When she said this I sensed a bit of tease and eroticness in her voice so naturally that got me stoked for the party as well. Naturally I had to help with getting the party going. My job was to find a way to get as much alcohol as I could and bring it to her house. The day of the party I got up about 11, showered, and by noon had called my friend Steven (who was 22) to run to the liquor store and pick up about $100 worth of alcohol for the party. I lived across town from the store so it took Steven around an hour and half to run the errand for me. I finally made it to Michelle’s house around 2 in the afternoon only to discover she wasn’t home. There was a note on the door saying that she’d gone out to run errands and would be home around 5. She’d left the door unlocked for me so I could go inside and store all the drinks till tonight. Well I still hadn’t done my laundry and it was piled quite high so I left her a note saying I had laundry and would be by around 8, possibly 8:30 and went on my way to accomplish my task.

I finally finished my laundry about 7:45, showered, and was ready for the party by 8:10. I hurried out to my truck and began driving to Michelle’s. She lived across town so it was gonna take me about 20 minutes to get there, which wasn’t so bad considering my laundry had already made me almost 2 hours late for the party. I arrived around 8:30 so I was still in the clear for being in time of my prediction in the note from earlier that day. I arrived only to notice the driveway full of cars and several cars lining the street, so I was forced to park several houses down. I decided to go thru the front door since it was closer and so I started to walk across the front yard at an upward angle heading for the front door. Michelle’s bedroom window was located by the front door so I had to walk right past it to get to the door. As I walked by I heard a guy’s voice say “Would you be offended if we told you that we thought you looked really hot and that outfit is turning us on?” I looked in the window expecting to see a couple people fooling around in Michelle’s room. When I looked in I saw two guys I didn’t know and to my shock, Michelle sitting between them.

I didn’t really think anything of it tho cuz I assumed she’d tell them to quit and go back to the party. Instead, the guy to her left put his finger under her chin and began to kiss her. I expected her to tell him to knock it off but instead she went along with him. While this was going on, the guy to her right began to slide his right hand along her thigh and under her skirt. I could tell he’d slipped a finger or two into her pussy because after a few seconds she’d jumped and made a slight moan. “Holy shit, her pussy is really tight and fucking soaked!” Upon hearing this, the guy who was kissing on her grabbed her hand and slid it over his crotch. She began to massage his bulge while the other guy continued to finger her. “Goddamn my cock is hard, what do you say we make this party interesting? Sound good Mike?” Asked the guy who had been kissing on Michelle. “Sounds good there Joe.” Mike answered. “What do you say Michelle?” Mike then asked. She gave a slight giggle and then agreed to whatever they had in mind.

At this, Mike and Joe both got enormous grins on their faces. Mike stood up and began undressing. When he pulled down his boxers, his huge erection sprang out and sort of bobbed there for a sec. He went over and laid down on Michelle’s bed, which was a queen size. Joe had stopped fingering her and was now undressing himself. Michelle went over to where Mike was laying and knew already what he wanted. She grabbed his boner and slowly slid her lips over it until she had most of it in her mouth. Mike placed his hand on top of her head and began to bob her head up and down with his hand, moaning with pleasure the whole time. Michelle then lifted her skirt up and pulled down her pink g-string, revealing her clean shaven pussy. She then placed two of her fingers into it and began to finger herself, moaning with delight while she still worked Mike’s dick with her mouth. “Fuck, this bitch really knows how to suck dick!” Mike exclaimed. At this, Joe, who had merely been watching before, got undressed himself and began to jerk his erection, which was about 7″. About a minute later Mike said “Oh, I’ve been such a selfish bastard haven’t I?” He then positioned Michelle so she was right over his erection. Pushing her down, he rammed his cock into her pussy. She let out a low moan as all 9″ filled her twat.

“Now we’ll have to get rid of these.” Mike said as he lifted off her top and undid her bra, letting her beautiful breasts spill out, her pink nipples sticking straight out. He left her skirt on because it would have been too much trouble to take it off without removing his dick from her pussy. At this sight, Joe couldn’t stand it any longer and he climbed onto Michelle’s bed, placing himself directly in front of her. He then placed his hand on her head and pulled her face so it was postitioned right in front of his boner. Like she had done with Mike, she placed her mouth over Joe’s penis and began to suck it fast and hard. “Oh, oh fuck yeah thats good, keep suckin it!” Joe said as she kept mouth fucking him. While this was going on, Mike was still thrusting his cock in and out of her pussy. “Ahh shit, shes got such a tight pussy.” he said as he did so. About a minute and a half later, Joe took his boner out of Michelle’s mouth and shot his load into her mouth and all over her face. As she swallowed his load, Joe said with a slight chuckle, “Now its my turn to give you something.” He then moved around behind her and lifted up her skirt so it was now around her waist. Knowing what was coming, Mike gave a slight chuckle himself while he still pounded her pussy. Joe then positioned the head of his shaft so it was at the entrance to Michelle’s anus. “No, not there, please!” She protested but Joe just kept pushing his cock deeper and deeper into her asshole. “Ahhh!” Michelle moaned as the final few inches of Joe’s boner filled her rear end. Joe then began to pound her ass while Mike still worked on her pussy. “Oh, harder. God I love it. Fuck me harder! I’ve never been filled with so much cock!” Michelle exclaimed as Joe and Mike began to hump her asshole and pussy harder and harder. “My god it feels so good!!” She yelled.

As much as my heart hurt, my cock hurt even more. Not being able to handle it anymore I unzipped my pants and began to jerk my own cock while the two of them kept at their double penetration, with Michelle moaning in pleasure the whole time. After some minutes had passed, I could tell that I was about to cum and it appeared that Joe and Mike were as well. Suddenly Mike yelled “Shit! I’m about to cum! I’m gonna cum in her pussy!” At the same time Joe yelled “Fuck! I’m gonna cum too! Right into her ass!” Michelle had a look of ecstasy on her face as she told them to fill her with cum. They didn’t waste any time fulfilling her wish as they pushed their cocks deep into each of her holes and blasted there cum deep into her ass and cunt. I couldn’t hold myself any longer either and I came as well.

“My god that was the best fucking I’ve ever had.” I heard Michelle say after the two guys had pulled their cocks out of her and began to get dressed. Not wanting to stick around for anymore of this, I slowly pulled my pants up,walked to my truck, and drove home to get drunk on my own stash of alcohol. I moved on shortly afterwards, never telling her why but hinting that I knew what she had done. I found myself a new girlfriend and so far, we’ve had no problems and are very sexually active so I guess I can’t complain too much.

You Want to Fuck Me Where

When I was 20 years old I had been living with my boy friend for 2 years and relitively speaking still inexperenced in the pleasures that sex had to offer me. Jack was very tall and well built, being an ex-high school football player he has continued to keep himself in pretty good shape. Looking back now I can understand why we eventually went our own way, you see, his cock was rather small, less than 6″ from head to base. But because I had only been with 2 other men up to this time I really had no idea that cocks could be larger and so much more fun.

Jack was always getting rather kinky, like the time I was in the tub bathing and he came in to pee. Yep, you guessed it, he turned from the toilet and sprayed my face with his pee. And he was always trying to talk me into letting him fuck me in the ass. I had no idea what his fasination with my ass was, but every time we made love and would get into the 69 position, he would always lick my ass and put a finger into my ass as he licked my clit. Of coarse this would always get him rock hard, and I did come to enjoy his probings and licking my ass. So it really was no suprise when one day I told him he could fuck me in the ass. It actually felt pretty good, feeling his cock stretching my virgin ass hole open. He really pounded my ass hard and fast and came right inside of my ass. Being the first ass fucking I had experenced I hadn’t douched my ass out first, and his cock was covered with my shit.

Well, about 3 weeks later Jack had 5 of his buddies from work over for pizza and beer while they watched a football game on the TV. I was left to do what ever since I never really got into the football thing. So while they watched the game and drank beer, I was in the bathroom douching my ass really good, I just kept putting the nozzle from the enema bag into my ass and squirting the shitty water out. I must have done this at least a dozzed times, untill I was satisfied that I was nice and clean inside my ass. And just to make sure, as a little test, I fucked a vibrater into my ass for 4 or 5 minutes, then sucked on it to see if there was going to be a shitt taste. To my suprise there wasn’t, infact it tasted clean and fresh. So now I bathed and dressed in a pair of old cut off jeans, really cut high so as to leave nothing to the imagination. I toped this off with a tank-top that showed my titties really nicely.

Walking into the living room dressed like this I stood beside the TV, as if I were looking for something. Of coarse all the guys were looking at me instead of the game at this point. I bent over at the waist to look behind the TV, giving them all a perfict view of my crotch, which wasn’t hardly covered at all. I stayed like this for about 30 seconds, then peeked over the top of the TV and asked if they had a good view of the game and was I in the way. They assured me that I was not in in the way and they all had a perfect view of what they wanted to see. I just said, OK, and went back to looking for my non-existant book. One of the guys came over and offered to help me look, as he knelt beside me I could tell he was enjoying the view of my breasts being exposed in the tank-top. He then put his hand on my ass cheek, and when I didn’t say anything his hand starded exploring my ass and inner thighs.

Then one of the other men behind me said, Sandi, I think I’ve found what you are looking for. When I turned around they were sitting there with their cocks in their hands stroking them. Without another word I walked over to the closest cock and knelt between his legs and started sucking his cock. After a couple minutes I stopped and told them all to strip down and sit on the couch and chairs, and I would take care of each of them in turn. It didn’t take long and there were 6 naked men with hard cocks waiting for me to suck on.

I started at one end of the room and worked my way around, sucking each cock, taking them deep into my mouth and feeling them sliding over my tongue. Each cock tasted so good, and all were bigger than Jack’s. To my suprise and enjoyment I was able to take even the largest cock into my mouth and deep throat it untill my nose was buried into his stomach.

Each cock was throughly licked up and down its length, then sucked some more, then I would suck their heavy cum laden balls into my mouth, then more deep throating. Each cock in turn was lavishly sucked and savored by my lips. When I finally reached the last cock I stood up and stripped what little I had on. I then told them to just sit there and they would have to lick and kiss what ever part of my body I offered to them. They all agreed.

The first man I put my breasts into his face so he would suck my nipples, while his hands explored the rest of my body. His lips sucking and gently nipping my nipples felt really good as his hands felt up between my legs, and his fingers moving over my pussy and into my cunt was really starting to make me breathe harder.

The next guy, I stood on the cushions beside his hips and thrust my cunt into his face. He didn’t hesitate to grab my ass cheeks and pull my cunt harder into his face as he licked my pussy up and down, flicking my clit and sliding his tongue as far into my cunt as he could.

The next guy was Jack, and I turned around and stuck my ass right into his face and told him to lick and finger fuck my ass hole. This he did without hesitation. By the time he was through, he had 3 fingers buried into my ass, fucking me as I moaned with pleasure.

After what seemed like hours of pleasure, but couldn’t have been more than 15 or 20 minutes at the most, I stood in the middle of the room and told one of the guys to lay on his back on the floor. When he did I lowered myself onto his cock, filling my cunt up as his cock was much larger than Jack’s. As he fucked my cunt I looked up and randomly pointed to another man, telling him to fuck my ass. Without hesitation he he was balls deep into my ass in no time, fucking me with slow in and out strokes of his cock. Unbeliveable how exciting it felt to have 2 cocks inside me at the same time like that. Since the others ware just watching, waiting their turn, I told another guy the bring his cock over and fuck my face.

They had formed a line by now, and when the guy fucking my ass pulled out the guy fucking my face took his place to fuck my ass and the next guy shuved his cock into my face to be sucked. The guy under me fucking my cunt didn’t seem to mind that all he was getting was pussy, and I didn’t mind either as I rather enjoyed feeling his big cock inside my cunt, fucking me deeper and harder that I had ever been fucked before.

This went on for quite a while and I know that I was sucking cock that was just a little while ago inside my ass. My thoughts were racing, thinking of all these delishious cocks fucking my ass then getting them sucked deep into my mouth. I know that I came several times druing all of this, as I just felt waves of pleasure washing over my body as I was getting fucked over and over again by these men.

I could tell that they didn’t want it to end and neither did I, but I wanted to taste their cum too, squirting into my mouth, tasting it over my tongue. So I finally told them all to stand around me in a circle and jack off, and when you are ready to cum tell me and I will swallow it all down for you. They liked that idea, and I watched, sitting on the floor, as these 6 cocks were being jacked off right in my face. When the first guy started to cum I leaned over and took his cock into my mouth, feeling and tasting his cum as he orgasmed over and over into my mouth. I didn’t want to release his cock from my mouth as it tasted so good, but then the next guy started cuming and I took his cock into my mouth and felt his jizz shooting over my tongue and I swallowed it as fast as I could so I wouldn’t choake, there was so much.

I was in cock heaven, one after the other giving me a cum cocktail. When they were all finished and I had tasted all of their cock cum, I told them to wait their and I would be right back. When I returned I was holding a wide mouthed tall glass in my hand. I told them if they could come back tomorrow they could cum into this glass after fucking me, and they could watch as I would drink all of their cum from the glass. However, there would be one condition that each of them would have to meet before he could come back and fuck me again. I could tell they were worried that they might not be able to do what I asked, so I just smiled and told them that they would each have to bring one other man with him to fuck me as well.

Riding The Subway

“Fucking son of a bitch!” I yelled as I clicked off my cell phone.

Sometimes having an old fashioned phone would be worth it, just for the satisfaction of slamming it down in someone’s ear.

Jason stood me up again to go hang with his “bros.” Well, it’s likely he wasn’t going to be getting a blowjob or laid by those bros. Hope he has fun with them.

I called up some friends and we arranged to go clubbing together. Several of them had just broken up with their respective partners, so we were ready to go out and have fun. Hopefully we got laid in the process.

I went to my closet, ripping out clothes and discarding them. I was going for a flat out sexy and slutty look. I was going to have fun, despite the asshole’s behavior.

I’m not a stunner. I don’t have a model’s body, nor do I have a face that stops traffic, but I get a fair amount of attention. I rarely buy my own drinks at the bar, and get enough offers for dancing to keep me having a good time.

I finally found an appropriate outfit. The top was a halter style with just a string to tie in the back. Anyone looking at me would know I wasn’t wearing a bra. The skirt was short, just past my rounded ass. And of course, a good old pair of “fuck me” heels. I decided to skip the panties. If I met someone I wanted to fuck, I didn’t want anything getting in the way. It would make bumping and grinding on the dance floor interesting as well.

I made my way to the subway to meet the girls at the club. It was a busy night. The cars were packed and I ended up standing. With people getting on and off, I was getting bumped into and almost fell. I reached up to hold the bar. This caused my skirt to ride up. If it swayed just right, a little glimpse of ass was visible. Knowing that people could see my ass got me a little excited. I don’t mind showing off. My as is one of my best assets.

The feel of the skirt swaying against my bare skin started my pussy twitching. Knowing that men were watching me and maybe even some women…. Well, it got the juices flowing pretty well. My nipples were hard nubs pressing against the fabric of my shirt. It was a fairly sheer material, so they were quite obvious.

As the train jolted to a stop, I felt someone push up against me. This was not unusual in a crowded car. However, I didn’t hear the usual “excuse me.” Instead, I felt a bulging crotch push against my ass. It felt like a decent sized bulge. When I didn’t push him off, his hands grabbed my hips, then snaked around to my front, up my chest, landing on my tits.

Oh damn, that felt so good. I was already tingling before he touched me. I ground my ass against his bulge, while thrusting my tits against his hands.

“You’re looking to get fucked, aren’t you?” I heard in my ear.

I responded by grinding on him some more.

His hands began their work on my tits. One hand massaged, while the other was pinching and rolling my nipple.

I moaned with delight. My body responded to his touch. The juice flowing down my leg was evidence that I wanted more.

I sighed with disappointment as one hand was removed from my tits. When I discovered that hand had been unzipping his pants, I gasped. I felt his hard cock press against me. Sliding it forward, he met my wet slit.

“Oh, that is one wet pussy,” he whispered.

I saw another man working his was toward us. Apparently we had attracted some attention.

I looked around, noticing various people watching. Some were pretending not to watch, others looked on in anger, and others were excited. I saw several men and women rubbing their crotches. I grew even more excited.

The second man stood in front of me, placing his hands over mine to hold me in place, then kissed me. My tongue mingled with his. I groaned as my first orgasm hit me. I was being double teamed and I loved it.

The man in front of me was in a well-cut suit. It showed off his muscular body. He removed his tie, using it to secure my hands to the pole.

The man behind me slid his hand to my pussy, beginning to play with my clit. The man in front of me began to suck my tits through my shirts.

I felt a third set of hands on my body. HOT DAMN!! I came hard all over the man’s fingers. My skin was sucked and stroked as I continued to cum. My moans were fairly loud by now. I didn’t care. Anyone could watch. There were probably several women jealous of what I was getting.

The man behind me managed to find a seat. He sat, pulling me on top of him. My hands were still attached to the pole, but the knot was just loose enough to slide down. The man’s cock slid easily into my cum soaked pussy. It was a full thick cock, stretching me slightly. As he stroked in and out of my slick hole, I felt my legs being spread. When I looked down, I saw a woman lowering her mouth to my pussy.

I had been with women a few times and found them to be damn good lovers. When dealing with the same sex, the partner knows what to do, because she knows what she likes. She teased my clit with just the tip of her tongue. Her head bobbed up and down to keep up with bouncing body as I was getting fucked. My tits jiggled with the motion.

The man in the suit stood next to me, undoing his pants and sliding his cock into my mouth. I had to turn my head to the side to fully take him in. I felt my top being untied and being lifted up. My tits were exposed and being worked by the man in the suit.

How could any woman not want this? Every part of me was being serviced. The woman between my legs was licking the cock as it stroked out of me, then licked my pussy as he stroked in. It gave me enough of a tease to keep me from cumming, yet allowing me to enjoy every bit of what was happening. Sensations were everywhere.

The man in the suit had a cock that fit my mouth beautifully. Just long enough to make me gag a bit, but not too much. I matched the rhythm on his cock to the cock pounding my pussy. Getting my pussy and mouth fucked at the same time heightened my pleasure.

When the woman moved her tongue and set to a full on attack on my clit, I felt my pleasure rise, and rise, and rise, until my pussy clenched around the man’s cock. She locked her mouth over my clit, continuing to tongue me while I rode out the waves of the orgasm. The man fucking my mouth was also pulling on my nipples, giving me a pleasure and pain sensation. With the three of them hitting every spot, the orgasm had just subsided when another one hit.

I cried out as my body was used in the most primitive fashion. I set out to be a slut, and that’s exactly what I was. Fucking three strangers on a subway, and I had a feeling we were far from done.

When the last orgasm faded, the man who had impaled me on his cock, lifted me off. I was surprised since he had not cum yet. His fingers went to my pussy, feeling how wet I was. He spread the juice backward, toward my ass, with the woman helping. Oh, my pussy was pulsing again. Two hands stroking my hot, wet pussy…. Oh… I was damn near cumming again.

The man leaned forward, saying, “You like a nice hard cock in your ass, don’t you?”

“Oooohhhh, yes,” I responded as much from his suggestion as the hands stroking me.

“Fuck my tight ass!”

He slid my ass slightly forward so it was at the edge of the seat.

He looked at the woman, “Open up that tight little ass for my cock.”

Her fingers played at my tight hole as her mouth returned to my clit. Her fingers slid in easily. I was so hot, ready for more. I needed a cock in my ass.

“Oh, you’re going to love this ass. She’s a tight one,” the woman stated.

“Plant that ass on my cock,” he told the woman.

She lifted my hips, guiding his cock toward my tight hole.

As the head played with my entrance, I let out a gasp. I know how large his cock was from fucking my pussy, but it’s different when entering a tighter hole.

I gasped again as he stroked in up to the head. My ass stretched to accommodate him. The woman licked my clit, diving a few fingers into my wet slit and giving me a good old fucking as the man worked his cock into my ass.

My clit was so damn sensitive, it made my ass loosen up, taking the man in.

The man in the suit pulled out of my mouth. He told the woman it was his turn. He stood in front of me, plunging his cock into my pussy in one swift stroke. For a moment he just held there. It allowed me to feel both cocks filling me at the same time. I had never felt such ecstasy.

Their strokes were slow at first. Increasing as I adjusted to take them more fully.

“Oh yes! Fuck me. Your cocks feel so good!” I cried. I was not quiet. I didn’t care who heard. My pleasure was my only care.

I felt the woman place her hands on me. The touch alone made me shudder. My excitement was heightened by the public setting, the multiple partners and the double fucking. Everything felt better, and far more intense. The woman played with my nipples. At first she was gentle, simply caressing and rubbing. She increased the pressure, leading to pinching and pulling.

“Oh yeah, cum baby. You know you want to cum and squeeze those cocks,” the woman whispered to me.

She trailed her mouth over my exposed skin. She alternated between her tongue and her lips.

The men increased their pace, nearly pounding in my holes. I could no longer hold back. My pussy and ass clenched around the cocks in me. The woman pushed her hand to my clit, rubbing it as I came. My body convulsed, spasms hitting me hard.

“Oh fuck, I’m going to cum,” the man in front of me said.

“Cum on those pretty tits of hers,” the woman instructed.

The man pulled out of my pussy, his hot cum splashing on my chest. Moments later, the man in my ass pushed me forward, his load landing on my ass. My own juice flowed down my legs.

The woman spread the men’s cum across my skin. She took the seat that the man had vacated. Her skirt lifted, showing me the patch of material that covered her own pussy.

“Eat me,” she stated simply as she pushed my head between her legs.

Covered in cum, I squatted in front of her. She pulled her panties to the side, giving me full access to her center. As my tongue lapped at her clit, the men untied one hand, allowing me to touch her. The woman’s pussy was as wet as my own. I tasted her sweet nectar as I dove my tongue deep into her hole.

The men stood on either side, fingering her nipples. She gave little thrusts up against my mouth; squirming as I happily lapped her snatch. With my free hand, I explored her hole. My fingers slid in so easily. I pumped them into her slickness as my tongue continued to pleasure her.

I locked my mouth over her clit, sucking and nibbling the engorged nub of flesh. I continued until she yelled, “Oh fuck yes! Eat that pussy. I’m going to cum!”

My mouth slid slightly down, allowing me to tongue her hole as her cum flowed. My face was flooded, glistening.

I continued pumping my fingers with my tongue running across her skin until the orgasm subsided. She released my head, bending down to kiss me.

I stood, wondering what was coming next. The man in the suit reached around my body, retying my top. My skirt was smoothed back into place. My last hand was untied.

We stood in a foursome, groping and stroking each other until I reached my stop. When I exited the subway, I was covered in cum and happily fucked. When I reached the club and met my friends, I gave them a brief synopsis of the events, telling them, “I’m covered in 3 types of cum besides my own. You girls have some catching up to do.”

We headed to the dance floor, bumping and grinding with men and women, getting ready for the rest of the events of the night.

Wifes First Big Black Cock

I can’t remember why we decided to go to the Peppermint Club that night. When Lois and I travel we like to try something different. Anyway, Lois wanted to have a good time that evening and so did I.

There were lots of clubs in Las Vegas. The Peppermint was one of the nicest, with comfortable booths sporting leather seats, a dance floor and live music. We got there just before 9pm and ordered drinks. Lois had dressed to go out. She looked great in a tight black skirt, pinkish top that showed off her cleavage, and rather racy black high heels that added nicely to her 5’6″ frame. At age 48 and 135 pounds, she still maintained a curvy 38D 26 37 figure. The big tits always attracted admiring glances. She wore her reddish hair a bit shorter than she used to.

Most of the people at the club were close to our age, or older. We felt right at home. Since I didn’t like to dance, I expected her to find someone to dance with. It didn’t take long. The best dancer on the floor was a handsome black man who was dancing with an older white lady. They were very good. We watched them for fifteen minutes until the woman returned to her husband and left.

The black man looked around for another partner and spotted Lois. She must have looked available because he sauntered over to our booth with a big smile.

“Would you like to dance?”

“Sure,” Lois answered. “I’d love to.”

They danced together for quite a while. Lois had a sexy way of moving her body that seemed to hold her partner’s attention. During the slow dances he held her tight, his hand gripping her waist and occasionally her soft sexy butt.

As they danced I thought about my recurring fantasy about watching my wife make love to a black man. I had mentioned my fantasy once to Lois, many years before. She laughed and asked why I thought she needed more than I could give her. Since I wasn’t really serious, I didn’t pursue the idea.

At 50 I was not the lover I had once been. I still loved sex, but I couldn’t pound it to my wife like I used to. Not that Lois ever complained. We had a good marriage. As I thought about it, watching them dancing, I wondered whether having another man with Lois might be just the spice to rejuvenate our relationship.

The more I thought about, the more the idea excited me. It had been a long time since Lois and I had done anything new or exciting when it came to sex. This just might be our chance.

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Adult Bookstore

I walked into the adult bookstore as usual, hoping to find an interesting encounter but so often disappointed. It was Saturday night about 11:45 p.m. and the parking lot had a dozen cars or so. I got tokens from the clerk and headed back to the video booth area. On my way back to find a booth I caught a glimpse of a petite blonde in cut off jeans, a blouse and high heel “come fuck me ” shoes already watching a movie with her boyfriend/husband. They were hugging closely in the booth and I could see she was stroking his cock. I went into the booth across from them so I could keep an eye on the action. I started to watch some movies which only made me more horny. I could see him playing with her ass and tits. I was very nervous about exposing myself to her so I just watched for the next 15 minutes. They kept fondling each other and I was hoping their play would get more nasty. She turned around a couple of times and caught me staring at them. One time she smiled back at me and pursed her lips like she was blowing me a kiss.

They then left the booth and started back to the main area of the store. I followed a few seconds later and her friend went into the bathroom leaving this pretty woman alone in the store. She was standing by the wall that showed all the movies being played in the video booths. I couldn’t take my eyes of her short shorts. They showed off her beautiful legs and high heels perfectly. I walked up next to her and knelt down as if I was looking at the videos on the bottom row. My heart was pounding when I moved my hand to my right and brushed her leg with my hand. She didn’t flinch as I touched her so I tried again but this time I stroked her inner thigh which was exposed because of her short jean shorts she was wearing. She looked down and smiled at me. I stood up and pointing to a movie box I asked her if she had seen this movie. She said “no”. I asked her if she would like to watch it with me. She nodded yes. She handed the store clerk a newspaper and told him to tell her boyfriend who was in the bathroom that she wanted him to buy that paper for her and that she would be right back.

We headed to the video booth in the farthest back corner of the store and I put some money in the machine to start the movie. As soon as I did, this dream girl kissed me on the lips hard and reached down to my crotch. I grabbed her crotch and we both rubbed eachother feverishly. I pulled her in tight and grabbed her tight little ass that felt so good in those jeans. I quickly undid my zipper and my cock sprung out as hard as ever. Without even a word she went right down to her knees and started sucking me right there in the booth. She was very good at giving blowjobs and I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came. I reached down and undid her blouse to expose her little titties. They were small but perfect for her body size. The thought of this perfect stranger sucking my dick was more than I could stand. The way she used her lips and hands around my shaft was beyond compare. Watching the movie playing on the screen and getting a great blowjob was a long time fantasy. I couldn’t believe it was actually being played out this night at the bookstore. I was so hot and horny that within minutes I shot my load in her mouth. She took it all without even flinching. She eagerly sucked and swallowed like she was enjoying this as much as I was. A small smattering of cum landed on her chin as she looked up at me and she put it back into her mouth not missing a drop with her finger and swallowed that too. She stood up, tucked in her blouse and left the booth. By the time I dressed myself and went out to the main store area, her and her boyfriend were gone. I never saw them again but what a great memory.

Dancing Girls

I moved out of my parents’ house when I was nineteen. My best friend Carl and I got a two-bedroom apartment together and agreed to share expenses. Up until, and right after we moved we talked endlessly, fantasizing about all of the adventures we would have at our new pad. We talked about swapping women, sharing women, orgies and everything else that can be imagined by horny, nineteen year-old guys.

About two months after getting settled in, we both became anxious to experience at least one of the escapades we had foreseen. We paced back and forth in the apartment plotting and complaining. We finally decided that purchasing new fuck flicks would at least settle us down for a little while. We found a good movie store and carefully picked out one movie each. When we got home we immediately put in one of the movies, Carl’s choice, I think. After a few minutes Carl asked me to leave the room so he could masturbate. I definitely understood his need to stroke after watching some of the movie he had picked out, so I exited the living room and went to my room. I picked up a book and began reading when the phone rang. Carl talked for at least thirty minutes. I finally came out of my bedroom when Carl hung up the phone. He had a devious look on his face. I knew he was going to tell me something good. All I could think of was group sex. Carl smiled at me and said, “Melina wants to practice her new dance routine at our apartment and get our opinion.”

Carl had known Melina since high school when they used to date off and on. She was kind of sleazy, she had a low self-esteem, she was a titty dancer. I told Carl I was most definitely game as my cock partially hardened. The rest of the day expired, night fell, and late finally came. I was tired of waiting for Melina to show up and I knew it was too good to be true anyway so I went to bed. Before I knew it Carl was waking me up saying “she’s here…and she brought a friend”. I sprung out of bed and immediately looked in the mirror to make sure I didn’t look too asleep. I combed my fingers through my hair, threw on that day’s clothes, from the floor, and went into the living room. Carl had one of our new movies playing with the sound muted and Melina’s dance routine music playing.

Melina’s friend, who’s name, I don’t think I was ever told (we’ll call her “Naughty”), was hot. She was not beautiful, she was kind of dirty, sexy. She had a great body and a sexy face, but she was kind of stinky looking, which really made me want to fuck her dirty. She said “hi, you’re Darren right, I came to watch too”. Melina instructed us to all sit on the couch. When she got her tape to the right song she began her routine. She did the typical titty dance routine, pushing her ass out, rubbing her breasts, and looking at us with permissive eyes. After she gave her routine one go around and she received our approval she began giving us lap dances one by one. I was first. Melina stood over me, her nipples erect, and let her hair drape over my face and chest. I felt her soft tendrils against my skin and stared at her breasts and navel. My cock was bulging and she didn’t hesitate to make sure I knew she saw the tent that was forming on my pants. She moved to Carl then, giving him the same treatment. When everyone was paying attention to Melina’s lap dance for Carl, I began rubbing my cock through my pants. Melina lingered at Carl for a while really giving him the deluxe version.

Finally it was “Naughty’s” turn. Melina’s friend’s eyes lit up as she anxiously received Melina on her lap. “Naughty” leaned back against the couch and welcomed Melina’s seductive parade. Melina straddled “Naughty’s” lap and teased her mouth with her tongue and lips. Melina’s nipples were swollen red and she looked anxious to please and a little frustrated. I could tell Melina wanted to take “Naughty” without further hesitation and the only reason they weren’t girl fucking already was because Carl and I were there. Melina slid her hands across “Naughty’s” inner thighs, up just past the hem of her shorts. “Naughty’s” back arched and her breasts heaved forward revealing her supple profile. Carl and I made eye contact and exchanged nods of approval. I couldn’t believe these girls were petting in my living room. My heart pulsed quickly as I enjoyed “Naughty” and Melina and the fantasy they were fulfilling. By the time I got over the shock of the very idea of two sexy, titty dancing girls making out in front of me, I realized Melina and “Naughty” were not stopping. Melina was standing, facing away from the couch as “Naughty” encircled her within her arms from behind with her left hand massaging Melina’s pussy and her right hand kneading a breast, as she bit, sucked, and kissed her back, shoulders and neck. Melina’s head fell back, her brown locks covering “Naughty’s” face, as she purred deeply while welcoming “Naughty’s” flesh. Melina turned to face her. She dropped to her knees, nearly knocking over the coffee table. She struggled to free Naughty from her shorts while biting her stomach and panting. “Naughty” clawed Melina’s shoulders and pulled her hair as Melina finally managed to get “Naughty’s” shorts down to her ankles. Melina did not wait to remove “Naughty’s” panties, she pulled the front of them aside exposing her clean shaven, agitated mound. “Naughty” struggled to force Melina’s face between her thighs but Melina grabbed her wrists and teased her with her tongue. “Naughty” let out a muffled scream as she gritted her teeth and pushed her soaked baldness against Melina’s face. Melina, though enjoying the torture she was administering, became bothered herself and couldn’t refuse herself the pleasure of tasting “Naughty”. She buried her face between “Naughty’s” welcoming thighs and frantically sucked her pussy. Shortly after “Naughty’s” shorts fell I removed my cock from my pants and established a steady rhythm, taking in the sounds and sights Melina and “Naughty” were blessing us with.

Carl also flogged his cock as he looked on with disbelief. Before I knew it “Naughty” and Melina were fully bare and laying on the floor writhing with pleasure. They laid on their sides, facing each other, their legs tangled and their bloated clits pressed together, all four of their legs quivering as a result of the slightest movements. Carl had positioned himself about a foot away from them. He stood on his knees pulling his rod, not wanting to miss anything. I stayed on the couch, happy with my view, tickling my balls with my left hand while rubbing my tip with my right. As the girls repositioned themselves into a sixty niner “Naughty” lifted her head, made eye contact with Carl, and started giving her fingers a simulated blow job. After little hesitation Carl knee walked up to “Naughty” and put his prick right in front of her face. She took hold of Carl’s cock and stroked it as she lowered her head and ate Melina. As the girl’s sixty nined and Carl received the best hand job of his short sex life, I continued to tug myself, struggling to control myself to prevent an early end to this unbelievable experience. “Naughty” lifted her head again and took Carl in her mouth, all the way down to his balls. Carl’s stomach tensed, his head slammed back, and his mouth fell wide open as he immediately filled “Naughty’s” mouth with his seed. “Naughty” gulped a few times and shortly after, began French kissing Melina’s hole again.

I couldn’t take anymore. After seeing Carl fill “Naughty’s” mouth I had to get in on the action. I got off the couch and wiggled myself between “Naughty” and Melina. They welcomed me by stopping their activities and immediately concentrating on me. They were still in a sixty nine position, “Naughty’s” pussy was at my face and Melina was spooning me. “Naughty” promptly sucked my cock into her mouth and swallowed me, practically taking my balls in too. I felt her teeth graze the sides of my dick as Melina bit and sucked the back of my neck, sat up and took my nipple into her mouth, gently nibbling and tonguing it. When the shock wore off I smelled “Naughty’s” moistness and immediately filled my mouth with her stinky pinkness. I was oblivious to everything other than the sensation of Melina’s prodding tongue all over my upper body, “Naughty’s” dripping pussy in my mouth, and her skilled mouth and trained throat all over my veiny piston. “Naughty” and I matched rhythm, pumping each other’s faces simultaneously as Melina stood on her knees, alternately licking us both all over. “Naughty’s” legs were like a vice on my head as hot orgasmic drool ran from her twat. I removed my mouth from “Naughty” concentrating on the pleasure she was conducting on my cock only to notice that Carl had gotten it up again and was poling Melina from behind, squeezing both breasts, his face contorted and his neck bulging. “Naughty” continued sucking me relentlessly, chewing and licking my cock as she fucked me with her throat. I watched Melina take Carl, I felt “Naughty” on my dick and I finally came. “Naughty” had seconds now as she swallowed my cum just as she had swallowed Carl’s earlier. I felt a muscle cramp in my lower back and in my right leg as I strained to experience my orgasm. Carl continued stabbing Melina from behind until he pulled out, slapped his thickness against her ass cheek and spilled his second load of the night.

Annas First Time

I have a girl that works for me in my law office every Saturday. Her name is Anna. She’s such a delight, a sweet innocent young girl. Saturday is the day I’m always there alone catching up from the week while Anna does all my filing for me. Anna is really quite a cute little girl; at least that’s the way I see her. She’s about 5′ 7″ tall and very, very slender. I figure she only weighs about 100 pounds. Anna just turned eighteen a few weeks ago, but you’d never guess that. She looks like she’s only 14 or 15 years old. Maybe that’s what makes her so exciting to me. She’s got a great body with small breasts maybe only a 30 or 32 inch chest. Her waist is very thin perhaps 22 inches if that, and hips matching her attractive figure. But then there’s Anna’s rear end. Yes, her ass. Her ass is what always catches my attention. Many Saturday afternoons I’ve stared at her while she was filing and just gazed at her well-proportioned bottom.

I always loved those days when Anna would wear a blouse and a short skirt, especially her pleated skirt. When she wears that, she looks like she’s ready for cheerleading practice. Needless to say I have a hard time concentrating on my work those days. I would spend most of my time watching Anna and those smooth slender legs. Every time she bent down and her skirt rode up higher, I’d catch a glimpse of her soft supple thighs.

“My God,” I would think. “Look at those gorgeous legs.” You talk about driving a man nuts; well this is what was happening to me. Sometimes when she sat at the table next to my desk her legs would be apart a bit and I would get a peek up underneath her skirt. One day she inadvertently had her legs spread allot and I could see everything. “Pink panties,’ I said to myself. “What a fucking cute kid.” It took allot of willpower to keep from grabbing her and feeling her up.

Anna is a very proper young lady always being quite polite and appreciative of having a job and working for me. Although I’ve daydreamed many times of having a go at her petite gorgeous body, I never really thought anything more of it or that anything could happen because she always acted so professional. She did her work, went home and that was that.

Well this one Saturday everything was normal. Anna was filing some papers bending down to the bottom drawer and I was staring at her cute ass as I usually did. And she had on that pleated skirt. I must have been daydreaming more than usual looking up her dress, because the next thing I realized was Anna staring right back at me. At first I was a little embarrassed for being caught staring at her, but she just smiled and looked back at me. However, what started out as a simple glance at each other soon became a long inviting stare. I was wondering what she was thinking and I was convinced she was thinking about my nasty thoughts.

So there we were just looking and looking at each other. She was only a few feet from me, so to break the moment I stood up and moved right in front of her. “Sorry, Anna. I didn’t mean to stare.” Well, that was a lie, but I didn’t know what else to say.

“You think I’m pretty?” She asked.

That was a silly question, I thought to myself. But I answered, “of course I do. You’re very pretty.”

“Don’t you think I’m a little skinny?” She replied back.

“Not at all,” I replied. “You’re very pretty, Anna.” I slowly brushed my fingers down the length of her arm in a reassuring way. “Very pretty.” She just stood there listening and watching me. I ran my hand down her arm a second time with more pressure. Actually I wanted to get a better feel of her.

“What were you thinking?” She asked.

“What do you mean? When…” I asked.

“When you were looking at me.” She answered back.

This was getting a little uncomfortable. So I answered her honestly.

“I was admiring how pretty you are. And…I don’t think you want to know what else.”

“Well what else were you thinking about?” She inquired looking a bit puzzled. There was just a slight moment of silence before Anna figured it out. “Ohh.. I think I know.”

“You think I’m that pretty.” Anna reached out touching my arm with a big smile on her face. I don’t know how I got so bold but I reached out to her and touched her thigh through her skirt. She closed her eyes momentarily and sighed a whisper, “that feels so nice touching me like that.” I almost couldn’t believe what was happening. Did she want me to keep touching her? I caressed softly across her cute ass. She didn’t stop me. She just kept her eyes closed. I sensed she didn’t want me to stop. So I continued feeling up her tight rear end. “You’re so pretty, Anna.” I whispered. She opened her eyes and just smiled again.

I know I was twice her age and she was really just an innocent young girl, but after having gone this far I wasn’t about to stop. This was like a dream come true. I fantasized this moment many times watching Anna work in my office.

Her tiny ass felt so soft as I caressed and squeezed her. Then I got a little bolder and pushed my hand up underneath her skirt. I felt her legs and ran my hand up her silky soft thighs. Oh how they felt so smooth and tender. I gradually worked my fingers between her legs and inched them higher and higher. With her legs together I first had to gently squeeze my hand between her thighs. Her flesh was so soft and warm in there. But after a short moment she actually spread her legs apart a little without me asking. She was letting me in there. Anna was letting me have access between her legs.

I rubbed and massaged her firmly right across her cunt through her panties. I wanted her to know I wasn’t just teasing her but that I meant business. There was no stopping now. I had every intention of getting her turned on like she’s never been before. She took a deep breath and sighed, “oh that feels so good.” I moved back to my desk sitting down in the chair with Anna standing right in front of me. She just stood there letting me feel her body.

After a couple minutes she closed her eyes and was just enjoying the feeling. Obviously, she liked my touch quite allot. I continued using my fingers between her legs feeling her slit through her soaked panties. And they were really getting wet. This sweet young girl was responding to my touch. I rubbed her softly and gently stroking my fingers between her legs feeling her through the thin silky material. She began making really soft moans through her breath. I knew that I was getting her quite aroused. She became wetter and wetter. She widened her stance allowing me a better access between her legs. I pushed her short skirt up around her waist and she held it up. She sure was beautiful with those silky dainty panties clad around that cute body. Using my middle finger I started rubbing across her panties feeling her slit once more. Back and forth I kept feeling her as her panties continued to fill up with wetness seeping from her delicate young cunt.

“Ohh, God, that’s feels so good.” She moaned out. I kept massaging her soaked panties. She was getting weak in the knees. I wondered if she ever experienced anything like this?

I used a little more pressure as I stroked between her legs. I could feel her clit getting harder. Then with one finger I pushed the silky material between the folds of her cunt. Her moans became a little louder. “Ouuuuu, Ohhhhhh.” I kept massaging her between the folds of her cunt playing with her. I could feel her clit harden more as she became more and more aroused.

Then I gently began pulling her panties down her slim smooth legs until I had them completely off. I unsnapped her skirt too and let it drop to the floor. Anna had unbuttoned her blouse so I helped her off with that and her bra followed. She stood there totally naked now. Her cute little tits were gorgeous with these full soft nipples. As Anna stood there with legs apart allowing me access to her wet cunt, I started stroking her again while at the same time kissing and sucking on her soft tender nipples. They felt so nice in my mouth. The combination of feeling her young wet cunt and sucking those nipples was making me so horny. I wanted my cock inside her so bad, but I knew how much she was enjoying my touch and I didn’t want to lose the moment. She was so wet my fingers immediately were soaked in her juices. For a few minutes I just played with her clit and rubbed her just inside her delicate pink cunt. Then I let a finger enter her, sliding it slowly through her tiny slit and pushed up into her young body. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” was the only response she made.

I sat her up on my desk spreading her legs. She watched me as I finger fucked her hole. She watched it disappear deeper and deeper up inside her body and each time whimpering out a moan of enjoyment. When I leaned down and licked her tasting her sweet juices, she squirmed so much she nearly fell off my desk.

After repositioning her back on the desk, I pulled my finger out then moved my hand further back to allow my thumb to massage her clit while my middle finger found her asshole. Anna let out a quick “Ohhh Ohhh” as my middle finger teased her virgin anus. I really loved feeling the tightness and resistance of her tight puckered hole. There were so many times I thought of this cute ass and now here I was fingering her little butt hole. I was sure this was the first time she’s ever felt anything like this.

After applying pressure a few times on her asshole I pushed a little harder and let it ease inside her. That brought an immediate response, “Ouuuu, Ohhhhhh. You like that, Anna?” I asked. I knew she did. She was hardly trying to stop me. At the same time I kept my thumb massaging her clit keeping Anna very aroused. I knew there was no way this sweet little thing had ever experienced anything like what I was doing to her. Her excitement was growing rapidly and I knew I could take more liberties with her. I began pushing my middle finger into her ass deeper. Her tight anal sphincter had an incredibly tight hold on my finger as I slowly entered deeper into her body. I was enjoying this so much that my cock was completely stiff and rock hard. I wiggled my finger a little letting her get a good feel of how far I was inside her asshole. I pushed deeper and deeper, probing into her rectum and she moaned louder and longer. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. Yessssssssssss, Yesssssssssssssss.”

She was really enjoying this. I kept inserting my finger slowly up her ass, deeper and deeper until my middle finger was fully buried inside her rectum. “How’s that feel, Anna? Are you enjoying my finger up your ass?”

She just kept moaning. So I started wiggling my finger around, sort of in circles inside her and she just went wild.

“Does that feel good, Anna?”

“Ohhhhhhh God, Yessssssssssssssssss, Yesssssssssssssss.” “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.””Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!”

Seeing her so turned on was had my cock bulging. Not to mention how horny I was from all that fingering of her cunt and asshole. I removed my fingers from her and moved in close between her legs. I dropped my trousers and underwear to the floor and grabbed my stiff cock. I placed it at the entrance to her sweet wet pussy. This was it. I just had to fuck her. Anna put her arms around my neck knowing what I was going to do to her. I inched forward slowly and eased my hard cock into her. “Oh, Anna, you’re so tight.” I pushed deeper into her tight young cunt while she held me moaning, “Ohh, ohhh that’s so good.” I kissed her deeply and she returned the passion with her hot tongue in my mouth.

I fucked her slow and deep as we stayed lock in an endless kiss. We were devouring each other’s lips. Our tongues were entwined, as our sexual appetite for each other grew stronger and stronger. I kept thinking to myself how this was so unbelievable. I was fucking this young kid. My cock was inside her delicate body. She was so wet. She was moaning to me. My cock was so warm surrounded by her burning hot cunt.

I ripped off my shirt so I could feel her young naked body next to mine. I reached down taking hold of my hard cock as I eased it from her cunt. I slipped it down rubbing my cockhead over her asshole. I wanted to be in her ass. I daydreamed so many times about her ass that I had to have it. I positioned it right on her puckered little hole as I broke momentarily from our kiss to tell her, “I want to put it in your ass, Anna.” She looked at me with a smile then kissed me so deeply again while wrapping her arms tightly around my neck and shoulders. It was as if she transformed in this the young teenage woman and by her actions she was saying, “okay, fuck my ass. I’ll hold on tight, go ahead and do me.”

I pushed forward exerting pressure on her anal hole. I maintained pushing harder until I could feel her asshole give way and my cock enter her ass. Her kisses intensified sucking my tongue into her mouth while at the same time she softly grunted,”Ummm!” as her asshole spread open for me. I drove into her with my hard cock penetrating a little deeper up her young teenage anal hole. She held on so tight as I started penetrating her ass more. She kissed and kissed me while I fucked her ass. This was no longer the young girl that worked for me. This was a beautiful young woman experiencing and enjoying a sexual encounter that she never realized existed before.

My cock was so hard and stiff buried up her ass. I began fucking her slow at first sliding my cock in and out of her asshole letting her anal sphincter get used to my cock. Then as she loosened up a bit I picked up the pace fucking her hard, in and out, driving my cock deep inside her rectum, over and over. I knew this was a first for her, but she was doing real good taking this anal fucking.

She let out a loud whimper through our kissing, sort of a half cry and half moan of pleasure when I hit bottom all the way inside her ass. “Oooooohhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeee!” She took a couple deep breaths. Then again, “Ohhhhh, Ohhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhh, Yessssssss Ohhhhh, yesss Ohhhhhh. yessssss ” Then her lips clamped on mine again. She was cumming. She was having an orgasm with my cock in her ass.

After a few minutes of my cock sliding in and out of her tight rear hole, and seeing Anna’s intense orgasm, I just couldn’t take anymore. I pulled from her and helped her off the desk. She was breathing heavily. She reached for my cock grasping it in her dainty hands and feeling it as if to say, “my God this thing was in my ass?” I placed my hands on her shoulders I started pushing downward. She knew what to do. She obediently kneeled down in front me. Looking down seeing her there was such a hot sight. There was cute little Anna, naked, holding my stiff cock. I asked, “have you ever sucked a cock?” She responded, “No.” Then she put her lips to my cock. She opened her mouth delicately sucking me in.

“Oh, Anna, suck me.” I moaned to her.

She was incredible. Her lips were so soft and warm. When her tongue touched the tip of my cock I thought I would lose it right then. I moved forward slightly so she would know I wanted her to take more into her mouth. “Take it, Anna. Take me in your mouth.” She was so willing. As I pushed forward, she let my hard cock through her lips and into her mouth. My stiffness slid across her tongue. My God what a sexy hot mouth she has. Her tongue began licking me, swirling around my hard cock as it traveled back to the entrance of her throat. Her tongue was amazing what she was doing to me.

Then as I wondered what she was thinking tasting my cock. Afterall I had just fucked her ass. She didn’t seem to mind or have any reaction. She just slurped away licking my shaft.

Then it happened so quickly. The sexual feeling building within me climaxed, and my cock just burst, flooding her mouth with cum. First one big spurt shooting through her lips into her mouth. Then another and another coating her tongue completely. I had three more short spasms that ejaculated more little globs of sperm into her. When I was finished Anna’s mouth was loaded with my cum. I knelt beside her caressing her soft cheek and looking at the full load in her mouth.

“Go ahead, Anna, eat it. Swallow my cum.” I watched her as she looked at me. I cradled her face in my hands delicately to show her how much I loved what she just did. I looked at her with an expression of complete gratification as I whispered tenderly to her. “Oh, swallow it. Swallow my cum, Anna.” Then her lips closed and I saw her throat move. She swallowed. My warm creamy sperm was now flowing down her throat. What a turn on seeing this cute little angel eat my cum. Then she softly took the tip of my cock between her lips and gently sucked the last little bit out of me.

After that Saturday everything changed. No longer did I see my cute Anna as a little nice sweet innocent girl. Every weekend now we fuck and suck. Saturday has become my favorite day to work.